Baby Tracksuit By GuttaSims

  • Works For Girls & Boys
  • Third and Forth Styles Are Recolorable
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    Um belíssimo conjunto para bebês. Babados, diversos detalhes e com um colar com contas coloridas maravilhoso, Micaella chegou com toda fofura 🌿😍


    🌿 Base game compatible.

    🌿 New Mesh.

    🌿 Clothing Body.

    🌿 8 Swatches.



    🍄 All of our items are made with love, I hope you enjoy it.  

    Please, do not modify or re-upload my mesh.

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    ˗ˏˋCashew Outfitˎˊ˗  

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    Merry Christmas!

    Christmas Outfit #001-


    ✔ Female
    ✔ New Mesh!!
    ✔ 8 Swatches
    ✔ Custom Thumbnail’s (cas & swatches)
    ✔ Outfit Tab
    ✔ Toddler’s Only
    ✔ All Categories! (minus the pointless one
    ✔ HQ Texture!

    (TSR): Here  -  ↪TSR Collab: Here

    TODDLER Collection RPL58

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    Toddler kit

    *   *   *

    Suit for toddlers

  • New mesh
  • 10 colors
  • full-length clothes!
  • Braclet with watches

  • New mesh
  • 8 colors
  • Specular maps
  • For the right and left hand!
  • I used gloves from “Seasons” as a basis!
  • Please!

    Don`t re-upload or claim as your own. You can repaint not including the grid.

    Thanks to all creators for inspiration and additional content!

    Hope you like it!

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    Merry belated Christmas and Happy 2020! I’m so sorry about this being so late, but life got in the way. All is fine now, so I figured I would post something for Christmas – now New Years – before Valentine’s Day. Originally I was planning on making this gift a bit bigger, but my meshes don’t seem to be playing with me. While I continue to figure out what I’m doing wrong, I figured I would at least give you the recolours I did.


    Boyfriend’s Cardigan

    Requires Discover University. Comes in 15 swatches, all featuring graphic tees.

    Download beneath the cut.


    Children’s Pea Coat

    Requires the free holiday pack. Comes in 12 swatches.

    Download beneath the cut.


    Toddler’s Perfectly Pleasant Suspenders

    Requires the free holiday pack. Comes in 12 swatches.

    Download beneath the cut.

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    Even Babies and Toddlers love the new Pufferhead Stuff Pack!!! 

    Toddler Outfit:     

    Boat shoes: Base Game Compatible!

    Baby Outfit and Skin: You must use Luvfretishe’s baby skin and my recolored outfit at the same time! Put both package files in your mods folder!!         

    NO ADS!!!                               

    Random Toddler Recolors

    A lil awkward picture but, yeah!

    It’s been itching me for a while that I haven’t done anything for the toddlers or children in game, so I decided to spend some time on recoloring some of the basegame items while listening to some podcasts!

    So here’s a small pack that con

    Dress, 8 Swatches
    Overall, 9 swatches
    *2x Onesies, 12/7 swatches
    Hoodie, 28 swatches
    Trousers, 16 swaches
    Blouse, 10 swatches
    Skirt, 29 swatches
    Shirt, 23 swatches
    Cargopants, 20 swatches
    T-shirt, 17 swatches
    Shorts, 16 swatches

    *separate items, solid and pat

    Requires Ba
    No custom thumbnails
    Disabled for random