SlutDex Entry: Jailbait

    Jailbait is known as the barely legal Pokeslut. When a person becomes a Jailbait they regress in age to eighteen and become highly promiscuous, wearing highly revealing clothing that shows off their slim bodies.

    This Pokeslut delights in finding older trainers to seduce. They are particularly fond of seducing happily married men in high positions: wrecking their personal and professional reputations by making them look like dirty old perverts.

    Old Money to Sweet Honey

    “I’m so sorry Mr Bruengraber, I had no control over myself. This body… its sex drive, I can’t control it. As soon as I saw you I…” The beautiful younger blonde gingerly stammered as she caressed the older woman’s luscious backside.

    “It’s alright Jenkins. I feel like I should be somewhat mad but it’s very hard to be considering I was a seventh year old man with a heart condition this morning and now I’m a stunning vixen who is more likely to cause heart attacks than to have one!” The mature beauty cooed sensually as she relished the touch of her former bodyguard. “So who did this to us? The board, a rival pharmaceutical company, my ex-wife?”

    “I don’t know sir, uh… madam. I felt a tranquilizer dart hit my neck while patrolling the perimeter and I passed out. When I woke up I looked like this and had a desire for… Well, you know.” Jenkins blushed.

    “Yes, I see. Well, at least the old boy got to go out with a bang. I wonder if it was intended to pass your condition to me or if they were just trying to get rid of me the old fashioned way with a heart attack while making my muscular, former Special Forces bodyguard disappear to divert attention from the real culprits. Oh, keep touching me there that’s amazing!” Shivers went through the rejuvenated billionaire.

    “Madam, should I track down our assailants and exterminate them with extreme prejudice? I may not be as… physically inposing as I once was but I still remember how to use a sniper rifle.” The former soldier did her best to sound intimidating.

    “No Jenkins, I have a better idea. I have enough money in secret off shore accounts to keep me wealthy for at least several more lifetimes. I could always adopt you as my daughter and we could live the jet set lifestyle seducing whoever we please looking like this. Oh my! I think I inherited more than your looks! What do you say, dear sweet ‘daughter’?”

    “Mmmmm, well a good girl should always listen to her 'mother’ right?”

    Wicked Stepmother to Stepsister

    Were you really that jealous of me ‘Your Majesty’? I mean you turned yourself into an old hag to try and poison me, did it never occur to you to just make yourself younger and hotter? That’s ok, jealousy can do crazy things to a person’s mind, I forgive you.

    I don’t know why you hated me so much, maybe deep down you sensed that we were similar. I too wield the power of magic, although it comes from a more positive place than yours. Drink from me, allow my energy to rejuvenate you back to your former beauty and beyond. Feel yourself get younger and watch your breasts swell to sizes beyond what you thought possible as all the wickedness in your heart is replaced by lust and longing for pleasures of the flesh!

    No longer will you be my stepmother, instead we shall be like sisters, devoted to each other. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for or to each other. Maybe we’ll go to balls and steal all the Prince Charmings for ourselves while making all the wannabe princesses into fat little pumpkins with our powers. We could also doubledate the Brothers Grimm! Oh I’m so happy, I’ve always wanted a sister like you!

    In the meantime though I could use your help paying off the rent to these seven guys I’ve been living with, it’ll be a great sisterly bonding opportunity. You won’t believe how hung they are for short guys!

    Request: Kitty and Cougar

    Jane and Melissa were in their early thirties and particularly catty when they had a few glasses of wine in them. Any woman older than them was a “desperate cougar” and any girl younger was a “hyper nympho slut”. Maurice had been serving their table all night and was getting sick of their bitchiness: all women were beautiful and he knew just how to show them.

    When he took their glasses for a refill, he sprinkled some time magic powder along the lips and intentionally swapped them round so that they would drink from the other's glass when he returned them to the table. He watched the magic unfurl from the bar.

    Jane complained about how younger girls just relied on their perky tits and crazy sex drives, drinking generously from her glass while Melissa drank and talked smack about how older women were so jealous and had no self respect. 

    Jane barely noticed as her blouse and bra started to loosen, her bust shrinking considerably as they became pert young breasts underneath. Her face grew thinner and more angelic, she looked barely out of her teens. Her shapely body thinned out until she had very little in the way of hips and butt. Her elegant haircut grew slightly longer and wrapped itself into pigtails on either side, making her look even younger. 

    Melissa felt her skin round her face tighten, like she'd been in the sun too long. She felt her top get a little tighter round the midsection as her hair darkened to a color only available out of a dye bottle and became a short bob. She felt her chest get heavier and begin to sag, but that's what happens when you're in your forties right? 

    Janey and Mel were an odd set of friends: Janey had just turned nineteen and Mel was a few years from fifty but they both loved partying together. Maurice let Janey drink in the bar in exchange for a few favors from the both of them afterwards. He was a man who appreciated everything a woman had to offer, young or old.

    Request: I haven't partied like this in years!


    Samantha never had children. Between her successful career as a solicitor and her high standard for men, she never found the time nor the right partner. At times where she heard her young neighbor Keisha getting ready to go out, she was glad she hadn't.

    The young madam effed and blinded at all times, random men called her at all hours and she could smell funny substances from her flat. Lord knows how she afforded to live there!

    When Samantha heard obnoxious dance music booming all around her, it was the last straw. She banged on the young woman's door. Keisha opened the door with a spliff in her mouth.

    "What you want?" She asked belligerently.

    Young lady you need to turn down this music and do you know smoking this substance is a crime? I have the right to report you to-"

    "Shut your mouth." Keisha popped the spliff in her mouth. In shock Samantha inhaled. "Let's see you talkk without those big fancy words." The end of the spliff glowed green and Samantha felt her vocabulary go up in smoke as Keisha took a puff from the green spliff. "As you can see this is a special strain of cannabis. When shared it can transfer aspects between the inhalers. Let's see if I can take your knowledge of the law, that would be incredibly useful to have  the size of my operation increases."

    Still dumbfounded, Samantha was open mouthed as Keisha forced her to take another hit. She felt her years of courtroom experience and everything she learned at Oxford disappear.

    "Oi, stop that! I worked hard for that I did!" Samantha felt embarrassment at the words coming from her mouth.

    "Quiet dear, it's all mine now. You still have something else I desire. I feel my look is rather common and that I shan't be taken seriously. I require your maturity." Keisha popped the spliff into Samantha's mouth one more time. Samantha felt her years roll back, her fine cheekbones grew chubby and girlish as her tight breasts grew tubby and bouncy. Her elegant mature hairstyle grew long and dark. She was a chubby young chav, like she'd always despised. Samantha was gone, instead there was Sam, Keisha's dumb slut friend who she kept around as an amusement and as a personal wallet, thanks to her former self's large savings. 

    Keisha was about to inhale when she turned to Sam and said: "On second thought why would I want to be old? Youth won't be wasted on this young one." She dropped the spliff and stubbed it underheel. Sam wanted to cry but wasn't sure why.

    "Alright Sam, lets go clubbing. I'm sure I have something to fit you. Let's show you what you missed all those years." Keisha drew her new plaything inside and closed the door behind themselves.

    They left him feeling drained...


    "Wow I feel so strong, like I could wrestle a bear!"

    "Me too, who knew that energy draining spell would work? Hehe speaking of, how you feeling hun?"


    Awww look at him! We drained his masculine energy so much he looks like a cute teen girl! You used to be so big and muscular, with that massive cock you were soooo proud of!"

    "Hehe now look at you! You have budding little boobs and your little cocklet is so tiny you can hide it with your girlish hands!"

    "I wonder how much more energy you have to drain? We rode you hard and you still have that tiny dickclit left. You must be so embarrassed sweetie."

    "Aww she's starting to cry! Poor thing, accept you'll never be the big strong man you were but as thanks for this energy we'll give you a choice: you can stay as you are and leave to make your own way in this big bad world or..."

    "You can get back on the bed, let us continue fucking you until you turn completely female and then you can live with us as our maid. We'll take good care of you, you won't have to be embarassed about your little cock and I'm sure your boobies will get much bigger when you have no more male energy holding them back! What do you say?"

    "..." [silently moves to the bed]

    "Good little bitch! We promise you won't regret your choice!"


    Johnny's eighty year old neighbor Agatha Swanson was an absolute nightmare. She would sit out on her porch in her rocking chair all day and scream at Johnny and his band as they practiced. Johnny complained  about his problems to his buddy Travis, who also had a band. Travis was sympathetic and showed Johnny a few special chords that he said had helped him out with his old neighbor Loretta. Johnny was puzzled as to how they would help but was always willing to learn some new chords.

    The next day, Johnny's band played as usual and Agatha complained as usual. However, when Johnny tried out the new chords something wonderful happened.

    Agatha fell silent: a strange wave of energy hit her. Her old bones felt lighter and more alive than they'd ever been. This music can't be so bad if it has this effect on her, she thought. She began to dance, failing to notice the years falling from her body: her curves and breasts growing riper than they'd ever been in her youth, ripping her night gown to nothing.

    Beautiful colors and designs appeared up and down her body as her grey hair darkened, becoming black and purple. Her old reading glasses became kooky yet sexy hipster glasses and she only noticed a small pinch as lip piercings formed in her plump bottom lips. She sat back in her chair, closing her legs as she resisted the urge to just run and fuck the hot lead singer of that band across the street.

    Nowadays Johnny loves practicing. His sexy neighbor Aggie always invites him over after to show her appreciation.