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    Just FYI, I get one or two requests per day for custom captions.  I don’t do them...not because I have anything against your pics (they are often of a SO or celebrity) but because that is not my captioning style.  I look at many images (probably 50-100) and once in a while the look on the face or something in the background spurs a thought.  That’s when I caption.  

    So, I am not dissing your image or interests, it is just that most images don’t bring a caption to mind.  

    There are probably other people who work entirely differently, so feel free to query them.  

    Good luck and thanks again for your support....

    Back for now...

    Well, my blog was terminated again for several days.  I didn't think I was ever coming back, nor did I know why I was terminated.  Still talking with Tumblr about that, and started a second blog and started reposting old images.  If this blog is ever terminated, look there for my stuff.  

    Interesting that I wasn’t so put out by having my blog deleted since I save my posts (although it was a little bit of a drag having no followers).  What really bothered me was losing the sites to my feed, as there are several blogs I follow where I just couldn't remember the name.

    In any event, I am least for now.  I wish Tumblr would be more forthcoming about why someone is blocked, especially if their goal is to improve compliance on this site.

    The last time I was terminated, it was for attributing a post from another non-tumblr site in the comments to the general website in order to give credit to the original poster.  It was not a hyperlink.  I had no idea that was not allowed.  

    I will probably keep the “redux” blog going, at least for now. I was actually enjoying looking at some of the early posts and had even forgotten some of them.  

    Feel free to follow that site too, if you wish.

    All the best....JAOB.    

    Day 3

    The Day 1 version of the picture will be posted for our breast and pussy-free virgins....the less “restricted’ viewers can continue down the page.

    I know many blogs censor breasts and pussy...but censoring faces is so much more reminds us of where our eyes should not be...something everyone else takes for granted.

    Day 2

    There are 10 declared “Day 1″ beta boys who need to ignore the following post.  I will repost the day 1 image, but they should not go further.  We do appreciate them being honest with us and themselves. If you replied on day 1 and wish to get a private caption that will be “day 1 beta appropriate” from me (since you cannot view the more adult post below) then message me.


    Here is the day 2 image.  Any born again virgin or controlled beta male will likely need to stop here.  If that is so, please post a note so that your status can be publicly acknowledged.  For those who are not pussy and breast free, tomorrow wili include an additional post.



    I have never written a message without a caption (I don’t think I have anyway).  I just logged on and saw I have over 1000 notes in the last 24h.  That's a little overwhelming for someone who is happy with 5-10 likes for a caption, and I have no idea why the note volume has gone up.  I am sure it will drop down again, but I am going to put out some posts tonight to celebrate.  That is the way betas celebrate, after all.


    Erotic Humiliation vs Degradation

    I would like to explain what I believe is the difference between erotic humiliation and degradation. Both are psychological acts, not physical ones. How you make your submissive feel during any activity determines if that activity is abusive, not the activity itself.

    His body can be covered in bruises and welts, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he was abused. Conversely, he can be severely abused without a single mark on him or without being touched at all.

    Erotic humiliation will make him feel silly, weak, powerless, and humiliated, but in a loving and cared for way. No matter how humiliating the activity, he is still able to feel good about it, even sometimes craving these feelings. He feels that he is doing it as an act of service, for your pleasure and/or amusement. This is especially true if you are making him do it, and not something he did on his own.

    Degradation will make him feel silly, weak, powerless, and humiliated, and rejected at the same time. It creates negative feelings that make him feel bad about himself, that he is hated, pathetic, and unlovable. It can strip his self worth from him creating a psychological downward spiral of self loathing, that unchecked, could eventually lead to suicide.

    I will show what I mean in a few different scenarios. The activity is the same but what is said to the submissive is different.

    Scenario #1  Caging him

    erotic humiliation: “In your cage sweetheart, Good boy. I need to know you are safe and secure under my lock and key while you are so helpless. You are too precious to me to be left running free. I love knowing you will be right where I left you. I’ll come check on you in a while. Call if you need me. Bye baby.”

    degradation: “Get your ass in that cage. I’m so sick of you following me around like a lost dog and you’re getting on my nerves. Look at you. What kind of man allows a woman to lock him in a cage like a dog? A loser, that’s what kind. You’re pathetic. If you’re lucky, I’ll remember you exist and let you out later.

    Scenario #2  Cuckolding him

    erotic humiliation: “I’m about to head out for my date. Are you sure you are okay with this sweetie? Good boy. Just because I want to date men with bigger cocks doesn’t mean I love you any less. Understand? That’s why I keep you in strict chastity. I don’t share my toys. You’re my property and will remain so forever. I’ll call you when we get back to his house to ensure you are alright. See you in a few hours. Bye baby.”

    degradation: I’m about to head out for my date with a real man. If you weren’t such an inadequate loser I would stay home and fuck you. But you are pathetic and your dick is totally useless. That’s why you are in chastity and will never be inside me again. Stop crying wimp. I hate it when you cry. It’s not like I’m leaving you, well not yet anyway. Don’t wait up for me, I might not be home tonight.

    Scenario #3  Crossdressing him

    erotic humiliation: “There you go sweetie, all dressed up and pretty for me. I love seeing you in your high heels and stockings. It makes your legs and bum look so sexy and I love listening to the click of your heels as you walk around. Tonight you will be my lesbian lover. With you locked in chastity, You can’t make love to me like a man anyway. That’s okay baby-girl, your tongue is amazing.”

    degradation: “Ha Ha, don’t you look silly! All dressed up like a girl, definitely not a pretty one. You love this don’t you? I saw your pathetic cock trying to grow in it’s little cage. Probably wishing you were a real girl so you can take some cock. I bet you would make a great cocksucker! Would you like that faggot? You’re disgusting.”


    As you can see in these scenarios just the words you use can change things from loving to totally toxic. I use erotic humiliation in my relationship with my husband. While I don’t cuckold him, I do lock him in a cage and cross-dress him weekly.  I also at times make him wear diapers, drink from baby bottles, and make him beg, among other things. I ensure he feels loved and wanted anytime I use humiliation on him as I maintain the inequality of our relationship. I know there are those out there that actually want degradation as part of their relationship dynamic, and that’s fine if they can handle it, but I will never want it or use it myself. There is enough cruelty in the world already without me adding to it. Let your humiliation come from a place of love.


    I don’t usually repost, but this really resonated with me.  The malicious degradation angle doesn’t do anything for me either and I am glad there is increasing realization of the distinct nature of what is termed here “erotic humiliation”.  Wonderful post.

    A story from the altairboy site...from Milk Maiden

    They Always Lose

    Submitted by: Rachel S. "The Milk Maiden"

    I get a kick out of it when guys try to resist. Because they always lose. The male organ, raging and hard as it may seem, is weak. Every cock has a weakness, and if you try hard enough, and long enough, never giving up, you can find it and break it. I have a perfect record when it comes to breaking cocks and forcing them to give up their thick, ropy prize.

    My hubby has a foot fetish. I found this out when first I caught him staring at mine, and I knew then I would use it against him to control him. It's been three years, and he's learned that male orgasm is a privilege he'll rarely get to experience again. Ejaculation makes a man cocky, so to speak, and while I enjoy seeing a man lose his load, I don't like the macho hangover afterwards. So I milk my men. I get to watch them give up their cum, without giving them the unnecessary pleasure of orgasm.

    The procedure I use is the same, although the stimulus varies depending on the man's weakness. Like I said, my hubby loses it over my feet. Any woman's feet, if they're attractive enough, I guess, but I've limited him to mine for a while now and find the results... adequate. Hubby is locked in a CB3000 most of the time, although I have ceded control of him to Goddess Kali and her stingy teeth when he's misbehaved seriously. I love watching his cock strain to expand within its confines. In the battle of flesh versus steel and plastic, flesh always loses. And watching a cock lose gets me hot. Sexually, I live to see cocks struggle against futility.

    So, the procedure. Hubby, or my slave of choice- whoever I feel like breaking down- is restrained. Tight. Hands above his head, straps across his chest. I use a tilted board, almost like an ironing board at an angle, with the victim strapped to the top. I make sure there's no way he can even hope to get anything untied. I want no part of him able to move, especially his head, since I want him to see everything that's going to happen. After I've made sure he's nice and secure, with his legs slightly apart, I get down to business.

    I tell him if he manages to escape he can have me any way he wants. I've never given it a second thought.

    No man wants to see his orgasm dribble away, and he'll fight to keep it in him. It's my job to see to it that the inevitable happens- that his milk flows out and he's drained dry to the last drop. Doing this makes sure he knows his place, and he stays horny even though there's nothing he can do about it. After a man has been deprived of a good ejaculation for a few months, he'll settle in and accept it. The milk flows easier, in glistening strands. If he wasn't securely fastened, I'd swear he'd grind against the vibe in his ass.

    Oh yes, the vibrator. It does all the work, really. I position my charge so he can see our computer's monitor. It's the only time hubby gets to use the computer, really. I forbid him to go online unless supervised, since who knows what he'll find out there. I do all of our downloading, and all the communicating with other couples and muses. Whatever I find that I think will tickle his fancy or frustrate him severely, I download.

    I used to trade pictures with other women, to get new photos of their feet and asses, and use them to tease hubby. But for the most part, now all the pictures are of me. My feet, my pussy, my mouth dripping cum. In a darkened room with rhythmic pulsing music and an insistent vibe up hubby's ass, he stares at pictures of my parts as they flash by on the screen. Quickly he's aroused, and his cock has filled out the plastic tube that holds it close to him. Two weeks of endless teasing and oral servitude have swollen his balls with a bucket of jism, and they're dying to shoot it across my soles. Or down my throat, or up my ass. Whatever he'd like to do with it, it doesn't matter. His load is mine, and I'm doing what I want to do with it.

    The pictures vary. If a guy's into asses, I'll give him what he wants. Some men can't cum until they see some other guy blow his load. Sure, whatever. I've got a decent library of porn. Not for their pleasure, so much as to weaken them. After a while of looking at the erotic imagery, the steady force of the vibe will start to work its magic. This is where the fun is for me, fingering myself as my man struggles to keep his load in- to not lose it in such a humiliating manner for so little reward. I know what he's thinking- if he can just outlast the machine, he can keep his cum and fuck me with it. But there's no use. The vibrations grow more urgent, more forceful. The slideshow turns him on more and more, and he can't hold it back much longer. He's been through it a hundred times, and knows how it will end- with his juices dripping into my bowl, the contents then poured across my toes, and him licking every drop up and back into him. His wasted orgasms are recyclable! They're distilled back through his mouth and down to his cock again, purer and purer, each time through leaving him hornier and hornier, but unfulfilled.

    The dripping begins. First a moist drop at the tip, then a dribble, then a steady flow. After an hour or so, I've gotten almost everything. It's time for a little extra coaxing- in hubby's case, I usually turn off the monitor, tilt the table almost upright, and place my soles firmly against his face. As he breathes in my aroma, the last of his will crumbles. He relaxes, under my spell, and the flow picks up again. Each inhalation courses through his body, exiting through his cock with a couple more drops. The milking is complete. Another hard cock bites the dust and slowly shrinks back within the chastity device.

    Sometimes I let the man wank afterwards. It's not like he's going to get anything out of it. For variety, I'll invite a girlfriend over to watch in secret, or to help tease him during the procedure. You haven't seen a red-faced man until you've seen him strapped down, with a flaccid, embarrassed cock, dripping semen at the sight of young woman in the apartment down the hall as she gyrates in front of him topless. She's going to tell her friends all about his little caged cock and how he doesn't get to fuck like a man.

    I'd love to hear how you ladies control your men's cocks, or trade some pictures. Either of yourselves if you want to help tease, or your men caged and under lock and key. More to come soon, including hubby's first public milking and experiments with electricity...

    The mirror trick from Patti

    First of all, in addition to other interests in bondage and chastity, I am fascinated with finding ways to force a guy to stay on the edge of orgasm for long periods of time, before pulling the string on him and not letting him get off. All the better if this means he gets locked back into a chastity device. This is challenging, because how do you know if he really is "on the edge".

    Well I hit on a great idea in one of the ntc threads, and tried it last night. I set up my guy, who has been locked up with no release for two weeks. I had him kneel on the floor naked, with a small mirror on the floor beneath him. I told him to masturbate to the edge and stay there, and let me know when he was ready. (After two weeks, this part did not take long!) I then set up a kitchen timer and told him I would set it for 5 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, there better be pre-cum on the mirror. When the timer goes off, he will have to lick the mirror clean, and start over. This forces him to be close enough to the edge to leak pre-cum steadily.

    We went through eight repeats of the process, so theoretically he is on the edge of orgasm for 40 minutes, with no release. At the end of the 8 cycles I handcuffed him and waited patiently for him to fully soften, then locked him back in his device. The last three cycles he was in desperate shape, he could hardly touch his dick for fear he would lose his load and be locked up for a very long time. Pre-cum flowed like a river, and he was panting, humping the air and suffering. When it became clear I was going to lock him back up he was panicked. This might be one of the best cases of blue balls I have ever created.Over the last week I have several of my women friends out there try this technique, and I have to say that it is working beyond our wildest dreams! The reviews are incredible! I am getting back report after report of guys, soaked in sweat, begging and pleading to stop the process and to be allowed to jerk off. The women are quickly figuring out that the quantity of pre-cum on the mirror indicates how hard the guys are pushing the limits, and demanding they push harder.Finally, at the end of the process, women are reporting a level of desperation they have never seen in a man. Truly desperate pleading for release. This technique is incredible, I urge all of you to try it!


    Patti responding to questions on masturcizing...

    Hi Kathy-

    I don't blame you for wanting to get some of these kind of results, they are fun and exciting. Used the right way, orgasm control can be an incredible behavior modifier.

    Here is my advice. The most effective method, and the most extreme, is complete orgasm control via a chastity device. It is quick and easy to set standards of behavior when all sexual release depends on it. I am guessing you are not ready for this yet, and I could go on for quite awhile, so I will skip too much detail here. Suffice to say all guys get it pretty quick whey you say "Do this or you don't get off." One huge advantage of chastity devices is that a guy is EXTREMELY grateful when you allow him to jerk off, and that allows you to reserve actual man/woman release of any kind as a very special treat.

    An "entry level" way to modify behavior that is a favorite is a point system game. Set every Saturday night aside to tally plus and minus points, and set point standards for his favorite ways to get off. Because there is no chastity device, he will jack off all week, but if he wants you to come to the party he has to earn it. This can be fun. The points can be based on household chores, or favorite forms of attention, like a massage. A personal favorite, and a big point getter for me, is if he gives you and orgasm with no reciprocation. My ex-boyfriend used to get maximum points if he gave me an oral orgasm while he was naked, and he had to have a full erection. That demonstrated his willingness to sacrafice. I secretly enjoyed knowing for the rest of the day how horny he was. Not everyone get's the same thrill I do from getting men really turned on, but not giving them any sexual release. This approach could be good for you as it can start as a fun game, and you can increase the "intensity" as he is ready. You will be amazed at how a guy will actually enjoy tallying his points. To add to the fun, deduct points for bad behavior.

    Finally, and I doubt this is for you, there is the opposite of the point system. This can be described as "You can have anything you want, but you have to pay the price." This can be done with or without a chastity device. If he wants to see your breasts, or even touch them, he has to pay a penalty. If he wants a blowjob, huge penalty points.

    Penalties can be humiliation (make him wear a bra for a day or three), corporal punishment, or even cash depending on how you manage your money.

    Hope this helps, and for best results negotiate with him for your new rules when he is, shall we say, most interested.

    Patti responding to comments on Masturcizing...

    While Julie seems pretty happy with her bold statement, just "never letting him cum" isn't much of a good time.

    The fun in all this is the effect all that sperm backup has on a guy. The biggest, most confident guy can be brought to his knees with a little teasing. Once a guy has an erection, he will basically do anything you tell him to do. When that erection has gone unsatisfied for a few days in a row, you will break him. The most incredible experience a man can have is when you convince to wear a chastity device. It is all a fun game until you get to about day 3, and after he has been turned on for an hour or more you make it clear he isn't going to have a release. Suddenly the fact you have taken away his god given right, to jerk off whenever he pleases, is not a game any more. It may have sounded fun, but now he is genuinely suffering and truly is your slave. The "game" is now very real.

    I am amazed that more women don't exploit this power. If a man needs your permission to have an orgasm his whole self image is redefined. An unwanted erection becomes a punishment as the incessant need is the only thing he can think about. Men are ashamed when it becomes clear to them that they will have to beg, truly beg in a way that isn't a game, for a brief moment of pleasure. They don't want it, they need it. The balance of power in a relationship is permanently altered. It is intoxicating.

    I have watched my husband Bob develop an understanding that what most men consider to be their greatest strength is actually a fatal weakness. He stares longingly at my body knowing how much pleasure it can bring him. He stares hatefully at his caged cock and balls, knowing they torment him day and night.

    Just tonight I watched him sweat and suffer as he brought himself to the edge of orgasm, and held back his climax with all his might. He stayed at this precipice for 25 minutes. When he finally earns his first release in a month ten days from now I know he will do anything to avoid another month long punishment.

    From an old forum--Masturcizing--the final stretch

    For those of you who have been following along, Bob is now in the stretch run. Wednesday will be one month since his accidental discharge, one day was added to his sentence because he "accidentally" touched my breast about a week ago. So, Thursday is the big day, if he makes it. We have had 30 minute masturcizing sessions every night, and he has become better at handling them. He settles into a pattern of deep breathing virtually immediately, and with his eyes shut he attempts to shut out the pleasure of his hand sliding up and down his rigid cock. He has confessed it becomes more and more difficult over the length of the session as he oozes pre- cum pretty heavily, and it is an excellent lubricant. Finally, when the 30 minute bell rings he always collapses to all fours and gasps and holds on to his load with all his might. After a few minutes the he controls the feeling that just the slightest movement would trigger him, and rights himself, still on his knees. He stays in this position until he is completely flaccid, between a 5 and 10 minute wait. The re-applying of his chastity device is often tricky, as the slightest touch immediately re-erects him, and we have to wait again. I could use ice water to facilitate this process, but the torment of continued re-arousal is so much fun.

    I will admit that it is getting difficult for me as well, every night I see Bob's fully erect cock (a little over 7 inches) and I wouldn't mind getting a little of that inside me. However, the brief thrill (at this point we know it would be very brief) cannot compare to watching him suffer further.

    So what will Thursday entail? Clearly Bob needs to be completely drained, he is facing his usual week without any release after Thursday, plus a couple days because his release is on Saturdays and two days is too soon. I am thinking that I will have him masturbate to his release twice, that should take some edge off, then he will have enough control for me to get some. Assuming he will be ready to go twice with me, I will force him to tug out two more loads. That should leave him completely dry (and probably quite sore)so we can start the process over.

    Looking forward to the fun, thanks to the many of you who have been so supportive!

    From an old forum from Patti..part 2

    Thought I would give you an update after this past weekend.

    Bob has now gone 2 weeks and 5 days since he accidentally discharged, and has spent 30 minutes masturcizing every evening since day three. My previous updates are now in the archive, so I won't go into further details of past history.

    The masturcizing continues to be highly effective. Bob's cock stiffens immediately when I remove his chastity device, no touch is necessary. When I instruct him to put his hand on his dick to start his stroking he hisses from the pleasure of first contact. From minute three to minute thirty his eyes are shut painfully tight, eventually his breathing is tortured gasps. It is obvious that it takes all he can muster to hold back the load of cum. His fist just barely moves up and down his shaft, the slightest excess stimulation would cause another accident. At the half hour mark Bob drops to all fours, and pants for a full five minutes as he is still right on the brink, and afraid to move. I know he would give anything to trigger the explosion of cum, and I'm sure it would be huge. More than once I have been tempted to spread my legs for him as I am sure I would get the greatest night of screwing ever.

    The effect on Bob's behavior the rest of the day is both remarkable in terms of constantly attentive he is to me, and hysterical as his overpowering constant horniness cannot possibly be concealed. Bob waits on me hand and foot, he surprises me with a gift every other day or so, and his loving caresses and constant adoration of my beauty are intoxicating. I have continued to forbid him to touch my breasts, and even added a day to his chastity for an "accidental" touch on Saturday.

    Saturday overall was a rough day for Bob. My best friend Lori came over to visit, and she and I sat out by the pool for the afternoon. I suggested to Bob that it might be easier for him if he didn't join us, but the decision was his. Bob chose to stay, and busied himself cleaning the pool. When Lori strolled out to the pool in her bikini Bob dropped the pool brush with a loud clang on the concrete, and stared blatantly. Bob had seen Lori in a swimsuit many times, but under normal circumstances she makes an impression. In Bob's condition he couldn't help himself, and frankly was pathetic. Even Lori finally asked me to tell him to stop staring, he didn't hide it well at all. Lori is an aerobics instructor, and her tall, thin body is very toned. Her legs are unbelievable, every muscle is beautifully defined. Her bustline juts straight out with an oversized C cup, she told me long ago it was the best set of breasts she could afford.

    Honestly, this is great fun. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy the power I have over Bob in this condition.

    I would love to write more, but it is time for our evening session. Good night for now.

    From a old forum by Patti..called the power of masturcizing--Part 1

    I have been experimenting with a chastity device on my husband for a couple of months now. We got into a pattern where he would wear the device all week, I would only remove it on Saturdays. After a week without any relief we would have a full day of anything goes sex. While this worked great for awhile, he soon became used to only having sex once a week, and the impact was diminished. I did try turning it up a notch by occasionally denying him, and watching the effect of two dry weeks. The threat of denial did have impact, as he immediately became more attentive, and frankly afraid. But I needed to turn his sufferings up a notch. I decided to try integrating "masturcizing" into our routine.

    Let me tell all of you, it is magic.

    Here is how we do it. We still have our day out of the cage on Saturday, but Sunday it is back on. Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday I leave him alone while I let his balls fill back up again. However, now on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we have a half hour session of masturcizing. Bob has to kneel on the floor, and I remove the device. We set the timer for 30 minutes, and he strokes his dick for the next half hour. The rules are his hand has to be moving at all times, and his hand cannot leave his dick. I watch carefully to see if he cheats. If he cums during the exercise, he gets one month without an orgasm.

    Bob kneels on the floor, and his dick gets hard almost instantly. Within ten minutes he is right on the edge. The next twenty minutes are incredible to watch, his eyes are screwed shut, jaw clenched, as he fights desperately not to do the thing he wants to do more than anything in the world. When the timer rings the half hour mark, he always falls to all fours exhausted from fighting to keep his load back. He then continues to kneel, waiting for his dick to soften so we can put the device back on. This generally takes quite awhile, and I often "accidentally" re-erect while trying to fit the device. This means more waiting.

    Bob's desperation by Saturday is now at a whole new level of intensity, and the threat of denial is incredibly severe. We are now entering a whole new realm however, as it finally happened. On Friday, he dribbled a load of cum on the carpet. He begged for understanding, claiming it was precum. I pretended to understand, and told him he was off the hook if his dick didn't soften after his "pre-cum" leakage. In panicked fashion he stroked desperately as his increasingly limp dick sagged.

    This next month should be fun.


    New member - littlegary

    Age:  55

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Marital status: Married

    Years Pussy-free: 1.5

    Penis size: 5.5″

    Reason for being pussy-free: “I am being instructed to publicly register on this site to formalize my official status. I am a BJ virgin and also no longer allowed to ejaculate in or on a woman at any time. I am being taught to instead sublimate my desires into more maturity-appropriate behaviour such as chores, line writing, or, if I am lucky, foot and shoe worship.  This continues to be a struggle, but I am encouraged to recognize my proper beta status and take pride in service. My foot and shoe worship privileges are dependent on my eschewing normal sexual activity and only viewing censored images of women.”

    Category: Married - pussy-free


    I am obligated to repost this to publicize and verify my current status