Pokeslut Go!

    It became the most popular mobile game of all time: an AR game where you could catch cute little monsters who obeyed your every command. Little did anyone know that the coding for this adorable waste of data had started life as a top secret but forgotten Psy-Ops program meant to make enemies of the state more docile and passive.

    When the behind schedule programmers of the game found the code in a dusty hard drive, they thought their prayers had been answered. Within days of the game coming out, a small section of the populace began to undergo mental changes based on creatures based within the game. Even more shockingly, these people started to document bizarre transformations and powers based on their mental reconditioning. There are even some reports of the transformed becoming entirely submissive to those who “capture” them through the AR feature on their phone.

    This site will serve as a way of documenting all the different varieties encountered by those of you playing the game. Perhaps if we can gather enough data we can find a cure, before these strange transformations spread and infect others.

    Go fellow Pokeslut Trainers, and submit any findings for our SlutDex! And be careful out there…

    The Pissed Off Witch is taking your requests, maybe...


    Yes, what is it? Can’t you in the middle of breaking in my new apprentice?

    Yes, I’m a witch, can’t you tell by the hat? Yes, I specialize in transformations: my apprentice here used to be a big strapping knight who doubted my power. Now that she’s a simpering little slut who can’t get enough of my strap on in her hole.

    Oh you know? And you still interrupted me? You know I’ve turned people into slugs for such stupidity right? Oh? You want me to transform you? Into a slug? No? Something else?

    Well come on then, out with it. Tell me what you want to be. Maybe I’ll be nice and oblige you. Or not. You did interrupt my apprentice's lesson after all…

    Just remember the old song: "you can't always get what you want."

    Well, what do you want?