recolors of 3 toddler meshes by @casteru

  • Long T-Shirt - recolor (6 solid melanges + 12 prints)
  • Long Sweater - recolor (6 solid melanges + 12 prints)
  • Sweater Dress - recolor (6 solid melanges + 6 prints)
  • Patreon back up DL (free)

    The recolors work as standalone (thanks to @casteru‘s generous TOU), but when you have the original meshes (download them, they’re adorable ❤) the swatches will be add-ons and show below the original.

    Please follow my TOU.

    Happy holidays ! 🎉✨


    ˗ˏˋGRUE Aden Bˎˊ˗

    The sims 3 version by @gruesim

    [ Download ] ( without adfly )

    (If you use my cc Please tag me @vintage-simmer /ig: @vintage_simmer_) Thanks! 🖤  ⋒

    @maxismatchccworld @love4sims4


    ˗ˏˋTasty Sweatshirtˎˊ˗  

    [ Download ]

    (If you use my cc Please tag me @vintage-simmer /ig: @vintage_simmer_) Thanks! 🖤
    cworld​​ @love4sims4​

    • OUTFITOPIA - BLACKing Collection for Toddlers

  • For Boys
  • 10 Swatches
  • Smooth Bones
  • Morphs
  • Custom Thumbnail
  • Links to download | Free (SimsDom):

    New CC every week on my Patreon page!

    If you use please tag #outfitopia in your pictures!

    Thank you! ♥

    RPLts4 Toddler RPL63

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    TSR >

    Winter Baby Set (Part 1)

    💙 🍂 Download everything now on Patreon 💙 🍂 

    Download Emma Set |  Download Sam Set  | Download Ray Sweater (My blog, Early Acces)

    Hello, hello! How are you ^^? I made a lot of things =D. So… little of history here, someone in Patreon told they would love to see a little set like the ones I made for summer but this time, something for autumn. I thought: omg =0, that is a wonderful idea! And decided to make something like that!

    This set is part 1 because I left a lot of things that I like unfinished lol and I want to finish them in another part!

    Hope you like this little set! If you use it, please let me know what do you think about it ^^, also what is your favorite thing! And don’t forget to tag me 😉.

    All the love ❤️.

  • P.S. If you download the beanie, please know, it has some transparency issues I’m still trying to fix.
  • ꜱᴘᴇᴄɪᴀʟ ʜᴇʟᴘᴇʀ ᴇɴɢᴀɢᴇᴇɴᴛ ᴘᴏꜱᴇ ᴘᴀᴄᴋ
    + ᴛᴏᴅᴅʟᴇʀ ꜱʜɪʀᴛꜱ

    Included: (18 poses)
    - 5 trio poses
    - 3 all-in-ones
    - Toddler Shirts by @simmancy

    *Gender Neutral
    *Shirt is not required but suggested
    *Feel free to recolor the shirt as needed
    *3 Shirt Sayings in black & white swatches:
    *Shirt sayings: “Will You Say Yes?” | “Will you marry my mom?” | “Will you ma
    rry my dad?” 

    You Need:
    - Kay Engagement Ring Box by @kikovanitysimmer
    - Pose Player
    - Teleporter Mod

    n | SFS

    No ad*fly, always free
    New pose pack every Sunday!
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    The Child (Baby Yoda) Sweatshirt, the madalorian/star wars aesthetic (maxis recolor). Available for both female and male; toddler, child,teen, young adult, adult and elder. You will find it in CAS ( top/everyday section.) These sweat shirts come with 5 differents designs (swatches). Base Game required (no add-on required). This is the way.

    Download here :

    or there :

    Recolors of the base game hoodies for toddlers and kids

    My babies look so tired without all my cutie pie CC, needed to make something new for the folder.

    6 standalone swatches for both the kids and toddlers, not set for random

    Credits to all the wonderful CC creators, thank you. Shout out to @sims4nexus, and @onyxsims

    Tools: Sims4Studio,, and Google Images

    Download: OneDriveSim File Share

    Graphic tees and shorts for your toddlers. I love creating these outfits for them on @simphanysims romper mesh.

    Link to MESH- it’s required

    12 standalone swatches, custom thumbnail, not set for random

    Credits: @simphanysims, @sims4nexus, @victormiguel, @ebonixsims, @simpliciaty-cc, @estrojan-s, @onyxsims Thank you for your wonderful creations.

    Tools: Sims4Studio,, Google Images

    Download: One Drive

    Just some everyday clothing for the sim kiddies. Meshes required.

    Graphic Tees 9 standalone swatches for each, not set for random

    Toddler mesh

    Child mesh

    12 standalone swatches child long shorts, not set for random

    Child Long Shorts Mesh

    6 standalone swatches of the toddler jeans. Get Famous Pack is required.

    Credits: @ebonixsims, @simphanysims, @onyxsims, @sims4nexus, @estrojan-s, @shespeakssimlish, and EA. Thank you to all the CC community for your shares, creations.

    Tools: Sims4Studio,, Google Images


    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Download: One Drive

    The Sims 4


    Toddler The Grinch Tee's (3 Swatches)💚💚

    The Grinch Sweater (3 Swatches).💚💚


    The Sims 4


    Toddler Barbie Tee (5 Swatches).❤️❤️

    Barbie Tee❤️❤️


    The Sims 4 (UNIVERSITY)


    Just Do It Crossback Half Tee (7 Swatches).🌈

    Toddler Just Do It Nike Logo Tee (5 Swatches)💙💙