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    The video is what you are working for.  Every day, you edge and pray to become the perfect born again virgin footboy.  To be worthy of washing that foot, smoothing the skin with the loofa sponge, while she sips her cool drink and drifts into bliss.

    But you must prove --to yourself and her--that you are worthy.  A foot freshly out of a shoe after a long hike.  Are you capable of soothing and cooling it with your tongue?

    What about the shoe sole?  The ultimate test.  Will you patiently work your tongue through each crevice?  No matter what it encounters?  Of course, she could have you scrub them with a brush.  That is not the point.  The point is you are willing to sacrifice your dignity--even your humanity--for the honor of serving and by doing so raise yourself to a state of worthiness.

    Sorry...there are still lessons to assimilate.  This may take a while.  Keep edging.  


    Please review the rules posted from Monday for viewing these images :

    24 hours.  This is just the very, very beginning.  It just SEEMS like forever because a beautiful woman is letting you see her feet in their most intimate moments.  Why would you want to release and have this end?  She is being generous today...by having you continue to edge without release.  Don’t forget to say “thank you for not letting me orgasm.”   

    Maybe tomorrow?  But I wouldn’t count on it.


    Your release day has finally come (pun intended).

    “You can play the movie once while stroking.  When the movie is done, so are you.  You will repeat your mantra while stroking and thank our feet when you release.  Get that filth out of your system, since tomorrow you will be back in training.”

    Good luck.

    Her answer was yes!!  With only one restriction.  Start the video and fapping at the same time.  You have one chance...until she says STOP.  You cannot play the video alone first.  So, she advises that you make your puddle asap and then get back to your chores....