Razer Set (Part 2)

    Hey <3 I hope you all had a great time bringing in the new year <3
    I wanted to complete the razer set
    so here is a little more to the last set I released.

    This set includes:

  • Functional Razer Laptop - 3 Swatches
  • Razer Serien x Mic - 3 Swatches
  • Razer Hydrate Bottles - 3 swatches
  • Public Release - 22nd January

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    Enjoy x


    Ayyye!! All this new CC inspired me to get my weight up! so i’m coming at y’all with some (partial) downloads!

    Included in the download are:

    Recolorable Emoji Pillows- 6 Different Faces

    Recolorable Life Size Lolly-Pop

    Liquor/Water Dispenser- (Hennessy, Moscato, Water)

    Repellent Spray Bottles- (Thot, FuckBoy, SideChick, CopyCat, Basic, Gold Digger)

    Deco Red Iphones (May need to be resized)- (Face down and Face up)

    The rest of the CC will be released soon but its part of something special that i have coming up with some friends! But in the mean time hope y’all enjoy!


    Finally releasing all of the items in this set for sims4!  ´◡`


    🍙Info: most of them are very low poly (below 2k) but the heart tray, sandwich and totoro obento are 3-5k and sushi is around 12k.
    Meshes and textures: me ^∇^
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    ☆ Neko TV  📺


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    This set is the next part of the first Crossfit Homegym set, available at TSR. It has more items to complete the crossfit training of your Sim, but also object that could be used to make an actual Crossfit Box, like a big cage rig, a decorative rower, a wall ball target, or a “WOD” white board.

    All items are decorative except the treadmill which is fully animated and functional !

    This set is available on TSR.

    **Early Release**

    Designer Travel Bottles

    Hey I came up with the idea for these whilst looking for some inspiration for new content. I hope you like. There are 18 swatches with various designer brands.

    More content coming this week.

    Public Release - 25th November

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    [Lemon] windy hair

    ✓ new mesh

    ✓ all Lod

    ✓ 43 swatches

    ✓ Hat compatible

    ✓ Do not Re-upload and Edit my cc

    [Lemon]  pocarisweat pet acc & pose

    ✓ hat tap

    ✓ all Lod

    ✓  9 pose

    ✓ Do not Re-upload and Edit my cc

    more pic and download(my blog)

    Bouteille fraiche by Erweinna (accessoire)

    L’été arrive et sur les plages, en salle de sport ou simplement pour vous rafraîchir, ces boissons fraiches aux saveurs différentes seront là quand vous en aurez le plus besoin ou simplement lorsque vous voudrez prendre la pose !

    Existe en 10 saveurs, disponible  => ici <=

    Pose et mesh de Kikovanity  => ici <=

    Fresh Bottle by Erweinna (accessory)

    Summer comes and on the beaches, in the gym or just to cool off, these fresh drinks with different flavors will be there when you need it most or just when you want to pose!

    Exist in 10 flavors available  => here <=

    Pose and mesh by Kikovanity  => here <=

    Crédits : Kikovanity

    🌸 Erweinna 🌸



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