2018-2020 posepacks folder
    by ratboysims

    • all 35 in-game posepacks i’ve made from 2018 to 2020, easily downloadable and with new thumbnails all in one single zip file!
    • you can find descriptions and any potential accessories/required items needed for poses here on my downloads page.
    • you can also still find all the posepacks separately on my downloads page if that’s more your style :]
    • !!do NOT re-host, re
    -upload, etc anywhere please and thank you!!

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    DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)
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    aorisims - Couple Pose 5


    2 Poses Animated / all in one

    aorisims - Couple Pose 5 :Download 

    You need > Pose Player & Teleport any sim

    Phone > inabadromance


    ▶Do not re-upload my poses & re-distribute

    ▶Do not edit my poses

    ▶Do not sale my poses ​

    ▶Do not claim as your own.

    [Thanks to all cc creator]

    [Namifly] Beer and sofa TS4 Posepack


    I used three seater sofa (no cc)

    You’ll Need:

    - Cas canned beer set HERE

    - Three seater sofa (no cc)

    - Teleporter Mod - Andrew’s Studio

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    @maxismatchccworld @ts4-poses​ @ts4cc-finds​ @ts4maxismatch​ 


    ˗ˏˋCuddle in sofaˎˊ˗  

    [ Patreon ] Poses tiers

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    ꜱᴀᴍ'ꜱ ꜱɪᴍꜱ ᴘꜱᴇ ᴀᴅᴠᴇɴᴛ: ᴅᴀ 22
    ᴄᴏɴᴠᴇʀꜱᴀᴛɪᴏɴꜱ ᴘᴏꜱᴇꜱ: ᴄᴏᴜᴄʜ ꜱɪᴛᴛɪɴɢ


    Check out the rest of the calendar gifts HERE!

    Download + Info under the cut:

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    I Forgive You Pose Pack

    In the dead of the night, I present to you a new pose pack. It is made for a 3 seater couch! Haha, I hope you enjoy~

    If you have any issues, please let me know!

    -5 2 person sitting poses

    What you need:
    -Andrew’s Pose Player
    -Teleport Any S
    -Opened Bo
    ok (Right) by @mel-bennett

    -If you use please tag me on Instagram @bored.sims or on here! Completely optional, but I’d love to see <3


    Hey there! Here is my first posepack. It has 2 poses, 1 sim and 1 large dog. Hope you like it! If you use, please tag me @sarixousims on Instagram so I can see and share.

    ToU: Please do not reupload or claim my content as your own.

    Important: place the teleporter in the middle of the sofa. I used the one that came with Cats and Dogs, like the photo. It might work with other, but I'm not sure. You will need the book acc (right hand) by @mel-bennett that you can find here.

    Download here - Google Drive

    Download here - SFS

    Both without ads.

    @ts4-poses @maxismatchccworld @alanaccfinds @emilyccfinds

    [SP]Bro with wuv

    Requested, tested and named by @cola336

    YOU NEED: Pose Player & Teleport Any Sim, phone

    Download (EARLY ACCESS on Patreon)

    Will be public on January 9

    [SP]Pose Request #76

    YOU NEED: Pose Player & Teleport Any Sim

    Download (EARLY ACCESS on Patreon)

    Will be public on December 27

    [SP]Pose Request #77

    YOU NEED: Pose Player & Teleport Any Sim, phone, bouquet, toddler preset (short)

    Download (EARLY ACCESS on Patreon)

    Will be public on December 31


    Don’t claim as your own. – Не присваивайте себе мои творения.

    Don’t re-upload. – Не перезагружайте их куда-то еще.

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    Alone on Christmas Pose Pack

    You might be alone on Christmas for different reasons, like living far from family or just living in the year 2020. Of course, sulking and drinking wine alone is an option but don’t do that the whole day. You can instead spend the day decorating your home, baking delicious cookies, and then eating said cookies by the fireplace while sipping on some hot chocolate. Open your Christmas presents on the day of Christmas. And lastly, face-time your loved-ones and ask how they are doing, I’m sure they will appreciate it. I hope you enjoy these poses and… Happy Holidays! 🎄🧡

  • 6 poses total
  • The Sims 4 in-game poses
  • How to place the teleporter: click
  • you’ll need:

  • pose player
  • teleport any sim
  • wine glass, mixing bowl, wooden spoon
    (dl the merged file);
    christmas decoration; tablet; christmas cookies;
    mug; christmas present
  • Download poses: katverse.com
    (full cc list is included)


    leave your pose suggestions: here  

    @ts4-poses​ @maxismatchccworld​

    parent and kid poses 2
    by ratboysims

    • part 2 of these poses!
    • work for a parent and a kid, siblings, grandparents, anything with one adult and one child sim :,)
    • the sitting poses are for a couch (whatever Not a loveseat is called), just place the teleporter statues right in the middle!!

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    DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)
    ↪ DOWNLOAD (dropbox, no ads)

    🎁MelonSloth’s Christmas calendar - Day 13 - Family portrait pose set🎄

    Gather around for a portrait to remember! This set comes with 1 pose set with 9 poses, with an age range from toddler to elder, or well, adult, but they share the same rig. 

  • Base game compatible.
  • 9 poses, 5 adult, 2 children, 2 toddler.
  • Is recommended to be placed in the middle of three seat couch.
  • Custom thumbnails (yeah seriously)
  • Is named MelonSloth - Big family portrait in-game.
  • Download here

    Needs pose player and teleport any sim to work –> Link

    Day 10: Gaming poses

    You’ll need:

  • Poseplayer & teleporter
  • Nintendo switch
  • Don’t claim as yours

    Don’t re-edit

    Don’t reupload

    Tag me if you use them (simsgami on tumblr and instagram)

    Download (mediafire)

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    142_If Good bye is for a trip

    @inabadromance by phone acc (Left version)  pose for Male 5  

    @beocreations by bouquet acc pose for Male 1, #Scene 3 Male

    Thank you all cc creators &  perfect photographers of Pexels


    Everyone who responds to me. You’re the ones who give me the power to make a pose♥ ♥ ♥

    Thank you always

    Even the moment I missed my thanks

    ▼ My pose ▼


    THANK YOU FOR 600!

    I am soooo sorry this took so long! A lotttt went on this week, but its finally here! Thank you soooooooo much for 600🥺🥺🥺 You guys voted on my insta for a netflix and chill pack! Part 2 will be up when I hit 700 on insta!!





    Until next time✌🏼

    baby’s kicking vol2
    by ratboysi

    • remake of these old poses from 2018!! the expressions and hands are way better in the new ones imo. also added bonus pose!
    • work on any pregnancy trimester, depending on the size of your sim! my model is in the 2nd.
    need this slush by toksik!!

    please consider supporting me on ko-fi!

    DOWNLOAD (sfs, no ads)
    ↪ DOWN
    LOAD (dropbox, no ads)

    5-random [Classics of the genre_living] new poses

    *1 single male poses+4 Couple Poses*

    • Use with Andrew poses player

    • Use with Teleport Any Sim

    • You need chair+loveseat here:  [Classics of the genre]

    • You need [Moo] Phone Hat Acc from here

    • You need [AfrojackTeam-Conversion Lattecupconversion] ???

    Sorry, I can’t find a link for this! [Lattecup]

    *Download: MediaFire

    *Thanks to all CC Creators!!!*

    _Please don’t re-upload or claim as your own!

    _I hope you like it! 😀

    _Thank you for downloading 🙂  

    Sharing a Christmassy Drink Together Pose Pack

    Christmas time 2020 is here! 🎄 Let’s start it simple and have a cup of hot Christmassy beverage with a friend ☕

  • 5 poses total
  • The Sims 4 Pose
  • in-game + all in one option
  • Place 2 teleporters in the middle of the sofa
  • you’ll need:

  • a mug by @mel-bennett​
  • pose player
  • teleport any sim
  • Download: katverse.com

    @ts4-poses @maxismatchccworld​

    Living Room Couches Pose Pack & Move Making Couch

    Just some semi-spicy poses for couples on couches and a recolor of my favorite base game couch.



    ~10 couple poses

    ~Gender Neutral

    Download Living Room Couches Pose Pack: SFS | Patreon



    ~Comes in 24 colors

    Download Move Making Couch: SFS | Pateron

    For my TOU click here.

    No Mood Pose Pack

  • 5 poses total
  • The Sims 4 in-game poses
  • Place the teleporters like this: click
  • you’ll need:

  • pose player
  • teleport any sim
  • beer & the laptop
  • Download: katverse.com

    leave your pose suggestions: here  

    @ts4-poses​​ @maxismatchccworld​