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Christopher-McKitterick.com. Science fiction, personal growth, writing, urban wildlife, equality, astronomy, mental health, the human condition - original content and lotsa reblogs. Fandoms include Alien, ATLA, Babylon 5, Leverage, Lilo & Stitch, Mad Max Fury Road, Pacific Rim, Star Trek, Star Wars, & more. SF, poetry, & nonfiction writer - my newest short fiction won the AnLab Reader's Award. Educator, intersectional feminist, autodidact, resto-modder, neurodivergent, astro-guy, animal rescuer, public speaker, & director of the Ad Astra Center for Science Fiction. He/they, not gender-conforming. Doing what I can to make our world a little better. I curate tags to serve my students & y'all. Many thanks to generous patrons who support my posts here and on Patreon. Feel free to ask anything!
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