Hi, I'm Laura. A couple of months ago I dated a really nice guy. While we're the same age (30 years old) and share some common interests, he wasn't really my type. I'm not superficial, but he was a little too "beta" for my tastes. He emailed yesterday asking if I'd date him again. I feel so sorry for him but at the same time a little annoyed that he keeps bothering me like this. I don't want to date him, and I now have a good looking, successful boyfriend! Can you please do something about it?

    Oh Laura, I know exactly what you’re going through: I also hate getting messages out of the blue from losers! I think I can help you though. However, the problem I’m seeing is not that your ex was too beta: the issue is that you’re too much of an alpha female!

    You’re so dominant you drain the masculinity out of any guy you date. A week with you and even the most alpha male will become a weak willed girly girl with no drive or desire except for fat dick and to please their mistress. As a matter of fact, here’s your ex and your current beau now!


    Don’t they look cute together? I love their curvy plump asses, very fuckable! I am wondering something though. Where does all that drained machismo go? Here’s a hint: look in your panties.


    Wow, what a fat cock you have Laura! You must have drained a ton of men looking for that perfect ‘alpha’ to have made it grow so much. The funny part is you will always crave a man to put you in your place but as soon as you touch them they’ll start to become a weak willed slut just like your last two boyfriends. Ah well, best accept your new role as a big dicked domme, someone’s got to fuck those two beautiful asses and it might as well be you and your girl cock! Let me know how it goes!

    Don't Look for Couples Counselling on Craigslist.

    Having marriage issues? These two were. Nora was a frigid bitch and Nick had pre-ejaculation issues. Their health insurance didn’t cover professional counselling so they looked around online.

    They found a listing on Craigslist for a Ms. Pisdovwich who claimed she could solve any couple’s problems for a small non-monetary fee. The couple eagerly replied, not knowing that the fee would be their boring old lives.

    Nick (now Nicki) now causes the pre-ejaculation in others with her impeccable blowjob technique while Nora is a very eager lover now that all her inhibitions are gone. They’re a real caring and sharing couple, living and working together in sexy harmony running their local brothel.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms jiorogomo

    "My girlfriend is such a prude. Can you use your magic to have her more loose? I was thinking in sex every day, as much as possible."

    Aww, you poor schmuck. Sure I’ll help you out. I’m going to make your gf a knockout nympho with the body of a goddess and a 24/7 craving for cock, cock, cock.

    Of course, that means that a wimp like you can’t possibly satisfy her. She looks elsewhere for satisfaction and guess what? She finds it.

    Meet Master Django, an old friend of mine from New Orleans. A master of the Voodoo arts and a hell of a fuck. Your girlfriend is absolutely entranced by him and his ‘talents’. He moves in and makes a cuckold of you: fucking your girlfriend whenever he wants and walking around the house naked, showing what a superior specimen he is.

    Eventually you can’t take anymore. You break down and cry like the snivelling weakling you are and beg for him to let you have her back. They both laugh at you but Django is a kind man. If you want to be with your girlfriend then you may serve alongside her.

    As he chants the ancient spells of his ancestors, any objections you may have had leave your body along with whatever sense of masculinity you had as he drains it out of you and adds it to his own. He’s decided if you want your girlfriend so badly you can be just like her as he molds your body through magic to be a blonde slut like her.

    Your ex-gf beams happily at the new you; she much prefers having a slutty sister than a dweeby shrimp pining for her. As she grabs Django's cock you can't help but cup his balls as you get wet and begin to feel empty with a craving to be filled by your new master's cock.

    She’s eager to show you the ropes and by the look of things you’re now very eager to learn. I do hope Django brings you along next time he visits so I can enjoy your slutty new form in person and laugh at your lost manhood while Django fucks your gaping pussy.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms hbkdman

    "I want to be changed into a skinny black dude with a big cock."

    Oh you do, do you? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Do you want to “be” a skinny black dude with a big cock or do you “want” a skinny black dude with a big cock?

    Oooh you’re thinking so hard about it. Taxing that little brain of yours, unaware that your hidden desires are fuelling my transformation of your body. You slip out of your clothes as your body gets slimmer and slimmer as your thoughts become lighter and lighter. Your face becomes pretty as long blonde hair cascades around it. Tiny breasts pop from your chest as your cock slips inside you and becomes a neatly trimmed pussy. You’re a pretty slim blonde bimbo!

    Who, of course, craves big black cock. Here let me help you out with two hung studs. I think you’ll find them to be your type.


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Leondarkfire

    "I want to me a MILFY madam over my own stable of sluts."

    Hahahahaahahahaha, no. You can’t just become a madam with her own harem, that has to be earned you fool! You have to work your way up from the bottom, don’t worry though: I’m going to send you there.

    I transport you to my dungeon, where you shall be placed in the tender loving care of one of my apprentices. She doesn’t command the power I do yet, so she has to use slower methods. She’ll place you in binding, shapechanging garments that will slowly alter you to a more pleasing form. You’ll be drained daily of your male essence via a milking machine attached to your unimpressive cock and it will be used to fuel my apprentice’s spells.

    As you spend your days in a perpetual mix of agony and bliss, eventually my apprentice will have the power to alter you to her desires. Will she allow you to keep your cock? Will she give you a pussy? Massive tits? Make you a submissive Asian or cock-crazy black chick? That’s completely up to her and you have no say in the matter.

    Maybe one day you’ll get your wish. It won’t be any day soon though, I can promise you that.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms solidfox777

    "If it’s not to much trouble, ma’am, may I please be transformed from a young successful man to a lowly, middle aged bbw maid?"

    Why certainly, just sign here and here and transfer all your wealth over to me. Very good, now watch your expensive tailored suit become a cheap and humilating maid outfit as your trim body plumps out and ages to that of a middle aged woman!

    You look so ridiculous darling, see how your illfitting uniform rides up your fat arse and pussy? I could laugh at you for hours, but alas I don’t have the time. Go clean my bathroom instead.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms M2bbwcaptions

    "What can you give me in exchange for my fitness and masculinity, witch?"

    Give you, Antisalong? I give you nothing. I take your masculinity and fitness because I can.

    I bring two of my female slaves forth.

    They have worked as the lowest bitches in my dungeon for years: they have been all manner of toys. Shifted into all sorts of races, weights and body types. They have experienced every kink and perversion with a smile and a moan. They have earned a place as alpha bitches in my stable and you are their graduation present.

    I cast a transfer of essence spell on the two girls and a paralysis spell on you. You are frozen to the spot you stand as the girls pull out from behind their backs they hold black fishnets, lace lingerie and a leather corset.

    They strip you down slowly and sensually. As their skin graces yours, your strength and will are transferred by my spell into them. They become tall and muscular Amazons dedicated to making all those beneath them into their personal fucktoys.

    Meanwhile your appearance become delicate and beautiful as they dress you in the sexy leather of a submissive sissy. By the time you are completely dressed in your new outfit, all of your male essence is gone: the last vestiges of it remaining in your cute hairless cock hanging delicately in your lacey see-through thong.

    You have no will to resist their every desire: you shall be the first of their own harem as I send them off into this kinky world.

    Perhaps one day you will rise to become a domme like your beloved mistresses did. I highly doubt it though, you look like you’re going to love being a submissive femboi to powerful Amazons.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Malebodyswaps

    "I’d love to be a sexy gay jock, I’m bored of being a skinny nerd…"

    Aw poor little geek! I’m touched by your plight so I’ll help you out. Feel your muscles swell and your brain shrink as you become a dumb musclebound himbo.

    Not bad, Charles Atlas eat your heart out! Maybe I should market this transformation, I’d make a fortune. Let me go call my agent, you go work out like a good dumb cock…


    He’s going to call me back, he’s got to call around and see if it’s possible to file a patent- what the hell is going on here! I leave you alone for five minutes and you’re picking on the weaker guys! Looks like I made you too dumb and if there’s anything I hate in this world it’s a dumb bully.

    Let’s help you make amends. Let’s shift around that mass, change it from sheer muscle into sheer mammary and that well hung cock into a tight, eager pussy.

    It’s not all bad, you’re still a eager cockslut: you just have a few extra ways of pleasing the guys. Ah, here’s my agent again. I’ll be right back, try not to have too much fun!


    Ugh, lousy crook: wanted a 45% cut on my creation! Can you believe it? If he wants to make that much money for doing nothing, he should go out and be a whore… guess it’s a good thing I turned him into one then. Wait, why’s that girl crying?

    Oh come on! I make you a hot slut and you have nothing better to do than be a bitch to the chubby girls? I suppose it’s my fault for making you so dumb and doomed to repeat those mistakes. I’m fixing those mistakes right now.

    Feel your metabolism slow to a crawl and your body fill out as you become a flabby, out of shape young woman of average intellect.

    You work so hard for such little gain due to a crappy metabolism. While you still have your craving for cock, none of the hunks that you seduced so easily in the previous forms I granted you will look at you twice. You go home to your lonely apartment and masturbate to the thought of being railed by musclebound studs, knowing that they wouldn’t touch a fat weakling like you.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Psluax84

    "Quit acting like a baby and make me human again!"

    How rude! I don’t think you deserve to be human after that outburst. I shall disperse your consciousness amongst all the sex toys in my possession: every dildo, every cock ring, every butt plug and especially every single anal bead. You will experience and taste every humiliation as you simultaneously vibrate around a hung shemale’s cock, keep the cum plugged up a slave’s ass, feel yourself being pulled out of a fat woman’s bottom as she shivers in pleasure from you and every other deviant act my girls perform with your many different forms.

    Eventually you shall lose your sense of self. Until all that is left is the unshakeable feeling that you shouldn’t have pissed me off.


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Yeti773

    "Yay fun! A sexy lesbian with colorful tattoos and brightly colored hair! Here is a cookie as an apology for inturrupting."

    Aww such manners, shame they won't do you any favors. Last time I ate a cookie from a stranger I woke up with a killer hangover and a sore ass. They smell good though and I could use a good chef to keep my girls in the shape I want them in. So you can be a lesbian with colorful hair, on one condition.

    You're now my baking fairy. Your job is to keep the bbws big and beautiful and the sissies pretty and girly using your special ingredients aka your special hormone-laden milk from those delicious boobies of yours! 

    Don't forget to have a regular drink of them yourself!


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Jillyjewels (and her master)

    "Ohhh, well like my master said im hos fuckdoll but like im not im just a horny bimbo slut he turned me into. Can you turn me into a fuckdoll, like alll bouncy and fuckable!?!"

    Someone needs a grammar lesson. Also, there are no masters here, only I am in control (unless I say so, sometimes a bit of role reversal is fun!).

    You and your ‘master’ are now MY fuckdolls, and I’m in the mood for some blond bimbo milfs with a little bit extra junk in the trunk. You’re the one with the tanlines btw pumpkin ;)

    I think I’ll keep you as my test subjects for a while: today you’re milfs, tomorrow maybe Japanese maids, after that who knows? Just keep me entertained unless you want to end up as butt plugs up my slaves’ bottoms keeping all the chum in.

    The Pissed Off Witch transforms the slob tf requesters.

    What's this? I take a break for some me time and I come back to some more of your pitiful requests? Seems some of you get off on the idea of becoming girls with hygiene problems. 

    I'll have you know that I get no amusement from such a transformation. I have no inclination to making you into messy, smelly girls. Why do that when it's so much easier to make you pigs?

    Wait no, that's no fun either. You want to get in touch with the baser bodily functions? Enjoy being butt plugs. I'm sure all my next victims will love you being inside them...


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Yomza344

    "I want to be a big breasted blonde bimbo who’s a lesbian"

    Yawn. Are there any other kinds of blonde bimbos? Well I guess straight ones, but semantics.

    Not only did you give me a boring request, you also happen to fall after I was so nice to my last victim. So… sucks to be you.

    You’re going to be a fat Japanese nerd girl. You’d love to be a lesbian, or anything in fact, but you’re painfully shy! You spend all day masturbating to all sorts of naughty porn: bdsm, humiliation, pet play. You’re such a deviant: you’re love to be humiliated by a strong master or mistress but you’re just so shy.

    The only way to relieve yourself is by stripping and pressing your flabby tits and belly against your apartment window flashing strangers. Your secret hope is one of them will come up and teach you how to be a real slut who can get over her anxiety.

    One person did come up one day, but you were so shy you couldn’t even open the door for them! Aww bless your geeky fat ass, looks like another night of masturbating to Yaoi porn for you.


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Mrstalkers

    "Southern, Whitetrash Cougar"

    Ugh, what is it with you guys and southern girls? Is it the accents? I do like cougars though I prefer my older women to be more refined than a trailer park gal.

    You’re a cougar milf from Connecticut. You were the perfect mother and wife. Did the soccer runs in the van, chaired the PTA and even cut the crusts off the kids’ sandwiches.

    Now: the kids are at college and your husband has left you for that slutty secretary. You’re not mad though: he was a limp dicked loser and now that you’re single you can explore your untapped sexuality and fuck as many young horny sluts and fat dicks as you can handle and that’s a lot!

    You even have a live in sex slave, your son’s best friend. He told his mom that he was going to backpack around Europe for a year before college when really he’s fucking you senseless everyday and partying with you every night while you both find new partners for an orgy back at your place.

    Wow, I’m a little wet thinking about that myself! I was exceedingly kind to you for some reason: next victim I won’t be so kind to!


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Spindizzy17

    "Oh, oh! Do me. I’d love to go from schluby guy to elegant sophisticated woman."

    Oh, oh! How about no!? When I look at you, I don’t see elegant. I see… subservient. Yes, it’s been a while since I had a servant devoted exclusively to housekeeping.

    You shall be my big titted French maid named Colette. You speak very poor English, but I don’t keep you for your linguistic skills.Your breasts are filled with sweet tasty milk for my tea that you serve so diligently. You’re so deeply devoted and obedient: you’re actually in love with me and you’re so horny all the time due to being in my presence, with only the end of your feather duster for release at the end of the day.

    However, your place is as my maid and I keep you away from all the other sluts I own. Maybe one day I’ll allow you to play with them, but don’t hold your breath. It’s so hard to find good help these days.


    The Pissed Off Witch Transforms Vampkindle

    "A blonde or redheaded shemale with good sized breasts"

    What makes you think you’re worthy of keeping your cock you little sissy? “Oh please Ms Witch make me a shemale” you know how many guys I’ve had beg me to turn them into a chick with a dick? Too many to count! You know what happens to them? They become toys in my drawer.

    Not you though, I’ve already got enough dildos and butt plugs to last a lifetime. However, one of my subs has been complaining lately of how badly she misses her cock, and to show her what a kind mistress I can be I’ve decided you can be her strap-on!

    (what, you didn’t think I was going to change her back did you?)

    She’s been with me a while and she’s worked her way up to alpha bitch in my stable, so as a symbol of her authority over all the other bitches you get to be her black rubber cock. You don’t mind that she’s a bigger girl right? She used to be a ninety pound weakling who came to me wishing to be a muscular jock, and that’s what I felt was fitting to do to her at that time (I must have been in a good mood that day considering she didn’t end up a ssbbw!). She’s got a great curvy body: as she wears you in her duties you’re going to become well acquainted with her ass and pussy.

    Hah, actually you’re going to become well acquainted with everyone’s ass and pussy! You lucky little bitch!


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Asleepingaurora

    "A smart and sexy (if chubby) hipster girl."

    So let me get this straight: you want to be transformed into the majority of Tumblr users?

    I give you a chance to be a unicorn and you want to be a normal boring horse?!

    Let's spread our imagination like you'll soon be spreading your legs. I'm going to make you a black bimbo, a beautiful rare creature in my opinion. 

    But wait there's more! You're addicted to anal sex. Why? Because I say so that's why! It makes you squirt like a motherfucker. That's not the ocean waves between your legs you're feeling there, that's your own juices you're laying in. Dirty bitch, put a towel down before you do that!

    Oh wait, you can barely make a sentence without the word cock or fuck in it, forward thinking probably isn't your strong suit, is it?


    The Pissed Off Witch transforms Vladimirpootis

    "A more self-aware ditz may wish to be smarter, or a busybody may wish for more time to relax… Easy fodder for nerd or slob stuff~"

    Ditz, busybody, nerd, slob. You’re throwing around a lot of labels there tiger. What’s it gonna be? No don’t bother, I don’t want you thinking you have a choice.

    I’m going to transform you into a bundle of different neurosis. You’re going to be an OCD cleanfreak who also happens to be a total nympho. You spend half the time in the bathroom making sure you’re squeaky clean and the other finding guys to fuck.

    You’re smart enough to know how fucked up this is, but you don’t care because you just need a fat cock on a daily basis. Your dream man, by the way, is Mr Clean. That smooth shiny head is just something you’d love to see bobbing up and down between your legs.


    The Pissed Off Witch is taking your requests, maybe...


    Yes, what is it? Can’t you in the middle of breaking in my new apprentice?

    Yes, I’m a witch, can’t you tell by the hat? Yes, I specialize in transformations: my apprentice here used to be a big strapping knight who doubted my power. Now that she’s a simpering little slut who can’t get enough of my strap on in her hole.

    Oh you know? And you still interrupted me? You know I’ve turned people into slugs for such stupidity right? Oh? You want me to transform you? Into a slug? No? Something else?

    Well come on then, out with it. Tell me what you want to be. Maybe I’ll be nice and oblige you. Or not. You did interrupt my apprentice's lesson after all…

    Just remember the old song: "you can't always get what you want."

    Well, what do you want?