RALPH LAUREN Throw Pillows

    Infuse every room with warmth and character. These pillows can be used to dress up your sofa or add texture to your bed. I hope you like them❤️ And if you do, please consider following me😆 Very soon, I am going to release a mansion as Christmas gift🤩

    You need to download mesh by @peacemaker-ic

    Download pillows[Free, No Ad]

    Other CCs featured in this post are by @hel-studio (most beautiful Christmas decors ever!), @m-o-d–e-r-n, @slox

    Westwing Collection - Throw Pillows and Rug

    - Throw Pillow I, 60 Swatches, mesh by @nynaevedesign
    - Throw Pillow II, 56 Swatches, mesh by @nynaevedesign (it’s the same mesh of the Throw Pillow I) 

    - Throw Pillow III, 48 Swatches, mesh by @nynaevedesign

    - Rug, 47 Swatches, mesh by @peacemaker-ic 


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    Autumn Vibe Set

    - Throw Pillow, 41 Swatches - Throw Pillow II, 31 Swatches   - Throw Pillow III, 40 Swatches - Scented Candle (Deco), 17 Swatches - Scented Candle, 17 Swatches

    You need to grab those meshes:

    - Shara throw pillow V1 and Shara throw pillow V3 by @nynaevedesign
    - Jo Malone Set by @mincts4 + @morgan-moss


    Bright Coastal Collection Part II

    This is the second part of a coastal themed set I started to work on a while ago.
    You can find the first part here: Bright Coastal Collection part I

    -Throw Pillow, 85 Swatches, mesh by @nynaevedesign

    -Throw Pillow v2, 85 Swatches, mesh by @nynaevedesign

    -Headboard, 35 Swatches, mesh by Saudade Sims (you need the fabric headboard)

    -Rug, 57 Swatches, Base Game

    DOWNLOAD on Patreon (Early Access)

    Public release: 11/15/2020

    Easter Throw Pillows

    It’s less than two weeks to Easter! Time to decorate with these lovely Easter bunny throw pillows. Based on @peacemaker-ic‘s  Myra Throw Pillow, be sure to grab the original mesh for this to work.


    1. SimPlistic’s Easter Bunny Pillow 
    2. Peacemaker’s Pillow Mesh *required*


    I overwhelmed myself this year a bit, because I had so many ideas, and In the end I couldnt fix everything, but oh well. Enjoy!

    the file includes:

  • 5 neon lights
  • floating ghosties as decor & lamp (fixed!)
  • spooky mugs
  • pillows
  • bottle decor & accessoire
  • posepack by @a-radioactive-mess (thanks again)
  • 🍬🍬