Not So Mighty Morphed Powerless Bimbos!

    Finally Rita Repulsa had defeated the Power Rangers once and for all! She had sent one of Finster’s X-rated Evil Space Aliens, the Big Bad Bimbomaker, to fight the rangers and during the battle he had turned them all into dumb bimbos! He had severed their connection to the Morphing Grid, turned their uniforms into trashy dresses and took the positive traits that made them rangers in first place and replaced them with vapid basic bitchdom.

    “OMG like what happened you guys? Our powers are totes gone and I think I’m blonde now? What T F??? I think he turned us into bimbos or something?” The former pink ranger Kimber prattled on.

    “Well he didn’t have to do much to you for that to happen, skank!” Said the former yellow ranger Trina cattily. “But ummm… wasn’t I like Asian before?”

    “I dunno, wasn’t I black? And a guy too? It’s hard to remember… although I could totally go for a black guy right now, I’m like so horny!” Zack, now Zee, giggled.

    “OMG just stop, my brain hurts enough as it is and your making me think of huge cocks. We’ve got to fix this before it becomes permanent!” Bebe the blue bimbo scratched her pretty little head to try and make it work harder. “Maybe we could ask that big head to help us. Oh gawd, I would love to give big head to a big headed cock! My cunny is getting all wet!”

    “Unf, I’m trying to fight it! Trying to hold on to what makes me me: being a ranger, martial arts, school…” Jaycee chanted those words as a mantra in vain as her grip on her old life slipped away. “Being a slut, fucking, shopping…”

    “I really wish this was a battle I’d been late for! Why are my tits so much bigger than you other sluts? Is it cos I used to wear that shield thingy?” Tammy Lee caressed her busty chest as she fell victim to the monster’s power like her team mates.

    Back at the command center, Zordon and Alpha-5 watched in horror through the viewing globe at the fate that had befallen their rangers. Gordon tried to teleport them back but it was no good: now that the suits and morphers were slutty outfits with no real power, the Morphing Grid was cut off from them. Soon the whole command center would be offline. As Alpha-5 powered down and Zordon began to fade from this dimension they only hoped that Rita would at least spare the rangers’ lives when she conquered Earth.

    And she did. Empress Rita loved having the former goody good teens as her six slutty slaves to amuse and entertain her with their shallow, petty antics. Her army of monsters loved them too, but for very different reasons.

    A BBM for a BBW.

    Jared had been dating Melissa for a couple of months. In most ways she was great. She was smart, funny, great in bed and their personalities really clicked. There was just one issue: Melissa was a big girl.


    Although Jared was a regular sized guy, when they went out together she made him look like a shrimp. The odd looks from strangers in the street, whispers and jeers from his skinny exes, the jokes from his mates. He really liked her but he just couldn't bear what others were saying. He decided he was going to go see her tonight and break up with her. As soon as Jared arrived though, Melissa knew what was on his mind. When he tried to speak, she gently put her finger to his lips.

    "I know. I had a feeling this was too good to last. Let's not ruin tonight though with fighting and bad memories. Let's have one last good night together and in the morning you can just go, if you still want to that is." She whispered tenderly into his ear, her arms around his neck. "I cooked a lovely meal for us and then I have something special for dessert."

    Melissa served a top notch roasted pork with all the trimmings that she blessed with one of her Wicca prayers. Even though Jared was normally a light eater, he practically licked his plate clean and had seconds. He felt hungrier than he ever had in his life! With a full belly, Melissa decided to pull him into the bedroom for the dessert she had in mind. She threw him to the bed and began to ride him hard, her beautiful curves jiggling with each movement and cupping her bountiful breasts as she writhed up and down his rigid cock.

    They fucked all night. Every position. Every room in the house. Jared was possessed by a hunger that he had never felt before. By the time he and Melissa had finished, he had passed out naked in a chair in her living room. When he woke up close to midday, Jared felt awful, he felt like his entire body weighed double and his throat feltsore. As he put his hand to his face he rubbed his jaw. This was the first sign that something was wrong, his face was was covered with thick coarse hair! This wouldn't usually be cause for alarm... except that he had shaved before going to Melissa's. As he went to pull himself out of the chair, he struggled to get up. It was only as he bent forward that he felt the weight of his new gut over his thighs. It was only then he caught sight of his new self in the mirror placed precariously before him.


    What the hell had happened to his body!? He must have weighed twice what he had the night before and he had always been relatively smooth, certainly nothing like the great bear he saw in the mirror! His face was barely recognizable under the beard and double chin. His penis seemed to feel the same although with all the hair and extra fat on his crotch he looked smaller.

    "Morning lover. Sleep well?" Melissa sauntered in naked from the bedroom, giggling mischievously.

    "Melissa what did you do to me?"

    "Isn't it it obvious? You were going to go ruin a great thing for both of us just because you were u comfortable dating a big girl but now that you're a big boy nobody will care anymore. I found something in my books to give you a size I felt would be more acceptable to small minded busybodies." Melissa brushed her hand through Jared's chest hair. "I've always preferred hairier men and when you've grown a beard before it comes out wispy, so I figured I might as well make some improvements while I was at it."

    "You cannot be serious! What will my family and friends say?! You don't think they'll notice that I'm a fat hairy guy all of a sudden?" 

    "As far as they're concerned you've always been a bigger hairy guy and I would change my tone if I were you. I could always make you bigger. Don't worry, soon you'll forget how you used to be and we can live out the rest of lives together as a big, beautiful couple. Now what do you say to a big, greasy breakfast? I have something for you to munch on to your heart's content."

    The Baroness Samedi offers you a choice...

    Hello there mortals, welcome to my realm. I am the Baroness Samedi, Loa of resurrection. No, not the James Bond villain. You are aware of my name if not my true power, but you will be soon.

    How did you end up in my realm? Simply put: you’re dead. Why? How? I cannot say.

    Fret not however, I am the Loa of resurrection after all. I can return you to life, although not your own. That time has passed and in shedding the old we must embrace the new. I will even give you a choice of your new reality, just be weary though; sometimes fate deals you a bad hand.

    Prostrate yourself before me, tell me of your former life and let us see what the spirits have in store for you. But remember this. Of the choices given you must tell me your choice. Or else your soul will be torn across limbo for eternity.

    Choose well mortals.

    It's On The Tip of My...

    Hey there, remember me? We met on a dating app, we fucked and then the next morning told me I was just an one night stand? That you needed to sow your wild oats before you settled down with someone? Well, I have a question: how are you going to sow those oats without this in your pants?


    Yep, this is your dick on my hot little body. I’m sure you’re probably checking inside your pants right now and yes that is a pussy, my former pussy to be precise. Found a little spell in this old book my grandma gave me.

    I’m sure you want me to swap us back right? I could do that, I guess. I’m having a hard time remembering the reversal spell though, it’s right on the tip of my tongue but I guess all this new testosterone is driving me to distraction! Tell you what. You come round and jog my memory by being an obedient cum sleeve, maybe I’ll use the spell. I’m sure once you’re on the tip of my cock I’ll have no problem remembering!

    Just try not to do too good a job. After all, I may keep your cock if I enjoy having one too much!

    In For A Long Stretch

    You were a pitiful excuse for a boyfriend, not to mention a fucking idiot. Why the hell would you cheat on a goddess like me? I mean I’m an actual Goddess! I’m Kali, Goddess of Time, Change, Power, Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. I could’ve put you through all sorts of different hells with my power: killed you painfully, made you wither with age or regressed you to a lowly sperm, scattered your very atoms to the cosmos. But no. That’s too good for you. Instead let’s focus on Change.

    You’re my panties now. Not a skimpy thong, not eloquent lace knickers or an exotic fantasy number. No. Just plain old boring white cotton panties. I still look amazing in them though, although I suppose I should say you. I look amazing in you.

    So white and pristine. Let’s see how long you last like that. I’m going to wear you each and every time I go out. You’re going to be there as countless other men grind and grab me. You’ll feel me get moist and hot as they touch me all over on the Uber ride home. You’ll taste us both as I simply push you aside and let them fuck me, their hard members rubbing against you as they penetrate me. Then I’ll leave you on the floor, soaked and encrusted with cum. You’ll stay there until I do my laundry. Once you’re nice and clean again the process will repeat.

    Eventually I may release you. I may turn you back into a man if I feel like forgiving you. I may just dump you in the trash though. Who knows? Just me and guess what? I’m not telling.

    Queen's Cup

    Quit your pouting bitch! What did you expect when you played a game called “Queen’s Cup”? Yeah there’s a lot of similar games out there: Four Kings, King’s Cup, Ring of Fire, Aces, yadda yadda yadda. Deck of cards round some alcohol, pick a card, drink or do something.

    The key difference in this version is whoever picks the Queen cards becomes more and more feminine. You were so busy drooling over us you didn’t even notice how we stacked the deck against you, that we giggled every time you picked a queen and become softer and girlier, as your hair grew out and you grew those cute breasts. Your poor dick is now a nubbin, it’s so cute!

    Don’t feel bad. The same thing happened to us when we first used this deck of cards. Surely you noticed we were sitting with our legs closed the whole night right? Couldn’t give away the surprise ending of the game after all! Why did we do this to you? No special reason: I guess like the game itself we just wanted to have four queens in our group.

    We should go out and celebrate your inauguration! How does finding some real men to mount your curvy new throne sound?

    *Picture credit: .

    Camwhored Out

    Ok, pay attention, my dearest viewers. This is what happens when you disrespect and try to cheat us hard working camgirls.

    Some of you may recall a poster by the name of BigDickDaddy on my Twitter account who bragged that they had hacked my site and was distributing my videos for free and putting a big dent in my finances, not to mention some of the disgusting things he was calling me! Unfortunately for him, I’m a girl of numerous talents. One of those talents being that I was just as good with computers as he was and tracked down his physical address. After finding out where he lived and confronting him (where to no one’s shock he wasn’t a BigDickAnything) I used another of my talents to make him able to reimburse me for my lost earnings…

    Presenting my new campartner: LilClitSis!

    Isn’t she cute? I used my magic to give her a name and form more appropriate to this tiny thing between her legs. Look at it, I can’t stop laughing at how cute it is! She’s so horny and willing to do anything to make it up to her new mistress, why don’t you loyal paying viewers suggest how I can break her in? Shall I try out my toys, use a strap on or maybe call one of my real big dick daddies to come treat her like the slut she now is?

    We’ll be here all night waiting for your ideas, keep them coming like this bitch’s boiclit will be.

    A New Relationship Dynamic.

    Well, what are you waiting for? Our new master gave you a command: take off your panties so we can see your boy clit you little sissy. What’s the matter, embarrassed? Ha!

    If anyone here should be embarrassed, it’s me! I was married to you for god’s sake. I’d deluded myself into thinking I was happy with you and our mundane sex life.

    But then we met Master Django. He awakened my true nature. Made me realize I should be with a real man. He used his power to drain you of your masculinity and made me even more feminine and voluptuous, as a good woman should. Watching myself get bigger and curvier, while you became more slender and your little boobies popped out. Unf, just thinking about it gets me wet.

    Now here we are. Me: a curvaceous, full figured goddess. You: a pretty little femboy cuckold. Oh my, is that a little hard-on I see in those panties? I knew it, deep down you love this! Yes, get it out. Play with it while we service our master. Show his big cock all the love and desire you could never give to me.

    If you perform well perhaps he shall get rid of that little cock and transform you into a big, sexy girl like me. Would you like that?

    Of course you would.

    Don't get sad, get even

    Why so sad babe? Oh, yeah I suppose you might be a bit upset I turned your boyfriend into a cocksucking bimbo. You must admit though, he had it coming. He was constantly running his mouth and you know he was seeing other girls on the side right? He wasn’t even a good boyfriend. It’s not as if I made him get drunk and start a fight with me is it? That’s all on him.

    Seriously, you should’ve the look on his face when he swung at me but missed because I shrank him by a foot. He was so confused until he felt the long blonde hair roll down his face and when his chest exploded into those huge tits that he, sorry I mean she, is currently rocking right now. She should consider herself lucky she turned out so hot: if she hadn’t I’d have just left her there to get railroaded by all the guys at the bar.

    So if you’re not sad about that, what are you sad about? You sad because you want a piece of me? Well why didn’t you say so before? There’s plenty of me to share! You’re already hot so I don’t have to waste energy transforming you, so bonus! And don’t worry about your ex: just look at it as losing a crappy boyfriend and gaining a slutty, cock crazy sister.

    Now, get down here. I’ve always wanted a blowjob from two hot blondes at the same time.

    Request: Harder, Better, Faster, Longer.

    "Fuck me harder Jamal, harder please!" Kain winced as he heard the moans of his former fiancee Charlotte through the walls of his apartment. The man making her moan like that was Jamal, his neighbor. Jamal had moved in three weeks ago and had been very friendly to the couple. He'd been charming when they'd invited them over for dinner. Too charming as Kain had just stood there dumbfounded as Charlotte grinded her ass into Jamal and gave him a lapdance. The next day she moved all her stuff into Jamal's, leaving only her engagement ring behind. 

    He'd barely laid eyes on her since then, only catching glances in the hallway. The strange thing was, he could barely believe it was her. Charlotte had always been naturally beautiful and hardly wore makeup but the few times he'd seen her she'd been heavily made up, wearing things she'd never have worn before and her figure seemed a lot more voluptuous than before.Some kind of spanx and wonderbra combo? Between that and having to listen to their nightly fucking sessions, Kain snapped. He waited for a lull in the action and marched next door and started hammering on the door.

    "Charlotte, Jamal I need to talk to you both right now! This has gone on long enough!" He heard the door unlatch and open. Standing there in the doorway was Jamal, buck-naked, and Charlotte behind him; wearing the skimpiest, sluttiest lingerie imaginable. Kain knew her figure was all natural, no way the skimpy stuff could make her tits and ass look so much bigger. Kain felt embarassed when he looked down at Jamal though! He had the most massive cock he'd ever seen! He was no slouch in the underpants department (a good eight inches) but Jamal made him feel prepubescent. 

    "What you want man?" Jamal asked nonchalantly.

    "I want Charlotte back. She loves me, not you! I don't know what you've done to her but I'm winning her back!"

    "Fool, you better step off before I give you an ass beating!" Jamal stepped towards Kain with fists clenched, but Charlotte stopped him. "Charli? What you doing babe?"

    "Please, master." Her voice smoldered with a raw sexuality Kain had never heard from her before. "You're the only man i could ever want, but I still have some attachment to Kain, as feeble as he is compared to you. Is there something you could do?"

    Jamal rubbed his stubble and chuckled. "Alright baby, for you. 'Only man for you', that gives me a hell of an idea. " He turned to Kain, looked him dead in the eye and muttered something under his breath, something Haitian? Kain thought. 

    "Alright bitch, get on your knees and start sucking."

    Kain was horrified, he tried to shout out, tried to resist. He... fell to his knees and grabbed Jamal's cock tenderly with both hands. He put his lips around it and as soon they touched the tip, Kain's fate was sealed.

    All his masculinity came rushing forth from all over his body and out through his lips into Jamal's member. Kain's own cock shrivelled to a nub as he felt his clothes vanish. His toned body grew soft as his chest grew girlish mounds. His punk rock piercings and jewellery shifted shape into something that a real girly girl would wear. As Kain shrank and became more feminine, he looked up at Jamal who grew taller and more muscular: Kain felt embarrassed but turned on as his emasculated prick rose as he felt Jamal grow longer and thicker while still in his mouth. Jamal blew his huge load in Kain's mouth. Kain did his best to swallow it all but some still dripped onto his chin. He looked up at Jamal and Charlotte, confused but hungry and turned on.

    "Thanks for the juice sissy, not that I needed the extra muscle and inches but not as if you'll be using it anymore. What do you think of our new pet Charli?"

    Oh master I love what you've done, she's so cute. I think I'll call her Kandi! May I use what you've taught me to make a few adjustments?" Charlotte squealed with delight.

    "Of course, you take her in the bedroom while I towel off and check out my new improvements." Jamal laughed and slapped the two girlish bottoms as  he closed the front door and went into the bathroom. Charlotte grabbed Kandi by the hands and walked her to the bedroom.

    "Speak." Charlotte spoke with a power behind her voice and Kandi felt the fog of confusion and lust clear. She could think again. She was Kain again.

    "Charlotte? What did he do to us?" Kain felt his transformed body. He wanted to cry. Here he was, naked with a tiny cock and puffy girlish tits, looking up at his former fiancee who towered over him as a sex goddess.

    "It's Charli now." She smiled with a hint of sadness. "And you're Kandi. We belong to Master Jamal. I wish you hadn't come here babe." She stroked Kain's face. "You're lucky he didn't drain your sexual energy as well as your masculine energy and leave you a fat virgin. At least we can be together this way. You just have to give up all that you were and let me finish your transformation, it'll be better for you this way. Do you understand?" Kain nodded yes: a single tear running down her pretty face, a sign of her acceptance and surrender to being Kandi.

    Charli embraced Kandi with a deep kiss. Her feminine energy mingled with Kandi's soul and Kandi began to transform once more. Her hair grew longer and turned blonde as her chest and ass started to swell and become as viviacious as Charli's. Her hard little prick launched a last shot of manhood as her shrunken cock and balls sank into her and reformed into a beautiful pussy. Charli dressed the former lover of her life (now playmate) in lingerie as slutty as hers before leading her onto the bed and her eager mouth to her wet and waiting pussy.

    Kandi lovingly and dutifully lapped her mistress's pussy so intensely, she barely noticed Master Jamal enter the room and slip his giant cock inside her. She felt so happy: she was with the one she loved AND had a giant cock to ride. What more could a girl want?

    Request: We've got (Lesbian) spirit, how about you?

    "Ugly dykes! We see you looking but you can't have this! You must have a penis this big to ride these girls!"

    "And even if you did, we still wouldn't touch your fugly geek asses. Like, take a shower and hit the gym once in a while, eeewwwww."

    Julia and Britney were not nice girls, in fact they were possibly the horriblest girls you were likely to meet, no small feat considering they were high school seniors. They were homophobic bigots who made the small lesbian population at school's lives hell. They were pretty girls with rotten attitudes, but that was about to change.

    Julia had Britney over her place for their weekly sleepover: they always invited the other cheerleaders but they were always busy. Oh , their loss, they probably didn't want to awaken any lez feelings by being around them all night. Just as they were about to begin their classic crank calls, they jumped as their phone rang. They picked up.

    "Beautiful bodies, ugly spirits. Tonight all shall change." The line went dead. The girls held each other tight as they felt unnerved by the mysterious caller. They didn't want to use the phone after that, they decided to watch one of their favorite magical girl animes. Wait, they watched anime? Ha, only the good stuff like Magical Madoka! They sat next to each other on Julia's bed and started to watch.

    Try as she might though, Julia couldn't concentrate. Her clothes felt really tight and she couldn't stop looking at Britney. She felt unbearably hot and was getting moist looking at Britney's fuller figure. She could barely see through her glasses because it was so steamy. 

    "Uh, Britney? Do you mind if I take off my clothes? I feel hot, plus I think my stuff shrank in the wash."

    "You too? I was about to ask  you the same thing. It's no big right? We've seen each other naked like a hundred times after all, right my little mouse?" Britney smiled and Julia smiled back. They both began to strip naked while looking at each other in their full length mirror, loving their new naked bodies and sealing the spell with a kiss as reality altered for the better around them.

    Judith and Bertha were nothing like the lipstick lesbians guys at school fantasized about. Both had dorky glasses and were kind of physically awkward. Although both being kind of chubby, Bertha's massive difference in height compared to her friend lead to her having the nickname Big Bertha and Judith's shortness and high voice gave her the nickname Mousey. However, they were both such good people they quickly won over their bullies.

    BB and Mouse, as they were affectionately known, were well liked. They had been best friends all their life and no one was too surprised when they both came out as a couple sophomore year. They were co-presidents of the LGBT and anime clubs at their school and there was a rumor that they were going to be selected as Senior Prom Queens in a few weeks. That didn't matter right now though: Judith's parents were out and she'd been hungry for Bertha's kissable tummy and loving fingers all day.

    Request: Buff guy to buffet gal.

    Randy had it all: muscles, good looks, athletic ability and was on the cusp of being awarded an academic scholarship to an Ivy League school. Sadly, this invoked a lot of jealousy from certain people, including one who had the power to take it all away from him.

    The morning of the scholarship interview: the interviewer had been waiting fifteen minutes and was he growing impatient. All of a sudden a whirlwind of vivacious flesh ran through the door and sat in the chair opposite him. A short, cute brunette with large tits and thighs and a soft belly sat before the interviewer. She huffed and puffed from shortness of breath, her large, naked chest heaving in time with her breathing.

    "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I overslept and I had to run like half a block!" She looked down. "Ahh! I was in such a rush I forgot to get dressed, again! Still, can't hurt my chances right mister?" She smiled naughtily.

    "I'm sorry, you are?" The interviewer stuttered as he tried to look her in the eye.

    "Randi, with an 'i'. You would not believe how many people mispell it though! All my cards  and ids have 'y' at the end, my driver's id even has this hunky dude's pic on it. Can you believe people? They can be so dumb."

    "I'm sorry Miss Randi, I think there's been some sort of mistake. I'm here to interview a young man for a scholarship that I don't think you'd qualify for. Sorry, seems like another case of mistaken identity."

    "Oh poop. Ah well, I've got nothing better to do today, maybe I could apply for some other scholarships? Like the one in your pants?" She licked her lips hungrily.

    Randy never got to go to college, but Randi got to go after pulling a few strings. She's popular with both the faculty and the fraternities. She's bit of a ditz in class but knows her stuff in the bar and bedroom.

    Request: turnabout is unfair play

    She thinks her magic has worked on me, that I'm completely her devoted slave girl. Wrong.

    Little by little, my willpower has returned. Night after night of eating  pussy until she passed out from pleasure, then creeping into her lair and studying her spellbooks, looking for the perfect revenge. Last night I found it.

    As I suck and caress her nipples she fails to notice me draining her power, knowledge and as an added bonus, her gorgeous figure. I can feel and see her tits dwindle to barely B-cups while mine gorge and swell with her former might. They feel so heavy yet good. 

    She'll barely be able to make tea let alone a magic spell when I'm done. Ah well, I'll have all the time in the world to reeducate her into my submissive little maid. I'll be a lot more creative than she was with this power, and I'll make sure she's locked up every night so she can't snoop around my new lair.