SlutDex Entry: Jailbait

    Jailbait is known as the barely legal Pokeslut. When a person becomes a Jailbait they regress in age to eighteen and become highly promiscuous, wearing highly revealing clothing that shows off their slim bodies.

    This Pokeslut delights in finding older trainers to seduce. They are particularly fond of seducing happily married men in high positions: wrecking their personal and professional reputations by making them look like dirty old perverts.

    SlutDex Entry: Prostaker

    Prostaker is a Pokeslut who specializes in milking the prostates of males. Despite her petite frame Prostaker has enough physical strength to manhandle and take control of anyone who she wishes.

    Prostaker’s fingertips secrete a special lubricant that allows her to easily penetrate even the tightest of anuses. This natural lube also has a chemical effect on the victim’s prostate: leaving them unable to have an erection or orgasm by traditional methods and only attaining these states if their prostate is being manipulated. This leads to the inevitable mental and physical subjugation of the trainer as they become a slave to Prostaker’s milkings.

    SlutDex Entry: Loosepoke

    Loosepoke are highly destructive and life-altering Pokeslut. Loosepoke secrete a chemical pheromone, which is found much more concentrated in their bodily fluids. At first glance, Males who’ve encountered Loosepoke appear normal, in fact, there are no physical or mental changes whatsoever in males. For you see, a Loosepoke’s victim’s are almost always female. Loosepoke seduce males into a prone state with their sweet voices and ethereal songs. Loosepoke attempt intercourse with the male while he is dazed, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Once infected, males become carriers of the Loosepoke virus, the chemicals secreted within a Loosepoke’s vagina seep into the penis and testes. If the male subsequently performs intercourse with an uninfected female, the virus will cause his partner’s vagina to lose elasticity and become darkened and worn over a 24 hour period. Few female victims of Loosepoke are able to feel satisfaction through regular intercourse ever again, most are forced to resort to overly large sex toys. Pokeslut Professors theorize Loosepoke’s attack is genetic in nature since an infected female’s vagina is rarely tight enough to stimulate a male enough to ejaculate. If male prey resist intercourse, Loosepoke have been known to spit and lick! The effects are the same. AVOID!


    Our first submitted SlutDex Entry! Thank you @training2cumquick for  discovering this fascinating new PokeSlut! I hope to see plenty of new discoveries from plenty more trainers!

    SlutDex Entry: Clesissy

    Contrary to her name, Clesissy is not a sissy type PokeSlut. Easily identifiable by her pink hair, Clesissy projects an aura that awakens any subconscious feminine desires in male trainers and magnifies them. If you are a trainer who is unsure of their masculinity, please avoid encountering Clesissy at all costs.

    When under Clesissy’s influence, the ensnared trainer will come to view her as a big sister and wish to frolick and partake in girly activities such as makeovers and mani/petties. The longer they spend under her spell the more they will change, both physically and mentally. They will lose height, weight, body hair, penis length and gain a more androgynous appearance so that they be a more attractive sissy for Clesissy to play with.

    Clesissy has a mischievous sense of humor: there is nothing she enjoys more than finding a hyper masculine appearing male and converting him into her adorable sissy pet. If you do not find this fate appealing, Do not attempt to catch Clesissy!

    SlutDex Entry: Milftank

    Milftank is a milk type PokeSlut. Anyone transformed into a Milftank is age progressed to their mid to late thirties and gains a curvaceous frame and bust in order to produce large amounts of the transformative breast milk that this PokeSlut has become known for.

    It has been observed that the left breast produces milk that transforms trainers it defeats into other Milftanks, as seen in the photo above. There have been rare cases of Milftanks allowing trainers who defeat her to drink from her right breast, transforming them into Taurod: one of the few exclusively male PokeSlut species.

    SlutDex Entry: Squirtall

    Squirtall is a non-binary PokeSlut and there is evidence of both male and female transformations into this PokeSlut type. Squirtalls gets their name from its hair trigger ejaculation and the large volume of semen produced.

    They like to find an audience before playing with themselves until ejaculation, motivated by a dual sense of exhibitionism and humiliation. Trainers who have captured a Squirtall say they are eager to impress their new owner and make a great starter PokeSlut. As they gain experience, they gain more control over their cock as well as an increase in size and power. This new form is known as Cocktoise and is known to be sexually aggressive and dominant towards its trainer if they’re not able to control their evolved PokeSlut.

    SlutDex Entry: Jigglybutt

    This type of Pokeslut usually starts off as a woman with a flat behind. As the PokeSlut phenomenon infects her, her ass grows immediately to a size that can no longer be contained within the clothes she is wearing. Any attempt to wear more fitting clothes results in further expansion of the posterior. The only solution seen so far is to keep wearing the outgrown clothes that show off the expanded ass or to wear nothing at all beneath the waist.

    It is said that a Jigglybutt can cause extreme arousal  to any who witness her bare ass. It is rumoured that once a Jigglybutt has gained enough "experience", I.E. seduced enough trainers, that it will evolve to a more advanced form called a Wigglyslut where her breasts also expand to match her ass.

    Pokeslut Go!

    It became the most popular mobile game of all time: an AR game where you could catch cute little monsters who obeyed your every command. Little did anyone know that the coding for this adorable waste of data had started life as a top secret but forgotten Psy-Ops program meant to make enemies of the state more docile and passive.

    When the behind schedule programmers of the game found the code in a dusty hard drive, they thought their prayers had been answered. Within days of the game coming out, a small section of the populace began to undergo mental changes based on creatures based within the game. Even more shockingly, these people started to document bizarre transformations and powers based on their mental reconditioning. There are even some reports of the transformed becoming entirely submissive to those who “capture” them through the AR feature on their phone.

    This site will serve as a way of documenting all the different varieties encountered by those of you playing the game. Perhaps if we can gather enough data we can find a cure, before these strange transformations spread and infect others.

    Go fellow Pokeslut Trainers, and submit any findings for our SlutDex! And be careful out there…