Not So Mighty Morphed Powerless Bimbos!

    Finally Rita Repulsa had defeated the Power Rangers once and for all! She had sent one of Finster’s X-rated Evil Space Aliens, the Big Bad Bimbomaker, to fight the rangers and during the battle he had turned them all into dumb bimbos! He had severed their connection to the Morphing Grid, turned their uniforms into trashy dresses and took the positive traits that made them rangers in first place and replaced them with vapid basic bitchdom.

    “OMG like what happened you guys? Our powers are totes gone and I think I’m blonde now? What T F??? I think he turned us into bimbos or something?” The former pink ranger Kimber prattled on.

    “Well he didn’t have to do much to you for that to happen, skank!” Said the former yellow ranger Trina cattily. “But ummm… wasn’t I like Asian before?”

    “I dunno, wasn’t I black? And a guy too? It’s hard to remember… although I could totally go for a black guy right now, I’m like so horny!” Zack, now Zee, giggled.

    “OMG just stop, my brain hurts enough as it is and your making me think of huge cocks. We’ve got to fix this before it becomes permanent!” Bebe the blue bimbo scratched her pretty little head to try and make it work harder. “Maybe we could ask that big head to help us. Oh gawd, I would love to give big head to a big headed cock! My cunny is getting all wet!”

    “Unf, I’m trying to fight it! Trying to hold on to what makes me me: being a ranger, martial arts, school…” Jaycee chanted those words as a mantra in vain as her grip on her old life slipped away. “Being a slut, fucking, shopping…”

    “I really wish this was a battle I’d been late for! Why are my tits so much bigger than you other sluts? Is it cos I used to wear that shield thingy?” Tammy Lee caressed her busty chest as she fell victim to the monster’s power like her team mates.

    Back at the command center, Zordon and Alpha-5 watched in horror through the viewing globe at the fate that had befallen their rangers. Gordon tried to teleport them back but it was no good: now that the suits and morphers were slutty outfits with no real power, the Morphing Grid was cut off from them. Soon the whole command center would be offline. As Alpha-5 powered down and Zordon began to fade from this dimension they only hoped that Rita would at least spare the rangers’ lives when she conquered Earth.

    And she did. Empress Rita loved having the former goody good teens as her six slutty slaves to amuse and entertain her with their shallow, petty antics. Her army of monsters loved them too, but for very different reasons.

    Taking The Plunge (Down Their Throats)

    I overheard you two talking in the coffee shop, you know. Saying how it was undignified for any woman to give a man a blowjob, how any woman who did that could never truly call herself a feminist. Such closed mindsets. giving or receiving oral sex has nothing to do with feminism.

    Here’s what I think. You two need a new perspective. One from on your backs as I facefuck you both seems apt. You love sharing my cum and each other’s saliva as you beg with your eyes like underfed bitches.

    No more thoughts about your ‘freshman feminism’, you have more pressing concerns now. Like my cock pressing down the back of your throats.

    From Creepy to Cutie (Bimbofication story for Creepylittlecupcake)

    Her entire life people had called her creepy: the black clothes, the contemptuous stare, her body, her very attitude. She didn’t care. She preferred it that way. As she grew older she discovered what some had found creepy, others found beautiful and those who found her beautiful she could control and make submit to her whims. She was able to etch out a nice living from these people: charging money for pictures and videos, requests and even for the honor of her humiliating them.

    One man had made her an offer of substantial money to come to him in person and dominate him. Normally she wouldn’t risk such a venture but it was an obscene amount of money for a day’s work and he was a lot handsome than the usual mouth breathers who would make offerings to her. She’d make money and have some fun. If anything went awry she could defend herself.

    The drive was only a couple of hours. She pulled up to the address she had been given. She was impressed, it was a large Baroque styled house with a vintage Jaguar in the driveway. A man of taste and wealth? She had hit the jackpot.

    She took a second to compose herself before ringing the doorbell. She didn’t want her latest sub to see how impressed she was by his wealth. She put up a mask of contempt and indifference as a handsome man with intense features answered the door. He greeted her politely. He met her look with one of his own, one that sent chills all down her and made her feel flushed and hot. She shook it off. She was no amateur and no matter how suave this man appeared on the surface deep down he was a worm who paid good money for her dominating touch. She had broken countless men. This one would be no different.

    As they entered the house, he made some small talk. Showed her around, told her where everything was, etc. She wondered why, she wasn’t going to be here too long, just enough to make this guy squeal like a little bitch. As they entered the master bedroom she decided now was the time to assert herself. She shoved the man to the bed.

    “Alright you pathetic little shit. You may have money, class and taste but I see you for what you really are. You’ve got to pay for a woman to put you in your place. You’re going to be my submissive little bitch and service your mistress like the doting sub you truly are.” She sat atop him, grinding her curvaceous rump into his crotch. She looked down upon him, smirking a cocky grin. She had him now. He was going to crack and beg for all sorts of depraved needs. She wondered if he was a forced fem guy or a cbt guy, into feet or panties, or whatever else got this freak off. She felt so momentarily proud of her seemingly inevitable triumph she didn’t feel him rise up from under her. She felt a surge of power from his touch. It sent electricity through her as she let out an involuntary moan. She tried to keep it in, but a girlish squeal came out. He flashed his eyes at her. He had her right where he wanted her.

    “Are you so sure about that?” He met her glare with his own and she began to crumble. She felt his massive cock rise up from under her and rub against her pussy through her tight black pants. He lifted her off him as if she weighed nothing. He spoke to her in a voice that was both reassuring and mocking. “You seemed so cocksure and strong willed online. Now we’re face to face and I see none of that. You were supposed to be creepy, but instead you’re kind of cute. It’s pathetic yet endearing at the same time. What do you think, Cupcake?” The word imprinted in her brain. Some irrevocable feeling that this was her name now. Whatever it was before she couldn’t remember, something with a ‘Kuh’ sound?

    The only sound she could utter was one of indescribable pleasure. She couldn’t form words, her synapses were on fire. The world went hazy and all she could see was him: a shining beacon of masculinity, a pinnacle of dominance. He told her to strip and she did so. She had worn black fetish gear underneath her clothes: leather corset, lace up panties and stockings. He chuckled as he removed them from her. “Far too creepy and in charge for someone so cute and dumb. Let’s find something more your style.” He grabbed her by the hand and took her to a walk in closet. He tossed her a lacy pink bra and thong. “There you are. Bimbo sluts shouldn’t wear dreary black leather. They should wear things that are girly and slutty just like they are.” Cupcake nodded eagerly and began to change into the lingerie he had set aside for her.

    Fully changed, mentally altered and unable to think of anything but pleasuring the man before her, Cupcake sank to her knees. She looked up at him from her lowered position, eagerly anticipating the unzipping of his pants and revealing his cock. She wasn’t disappointed to see it was just as massive as it had seemed to have been when she felt it underneath her on the bed. She began to lick and caress it. She grew wetter and wetter. She wanted it so bad. She couldn’t understand why it wasn’t in her mouth yet? She looked up into his eyes, trying to ask why but couldn’t find the words.

    “You want it?” He looked down at her, stroking her cheek gently. “You have to completely submit to me. Now and forever. You have to give up who you were: the dark angry girl; being creepy and dismissive. That’s not you anymore. You’re not my cute little cupcake. My submissive little girl who worships me and follows my every word. This is a better life for you. All you have to do is call me… Daddy.”

    Cupcake could feel words form in her mind again. She wanted to call this man Daddy. She wanted to worship and please him. As she began to utter the word, a small voice in the back of her mind cried out. This was all that remained of the old her, the her that liked to make men her servants, that mocked and debased them for wanting her. She told the voice to stop being so mean and went back to answering her Daddy.

    “Yes Daddy, anything you say Daddy.” Her Daddy smiled and the creepy voice faded out. Daddy gave a triumphant smile as he allowed Cupcake to finally put her mouth around his cock. He knew that she would be much happier as his personal bimbo than the life she had before.

    A Big Bouncy Bimbo

    Up and down you go. Keep bouncing. That’s a good girl. You’re powerless to help yourself. You can’t resist. You keep riding my cock like a good bimbo as I weave my spell upon you. Feel you body change like putty in my hands as I remake you to my desires.

    You thought you had it all. Beauty, brains, a successful business, on your way to being a billionaire and a size zero waist to top it all off. Of course, you stepped on a few little people on the way. I was one of them. It’s ok, I know you don’t remember me. That’s the past, this is the future. Your future.

    You’re still beautiful, in a sense. You won’t be attending any classy soirees anymore, no turning heads with breathless beauty. No, you’ll have a much cheaper look: tacky slutty clothes and men will only turn their heads to check out the curvy phat ass I gave you.

    Your intelligence will definitely be taking a hit. That ruthless mindset and business savvy won’t be needed anymore. It gives way to something much more ditzy and cute. The look on your face is adorable as you try to comprehend what’s happening and struggle to understand some of the bigger words I’m saying. The only reason I’m allowing you to retain the ability to read and write is so you can sign all your assets over to me after I’m done with your transformation.

    Your company and money shall all be mine. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, your investors will think you cracked under the pressure and became my trophy wife: that I was your silent partner all along and I was the real brains behind the company. That’s a little sexist I know but you know how those misogynistic old Fortune 500 farts think. It’s amazing you made it this far anyway all things considered.

    I guess we can also explain the weight gain with the ‘break down’ excuse too. With your less disciplined mind you won’t be able to maintain your rigorous fitness regime anyway. All those protein powders, nutrition supplements and complicated exercises? Your head hurts just thinking about it. No, you’ll be happier this way. Big and curvy, with giant breasts and a thick behind. Just feeling your new assets shake as you move turns you on. You’re going to be an insatiable fat fuckbunny, getting wetter and wetter as you wiggle your big old titties and booty, craving your master’s touch.

    As soon as I cum inside you, your transformation shall be complete. Beg for it, seal your fate as my big bouncy bimbo!


    Wonder Woman had defied the gods during the last crisis that had afflicted Earth. Zeus decreed that as punishment Athena’s patronage of her would be stripped away and that she would become the champion of another god.

    As she was stripped of her armor and weaponry, Diana felt weak and...

    Desperate Housewife to Desperate Whore

    Oh? What’s this? A text from Abby? I wasn’t expecting to here from her anytime soon, not after I called her a whore at my party. It was her fault though for showing up the way she did dressed so trashily. I’m sure she wants to apologise so she can worm her way back into my good graces. Let’s see what she has to say.

    'Who's the whore now?' How rude! And what are these words beneath? 'Dumbicus Bimbicus Slutticus'? Oh Abby, always so juvenile, didn't you leave the goth stuff behind in high school? Oof, cramps now? I haven't eaten anything lately, I guess I should- oh my God my hips! My dress! This is a Dior original! What the hell is happening to me?

    My clothes! These aren’t my shoes, I’d never wear something so cheap! Oh my God, my bottom! It’s growing! I look like some kind of harlot, will no one help me? Oh shit my titties are getting bigger too! Did I just say that? I would never call my titties titties, wait what else would I call them? My lips, they’re so full and pouty. Unf, I can’t wait to wrap them round the next john’s cock I see, as he grabs my blonde hair and I feel his cum hit the back of my throat! Whu- no this isn’t me, I’m not a- a-…

    Hey mister? Lookin’ for a good time? Suck’s a buck and the rest is very affordable.

    Sucked and Fucked Dry (sequel to Sucking and Fucking Him Dry)

    "Well sweetie? Tell us how you feel? What do you think of the makeover we gave you?"

    "Sooo good mistresses! I feel so happy and free now and I love my my pink hair and girly jewelry, and I feel my boobies getting bigger all the time! I love that you drained all my icky boy juice!" 

    "Well of course silly dear! A regular draining of all that manly testosterone and you’re a compliant and eager to please bimbo. Just look at you, a happy little ditz playing with her clit. Tell me hun, do you want to fuck us with that?"

    "Oh no mistresses, my clitty isn’t for fucking, it’s for being stroked and sucked while my ass is used for pleasure by you both!"

    "Good gurl! Speaking of why don’t you bend over for us so we can fuck that cute little bottom of yours? After all, we wouldn’t want any of those boy thoughts coming back now would we?"

    "No mistress, I want to be your girly sub forever!"

    Wonder Woman's new patron.


    Wonder Woman had defied the gods during the last crisis that had afflicted Earth. Zeus decreed that as punishment Athena’s patronage of her would be stripped away and that she would become the champion of another god.

    As she was stripped of her armor and weaponry, Diana felt weak and powerless, naked before the gods. She waited for Zeus’s next decree of who her new patron would be: she silently prayed it would not be Ares or Hades who would no doubt corrupt her into something evil.

    "Aphrodite!" Zeus’ voice boomed. "Wonder Woman shall be your new champion! Empower and remake her as you desire, she is now your property!"

    The beautiful goddess descended, a pink and flighty energy surrounding her. She hugged the nude warrior.

    "Oh thank you Zeusy Poo! You know how long I’ve wanted my own champion and you give me Wonder Woman! Oh thank you thank you!" The ditzy goddess smothered Diana with her boobs as she gleefully squealed and fawned at her patriarch.

    "Oops sorry Deedee, wow is that an appropriate nickname, I was just so excited. I promise I will be a worthy patron and will aid you in your continuing mission of aiding Earth’s heroes."

    "Thank you my lady, if you would be so kind to return my strength and armor…" Diana was relieved she would still be able to fulfill her duties as before.

    "Woah, Deedee! I don’t exactly have the strength and combat skill of Athena. Besides, there are hundreds and hundreds of strong superheroes who are good at fighting. Let’s break the mold a little! I have a brand new powerset and uniform for you that ensures you’ll never even have to break a nail!"

    "My Lady, please-" Diana was cut off by the force of Aphrodite’s magic enveloping her body. When she looked down, she could see she was dressed in what could only be described as a crude parody of her costume made of a stretchy fabric that made her look cheap and slutty.

    "Ooo I love it, don’t you Deedee? You’re gonna drive the guys wild in that. Now let me rework you from the ground-up, your body’s gotta be the perfect vessel for my love power!" Aphrodite was gleeful like a little girl with a new dress-up doll. She couldn’t even hear Diana’s concerns.

    A sparkle of pink magic flowed from Diana’s feet and flowed upward. She felt her battle-honed calves and thighs turn soft as the energy worked its way up. As it reached her ass and pussy, she became wet as her cheeks became round and juicy as she grew a bubble butt that she could feel jiggle as she breathed in and out. Her toned arms and abs lost all their muscle as the magic reached her breasts and pushed them outwards to incredulous sizes that stretched out her new uniform. They felt heavy to Diana without her super strength, yet so good as her sensitive nipples rubbed and hardened against the spandex fabric.

    The magic at last reached her head. She looked down to see her lips plump up and inflate like some kind of sex doll. She felt a strange craving on the tip of her tongue for something salty. Her hair grew longer and cascaded down her back to complete her new look. Gone was the powerful, intimidating warrior amazon: in her place was a woman who looked like an insatiable bimbo.


    "Oh Hera, what have you done to me? How can I face my comrades looking like this?" Diana fell to the floor crestfallen.

    "Oh shush, they’re gonna love the new Wonder Bimbo! With your pheromonal powers and sexy new look, you’re going to help make love not war! Now come here, I have one last gift for you." The goddess bent down and kissed her champion powerfully on the lips. Diana was quickly enthralled by her mistress’s kiss and knew that she was right. She would stop more wars this way than she ever did as Athena’s champion.

    "Mmmm, you taste so good Lady A! Can we do that plus some more stuff?" The lovedrunk Diana began speaking like her patron.

    "Of course we can Deedee, from now on we’re besties. Whenever you’re not needed on Earth you’ll be with me. Shopping, relaxing, fucking, it’s gonna be great!"

    Wonder Bimbo soon rejoined the other heroes of Earth. They questioned her new look and powers at first but any questions were laid to rest after the monthly Justice League/Legion of Doom orgies really took off. When this new era of love of peace took off, that was the only time Deedee was seen by her comrades and former enemies: the rest of the time she was in the service of her mistress Aphrodite.

    The Bimbo Police

    Miss, do you know why Officer Mitzy and I pulled you over? You were caught going under the legal bimbo limit. We’re going to have to write you a ticket honey. A thirty IQ point fine and a mandatory DD-cup expansion!

    Arguing with an officer of the BPD? Sweetie I know your IQ just dropped but that’s not a good idea. Now it’s a fifty IQ point drop and let’s see how you like being a EE-cup and let’s throw in some nymphomania for good measure!

    Teehee, what a major improvement! You’d be an ideal candidate for our Bimbo Police Academy ;)

    Harsh dom to dumb blonde (request for Bimbohearts)


    Lindsey’s life was good. She had totally crushed her beautiful girlfriend Tess’s will and made her into her personal bimbo sub. She’d even gone as far as to make her take hormones to make her breasts even larger and produce milk. She was so proud and happy she had created such a big titted milk maid to fulfil her every desire and wait on her hand and foot. This over-confidence would be her downfall though.

    Tess thought mistress could be mean sometimes, why did she have to be so mean? Was she sad? Tess was never sad, maybe if mistress was bimbo too she wouldn’t be sad or mad anymore. So Tess, rather innocently began to lace Mistress Lindsey’s meals with some of her hormones and whenever she asked for coffee, Tess would provide her own.

    The changes were slow. Lindsey noticed that her breasts were feeling swollen and that none of her corsets or leather outfits would fit her as easily. She just figured it was a little weight gain from having her sub serving her all the time. She also became absent minded, forgetting where she kept her favorite toys or forgetting how to tie different knots for ropeplay. She would normally worry about this, but her sex drive had skyrocketed to even higher levels than before. She was fucking Tess all night long and they both loved it.

    The next morning, Lindsey looked in the mirror and was shocked! Her black hair had turned blonde and her chest was enormous! She was becoming a bimbo just like Tess! She could feel her dominant traits fading fast, she had to find out what was happening and stop it quickly! As she turned to leave the bedroom, she found Tess blocking the door, giggling at her.

    "What’s so funny titslut, do you have something to do with this? Speak, your mistress commands you!" Lindsey barked harshly at her sub.

    "Mistress is so mean, Tess only wants to help. You’re so bossy and shouty. Soon you’ll be happy and horny like me all the time!" Tess giggled gleefully in an innocent manner.

    "Unf, that’s so hot." Lindsey couldn’t help but have those words fall out of her mouth. "No, wait I mean, stop sub! Your mistress orders you-"

    "Hehe, you’re not mistress anymore. You’re a slutty bimbo now, just like me." Tess pushed Lindsey onto the bed; fingers in her pussy and tits in her face. Lindsey felt the last of her willpower vanish and everything became pink and hazy as the two bimbos pleasured each other.

    Lindsey and Tess are currently very happy together in their new, more equal but still sexy relationship.


    Time for your feeding...

    Wake up dear, today's the day we start your new liquid diet. I know, I know but we talked about it already and there's no point discussing it further. You need to go on this diet in order to realize your potential to be the biggest, most beautiful slut this world has ever seen.

    So without any further delay, allow me to introduce you to your team of wet nurse nutritionists. You'll be becoming intimately acquainted with all of them as you feed from each one four times a day. Oh, and if you're thinking of trying to escape? Don't. They're all Spetznaz trained and will make things difficult for you if you decide to give up on your diet.

    Ms Olga shall help you attain a more suitable figure: you're far too skinny and need a curvy frame to support the other womanly aspects your diet shall help you acquire. I'm told her milk is very tasty, so be careful not to drink too much of it unless you want to be a fatty!

    Ms Svetlana's milk will help you become as busty as she is, sensitive nipples that will ache to be sucked and played with. By all means drink as much of her milk as you desire, I'm very excited to see how big you get!

    Ms Yuria's specialty is ass growth: She will help you grow the most deliciously spankable bubble butt that I can't wait to dress in a g-string and watch you twerk for everyone.

    Of course, what's the point of transforming you physically if you're still the same old frigid prude on the inside? That's where Ms Ivanka comes in. Her milk shall expand your tastes to experiences that you never dared to dream of before. You'll still be you but you'll be driven to go to any lengths to please your many, many lovers. You'll become such a depraved slut who knows: you might even be able to teach me a thing or two with that wild and corrupted imagination!

    And finally we have Ms Anya. For every ounce of her milk you drink, your iq shall drop one point. I want you to limit yourself with her: I want to see that brilliant brain of yours slowly degrade to airhead status. I want you to feel yourself become a bimbo: as your tits get bigger, as your ass gets fatter, as you grow curvier and more deviant. I want you to know that now and forever you are my toy to play with as I wish, at least until you're too much of a bimbo to have such introspective thoughts.

    So drink up dear, I can't wait to see how you turn out.

    A memorable encounter (for Bimbohearts and Lindsey)

    Tess was a bit of a ditz, some would even go as far as to call her a bimbo. She was trying to get her shopping done at the local supermarket, nervously trying to eat right and stay within her budget, when she bumped into another cart. She prepared herself for being yelled at, only to be greeted instead by a seductive, confident voice. This was how she met Lindsey.

    "Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I need to look where I’m going!" Tess skittishly blushed as she looked at the beautiful woman she had bumped into.

    "Not as sorry as you’re going to be dear." Lindsey smirked in a cruel yet beautiful way. She took Tess by the hand and they walked out of the supermarket together.

    Six months later…

    Lindsey and Tess couldn’t be happier together. Tess never had to go shopping again, she was too busy being Mistress Lindsey’s bimbo fucktoy. Lindsey had seen the confusion and conflicting emotion on her face the first time they’d met and was determined to alleviate her stress.

    She accomplished this by dressing her in slutty leather and latex and using her pussy and ass as a testing ground for all her new toys, as well as feeding her hormones to give her the huge, milky tits that her mistress required.

    The perfect anniversary gift?

    Is your wife or girlfriend stressed from work? Too tired for the bedroom? Leaving all the chores to you?

    Try Rejuvabimbo! Have her take one pill a day for up to four days and see the results! One pill makes her just a little more ditzy and energetic, two will have her polishing your furniture AND your member like a champ, three will make her a domestic and sexual Goddess and four... well our picture of our test subject speaks for itself.

    Order today, don't delay!

    Rejuvabimbo: put a little something in your girl so you can put a large something in after!

    Giving TJ a BJ...

    Tammy was in big trouble. She owed money to her dealer, TJ. She went over to his place to try and explain the situation, see if he would give her more time to pay off the debt. He stood silently for a seemingly endless moment before finally smiling and agreeing to give her more time. On one condition:

    "You gotta give me a blowjob." He pulled out his massive cock. "You do that and I'll give you all the time in the world baby." Tammy was shocked, she'd never seen a cock so huge!

    "Um, ok. I'll try but it's so huge! I really don't know if it'll fit..." she gingerly put her hand around it as she looked up at him skeptically.

    "Of course it will you skinnyass bitch! If it doesn't then I guess I can take that money right now."

    "Ok ok!" Tammy put her lips around it, just barely. It was so thick, she struggled to relax her throat as TJ moved back and forth. She'd never liked giving blowjobs but considering how much money she owed it was worth it.  She got into a good rhythm and started using her tongue to massage his tip. The quicker he came, the quicker she could get out of here.

    Tammy heard TJ begin to moan, he sped up his thrusts. She let him, although there was no way she was going to swallow! As he orgasmed out loud she tried to get his cock out of her mouth, only for TJ to grab her head with both hands and hold her in place as he shot his huge, creamy load in her mouth and down her throat!     

    "You think you're too good to swallow? You're about to find that TJ's girls always swallow." He chuckled deeply as he pushed his still rigid cock deeper in her mouth, he was still coming!

    Tammy felt the semen slide down her throat. It was gross, it was... the best thing she'd ever tasted! She felt the heavy goo sit in her stomach as a wave of euphoric pleasure emanated throughout her body- her thin frame began to rapidly swell, shredding her clothes to nothing. Tammy saw her tight, toned body becoming flabby as her small chest exploded and became floppy, gargantuan tits that sat over a rounded belly. She felt herself rise from the floor as her skinny ass became a cushioned booty.

    All horrifiied thoughts of what was happening to her were soon replaced by far simpler and more pleasant ones.

    "Oh my god, like wow! TJ your cummy is so yummy! Can I have some more please?" She gushed and giggled like a total airhead bimbo.

    "Sure thing, boo. After that though you can get to work back the money you owe using that new improved booty. I know my johns are going to go crazy for that!"  

    Request: If the shirt fits, wear it!


    "Ugh, my head is killing. Huh? Where the fuck am I naked on a strange bed and who are you!?" Mary woke up feeling groggy and pissed off.

    "I'm sorry, I found you passed out in the rain and brought you to my apartment to help you. I took off your clothes so you wouldn't get hypothermia. I just brought some dry clothes in for you." A timid, nebbish looking asian man stammered in the doorway with new clothes in his hand. He placed  them on the bed.  

    "Oh, well thanks." Mary felt a little bad, he'd saved her life even though she was getting a weird vibe off him. She quickly put on the shorts and shirt, failing to notice what it said on it. "That feels great, these clothes are really warm. Wait, what's that say on the shirt? 'I am a dumb cow'? Why the fuck would you give me that to wear?"   

    "Because it's about to be true!" The man laughed giddily. "And if the shirt fits, you must wear it!"

    Mary panicked as the outfit became snug on her butt and chest. She felt herself momentarily shrink in height only to reclaim her lost inches as black leather heeled boots  appeared on her feet. Her chest swelled outwards as her tits became unnaturally perky yet gorged. Her dark hair tied itself into two long pigtails as she fell to her knees and watched her face become that of an asian bimbo's with plump lips and big eyes without a spark of intellect. Her transformation was complete as a collar and metal cowbell appeared and clanged around her neck.

    Mary was gone. In her place was Miyu, a bimbo cowgirl who only lived to fucked by her master and serve him milk from her massive tits.     


    Now I'm the brainy sister

    This really is your fault sis. For as long as I can remember you've looked down on me for inheriting mom's looks while you got dad's brains. We never really bonded: you wouldn't give me the time of day, you were too embarrassed of your bimbo sister.

    Well I'm not so dumb now. I found dad's blueprints for an "attribute copier and stealer". It was tough following the instructions but soooooo worth it. I used it to steal your intelligence and copy my looks onto you. Hehe, it was such a thrill to watch your tits get so big and your hair turn bleach blonde as you slowly turned into the bimbo you always thought I was.

    Consider this the first of many cocks we share. We've got so much to catch up on: shopping, clubbing, fucking, you're the sister I've always wanted!