2018-2020 posepacks folder
    by ratboysims

    • all 35 in-game posepacks i’ve made from 2018 to 2020, easily downloadable and with new thumbnails all in one single zip file!
    • you can find descriptions and any potential accessories/required items needed for poses here on my downloads page.
    • you can also still find all the posepacks separately on my downloads page if that’s more your style :]
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    -upload, etc anywhere please and thank you!!

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    wheelchair poses
    by ratboysims

    • need this wheelchair by @teabaker (the plasma-tree fix version!)
    • 8 single poses, 2 couple poses
    • don’t work with regular chairs because the feet are floating kinda, but if you’re not taking a picture including the feet it should be fine??

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    Transferring Techniques Poses :

    @lotusplum requested poses that convey the everyday struggles of sims on wheelchairs. She sent me some references for common transfer techniques to go from the wheelchair to the bed and a sofa, and this was the result. 

    About this pose pack:

  • 13 single poses for teen-elder
  • 2 All-in-one poses for the bed and the sofa
  • Instructions on how to use inside the pose pack
  • In-Game
  • Custom thumbnails
  • What you’ll need:

  • Wheelchair used
  • Teleport Any Sim Mod
  • Andrew’s Pose Player
  • @love4sims4 @mmfinds  @maxismatchccworld  @ts4-poses-masterlist

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    {CS} New Year’s miracle posepack

    Happy New Year everyone!Here’s a special romantic posepack for you:)

    You will need to download the wheel chair here

    Place two teleporters in the middle of the bed and the wheelchair how it’s shown on the picture for first 2 poses:)




    In my new story, THE WISHCASTER, my main character is wheelchair bound. Unfortunately, there aren’t many poses with disabilities out there so I’ve had to make my own. 

    This is my first public release of a posepack (I’ve made many for myself). I’ll be doing more wheelchair ones as well as fantasy poses not found elsewhere and sharing them with you. 

    6 poses (gender interchangeable!)

    You will need the wheelchair cc by @severinka: DOWNLOAD WC(mesh)

    I used a recolor version by @qvoix: DOWNLOAD WC recolor


    ^^Please do not reupload and claim as yours!^^

    Pose Pack Fauteuil Roulant - BL

    Allez savoir pourquoi j'ai eu l’idée de faire ce petit pose pack… J'en sais rien… j'avais juste envie.

  • Mon pose pack est disponible sur mon blog => ICI
  • Fauteuil roulant (Severinka)
  • A croire que le sims de ma louloute m'inspire pas confiance pour mon p'tit Loïk lol La dernière fois il le bousculait dans le pose pack maintenant mon Loïk se retrouve dans cette situation… @luna-igleo je surveille ton sims malveillant de prés dorénavant lol


    Modèles : Mathys (@luna-igleo) - Loïk (Zykatekb)


    Hey hun, I was wondering if you still had that S4 wheelchair pose set available, if so, do you mind sharing it with me, it looks great?

    Sure! You can find it here, honey :3

    OLD CC LIST (in the poses section)

    And thank you, have a great day you too!

    My poses #3

    You’ll need:


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    Pose Request! [2]

    by Sofi Sparks for @senluita-ri

    Including : 2 couple poses

    You will need:

  • Andrew’s pose player
  • Teleporter Any Sim
  • wheelchair
  • Please tag me if you use my poses:)



    Поз Реквст! [2]

    сделано Sofi Sparks для  @senluita-ri

    Включает: 2 прные позы

    Вам понадобится:

  • Andrew’s pose player
  • Teleporter Any Sim
  • инвалидная коляска
  • Пожалуйста, отметьте меня, если используете мои позы:)

    Надеюсь, вам понравится!


    Service Dog

    10 poses for wheelchair and large dog

    @jorgha-haq requested some wheelchair poses for her simself that would include her service dog, Pickles. I had a brief look at the wheelchair poses available and was shocked by how few there were for actual wheelchair-bound individuals, so I took the time to make a few I felt might be useful.

    Pickles is a fluffy dog, so the hands are adjusted in the poses to fit large, fluffy dog breeds.

    Statue placement is very easy. You simply need to drop two statues on the centre of the wheelchair.  You will need Severinka’s Wheelchair (you can find some rather nice, bright recolours of it by @qvoix >here<),  Andrew’s PosePlayer and the Teleport Statue.

    ♪♫ And here’s the music to listen to while you’re waiting to get this into your game. ♫♪

    Download: SFS MF

    All poses created with S4S, Blender and imagination.

    so this was meant to be a christmas gift, and then a new year’s gift, but those plans didn’t pan out and now it’s just a pose pack i am releasing on a monday, hahah. as someone who feels under-represented in the sims community due to my reliance on a cane and a wheelchair, i just thought that maybe a tiny pose pack that could be used for storytelling w/ a sim in a wheelchair would be nice! i also have a pose pack that features a cane that i will be releasing soon, as well.

    click on the images for a better view of the poses!

    you will need:

  • andrew’s pose player
  • teleport any sim
  • severinka’s wheelchair
  • put the statue (the teleporter) in the center of the wheelchair and pose your sim using the pack! all of the poses have an image and description displaying what the pose will look like so you know which one you’re choosing!

    please do not:

  • reupload
  • claim as your own
  • edit my poses in any way
  • if you use the poses, please tag me, so i can see how your sims look in them! thanks! hope you enjoy them! :’) please remember to leave a “heart” on SimFileShare! it really encourages me to continue making poses!

    download (SFS - no adfly)


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    Any public use needs my permission.

    (TS4) WheelChair_posespack

    _Posepack composed of 6 poses alone and 3 poses couple._


    Download :simfileshare | Dropbox.

    (If the download page does not appear, right click on the link, and open it in a new tab.)


  • Wheelchair here
  • pose player here.
  • Teleport Any Sim Here
  • …………………………………..

    _Please do not re-edit _

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    Please don’t re-upload this file, or claim it as your own .

    Tag @simsnema ^ _^


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    Poses Pack Intouchables

    Hello simblr ! Coucou les Simblr ! 

    Certains d’entre vous me l’ont demandé, alors le voilà ! Le pose pack Intouchables créé pour la dernière image du Casting Actor d’Amazsims&Co

    - Vous aurez besoin du fauteuil roulant de Severinka.

    - Et bien sûr, du Pose player d’Andrew et du Teleporter d’Any sims.

    _ You’ll need the Severinka Wheelchair, Andrew’s pose player et Teleport Any Sim

    Télécharger/Download : MEDIAFIRE

    Please, don’t re-upload or claim it as your own ! Thank a lot.

    And, tag me if you use it !


    whew, this took a while, partly because I was caught up on other stuffs, heh. I also did a bit of recoloring on Severinka’s wheelchair. Includes plain, patterned colors and such with the total of 35 swatches. You will need the original mesh to work! hope you guys like it, enjoy! ♡ Credits to Severinka & @a-luckyday​ for the props (wheelchair & giftbox) ~ 

    Edit: i forgot to add that you can use the poses on normal chairs as well, well some poses. some of it are animated, so the feet touches the ground) :> cheers!

  • Severinka’s Wheelchair here | Aluckyday’s Gift Box Accessory here
  • My downloads: Poses | Wheelchair
  • Thank you and feel free to @qvoix​ or # qvoix when you use them, I’ll love to see what you’ve done! You can find my other CCs here ♡ TOU


    Eeekkk!!! This is awesome!! Thank you!! <3