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    This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s one of the lead writers for Leverage and if you ever watch the series on DVD, do yourself a favor and listen to him talk about how the scripts got written. Some of the advice he has is stuff I use all the time: 1. Don’t introduce an important plot person or thing after the first half of the story. 2. Always tie up loose ends. 3. Introduce important things in the middle of unimportant things. 4. If you have to infodump, find an emotion to tie it to and it will seem less like infodump and more like a motive rant. Seriously this guy knows how to write.


    There are a lot of moments in this film where if you screenshot it, it looks like it's not part of a moving picture but a painting displayed at an art gallery.

    Like, screenshot any of these moments and tell me they don't look like paintings/sketches that would be displayed in either fairy-tale books or an art Gallery.


    Puss In Boots: The Last Wish


    ID: A tweet from Dr. Paige Harden (@/kph3k) on twitter

    My 6-year-old, working on a bead design: “Do you want to help me?”

    My 8-year old: “Yes. Do you want me to follow your directions, or give ideas?”

    My proposition: All academic collaborations would be improved by having this *exact* conversation


    yes, academia can be the WORST. it's an intrinsically classist, exclusionary, hierarchical, and Othering system. I've endured academia for two decades that have nearly killed me, to be honest. this simple life lesson would solve almost everything that's wrong in academia

    I've also worked in the business world, and in gaming, and retail and restaurants and so on - and I've been in lots of types of personal and familial relationships that had so many problems that these two kids instinctively knew how to resolve and prevent

    This Is Important

    ask. listen. respect one another. help people. we can make the world so much better for everyone if we just genuinely care about each other and act like it


    lol. lmao even


    i wonder how many people immediately canceling their subscriptions it took for them to pull back on this


    Nah, keep bullying them. Keep canceling subs and telling them why until they put out a full, official (preferably legally binding) statement that this is not policy and will never be policy.

    We bullied WotC into keeping the original OGL, we can bully Netflix.


    the brands: EzriCare Artificial Tears and Delsam Pharma's Artificial Tears

    manufactured in India by Global Pharma Healthcare PVT Limited, imported into the United States by Aru Pharma Inc, and sold through Amazon and Wal-Mart (and possibly others)



    THE IRS website will let you fill out and file your return THERE ON THE IRS SITE.  You pay like $12 for the actual electronic filing process, and THAT’s IT!

    Unless you have tremendous amounts of Schedule D stock shit, TurboTax is NOTHING BUT A RIPOFF!!!

    The IRS website is EXCELLENT.  They allow you to look up your past returns, and have every bit of information you MIGHT POSSIBLY NEED!




    Actually, with Free File it’s FREE

    No $12 fee

    That’s the point of free

    If you make less than an income threshold you get to file for FREE using various softwares that are REQUIRED to be and stay free or they lose the license to work with the IRS as part of the Free File program

    If you make more than that threshold you can file for FREE using the Free File Fillable Forms where you type in numbers and click “do the math” and the website does all your math for you

    Also fuck turbotax, I’m not even allowed to use it because it’s inaccurate enough that I’d get fired since Congress mandated all IRS employees’ taxes need to be PERFECT as a condition of employment

    have you checked out the comet yet?

    (photo by Uroš Todorović Mikšaj, 18-minute exposure)

    tonight and tomorrow are Comet 2022 E3 ZTF's closest approach to Earth!

    we just spotted it with binoculars and then spent some time enjoying the view through a telescope in the back yard

    (it's just above the tree behind us in this photo by @bugs-are-buddies )

    without a long exposure (and with the icy haze and bright Moon), this diffuse object looks pretty faint, like a nebula, and the green isn't visible to the naked eye under such conditions

    but what an experience to witness a once in 50,000-year visitor!

    more info and where to look: X


    this is probably my favourite comic of all time jsyk


    can someone explain this to me?


    Sure thing! For convenience I’ll refer to the guy with his arms in his pockets as SG (shorter guy) and the one on the computer as TG (taller guy).

    In the first panel, SG sees TG playing on the computer and is disappointed. SG puts a lot of value in the idea of “making things,” specifically “art,” and thinks TG is just wasting their time

    So he asks them if they wouldn’t rather be “making something” instead of just playing games and listening to music, implying that TG isn’t doing anything worthwhile or creative with their time

    But TG replies that “interpreting is generative,” meaning that even if they spend their time just doing fun stuff, the mere act of enjoying something is creating an experience and an interpretation. Talking about something, dancing to music or sharing a piece of art with your friends IS “making something,” and each of those can be worthwhile and artistic.

    SG leaves, complaining he “can’t be an auteur of [interpretation].” Auteur is a movie term that refers to a filmmaker with artistic control and vision enough to be considered essentially the singular creator of the resulting work of art. Turns out, SG doesn’t just want to “make things,” he wants to make things he and others see as “important.” He wants to make art not for the sake of art, but for the sake of being recognized and praised for his art.

    This comic really speaks to elitism within the artistic community, the idea that art needs to meet certain standards to be considered art. SG’s viewpoint is really traditionalist, that art need to be “approved” and validated in order to be considered “really art;” while TG recognizes that art can be as little as just talking about what you love.

    TLDR: Art is for everyone, not just some sort of social “artistic elite.”


    art is a shared-creation process - that is, for it to be anything but data in the form of paint or ink or magnetic signals stored on paper or silicon chips or whatever, it requires both a creator and an interpreter

    (this, by the way, is the crux of the “is stuff made by artificial intelligence ‘art’ or just algorithmic output based on human input?”)

    without someone reading, watching, or otherwise consuming and interpreting a piece of art, it’s only the relic of a creator’s mind

    (the creator can be the consumer, too, of course, and might even alter their experience of the art when experiencing it later - thus altering the art)

    in art theory, this concept is referred to as observation as an act of creation” - something that begins with the artist making an observation that leads to their creating an interpretation expressed through their chosen art form

    you, the person experiencing the art, are altering it in your mind by interpreting it based on your personal history, understanding of art theory, what it means to be human, and so forth - it’s never the exact same piece of art twice

    every one of us experiences the universe differently - in fact, it’s impossible to know what, say, the color “green” means to someone else, even how their mind reconstructs it in the observation and interpretation that results in the psychosomatic experience of “seeing something green”

    so beyond being necessary for art to exist in a meaningful (beyond the philosophical “does a tree falling in a forest make a sound if no one hears it”) way, your act of playing a game, viewing a painting, reading a story, or whatever makes it your own. your mind creates something new and unique

    art requires at least two people to exist. the artist is no more important than the person experiencing and interpreting the art - remove one (I know you can’t remove the artist as consumer of the art, just play along with me here) and there’s no art

    I like thinking of us - creator and observer, writer and reader, painter or photographer or sculptor and viewer, game designer and gamer, and so on - as partners in creating art together ❤