SlutDex Entry: Drowshee

    A person who becomes a Drowshee exhibits powerful psychic abilities when stripped of their clothes that manifests themselves through beautiful strange glowing lights. These lights allow her to alter the minds and desires of whomever she wishes.

    It is said that a Drowshee was considered unattractive before becoming a PokeSlut and now seeks out those who spurned her so that  she may use her powers to make them her obedient sex slaves. Anyone who is able to resist her seduction ability is then subjected to a more powerful attack know as fetishization. This technique corrupts and makes its victims fantasize about and act out non-conventional fetishes.

    There have been reports of Drowshees making people become sissies, chubby chasers, extremely submissive bottoms and even latex and leather enthusiasts among others. There has been much debate within the fast emerging PokeSlut Scientific Community on whether these mental alterations are based on the subconscious of the victim or the individual Drowshee's sense of twisted poetic justice.

    From Angel To Cherub (Dick Shrinking Caption For Thehangmansangel)

    “Oh God Angel, your dick is so big! I wanna to take it all inside me, all eleven inches!” She moaned as she slathered over his member.

    “You sure about that? Won’t your husband notice when he doesn’t even touch the sides anymore?” Angel chuckled. This chick was crazy! He’d met her at the club just hours before and she’d practically shoved him into a ride to get him back to her place. She spent the whole ride telling him about her limp dick husband and how he was a wealthy and powerful man but couldn’t please her in the bedroom with his tiny dick.

    “He didn’t before and he won’t notice now!” She screamed as she slid into Angel’s dick. “But that will change soon…” She said in a barely audible whisper.

    “You say something baby?” Angel questioned as he didn’t catch what she was saying.“

    "No just keep fucking me!” She slammed her crotch down his dick so hard he almost nutted right then and there. They fucked so loud and for so long that Angel didn’t even hear the husband park outside and come up the stairs. He almost fell off the bed when the man burst through the door, just as naked as the two of them were! Angel threw the woman off him and got some space between the two of them. He didn’t know what was really happening but he knew that he wanted no part of it.

    “Woah oh hell no! This some kind of kink you two got going on? You let her fuck a guy then you come in and try to get in on it? What’s your problem man? Just ‘cause you got a baby dick doesn’t mean you can pull freaky shit like that!” Angel was incensed as the woman slid over next to her husband with a lustful smirk on her face.

    “Oh is that what you think is happening?” The naked man, a middle aged white man who was just as small as his wife had said, began to laugh. “My friend, you have no idea what’s about to happen. As I’m sure my wife told you I have most of what any man would want from life: money, power, a beautiful wife… the only thing I don’t have is what you see before you.” He gestured towards his crotch and then towards Angel’s. “I just wanted to thank you for your contribution towards making my life perfect.”

    He began chanting and started walking slowly towards Angel. Angel tried to run past the two of them but his legs froze. He felt his pulse quicken as the man came towards him: his left hand reached out towards his chest and his right in a cupping movement towards his crotch. As the man thrust both limbs upon his chest and crotch, Angel felt a cold that chilled him to his core. He couldn’t understand it, why couldn’t he move? He must have outweighed this guy by fifty pounds, not to mention he had almost a foot on him. The wife must have poisoned him in the club. That explained everything. Why he couldn’t move, why he felt so weak, why his skin was starting to turn so pale and why he was hallucinating. There’s no way that tiny white guy was getting taller, nor his skin turning darker or his dick growing longer, right?

    All of a sudden, the husband shouted one final chant and let go. Angel fell to the floor. He felt like he could move again but he felt so weak. He looked down at himself, he was no longer a muscular hung black man, he was a skinny white boy with a small cock! He looked up and where the woman’s husband had been was now a dark skinned man with a cock that was as big as his had been. He had the same face as the man before, but how was that possible? The man laughed and grabbed his wife around the waist.

    “Honey get the tape measure and let’s compare my dick to to our friend’s now.” The woman eagerly pulled a workman’s tape measure from her desk and easily manhandled the confused Angel into a position where she could measure him.

    “Barely four inches from the base to the tip and that’s fully erect! He’s as skinny as my pinky and just look at those balls, they’re like little peanuts! And you baby! Look at your dick, you’re as big as my forearm! Not to mention all those muscles! Unffff!” She grappled her changed husband, wrapping her legs around his trunk and sliding onto his waiting member.

    “Excuse me what’s going on?” Angel grabbed his throat, did that lispy little voice come from him? And why was his little cock so hard? He was looking straight at this man who stole his strength and masculinity! He should want to kill the man, not get down on his knees for him and… oh no, why was he thinking that? He wasn’t gay! “Oh god, why am I thinking about all these nasty things?”

    “Well well, you sound more like a cherub than an angel with that cutesy little voice. I want to thank you. Everybody gets what they want here: I get the body and dick I’ve always wanted, my wife gets a husband she can love physically as well as emotionally now and we both get a bisexual slave boy who can worship the both of us like a good little bitch.” The now larger man patted Angel on his head with his baseball mitt of a hand. “Better get to work little cherub. My wife needs to be cleaned of that cream pie you left in her and then we need to start working on how I’m going to fit all this dick in that tight ass of yours.”

    Cum Over Here Maid

    Ahhh, I was wondering where you were with that tea, maid. I must say it’s thirsty work fucking your hot wife in your master bedroom. Oh sorry! Former wife in your former bedroom.

    That’s what happens when a warlock overhears you bragging about your millions, your trophy wife, your mansion: if we like what we see, we take it. I take your manhood, your money, your wife, your house, your entire life! A small mental nudge and you invite me into your home for dinner. Once I’m over the threshold I’m able to work my magic on you: rework and alter your reality, make you go from a self-made millionaire to a dumb penniless slut who should thank her lucky stars that she’s gainfully employed by such a rich affluent businessman such as myself.

    Only you, your wife and I know how reality was before. Admittedly she was shocked that halfway through dinner your designer suit became a skimpy maid outfit and began sucking my cock but she’s a smart woman, far smarter than you ever gave her credit for. She knows a good thing when she sees it: with your former assets combined with my power, there’s nothing I can’t do. Some might say that makes her a bit of a gold digger but it would be hypocritical for me of all people to deny her the ability to climb the social ladder! She’ll make a wonderful apprentice!

    Just look at you. Standing there dutifully serving me, almost naked with my cum still over your face and tits. There’s a small part of you screaming inside, wanting this nightmare to be over, but when I look in your eyes I see what the new you want. You want more of me. You want me to break in that freshly minted tight little ass and pussy. It’s tempting. Maybe after I’m done with your wife I’ll fuck you. In the meantime, best be a good maid and obey…

    Permanently Switched

    Simon was a switch, he was comfortable being either the dom or sub in a sexual relationship. Some in the BDSM community decried this kind of disposition and Simon had often been accused of “topping from the bottom”, but he didn’t care. He liked the pleasure of being dominated with the safety net of resuming control when he felt like it.

    His latest girlfriend Samantha was a sexy, confident woman and not into the whole switch scenario at all. She told him under no uncertain terms that if he showed a single sign of weakness he would regret it. She wanted a real man to please her, not a indecisive boy. However, after he accidentally called her mistress during a particularly potent orgasm, his fate was sealed. This was to be their new arrangement:

    Never again would he penetrate her with his cock. She would ride his strap-on gag and humiliate him as she came to higher climaxes than he could he ever bring her with his real cock. She laughed and smiled devilishly as she told him all the plans she had for her new bitch: how she would make him watch as she fucked other men, how she would humiliate him with chastity cages and forcing him into panties, how he would fluff her bulls and clean out their seed from her with his tongue.

    He was her bitch for life now… or at least until she tried of him.

    The King is Dead, Long Live the New King's Whore!

    King Matthias sat on his massive throne, looking grim. He was barricaded in his throne room while his entire army fought a powerful dark wizard who had declared his intent to take the kingdom for his own. At this very moment his loyal men were giving their all against this immensely powerful foe while he sat there like a fool. What he wouldn’t give for a sword in his hand on the battlefield, confronting the bastard himself!

    All of a sudden, the throne room shook! It felt as the door was being bombarded with a volley of charging bulls. Matthias wondered if the gods had heard his thoughts as he drew his sword from his throne’s side. The doors split open like kindling as the wizard walked casually in: a tall lank fellow clad in grey robes.

    “Where are all my men you foul conjurer?” The King roared at the hooded man. “Surely not even a devil like you could kill an entire garrison?!”

    “I could.” The wizard mused with a contemplative smile. “But who would serve me when I am master of this place? I simply put them to sleep for now. I tried to make them my servants but you noble types seem to inspire great loyalty. Before your people serve me it seems that I must debase and break you.”

    “The only man who shall be broken this day is you!” Matthias charged into battle, his sword held high and fury guiding his hand. The wizard appeared to yawn as he held out his hand and shot a wave of force into the king, slamming him back into his throne and knocking his crown and sword to the floor.

    “Such a large gaudy throne you sit upon. One might think you were overcompensating for something. Let us see.” With a flick of his hand, another energy wave ripped Matthias’ clothes to ribbons, revealing a member worthy of a king. “Oh heavens! Forgive me Your Highness I was clearly mistaken: it seems that the mass of the throne matches the mass of your scepter! I should’ve been able to tell that by the way you carry yourself. Let’s change that shall we? Your new position in life shall not require such endowments, for I shall be King and I require a concubine.” He laughed darkly as the air filled with his power.

    “What in blazes?!” Matthias cursed as he felt the foul energy take hold of him. He felt the hairs in his beard fall to the floor as it turned the color of spinned gold. To his horror he saw his shredded robes reformed into stockings and suspenders revealing a bare crotch! “You bastard! You wish to make me some sort of rentboy???”

    "Not quite. I told you that you would no longer need such endowments of status. Prepare yourself.” The wizard's eyes glowed crimson red as a pain racked Matthias' body. He felt his chest swell as he gained the bust of a lusty wench! He felt his cock shrink and become aroused at the same time. He began to panic as he fell in stature only to rise again as his boots became black high heels. He turned around to see that his giant luxury throne was now a small cheaply painted chair.

    "There, now your throne and scepter are truly equal in size: humiliatingly small and humbled as you take your position as the special courtesan.” The wizard laughed as he appreciated his work. “I'm a well travelled man, I acquired a taste for dual gendered whores in the far east. A taste I'm happy to share if it inspires loyalty.” 

    "My men will never serve you -ah my voice!” Matthias shrieked in embarrassment as he heard his new girlish tone. He blushed and felt humiliation unlike any he had ever felt before which increased tenfold as he realised that his hard but shrunken penis was dripping precum.

    "Oh they will, either through desire or fear. I'm sure some will always be loyal to you, but once those diehards share your fate resistance shall fade among the others.” The wizard clicked his fingers. The former king fell to his hands and knees as a chain attached to his new master's hand formed around his neck. “Come, let us show your troops what has become of their mighty liege. Those who swear immediate fealty shall get second servings once I am done with you.

    Bad news, it's a suppository.

    Open your eyes and take a good look bitch, that’s you in the mirror. You begged to be my submissive, even though I told you that you weren’t what I was looking for, that I only wanted female subs. Still you begged. I told you that it would be painful and humiliating for you as I broke you down and remade you as my perfect submissive.

    I brought out one of my favorite toys, an enchanted strap-on given to me by a witch friend of mine. It’s a naughty little enchantment: it slowly turns the recipient of it more feminine. Each and every day, I have fucked you slowly and tenderly in front of this mirror until your pleasured prostate makes you squirt. Every time you cum you lose some of your male essence, and the magic of the strap-on replaces it with something far more delectable. I got moist at the sight of your butt becoming rounder, your hair growing out as it turned blonde, your skin and shape becoming creamy and slinky and, of course, those big floppy tits hanging from your chest, getting bigger and bigger each and every time I fuck your tight ass.

    All this time you’ve avoided looking at yourself. You’ve refused to accept your new shape, that you’re not loving every second of my torture as I make you mine. This time you are going to watch. You are going to watch as I fuck you and make you squirt the last of your masculinity out that little nub of a cock and you finally and irrevocably become female as it shrinks into nothingness and becomes a delicious honey pot ready for my fingers and tongue to explore.

    Keep your eyes open and enjoy the show my little slut. You’re going to be mine forever.

    Link Loses His Courage (Amongst Other Things)

    The final battle was drawing near. Link had acquired all the pieces of The Triforce of Courage and was now fighting his way through Ganondorf’s tower to face the evil one himself. The fight was going harder than he had expected, the enemies were getting stronger and he felt himself getting more and more tired with each fight. He had the Triforce of Courage, shouldn’t he be stronger now? As he came to the final room of the tower, he found some pots to smash. Hopefully they would have hearts to rejuvenate him within.

    A couple of quick swings of the Master Sword left the pottery in pieces. Link’s eyes lit up as he saw a pink fairy rise from the dust. Just what I needed, Link thought, this will completely heal me. It does look a little different than normal though, is it a hotter shade of pink? Link decided not to overturning things and reached out to touch the fairy.

    As the fairy swirled around Link spreading its magic, he heard rumbling laughter from within the next room. He rushed in ready to confront the evil Gerudo. Inside the room, he stood clad in black armor over a dark skinned, muscular frame.

    "Link, I see you’ve finally fought your way to me. It must have been a tough fight against the elite of my monsters. I hope you used the fairy I left for you outside." He mockingly grinned at the young hero.

    "What? You left that fairy there? What kind of trick is this?" Link demanded.

    "The one where I defeat you without lifting a finger of course." Ganondorf’s grinned.

    Link felt the magic of the fairy swim over his body again. His skin felt hot and flushed as he felt his toned muscles disappear and his body shrink. His sword felt heavy on his back and he stumbled as he tried to compensate for the weight with a firmer stance. His blonde locks grew down past his ears. As his eyes followed his hair, he saw two small bumps rise up from his lean chest. Link felt humiliation from the shock of growing breasts, ans that humiliation only grew as his white pants became thigh length stockings that left him feeling bare and exposed underneath his short tunic. Link felt scared, and gripped his sword ready to defend himself.

    "What have you done to me?!" Link spoke with a high timid voice.

    "Foolish hero. This is Gerudo magic. Did you really think only one Gerudo male is born every hundred years? No, that’s just a story we spread amongst you Hylians. We had just as many men as you, only they fell victim to my magic and became part of my harem. A fate you will now share." The tall male stepped menacingly towards the feminized hero.

    "N-n-never! You may have given me a weaker body but as long as I have the Triforce of Courage I will never surrender!" Link drew his sword, albeit unsteadily.

    "Sweet girl, I have not just weakened your body, but also your mind and spirit! You are no longer worthy of that piece of the gods!" Ganondorf shouted triumphantly. "Did you not notice the tattoos over your weakened form? Here, let us take a closer look!" Ganondorf gathered his power in his hand and with a flick of his wrist a short violent pulse of dark energy burst out at Link. Her clothes were shredded to nothing, leaving only her hat, white stockings and leather gloves intact as she leaned on her sword for support, covering her new pussy out of shame.

    "Those tattoos are Gerudo runes, they make you weak and subservient to a true male such as myself. And the nipple piercings are an additional disciplinary tool. Now, bow to me weakling, admit your are afraid and relinquish your Triforce of Courage to me. The only thing left for you in this life is to accept defeat and become my slave."

    "Never!" The naked Link raised her heavy sword and charged. She would not lose and stay like this. Ganondorf effortlessly sidestepped her last ditch attempt and clicked his fingers. Dark lightning bolted through Link’s piercings, making her cry out in a delightful mix of agony and ecstasy.

    "Submit. Show me your fear."

    "Aaaaahhhhhh!" As tears travelled down Link’s face, the golden triangle disappeared from her hand. Ganondorf rose up his hand in triumph as another part of the Triforce joined his own. He swooped his fallen foe from the floor, carrying her in his arms to his master bedroom.

    "It is time for me to educate you in your new role in life. After some heavy instruction, we can then discuss how you can help me acquire the final piece of the Triforce. I’m sure Zelda has been longing to see her big strong hero once again."

    Alt ending: Softer, fatter, weaker, hornier

    "Fuck me harder Jamal, harder please!" Kain winced as he heard the moans of his former fiancee Charlotte through the walls of his apartment. The man making her moan like that was Jamal, his neighbor. Jamal had moved in three weeks ago and had been very friendly to the couple. He’d been charming when they’d invited them over for dinner. Too charming as Kain had just stood there dumbfounded as Charlotte grinded her ass into Jamal and gave him a lapdance. The next day she moved all her stuff into Jamal’s, leaving only her engagement ring behind. 

    He’d barely laid eyes on her since then, only catching glances in the hallway. The strange thing was, he could barely believe it was her. Charlotte had always been naturally beautiful and hardly wore makeup but the few times he’d seen her she’d been heavily made up, wearing things she’d never have worn before and her figure seemed a lot more voluptuous than before.Some kind of spanx and wonderbra combo? Between that and having to listen to their nightly fucking sessions, Kain snapped. He waited for a lull in the action and marched next door and started hammering on the door.

    "Charlotte, Jamal I need to talk to you both right now! This has gone on long enough!" He heard the door unlatch and open. Standing there in the doorway was Jamal, buck-naked, and Charlotte behind him; wearing the skimpiest, sluttiest lingerie imaginable. Kain knew her figure was all natural, no way the skimpy stuff could make her tits and ass look so much bigger. Kain felt embarassed when he looked down at Jamal though! He had the most massive cock he’d ever seen! He was no slouch in the underpants department (a good eight inches) but Jamal made him feel prepubescent. 

    "What you want man?" Jamal asked nonchalantly.

    "I want Charlotte back. She loves me, not you! I don’t know what you’ve done to her but I’m winning her back!"

    "Fool, you better step off before I give you an ass beating!" Jamal stepped towards Kain with fists clenched. Charlotte tried to stop it but was too slow as Kain slugged Jamal as hard in the mouth as he could. Jamal stepped back, felt the blood on his lip and looked furious. 

    "Oh now you've done it. Forget what I had in mind for you before: this you've earned." Jamal took a deep breath and started to aggressively chant in Haitian. He thrust his hands forward, one to Kain's forehead and with the other he tightly grabbed Kain's crotch.

    He kept chanting over and over. Kain panicked looking over to Charlotte for help. She turned away inside, but not before giving Kain a glance of extreme sadness and disappointment. Kain struggled for breath: he felt like he was dying. It was as if Jamal was sucking the very lifeforce from him.

    Kain's vision blurred as his eyes grew weak. Jamal was growing stronger and larger as he seemed to shrink in height and he felt very bloated. He felt Jamal's balled up hand begin to flatten against his crotch, it was like he had nothing down there to grip anymore. The bloated feeling grew stronger. Kain was feeling so heavy, like a massive set of weights all over his body. He couldn't see what was happening his eyes had grown so weak but now there was something in his eyes?

    His head began to hurt. His memories: every time he'd made love to Charlotte, no every girl he'd ever slept with. The memories were fading! When he first met Charlotte, any girl he'd ever chatted up or hit on, gone from his head. Instead: awkward staring, things she should have said, afraid to order a vibrator incase someone else opened the package, staying home and fingering her empty holes while eating junk food... wait she? No he was Kain, wasn't he?

    No... that was the hot punk guy she used to fantasize about who lived in the building before Jamal and Charli. He got creeped out by her staring at him and leaving her wet panties in his mailbox and had to move away. She was Klara the awkward, wannabe slut. 

    Jamal ripped his hands away: everything Kain had ever been was now his. He had taken his masculinity, memories and sexual charisma and left him as a fat slut who had no idea how to connect with people. He threw Charlotte's old glasses, a pair of heels and a used bra at the fat girl dazed on the corridor floor.

    "Here's something for you to sniff on slut, have fun!" He laughed as he slammed the door shut on her.

    Oh my god, thought Klara, Jamal noticed me and I got to see his cock! Maybe if I do as he says he'll invite me in and I can play with him and Charli! I have to prove I'm worthy of his cock. Klara put on the items, looking like a parody of a pornstar as she sat in the corner rubbing herself.

    The next morning Jamal and Charli laughed at her unconcious naked body as they went for their morning walk. Charli would miss Kain, almost, but having a not so little plaything to manipuate and string along was going to be a lot of fun. 

    Request: Tears for Cheers


    "OMG Becky! What the hell is going on?! I wake up weighing a hundred pounds more than I did yesterday and everyone acts like I've always been like this and you're somehow now cheer captain. Fess up, you did this, how?!" 

    "Oh Tonya, you had this coming. Tiffany told me you were going to cut me for gaining two pounds. I figured I'd take you down a peg by using this wishing ring. I know sounds major sketchy but it works obv. I used one wish to make me head cheerleader and to make you the fat cheerleader who's only on the team to blow the football team."

    "Oh my god is that why I couldn't stop from sucking Jason and Zack when they asked?! You better change me back or I'll-"

    "Or what slut? It saves the rest of us from having to do it. Now if I were you I'd be a good little fuck piggy: I'm not sure how many wishes I have left on this ring but three's usually the go to number right? You play your part in helping out team spirit maybe I'll change you back to your old weight. If you don't the next cocks in your mouth will be the mathletes! You're still cute, don't make me turn you into a anime loving braceface with acne, you got that?"

    "Yes, Becky..."

    "Good cockslut, now go find Rick and Carlos: they've been horny all day."