I want to thank Goddess Samiey for graciously agreeing to monitor the otherwise excessive releases of the many virgin and born again virgin footboys who visit this site.  I really had fun with her comments on the last series.  She clearly understands what makes us tick.   Hope some of you guessed correctly today; otherwise, have a great Monday!   Make sure to visit her site for frequent updates!

    Please review Monday entry for instructions on viewing images.

    Just a quiet Friday evening  at home.  Lounging, reading the headlines, listening to some music.  A nice pasta and glass of wine.

    For her.

    For you, a gift.  Choose a number between 1 and 6 (inclusive).  Write it down.  If you guess the correct number on a dice roll, you may release.  Answer will be given in the morning.  Enterprising footboys might even find a way to improve their odds.

    I will post the die roll at 6am EST for those who are especially “desperate”

    Keep edging.

    Please review the rules posted from Monday for viewing these images : release today.  

    But there is an assignment.

    You will watch the gif 10 times while edging.  Each time the socklet comes off, you will repeat “I am a pussy-free footboy”

    Then you will watch 10 more times, but only edge when the socklet is off, to cool down.  While the sock is on, you will repeat “Please let me see your beautiful foot again”

    Maybe tomorrow you will spill....keep up the good work!

    Please review the rules posted from Monday for viewing these images :

    48 hours.  Edging and mantras.  Are the feet in the last photo truly blurry or have you just been looking at feet for so long they seem that way?  Sorry, but no release today.  I really thought it just might be possible.  

    On the other hand...I found this quote on her site:

    “Awww that’s not long really” she said continue to play with the cage with her gorgeous feet.

    “Ive have boys locked for years for me, could you do that for me? Keep yourself locked away for years? Just for me?”

    Which begs the question---What are you willing to do to get to the next level?

    Calling all born again virgin footboys:

    I am very excited to announce that the pictures and ultimately approval for release for this series will be

    Please follow her site but the daily instructions as well as her approval for release will come from this blog.

    Please leave a note below thanking her for her attention to your pathetic needs as well.  

    All this week there will be a specific “beta foot virgin” approved caption for those who truly accept the lifestyle.  Please be honest with yourself and pass by these images/captions if you are not committed.  Those who are should edge but not release to the daily picture at least once during the day

    During the edging, you should be verbally reinforcing the fact that feet are your primary and sole mode of pleasure and release.  You exist to please women and that is how you obtain pleasure. 

    There should be no orgasms until approval is given, and even then only under the conditions listed. The desperation will make the mantra more effective.

    Please only “like” or leave a note for these captions if you plan to follow the instructions. 

    See the notes for her message to you.