Cut Down To Size

    Oh my goddess, just look at you! I told you I could shrink you! You said I was talking nonsense but now look at you. 

    Go on, say all those mean things you were saying before. Tell me I’m fat now, tell me my clit is so big it weirds you out. You’re two inches tall and you're going to be getting very well acquainted with my curves and giant clit as I keep you in my panties for hours at a time. All you are going to smell and taste is me.

    You’re going to worship every inch of me and I mean that literally.

    Detention With A Devil

    Well boys what do you have to say for yourselves? You asked for detention with me, was it everything you hoped it to be? Constantly interrupting my lessons with your lewd remarks about wanting to stay after school with me and teach me something for a change. I’m afraid I’m beyond your ken of sexual experience. That’s ok though, let me teach you something outside your usual curriculum.

    I am a succubus. Many of my kind work as high school teachers: we’re able to feed off the excess machismo of young males in the throes of maturing (or lack of, in your cases) and live what you might call normal lives without harming our food source. However, when I come across particularly obnoxious specimens like yourself, one can’t help but over-indulge.

    Do you feel it? Me feasting off your masculinity? Draining you dry of your strength and willpower and leaving you as weak willed effeminate sluts. Your hard cocks become soft clits in my hands as I take your essence. Your bodies will yearn for what you’ve lost and you will find yourselves helplessly craving cum to try and restore your former selves. It won’t work no matter how many men you fuck and suck. You want to hate me for this? Try as you might, you cannot. You worship and adore me.

    Now and forever, you belong to me as my servants. You will make lovely distractions for the other oversexed boys in this school.

    This is what a failing grade gets you...

    Good morning class, welcome to our last transformation class of the semester. The fact that you are all mostly here shows that you have passed this class.

    All except one of you.

    No doubt you can see that I am wearing somewhat… less than usual. I wanted to show you all the price of failure. In my class an F means you forfeit the right to wield magic and the right to be human. That missing student is right here, as my panties, branded with an F for their failure.

    Use your senses: feel their helplessness, drained of their magic and trapped as a thin fabric nestled against my ass and pussy. They’ll stay like this for the rest of the year before I release them back into the world to live out a boring magicless life as a normal boring person.

    This is a warning to you my students. Keep your grades up, unless you want to end up as a matching bra or stockings to go with this loser.

    Lost a Mister, Gained a Sister

    Hey sis, how was your trip? You look surprised to see me. I know, you were expecting your loving boyfriend to be here to welcome you home, instead you have me and this curvy cutie in our undies. Sit down, I’m afraid I have some bad news.

    Your adoring boyfriend? The one who swore he would never touch your ‘fat slut’ of a sister? Lying and cheating scumbag, just like I told you when you met him.

    As soon as he dropped you off to the airport, he was hitting me up to come over, wanted to see if I was a better fuck than my ‘frigid bitch sister’ (his words not mine, k?). As you know, I’m sorry to say, I always let my curiosity get the better of me. We fucked like bunnies. Again, I’m really sorry. I know this hurts and I never intended it to.

    Oh, please don’t cry! There’s good news too! I came to my senses and realized that sisters always come before misters, especially sisters of a witch’s coven.

    I invited him over the next night, to which he quickly accepted. He came round, and I teased him til he was putty in my hands. I got him so revved up he was willing to do anything, including wearing a sexy thong and heels for me. Ha, yeah that’s right: I got him with the old ‘cursed clothing’ trick! I’m sure you already figured it out but this chubby little honey is your ex-beau!

    Oh, it was so funny watching him beg for forgiveness as the curse changed him. He cried as he shrank down and lost all his body hair and called out your name as he grew these big yummy titties and filled out into these luscious curves. Those cries became moans as his penis went pop and she got this wet sweetness between her legs and her male mind got sealed away by her new persona of being an obedient little chubby slut. The perfect revenge or what? He always said he would never fuck a big girl and now he is one. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a hypocrite.

    So I’m sorry that this happened, but better that he cheated with me and got what was coming to him than you being in the dark as he screwed Hecate knows how many others right? There’s that smile I love. What do you say we get down right kinky on this ass? Let’s whip up a couple of strap-ons based on this bitch’s former manhood and give her what’s coming to her!

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Spindizzy17

    "Oh, oh! Do me. I’d love to go from schluby guy to elegant sophisticated woman."

    Oh, oh! How about no!? When I look at you, I don’t see elegant. I see… subservient. Yes, it’s been a while since I had a servant devoted exclusively to housekeeping.

    You shall be my big titted French maid named Colette. You speak very poor English, but I don’t keep you for your linguistic skills.Your breasts are filled with sweet tasty milk for my tea that you serve so diligently. You’re so deeply devoted and obedient: you’re actually in love with me and you’re so horny all the time due to being in my presence, with only the end of your feather duster for release at the end of the day.

    However, your place is as my maid and I keep you away from all the other sluts I own. Maybe one day I’ll allow you to play with them, but don’t hold your breath. It’s so hard to find good help these days.


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Grab-Bag-Posts

    "A body builder (male or female) turned to a homely pregnant ssbbw house wife"

    Sweetie, for me to do that you’d have to be a bodybuilder to begin with wouldn’t you? I’m not going to waste my energy casting two spells on you, so let’s kill two birds with one stone. Besides, I’m sure there’s enough fat, lonely housewives in the world right?

    You know what we need more of? Muscular Amazon dominatrixes! I have a feeling I’m going to be getting a full stable of submissive sluts, sissies and other sexual deviants that will need a strong guiding hand/fist/strap-on/miscellaneous penetrating object, and I’m way too busy to do them all myself. So consider yourself deputized.

    I’m sure the extra confidence will do you wonders for your body image, especially with all those subs worshipping your muscles!

    Who says I’m never nice?


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Vladimirpootis

    "A more self-aware ditz may wish to be smarter, or a busybody may wish for more time to relax… Easy fodder for nerd or slob stuff~"

    Ditz, busybody, nerd, slob. You’re throwing around a lot of labels there tiger. What’s it gonna be? No don’t bother, I don’t want you thinking you have a choice.

    I’m going to transform you into a bundle of different neurosis. You’re going to be an OCD cleanfreak who also happens to be a total nympho. You spend half the time in the bathroom making sure you’re squeaky clean and the other finding guys to fuck.

    You’re smart enough to know how fucked up this is, but you don’t care because you just need a fat cock on a daily basis. Your dream man, by the way, is Mr Clean. That smooth shiny head is just something you’d love to see bobbing up and down between your legs.


    The Pissed Off Witch is taking your requests, maybe...


    Yes, what is it? Can’t you in the middle of breaking in my new apprentice?

    Yes, I’m a witch, can’t you tell by the hat? Yes, I specialize in transformations: my apprentice here used to be a big strapping knight who doubted my power. Now that she’s a simpering little slut who can’t get enough of my strap on in her hole.

    Oh you know? And you still interrupted me? You know I’ve turned people into slugs for such stupidity right? Oh? You want me to transform you? Into a slug? No? Something else?

    Well come on then, out with it. Tell me what you want to be. Maybe I’ll be nice and oblige you. Or not. You did interrupt my apprentice's lesson after all…

    Just remember the old song: "you can't always get what you want."

    Well, what do you want?

    The Corset of Feminization

    "Very nice slut, the corset’s magic is working wonders on you."

    "Thank you mistress. I love what it’s doing to me."

    "So hard to believe that you refused to put it on at first and that I had to force you into it."

    "I’m sorry mistress, if I had known how good being a girl would feel, I would have done it sooner. I can’t wait until the corset makes my nasty old cock disappear and gives me a sweet honey pot of a pussy!"

    "Hehe, yes I suppose if I was to let you wear the corset for a couple more days your cock would change like the rest of you. But who said I was going to transform you all the way?"

    "B…b…but mistress, haven’t I been a good girl? Please let me change, I want a pussy to please all the real men with!"

    "Awww such manners, much better than the boorish pig you used to be, but no! It amuses me to have a constant reminder of who you used to be. Every girly slutty thing you do, that cock will stand to attention and your cum will dribble out of it. Now stop whining and take off the corset dear!"

    “ Sniff… Yes mistress.”

    *rips off corset*

    Anya the Red and the Dark Elf's Revenge.


    Once there was a woman who was a goddess with a blade and wore no armor in battle. Her name was Anya the Red, named for her fiery hair and the rivers of blood she drenched the battlefield in. She was a peerless warrior who acquired many enemies. This is what happened when one gained his vengeance…

    Anya had fought her way into the Dark Elf stronghold, leaving a bloody swathe behind her. As she kicked the door down into Malak’s hall, she felt herself grow moist. She would enjoy making the Dark Elf Prince squirm and debase himself for her before putting him out of his misery with a effortless slice of her blade.

    There he stood at the far end of the hall. Anya charged towards him, however instead of cowering and begging he was smirking.

    "Ho Anya the Red! You’ve come a long way and slaughtered many of my kinsmen to greet me in my hall. Next time I would suggest you merely send an envoy ahead."

    "Stub your tongue Prince of Drow, I go as and where I please."

    "Such a wild one you are: with no man of your kind strong enough to tame you no small wonder. Tell me, do you wield a steel sword so well to mask your inadequacies handling a flesh one?"

    "I will handle yours well enough after I remove it."

    "We will see how well you handle it indeed. But enough flirting, come at me wench!" The Prince drew his sword and made a mocking gesture. Anya grit her teeth and charged, sword drawn. She was about to slash at the knave when she hit an invisible wall and landed on her ass as her sword skidded across the ground towards Malik. Stunned, Anya looked at the ground beneath her. Carved into the wood floor beneath her was a magic circle of Drow runes.

    "What trickery is this, snivelling dog?! Release me so we may fight!" The warrior snarled.

    "I think not, She-Demon of the Sword. There has been enough killing this day. In fact, my sorcerers and I were just discussing how you could make reparations for your slaughter and help replenish our people." Malik smiled smugly as he clicked his fingers, signalling for his robed sorcerers to emerge from the shadows. He picked up her discarded sword. "This shall make a delightful coming of age present for any offspring we produce.

    "Crod, you cannot do this! I demand a fair trial of combat! I shall be no one’s wench!" Anya shouted and banged against the magic barrier.

    "Oh but you shall be. You shall be mine first and then you shall be passed around our barracks. However first you shall be made more appealing to our pallets. You’re far too skinny and no one likes a half-breed."

    The robed figures started chanting in a strange somber language. The runes around Anya’s feet started to glow and violet energy emerged from the carvings that flowed into her skin. Anya made orgasmic sounds as the power travelled through her body.

    Her crimson hair became pale lilac as she felt her ears lengthen into long tips. As she reached up her hands to feel them she was soon compelled to grab her breasts as a rush of the violet energy burst through them. Her small athletic breasts, which aided her well in disarming enemies without being cumbersome, shot outwards and became the massive, meaty bosom that men crave. They felt so good in her hand she didn’t physically react as her tight bottom followed suit and flared out into a large posterior that quaked with every small movement. Anya began to despair as her perfect fighting body became a cumbersome parody of a wet dream. Her fur robes and stockings soon disappeared and were replaced with lewd leather undergarments that left her buttocks and crotch exposed. She felt her body momentarily fall only to rise again as quickly: she looked down to see she had lost a quarter of a foot in height only to be made up by heeled shoes that would not be amiss in a brothel. She felt a hot itching upon her arm. Shee looked to see a crude image of a voluptuous woman much like her changed form and a rainbow beneath it: the Drow symbol for a woman of pleasure: a concubine.

    "Change me back Malik!" Anya gasped a strange voice left her throat. It was a breathy, sweet voice that melted hearts and codpieces: a far cry from her stern, harsh voice.

    "I think not my sweet! Besides we have yet to arrive at the best part!"

    Anya cradled her head as a force that was equal parts pain and pleasure wracked her brain. Her knowledge of the deadly arts: swordplay, hand to hand combat, the thousand ways to kill a man. Vanished without a trace. In their place: fellatio, the intimate areas of a man’s flesh sword and a thousand ways to make a man cum with her body. All Anya’s anger and rage vanished. It was replaced with lust and desire towards the brave soldiers of the Dark Elf nation and their daring leader, the handsome Prince Malik.

    The sorcerers ceased their chanting and stepped back into the shadows. The runes ceased to glow and the invisible wall of magic dissipated around the conquered warrior. The curvaceous female elf seductively sauntered towards her liege and fell to her knees, unstringing his codpiece as she licked her lips hungrily.

    Malik smiled and patted his new community’s head. This was truly the sweetest victory of all, he thought as the transformed whore sucked his member.

    In a few short decades the Dark Elves would be the dominant military power thanks to their brigade of red-haired warriors, The Crimson Bastards.


    Psycho Ex in the Shower

    "Stacy?! What the hell are you doing in my shower with this fat chick and where is Callie!?"

    "Oh come on Steve, you’re telling me that you don’t recognize the love of your life next to me? When we broke up you told me I couldn’t compare to the wonderful, beautiful, intelligent Callie and that you had a connection that was beyond what we had. I just decided to test that connection by subtracting from her IQ and adding to her weight and making my dumb subservient lesbian fucktoy. Now Callie my sweetheart, tell us what you want: Steve’s cock or Stacy’s pussy?"

    "Callie want pussy, mistress Stacy. No cock."

    "Oh God Callie, no! You’re messed up Stacy, why did you do this?!"

    "To show you how much I love you Stevie! You and I are meant to be! It was only a matter of time before you saw that and hurt poor Callie. At least this way she can be dumb and happy as our chubby house maid! I can always order her to be bi and pleasure you as well as me and she’ll love it. Of course if you really feel there’s no hope of reconciliation, I guess I’ll be forced to become more persuasive. Perhaps a week as my maid and Callie’s bottom sub will convince you of how much you need my love? Callie dear, how would you feel about have a chubby playmate to play with when mistress isn’t around?"

    "Yes please, mistress. Make his cock go away and give him big boobies for me to play with."

    "Well, Steve? What’s it gonna be?"

    Wicked Stepmother to Stepsister

    Were you really that jealous of me ‘Your Majesty’? I mean you turned yourself into an old hag to try and poison me, did it never occur to you to just make yourself younger and hotter? That’s ok, jealousy can do crazy things to a person’s mind, I forgive you.

    I don’t know why you hated me so much, maybe deep down you sensed that we were similar. I too wield the power of magic, although it comes from a more positive place than yours. Drink from me, allow my energy to rejuvenate you back to your former beauty and beyond. Feel yourself get younger and watch your breasts swell to sizes beyond what you thought possible as all the wickedness in your heart is replaced by lust and longing for pleasures of the flesh!

    No longer will you be my stepmother, instead we shall be like sisters, devoted to each other. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for or to each other. Maybe we’ll go to balls and steal all the Prince Charmings for ourselves while making all the wannabe princesses into fat little pumpkins with our powers. We could also doubledate the Brothers Grimm! Oh I’m so happy, I’ve always wanted a sister like you!

    In the meantime though I could use your help paying off the rent to these seven guys I’ve been living with, it’ll be a great sisterly bonding opportunity. You won’t believe how hung they are for short guys!

    Men's Rights Activist becomes Black Cock Enthusiast!


    Chris was a nice guy, if you asked him at least. To everyone else he was considered a misogynistic prick who felt entitled to have girls fall at his feet because he was a ‘gentleman’ in his own mind. He considered other men neanderthals and thugs, particularly those of a different race from him.

    One night at the bar he liked to frequent, he saw a sight that made him furious. The bartender he liked, Sally, was flirting with some gangster looking thug! After all the things he did for her, no gangbanger was going to swoop in on his girl! He marched right on over and tapped the guy on the shoulder.

    "I don’t think the lady is interested, G. Why don’t you head back to your hood and hook up with one of your baby mamas?"

    "Excuse me? Sir, I’m a Harvard graduate and I don’t have any baby mothers." The man turned and looked at him with a mixed look of confusion and anger.

    "Damn it Chris, I’ve told you a bunch of times not to do this! I’m not interested in you. I warned you not to do this again and guess what, you picked the wrong guy to harass. Jay, this is the guy." Sally was furious and gestured towards Chris. The man sitting with her turned and smiled at Chris.

    "I had a feeling this was him. He really is as bad as you said. That makes my conscience rest easier. Nice hat, shame I can’t say the same about the rest of you. Let’s do something about that." He grabbed Chris’s hand as if for a handshake but just gripped it tightly, almost crushing it. As he gasped in pain, Jay came in close and sucked the breath from his gasp. As he did that, Chris felt something leave him: he felt as though all the rage and bile inside him was gone and in its place he felt placid and submissive. Jay stood up from his barstool, Chris noticed how much more masculine he was than him. He was a head taller and far more muscular. Chris felt himself go weak at the knees as he felt a small erection in his pants that he desperately tried to cover. Sally smiled cruelly at the sight: Jay was an old friend who was descended from a long line of VooDoo Houngan and claimed it was within his power to drain the masculinity from another man and transform them into a female slave. Sally had laughed this off before but Chris’s constant bothering had pushed her to invite Jay to demonstrate his gift.

    Sally looked on in amazement as Chris seemed to melt away before her eyes. His clothes seemed to grow around him as he grew shorter, his facial hair fell out and (much to Sally’s amusement) his already laughable erection disappeared, revealing a pretty hairless pussy as her now gigantic jeans slumped around her ankles. Girlish breasts with erect nipples appeared through her baggy t-shirt. Chris’s gawking face became a beautiful one, with a look of longing and desire towards her new master. Sally was incredibly pleased that she wouldn’t have to deal with Chris anymore and asked Jay how she could repay him?

    "Don’t worry about that for now Sally, having Christi as my new servant is payment enough for the moment."

    The next weekend Sally went to visit Jay and his new submissive at his remote house in the country. She was amused Jay had let Christi keep the hat and was incredibly impressed with her former stalker’s cock sucking technique. As she felt herself get moist a the sight of the transformed sexist sucking Jay’s huge cock, she had a good idea of how to repay Jay...


    Wonder Woman's new patron.


    Wonder Woman had defied the gods during the last crisis that had afflicted Earth. Zeus decreed that as punishment Athena’s patronage of her would be stripped away and that she would become the champion of another god.

    As she was stripped of her armor and weaponry, Diana felt weak and powerless, naked before the gods. She waited for Zeus’s next decree of who her new patron would be: she silently prayed it would not be Ares or Hades who would no doubt corrupt her into something evil.

    "Aphrodite!" Zeus’ voice boomed. "Wonder Woman shall be your new champion! Empower and remake her as you desire, she is now your property!"

    The beautiful goddess descended, a pink and flighty energy surrounding her. She hugged the nude warrior.

    "Oh thank you Zeusy Poo! You know how long I’ve wanted my own champion and you give me Wonder Woman! Oh thank you thank you!" The ditzy goddess smothered Diana with her boobs as she gleefully squealed and fawned at her patriarch.

    "Oops sorry Deedee, wow is that an appropriate nickname, I was just so excited. I promise I will be a worthy patron and will aid you in your continuing mission of aiding Earth’s heroes."

    "Thank you my lady, if you would be so kind to return my strength and armor…" Diana was relieved she would still be able to fulfill her duties as before.

    "Woah, Deedee! I don’t exactly have the strength and combat skill of Athena. Besides, there are hundreds and hundreds of strong superheroes who are good at fighting. Let’s break the mold a little! I have a brand new powerset and uniform for you that ensures you’ll never even have to break a nail!"

    "My Lady, please-" Diana was cut off by the force of Aphrodite’s magic enveloping her body. When she looked down, she could see she was dressed in what could only be described as a crude parody of her costume made of a stretchy fabric that made her look cheap and slutty.

    "Ooo I love it, don’t you Deedee? You’re gonna drive the guys wild in that. Now let me rework you from the ground-up, your body’s gotta be the perfect vessel for my love power!" Aphrodite was gleeful like a little girl with a new dress-up doll. She couldn’t even hear Diana’s concerns.

    A sparkle of pink magic flowed from Diana’s feet and flowed upward. She felt her battle-honed calves and thighs turn soft as the energy worked its way up. As it reached her ass and pussy, she became wet as her cheeks became round and juicy as she grew a bubble butt that she could feel jiggle as she breathed in and out. Her toned arms and abs lost all their muscle as the magic reached her breasts and pushed them outwards to incredulous sizes that stretched out her new uniform. They felt heavy to Diana without her super strength, yet so good as her sensitive nipples rubbed and hardened against the spandex fabric.

    The magic at last reached her head. She looked down to see her lips plump up and inflate like some kind of sex doll. She felt a strange craving on the tip of her tongue for something salty. Her hair grew longer and cascaded down her back to complete her new look. Gone was the powerful, intimidating warrior amazon: in her place was a woman who looked like an insatiable bimbo.


    "Oh Hera, what have you done to me? How can I face my comrades looking like this?" Diana fell to the floor crestfallen.

    "Oh shush, they’re gonna love the new Wonder Bimbo! With your pheromonal powers and sexy new look, you’re going to help make love not war! Now come here, I have one last gift for you." The goddess bent down and kissed her champion powerfully on the lips. Diana was quickly enthralled by her mistress’s kiss and knew that she was right. She would stop more wars this way than she ever did as Athena’s champion.

    "Mmmm, you taste so good Lady A! Can we do that plus some more stuff?" The lovedrunk Diana began speaking like her patron.

    "Of course we can Deedee, from now on we’re besties. Whenever you’re not needed on Earth you’ll be with me. Shopping, relaxing, fucking, it’s gonna be great!"

    Wonder Bimbo soon rejoined the other heroes of Earth. They questioned her new look and powers at first but any questions were laid to rest after the monthly Justice League/Legion of Doom orgies really took off. When this new era of love of peace took off, that was the only time Deedee was seen by her comrades and former enemies: the rest of the time she was in the service of her mistress Aphrodite.

    Vintage goods and services (milf transformation request)


    Tiff and Brit were two young girls desperate for money: they were about to be tossed out of their apartment and had no prospects. They figured putting a covert advert on Craigslist offering their services to gentlemen as experienced maids who offered extra services would get them some easy money. Of course they had no intention of going through with it: as soon as they got paid they would leave. After all, who would report themselves for soliciting sexual favors?

    Their first response was from a man who wanted them to clean his house in some lingerie he had picked out. They went over to the address and an older, awkward looking man answered the door.

    "You’re the cleaners?" He looked at them skeptically.

    "Of course who else would we be silly?" They giggled and draped over each other playfully, acting up to get a rise out of the man.

    "It’s just your ad said you were experienced, I was hoping you’d be older." He looked them up and down, almost as if he was disappointed.

    "Oh we’re experienced, trust us." Tiff smiled seductively.

    "Of course, this will work out nicely anyway. Come in and I’ll get your outfits." He rushed then through the door and told them to wait in the hall as he went up the stairs.

    The strange man took his time. The girls swore they could smell strange incense and hear some kind of Latin, but figured this was what the guy got off on. They’d get the money and get out of here. He eventually came down with two slutty looking sets of mismatched lingerie: they looked old and came with trashy pvc boots. They smelt funny too but they’d rather not think about why.

    As Tiff and Brit were about to ask for money, the man thrust the lingerie into their hands. Something overpowered their desire for money. They both looked at each other and thought that they might as well put the outfits on and clean for the guy, it looked like the place could use it.

    They began changing into the outfits and started their work. The outfits felt a little loose but it didn’t bother them. They felt kinda comfy and even the smell wasn’t awful. It felt familiar like mothballs at the back of closet.

    As they cleaned the man watched them. He became more and more turned on as the magic he placed on the outfits slowly transformed the two girls. Their smooth stomachs pooched out as their young faces became middle aged and their perky tits grew larger and drooped. Their paunchy bodies started feeling tight inside the enchanted lingerie but the women though nothing of it. They kept cleaning, although both had decided to keep the bedroom til last.

    When the man came upstairs, he saw the two older women sitting on his bed waiting for him. He smiled at them.

    "Thank you ladies, you did an excellent job. Now, I’m afraid I can’t pay you cash but I can pay you with free room and board here, all you need to do is clean for me and I’m sure you know some other ways to keep things even stevens." He smirked as he undressed and his two new maids’ eyes lit up with desire.


    Rings of Desire ( TF for Mister K)


    Claire and Audra were best friends with a problem: They could never get the guys they wanted. They were both pretty clean-cut but preferred bad boys and were stumped how to attract them. 

    That is until the day Audra brought home the rings. 

    Read More


    Daaaaamn, thanks Hootie!

    You can turn me gay/lesbian anyday ;p


    Marcus was walking through campus when he came across a chubby girl in her underwear holding a protest sign. Great, another fat feminist protesting being fat, I better put her in her place he thought.

    "Hey heffer, nobody wants to see you in your undies. Get some clothes and get lost!" He shouted at her from across the grass.

    "Well nobody wants to see you at all, pig! And unfortunately for you I have the power to make that happen!" She cockily shouted back and then pointed at him.

    A pink beam of energy hit him and he felt himself shrink and fall to the ground. His clothes were swimming around him, what had she done to him?!

    He heard foot prints: he felt a giant hand reach through and pick him up off the ground. The girl smiled wickedly and examined him with both hands.

    "Wow what a great vibrator you make! You've got a part for clit stim, you're pink AND you're just the perfect size! I guess we can both be glad you didn't catch me in a bad mood and that I didn't make you a butt plug." She smiled and carried the vibrator back to her room with a skip in her step.

    If Marcus could still scream, that's what he would be doing right about now.

    Dudebro to geekboi Epilogue

    Months later...

    Bill's frat bros were worried about him. A few months ago all his stuff had been moved out of the frat house and he'd quit school suddenly. The strange part was they hadn't seen or heard from him at all. They all texted  him at least once a day hoping to get a response but got nothing.

    One day though, they all got a picture message from an unknown number. It was of a strange yet beautiful woman wearing a strap on, pegged deep in an androgynous looking ass.

    At the bottom it read:

    "He found a new game. Maybe we'll invite some playmates over soon."

    The end?

    Dudebro to geekboi part II

    A short drive later and they were back at the mysterious geek girl's place. She commanded him to sit on her bed and wait for her. He obeyed.

    Moments later she was dressed in a seethrough corset and thong with fishnet stockings and arm covers. Bill barely even noticed her glowing red eyes.

    "What do you think Billy? Would you like to play my game?" Bill nodded in dumbfounded in agreement. "Great, then start by stripped to your socks." He complied. "Very cute, only problem is you're a little too buff for me. I like my playthings slender and geeky, like me. Don't worry though, I can fix that."

    She made a short but grandiose gesture with her hands, Bill felt tingles as he watched her. His slim body lost all it's muscle tone as he shrank from six foot to barely five and a half. His vision started blurring only to become perfectly clear as black spectacles appeared on the end of his nose. She towered over him as she held her fingers under the tip of his chin and guided his eager mouth to her wet and waiting pussy.

    "Do you like this game Billy? It's called Dom and Sub: guess which one you are?" She snorted in delight as her new geeky bitch dutifully lapped her clit with his tongue.

    What games she had in mind for him...

    Dudebro to geekboi part I


    Bill was psyched for the new CoD game, so much so that he had paced himself at last night's kegger so he wouldn't too hungover to pick up his copy the next day at Gamestop. While in line he noticed a cute, albeit slightly geeky looking girl. He tried to start a conversation.

    "Woah there babe, you play CoD? You can be on my team anytime."

    "CoD? Goodness, I'm sorry I came for the new WoW expansion."

    "Ha! Geek! Why don't you play a real game?" She spun round and looked at him coldly. Bill was rooted to the spot by some strange force.

    "You're absolutely right, why don't you come with me and we can play a real game?" Her eyes seemed to flash red for a moment as she wagged her finger at him, beckoning him to follow her.