SlutDex Entry: Drowshee

    A person who becomes a Drowshee exhibits powerful psychic abilities when stripped of their clothes that manifests themselves through beautiful strange glowing lights. These lights allow her to alter the minds and desires of whomever she wishes.

    It is said that a Drowshee was considered unattractive before becoming a PokeSlut and now seeks out those who spurned her so that  she may use her powers to make them her obedient sex slaves. Anyone who is able to resist her seduction ability is then subjected to a more powerful attack know as fetishization. This technique corrupts and makes its victims fantasize about and act out non-conventional fetishes.

    There have been reports of Drowshees making people become sissies, chubby chasers, extremely submissive bottoms and even latex and leather enthusiasts among others. There has been much debate within the fast emerging PokeSlut Scientific Community on whether these mental alterations are based on the subconscious of the victim or the individual Drowshee's sense of twisted poetic justice.

    A Delightful Encounter (Story for Sarahdelights420)

    Rebecca stormed into the house she shared with her boyfriend. She didn’t want to believe it, even though that bitch’s car was out front and she could hear them fucking as she marched up the stairs. As she burst through the door she saw the truth for herself: her boyfriend being fucked hard by by a voluptuous bbw!


    “Sarah?! What the fuck?!?” Rebecca recognised the woman as someone she had teased in high school for being big. The woman smiled devilishly as she kept fucking the man beneath her.

    “Nobody’s called me by my real name in years, everyone these days calls me Ms Delights. Or Mistress Delights as your former man now calls me.” She looked down and smirked at the hung man she rode upon then looked back at Rebecca.

    “What the fuck is she talking about James? Surely you’re not into this fat skank??? James? Baby? Talk to me, please.” Rebecca panicked as she looked to him for an answer. He didn’t respond, merely kept fucking the curvaceous woman on top of him with a blank eyed glare. Mistress Delights giggled maliciously as she saw her former tormentor’s eyes fill with tears.

    “He only responds to me. I broke him. He tried to resist, but now he is mine. Mind, body, soul and… unf, everything else.” As she moaned, Rebecca looked at her exposed, penetrated pussy: James’s cum oozing out of her down his thick shaft still inside her. “You may speak to her, Hunky Beast. Do you like the name? James was so boring to call this stud. You two talk while I consider what to call my next fuck toy.”

    “I belong to Mistress Delights now. She is a goddess. She completes me. She makes me so much happier than you ever did. Her curves, her big ass, her succulent nipples, her amazing pussy. She makes you look like an underdeveloped girl.” He spoke in a dull monotone, not that it took the sting out of his words. Even though he had cum already, he was still hard and throbbing. Rebecca choked back tears: whenever he used to cum inside her he would always go soft and fall immediately to sleep after. No, he couldn’t think she was more attractive than her. She was hot, she was skinny, she was… flat chested… no ass… boyish hips… She had no hope of keeping a hunk like James, no, Hunky Beast’s attention. Especially compared to a goddess like Mistress Delights. How could she compare to that rubenesque shape? Her voluminous beauty? She was pathetic compared to her. She was almost thankful for her showing what she truly was. As Rebecca sunk to her knees in defeat and submission, Mistress Delights rose off her other slave’s cock. As she pulled Rebecca towards her crotch to clean it of the cum of her former lover, she began to whisper in her ear.

    “You are going to be my slave. You are going to be a big sexy girl just like me. You’re going to eat and eat til you get to be as soft and plump as me. Of course you will never be as sexy as me, but you’ll be a lot sexier than you are now. You will serve me alongside Hunky Beast, you will be given a new name to fit your new role in life. You will be, what was it you called me earlier? Ah yes. You will be a fat skank who will be completely devoted to me.” She massaged the broken girl’s temples, her words dripping with both lust and malice as she corrupted and molded her into exactly what she wanted.

    A few weeks later:

    “Mistress is it time for my strap-on training yet? You said we were going to move up to the monster dong size today? You said my fat ass has to be able to take an equally fat cock, right?” The now heavy set woman in slutty lingerie formerly known as Rebecca was bent over, presenting her large backside for her mistress.

    “Yes, Bitch Tripper. We will be breaking that ass very soon, but first, be a good fat skank for Mistress Delights and clean the cream pie that Hunky Beast left for you in my pussy would you?” She sat and spread her legs as her tubby former tormentor crawled with a wagging tongue towards her. As Bitch Tripper dotingly lapped up all the warm cum from her pussy, Mistress Delights laughed blissfully.

    Sending A Message

    Mmmmmmm that’s the spot, slave. Keep eating me out while I film this and send it to your skinny model girlfriend. She’s going to be so heartbroken but it’s her own fault really, calling me a chubby skank like she did. I guess this is sort of proving her right but what can I say? Payback is a bitch and so am I.

    She couldn’t have possibly known that I have the ability to hypnotize weak willed people like you and make them do my bidding. And she never will. As far as she’ll be concerned, you were always secretly into curvy girls and being a submissive little bitch to them. Hell, when she inevitably comes round to confront me maybe I’ll implant the suggestion in her vapid little head that she needs to become a big sexy girl like me, bigger even! Watch her gain so much weight as all her modelling contracts for those size zero designers dry up, forcing her to use her new sexy curves to pay her bills in other ways. Yes I like that idea, I like it a lot.

    What do you think slave? Ha, no point in asking I suppose. Make me cum all over your face, I want to squirt all over your glazed expression… mmmmmmmmm fuck yes! And… sent.

    Look At My Strap-On.


    Look at my strap-on. Now look back at me. Say hello to your mistress. You thought I was just a chubby chick to pick up after you struck out with everyone else at the bar. Wrong. I’m your new goddess.

    Look at my strap-on. You’re a little scared but that’s ok. Look back at me. My voice and eyes are calming and soothing.

    Look at my strap-on. You’re thinking what it would be like inside you. What? You don't think that? Of course you do. I’m your beautiful mistress who wants to fuck her new bitch. You can't deny me. Look back at me. How am I doing this? I’m a psych PhD specializing in hypnosis therapy and psychotropic drugs. Look back at my strap-on. It’s coated in said psychotropic drugs. The smell alone makes you highly malleable to my suggestions. Once you suck it you’re mine forever.

    Look at my strap-on. Suck it like a greedy slut. Lube it up with your mouth. Look back at me. Good bitch. Bend over. You’re ready.

    A Big Bouncy Bimbo

    Up and down you go. Keep bouncing. That’s a good girl. You’re powerless to help yourself. You can’t resist. You keep riding my cock like a good bimbo as I weave my spell upon you. Feel you body change like putty in my hands as I remake you to my desires.

    You thought you had it all. Beauty, brains, a successful business, on your way to being a billionaire and a size zero waist to top it all off. Of course, you stepped on a few little people on the way. I was one of them. It’s ok, I know you don’t remember me. That’s the past, this is the future. Your future.

    You’re still beautiful, in a sense. You won’t be attending any classy soirees anymore, no turning heads with breathless beauty. No, you’ll have a much cheaper look: tacky slutty clothes and men will only turn their heads to check out the curvy phat ass I gave you.

    Your intelligence will definitely be taking a hit. That ruthless mindset and business savvy won’t be needed anymore. It gives way to something much more ditzy and cute. The look on your face is adorable as you try to comprehend what’s happening and struggle to understand some of the bigger words I’m saying. The only reason I’m allowing you to retain the ability to read and write is so you can sign all your assets over to me after I’m done with your transformation.

    Your company and money shall all be mine. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you, your investors will think you cracked under the pressure and became my trophy wife: that I was your silent partner all along and I was the real brains behind the company. That’s a little sexist I know but you know how those misogynistic old Fortune 500 farts think. It’s amazing you made it this far anyway all things considered.

    I guess we can also explain the weight gain with the ‘break down’ excuse too. With your less disciplined mind you won’t be able to maintain your rigorous fitness regime anyway. All those protein powders, nutrition supplements and complicated exercises? Your head hurts just thinking about it. No, you’ll be happier this way. Big and curvy, with giant breasts and a thick behind. Just feeling your new assets shake as you move turns you on. You’re going to be an insatiable fat fuckbunny, getting wetter and wetter as you wiggle your big old titties and booty, craving your master’s touch.

    As soon as I cum inside you, your transformation shall be complete. Beg for it, seal your fate as my big bouncy bimbo!

    Best Anniversary Gift Ever.

    Oh honey this is such a thoughtful gift, a genuine magical grimoire! One that specializes in physical and mental alterations, you just know that’s always been a kink of mine. I know you were hoping to save it for our anniversary tomorrow, but when I saw it in your open bedside drawer I just couldn’t wait!

    I love that you just earmarked this particular spell for me, a naked busty maid transformation, just knowing I’ve wanted to experiment lately. I know you were worried about me going full on lesbo and caused that huge fight but I guess this means you came round huh?

    You’re so cute kneeling at my feet like that. It was such a turn on seeing you pretending to beg not to be transformed as I made you a cute curvy girl. You really got into the role play: crying as I melted away your muscular pecs into those gorgeous titties, begging as I made your cock disappear inside you and become a cute tasty little pussy and then silence as I cast the submission spell on your mind as you fell to your knees for me. You almost had me thinking that you never intended me to have the book, that you were planning on using it on me? Nah, you wouldn’t do that.

    You’re not going to believe all the naughty plans I have for us with this book. Today you’ll be a curvy brunette, tomorrow a stacked blonde, maybe after that I’ll make you a different race or something. Oh wow, I could totally take you clubbing! Just make you a boy crazy dance freak and just have a wild time together!

    This is seriously the best anniversary present ever babe, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to turn you back though. Ah well, we’ll worry about that later, time for you to clean up my maid.

    Titnotized into her service.


    I bet you never thought you and I would ever get together like this right? You always said you liked me, but I was too shy and timid to see me as a lover. I know that was just you trying to be polite and not say I was too big for you.

    My mother always told me the women in our family were on the bigger side, but that we made up for it with our special gift. She always told me to dress modestly but when I told her about you she suddenly did a one eighty and told me to show some cleavage and my special gift would do the rest. Turns out our large boobs have actual hypnotic qualities. So I wear something with a plunging neckline and voilá, you were finally ready to move me out of the friendzone!

    Oh, so you may have worked this out already but I guess I should spell it out: if my cleavage was enough to get you into bed, full exposure to my bouncing naked breasts has made you completely devoted to me. Watch them bounce up and down as you fuck me tenderly: you no longer have a will of your own. Your only desire is to please me and make happy.

    Unf this power over men, you have now idea how liberating it feels! I can’t wait to make up for lost time!

    You’re ok with that aren’t you my love? You’re fine with being my obedient plaything while I fuck other men aren’t you? I have such plans for you, you’ll be a great submissive as I explore my new powers. I can’t wait to see what kinks and perversions I can make you crave.  

    The Witch's Bitch

    So, what was it you and your girlfriend called me again? A fat old witch? I  must confess that you are correct on all three.

    Yes, I'm a witch, as shown by how easily I can control you (you look just darling like that by the way, naked on your hands and knees fixated by my naked body). Also I'm old, but you must admit I look damn good considering I'm four hundred years old. And last, yes I have some weight but I love being this size. Look at my power, I could be any woman I want, but I learned a long time ago that big is beautiful and now you know that too, don't you sugar? I'll take that raging hard on as a 'yes ma'am'.

    Oh you should have seen your girlfriend's face. I cast the spell on you and you just walked past her to me, pitching the biggest tent in your pants, and made out with me like a sloppy teenager. Oh the way she cried, I almost feel bad. Perhaps we'll make it up to her after.

    Mmmm yes, crawl to me like a dog. My pussy makes you drool, eat it out and if you do a good job perhaps I'll allow you to fuck me. I'm so kind, for insulting me I could've just turned you into a frog: this is much more preferable no? 

    Oh yes, lap it all up bitch. After this I think we'll find your gf and she can join you as my bitch. However, she is a little young and skinny for my tastes. How would you feel if I added about 20 years and a hundred pounds to her? Give her a nice, broad shape; soft, round tits and a big,  plump pear shaped derriere? Would you like that? Two big, beautiful women to love and worship?

    Heh. I'll take you cumming like a fire hose all over my floor as a yes. Finish me off, clean that up and we'll go pay her a visit.  

    "Deep throat that strap-on boy, I want a good photo to send to all your racist buddies so they can see that you're my strap-on sucking bitch now."


    "You sound so adorable trying to talk with that dildo in your mouth. Much better than the words you were saying when we first met. Thought you were tough driving through my neighborhood screaming the N-word, didn't know I had powers beyond your understanding. I made you stop in the street, get out your car, strip to your underwear and get on your knees and crawl like the dog you are behind me. I bet you're sorry now right?"


    "Wrong. You're a long way from sorry. After you've lubed up my little toy enough, I'm going to try it out on your tight white ass. Then when I've had enough of fucking your racist ass I think I'm going to take a nice long rest with my pussy and ass sitting on top of your face. We'll see where we go after that. What do you say to that?"

    "Yussmsstrss, thnkumsstrss"

    "Good bitch. Now, bend over."

    Request: Drink up my dear

    Drink up sweetie. Only a few drops to go and you'll be a big busty milk maid like me.

    You were certainly thirsty, especially considering your protests: that you were happy with your 'itty bitty titties' and that you didn't want to be a 'milk making cow' like me. It's a good thing I squirted you in the mouth, seeing you continue to be in denial like that was painful.

    Still, one drop and you're addicted! Here you are lying dutifully in my lap lapping it all up and loving it. Your breasts feel so full and heavy now, it's a feeling you've searched for your whole life and now you have it!

    Oh sweetie we're like sisters now! We'll find more women to make our sisters and wait until you see the things we can do to men with our milk! I can't wait to show you!

    Dudebro to geekboi part I


    Bill was psyched for the new CoD game, so much so that he had paced himself at last night's kegger so he wouldn't too hungover to pick up his copy the next day at Gamestop. While in line he noticed a cute, albeit slightly geeky looking girl. He tried to start a conversation.

    "Woah there babe, you play CoD? You can be on my team anytime."

    "CoD? Goodness, I'm sorry I came for the new WoW expansion."

    "Ha! Geek! Why don't you play a real game?" She spun round and looked at him coldly. Bill was rooted to the spot by some strange force.

    "You're absolutely right, why don't you come with me and we can play a real game?" Her eyes seemed to flash red for a moment as she wagged her finger at him, beckoning him to follow her.