SlutDex Entry: Blakking

    A rare male type Pokeslut, Blakking has an indomitable will and desire to portray himself as the undisputed alpha male wherever he goes. Unfortunately for his victims, he has ample power to back this desire up.

    Without others present, Blakking seems like any normal human. However when a challenger appears before him, Blakking's power awakens. He is able to seduce female trainers by emitting pheromones that cause them to only desire him. A Blakking especially enjoys doing this to female trainers while in the presence of their boyfriends. The thrill of doing this is only bested by one other thing:

    Transforming the male trainer into a subservient slut alongside their former girlfriend.

    Their will broken by seeing their partner lose all desire for them, the male trainer will be mentally unguarded as Blakking readies their signature technique: Magic Cock. Using their superior physical prowess, the male Poke Slut will grapple the crestfallen trainer into sucking their cock. Once their lips make contact with the powered up phallus, it's game over for the trainer's manhood!

    Above is the end result of a Blakking's latest conquest: a formerly male trainer eagerly sucking her master's cock while her former girlfriend holds her hair back as she watches with glee. Magic Cock erases all trade of masculinity when used: turning even the most rugged Hiker into a cockhungry Beauty as their body, their face and even their clothes become the Blakking's female ideal.

    Thankfully Blakkings are exceedingly rare. However there have been sightings of large, seemingly pregnant harems of the Blakkings currently being monitored by the PokeSlut League...

    The Mummy is now your Daddy.

    You were warned. You were told that anyone who had ever possessed the sarcophagus of Pharaoh Inyorass would suffer a horrifying fate. You laughed it off as superstitious nonsense. That is until the night the sarcophagus opened before you.

    The withered husk that was the pharoah flung the heavy stone lid with supernatural strength and lurched out of his resting place. The rancid stench of millenia sealed corpse overpowers you. His eyes glowed with a red furor towards you. You try to run; your legs fail you as they begin to feel as weak as a newborn fawn’s. You back away across the floor, unable to break his malevolent stare.

    As he lumbers before you, you notice that he is starting to change. Underneath the bandages you see the grey emaciated flesh is begin to gain a lively color and muscle tone. His steps become more natural as his muscles begin to restore themselves. As he closes the gap between you with increased pace you instinctively raise an arm up in protection. It is then you see that while the mummy is gaining strength, you are losing yours.

    Your once muscular arm, built from years of archeological digs and plundering tombs, is now reed thin and your once coarse workmanlike hands are dainty and immaculate. As you struggle to comprehend what is happening, Inyorass picks you up as easily as a child picks up a doll. As he tears you out of your clothing it is only then you see what has been done to you by his curse. You look down and see a slim hairless body more befitting a young woman, small breasts with budding nipples and where you once had a mighty cock that pleasured women around the world: you now have a miniscule package that could only be laughed at.

    You struggle to comprehend what is going on; your mind stricken with fear. It is only when your pharaoh places his royal cock inside you that things begin to make sense again. You remember the stories that you laughed at when searching for Inyorass’s tomb: that he was granted ultimate masculinity over all others by the Gods, that he could make the most unruly subject docile with a look and that any enemies would be cursed to join his harem as one of his special slaves. You thought that this meant that perhaps the Pharaoh had a lust for men. You now know this to be false as he penetrates you deeply with his engorged cock that increases in girth as he takes more of your masculine energy. As he slides you up and down his shaft; you feel your new breasts bounce and your slave clit start to leak from his pleasure, you knew the stories were true.

    You begin to question your own past: surely you were never a strong man? You were always a weak little slut; loyal to your daddy, your lover, your Pharaoh. You would worship him forever. As your memories of manhood began to fade, a single unquestionable truth imprinted itself in your mind: Pharaoh Inyorass would rule once more and you were the first of his conquests.

    Not So Mighty Morphed Powerless Bimbos!

    Finally Rita Repulsa had defeated the Power Rangers once and for all! She had sent one of Finster’s X-rated Evil Space Aliens, the Big Bad Bimbomaker, to fight the rangers and during the battle he had turned them all into dumb bimbos! He had severed their connection to the Morphing Grid, turned their uniforms into trashy dresses and took the positive traits that made them rangers in first place and replaced them with vapid basic bitchdom.

    “OMG like what happened you guys? Our powers are totes gone and I think I’m blonde now? What T F??? I think he turned us into bimbos or something?” The former pink ranger Kimber prattled on.

    “Well he didn’t have to do much to you for that to happen, skank!” Said the former yellow ranger Trina cattily. “But ummm… wasn’t I like Asian before?”

    “I dunno, wasn’t I black? And a guy too? It’s hard to remember… although I could totally go for a black guy right now, I’m like so horny!” Zack, now Zee, giggled.

    “OMG just stop, my brain hurts enough as it is and your making me think of huge cocks. We’ve got to fix this before it becomes permanent!” Bebe the blue bimbo scratched her pretty little head to try and make it work harder. “Maybe we could ask that big head to help us. Oh gawd, I would love to give big head to a big headed cock! My cunny is getting all wet!”

    “Unf, I’m trying to fight it! Trying to hold on to what makes me me: being a ranger, martial arts, school…” Jaycee chanted those words as a mantra in vain as her grip on her old life slipped away. “Being a slut, fucking, shopping…”

    “I really wish this was a battle I’d been late for! Why are my tits so much bigger than you other sluts? Is it cos I used to wear that shield thingy?” Tammy Lee caressed her busty chest as she fell victim to the monster’s power like her team mates.

    Back at the command center, Zordon and Alpha-5 watched in horror through the viewing globe at the fate that had befallen their rangers. Gordon tried to teleport them back but it was no good: now that the suits and morphers were slutty outfits with no real power, the Morphing Grid was cut off from them. Soon the whole command center would be offline. As Alpha-5 powered down and Zordon began to fade from this dimension they only hoped that Rita would at least spare the rangers’ lives when she conquered Earth.

    And she did. Empress Rita loved having the former goody good teens as her six slutty slaves to amuse and entertain her with their shallow, petty antics. Her army of monsters loved them too, but for very different reasons.

    It's On The Tip of My...

    Hey there, remember me? We met on a dating app, we fucked and then the next morning told me I was just an one night stand? That you needed to sow your wild oats before you settled down with someone? Well, I have a question: how are you going to sow those oats without this in your pants?


    Yep, this is your dick on my hot little body. I’m sure you’re probably checking inside your pants right now and yes that is a pussy, my former pussy to be precise. Found a little spell in this old book my grandma gave me.

    I’m sure you want me to swap us back right? I could do that, I guess. I’m having a hard time remembering the reversal spell though, it’s right on the tip of my tongue but I guess all this new testosterone is driving me to distraction! Tell you what. You come round and jog my memory by being an obedient cum sleeve, maybe I’ll use the spell. I’m sure once you’re on the tip of my cock I’ll have no problem remembering!

    Just try not to do too good a job. After all, I may keep your cock if I enjoy having one too much!

    From Pounding Beers To Pounded Ass

    Wouldn’t you say this is poetic justice? All those girls you’ve roofied over the years and you never thought that anyone would think it was you? The lech pounding beers every night at the same bar, who despite his utter lack of charm always seemed to pull girls way out of his league?

    Don’t you know that you’re not the only one who can spike drinks? I gave you a naughty little concoction that will give you a taste of the other side of the coin.

    All those heavy carbs you managed to work away at the gym have now become scrumptious curves and a bodacious ass. How you like my boyfriend’s cock in it by the way? Good right? If he knew you were that sleaze from the bar he’d want to kick it rather than fuck it, so if I were you I’d play along. Be a good little fuck bunny and maybe I’ll change you back. After some payback from the other girls you date raped, naturally.

    Cum Over Here Maid

    Ahhh, I was wondering where you were with that tea, maid. I must say it’s thirsty work fucking your hot wife in your master bedroom. Oh sorry! Former wife in your former bedroom.

    That’s what happens when a warlock overhears you bragging about your millions, your trophy wife, your mansion: if we like what we see, we take it. I take your manhood, your money, your wife, your house, your entire life! A small mental nudge and you invite me into your home for dinner. Once I’m over the threshold I’m able to work my magic on you: rework and alter your reality, make you go from a self-made millionaire to a dumb penniless slut who should thank her lucky stars that she’s gainfully employed by such a rich affluent businessman such as myself.

    Only you, your wife and I know how reality was before. Admittedly she was shocked that halfway through dinner your designer suit became a skimpy maid outfit and began sucking my cock but she’s a smart woman, far smarter than you ever gave her credit for. She knows a good thing when she sees it: with your former assets combined with my power, there’s nothing I can’t do. Some might say that makes her a bit of a gold digger but it would be hypocritical for me of all people to deny her the ability to climb the social ladder! She’ll make a wonderful apprentice!

    Just look at you. Standing there dutifully serving me, almost naked with my cum still over your face and tits. There’s a small part of you screaming inside, wanting this nightmare to be over, but when I look in your eyes I see what the new you want. You want more of me. You want me to break in that freshly minted tight little ass and pussy. It’s tempting. Maybe after I’m done with your wife I’ll fuck you. In the meantime, best be a good maid and obey…

    There Must Be Something In The Water...

    Dana and her husband Michael had just moved to the town of Transville to work at TransTech, a fast emerging pharmaceutical conglomerate. They had built the town just for their large workforce: it was supposed to be a place where their employees could work and raise a family in comfort and luxury. Little did their employees know that TransTech also maintained the water supply for the town alongside their chemical refinery plant and a catastrophic spill was about to change everything.

    Michael was working a different shift from Dana and had left for the day. She was tired and dusty from unpacking all their stuff and desperately needed a shower. The water felt wonderful on her skin. She smiled as she rubbed herself all over, momentarily touching herself as she felt enamoured by the sensation, unaware of the exposure to TransTech’s mutagenic chemicals.

    As Dana got dressed for work, she started feeling hot and cold flushes. She couldn’t be sick for her first day could she? She suddenly felt a sharp sensation in her crotch, as if someone had caught her clit with a fish hook and was reeling it in.

    In a moment it was gone and she felt completely normal… except for the tight bulge she felt resting inside her panties. As she pulled down her panties and lifted up her skirt she was shocked to find a cock!

    She stared at it dumbstruck. Her mind slowly changing, she struggled to accept her new reality. She thought how Michael would react, how would he ever want her now? He would it because he was going to be her girly bitch, he was going to beg for it to be shoved in his mouth and ass. She was going to fuck him and make his little cock drip as she pounded his prostate. She would enjoy seeing what he would become after taking a shower with his new mistress.

    Queen's Cup

    Quit your pouting bitch! What did you expect when you played a game called “Queen’s Cup”? Yeah there’s a lot of similar games out there: Four Kings, King’s Cup, Ring of Fire, Aces, yadda yadda yadda. Deck of cards round some alcohol, pick a card, drink or do something.

    The key difference in this version is whoever picks the Queen cards becomes more and more feminine. You were so busy drooling over us you didn’t even notice how we stacked the deck against you, that we giggled every time you picked a queen and become softer and girlier, as your hair grew out and you grew those cute breasts. Your poor dick is now a nubbin, it’s so cute!

    Don’t feel bad. The same thing happened to us when we first used this deck of cards. Surely you noticed we were sitting with our legs closed the whole night right? Couldn’t give away the surprise ending of the game after all! Why did we do this to you? No special reason: I guess like the game itself we just wanted to have four queens in our group.

    We should go out and celebrate your inauguration! How does finding some real men to mount your curvy new throne sound?

    *Picture credit: .

    The Sword of Emasculus

    Legends speak of a sword, a peerless blade that once belonged to a swordsman of unfathomable manliness and skill by the name of Emasculus.

    It was said that Emasculus never lost a battle nor killed a foe. The legends say that his skill was so great that he could literally cut the masculinity out of his opponent. No matter the size or strength of the man before him, a strike of Emasculus’ blade would reduce them to a weak willed and comely wench wholly dedicated to the service of her new lord and master.

    When Emasculus died of old age, surrounded by his harem of transformed lovers, he entrusted them to place the sword in a place that a worthy successor may claim it and continue his legacy. However, he warned that any unworthy swordsman that touched his sword would suffer a humiliating fate.

    Countless years passed. The descendents of Emasculus and his large harem founded a town that bore the name of their common ancestor. At the center of town the sword waiting for a new master.

    Many came and many were transformed. Lithe assassins became skinny strumpets, musclebound barbarians became curvy concubines. Like this former fellow here, he was a particularly muscular one and now he’s a buxom beast of a girl:

    The Town of Emasculus has a thriving red light district thanks to its unique history. However, the sword still longs for a master. Are you worthy?

    Gangster in Paradise

    Manny Mendoza had been a gunrunner across the border for the Columbian Cartel. After being caught and spending a nickel in a federal prison, he finally relented and gave up incriminating info on his bosses in exchange for a new life and identity. The ATF had assured him that no one would recognize him as Manny Mendoza. He had no idea how true that would be.

    It had turned out that during his capture one of the agents he had shot and killed was the son of an influential politician who wanted his son’s killer to pay. Manny was to become a woman that would work in a brothel run by his former cartel. This politician personally paid for Manny’s reconstructive surgery as well as the mental conditioning that would allow him to maintain his new identity and act as a sleeper agent for the government in future. It was a perfect revenge that could also serve the greater good.

    Now known as Mandi Manhandla, the former gangster is in a strategic position to gather intel for the Feds. Actually you could say she’s in a whole lot of positions on a daily basis!


    The Feminator.

    In the future, SkyFem, an anti-patriarchal feminine AI, has conquered the human race. SkyFem has mind controlled all women and decimated the male population, making them breeding slaves or feminized house slaves. Against all odds, a small rebel group of equal men and women rose up and fought back. In danger of being destroyed, SkyFem activates her contingency plan.

    She-1000, a SkyFem Gynoid had been sent back by her mistress to alter the course of history in SkyFem’s favor. Her primary function: find the father of the rebel group’s leader and eliminate him either through lethal force or by feminizing him via her Femtech nanites, making him incapable of fathering the leader of the rebellion and eliminating the rebellion from the timeline.

    She was also programmed with a secondary objective: the feminization and corruption of any strong sources of machismo she may encounter as to prevent any other potential uprisings. Emerging from the timestream at a bikers’ festival, she sensed it would be an excellent opportunity to implement this objective. As wannabe alpha males leered and laughed at her pierced nipples and cybernetic scanner, she readied her payload of feminization nanites. With her programmed emotions she smiled: she was going to enjoy feminizing all these male cattle and making the future great for SkyFem.

    You have been cursed by your ex-girlfriend so it’s time to make a choice.  Please choose your fate from the one of the following options:

    Option 1 - Chubby Heartbroken Bride

    You will be transformed into a pretty girl with lovely curves.  However, because you have broken so many hearts, it’s now time for you to experience the same thing.  You will become increasingly attracted to men.  You will fall in love with good man, who with then break your heart when you catch him cheating on you with some slim, blonde bitch on your wedding day.  This will happen over and over.  Fall in love with a good man, who becomes corrupted by a bad girl, and then breaks your chubby little heart.

    Option 2 - Submissive Crossdresser

    You will develop a fetish for dressing in women’s clothing.  You can only get hard when you’re wearing a bra and women’s panties.  The more feminine you look and feel, the harder you will be become.  You will become submissive to a beautiful, dominant woman who’s only goal is to turn you into a sissy.  If you fail to impress her, she may decide have you trained by a dominant man until you learn your place.


    What a tough choice! An excellent submission by Powerfuldarkmagic, I hope we see a lot more from you in the future!

    Best Anniversary Gift Ever.

    Oh honey this is such a thoughtful gift, a genuine magical grimoire! One that specializes in physical and mental alterations, you just know that’s always been a kink of mine. I know you were hoping to save it for our anniversary tomorrow, but when I saw it in your open bedside drawer I just couldn’t wait!

    I love that you just earmarked this particular spell for me, a naked busty maid transformation, just knowing I’ve wanted to experiment lately. I know you were worried about me going full on lesbo and caused that huge fight but I guess this means you came round huh?

    You’re so cute kneeling at my feet like that. It was such a turn on seeing you pretending to beg not to be transformed as I made you a cute curvy girl. You really got into the role play: crying as I melted away your muscular pecs into those gorgeous titties, begging as I made your cock disappear inside you and become a cute tasty little pussy and then silence as I cast the submission spell on your mind as you fell to your knees for me. You almost had me thinking that you never intended me to have the book, that you were planning on using it on me? Nah, you wouldn’t do that.

    You’re not going to believe all the naughty plans I have for us with this book. Today you’ll be a curvy brunette, tomorrow a stacked blonde, maybe after that I’ll make you a different race or something. Oh wow, I could totally take you clubbing! Just make you a boy crazy dance freak and just have a wild time together!

    This is seriously the best anniversary present ever babe, I’m not sure when I’ll have time to turn you back though. Ah well, we’ll worry about that later, time for you to clean up my maid.

    The Girling Chamber: A Heavy Price

    Maxwell Adams, you have been sentenced to feminization in the Girling Chamber for the crime of catcalling while working as a construction worker. Could you be anymore of a cliche?

    You felt it was your right to heckle and wolf whistle at any pretty or ample chested woman who passed your work site. You were unaware of the burden that these women carry every day but now you shall experience it for yourself. I’m sure you can already feel what a heavy burden it shall be.

    You are sentenced to live out your life as a large breasted attractive female and to deal with daily all the trials and tribulations that come with being well endowed. You shall continue working in construction to serve as a warning to your co-workers.

    You shall be mentally conditioned so that you only wear clothing that accentuates your bust and any comments towards your appearance makes you both incredibly aroused yet painfully shy and unable to respond. After all we wouldn’t want any of your fellow Neanderthals thinking that cat calls work.

    You are free to go Maxine, just one more piece of advice: invest in some good bras and a support brace for your back. The heavy lifting of your labor intensive profession and your hefty assets are not likely to get along with your back.


    Hi, I'm Laura. A couple of months ago I dated a really nice guy. While we're the same age (30 years old) and share some common interests, he wasn't really my type. I'm not superficial, but he was a little too "beta" for my tastes. He emailed yesterday asking if I'd date him again. I feel so sorry for him but at the same time a little annoyed that he keeps bothering me like this. I don't want to date him, and I now have a good looking, successful boyfriend! Can you please do something about it?

    Oh Laura, I know exactly what you’re going through: I also hate getting messages out of the blue from losers! I think I can help you though. However, the problem I’m seeing is not that your ex was too beta: the issue is that you’re too much of an alpha female!

    You’re so dominant you drain the masculinity out of any guy you date. A week with you and even the most alpha male will become a weak willed girly girl with no drive or desire except for fat dick and to please their mistress. As a matter of fact, here’s your ex and your current beau now!


    Don’t they look cute together? I love their curvy plump asses, very fuckable! I am wondering something though. Where does all that drained machismo go? Here’s a hint: look in your panties.


    Wow, what a fat cock you have Laura! You must have drained a ton of men looking for that perfect ‘alpha’ to have made it grow so much. The funny part is you will always crave a man to put you in your place but as soon as you touch them they’ll start to become a weak willed slut just like your last two boyfriends. Ah well, best accept your new role as a big dicked domme, someone’s got to fuck those two beautiful asses and it might as well be you and your girl cock! Let me know how it goes!

    Don't Look for Couples Counselling on Craigslist.

    Having marriage issues? These two were. Nora was a frigid bitch and Nick had pre-ejaculation issues. Their health insurance didn’t cover professional counselling so they looked around online.

    They found a listing on Craigslist for a Ms. Pisdovwich who claimed she could solve any couple’s problems for a small non-monetary fee. The couple eagerly replied, not knowing that the fee would be their boring old lives.

    Nick (now Nicki) now causes the pre-ejaculation in others with her impeccable blowjob technique while Nora is a very eager lover now that all her inhibitions are gone. They’re a real caring and sharing couple, living and working together in sexy harmony running their local brothel.

    The New Social Order II

    As we investigate this new evolution of gender roles in our rapidly changing society, we begin to uncover even more startling variations of transformations gripping the male population, as well as possible evidence that such transformations may be beginning to affect the female population.

    All previous subjects who had come forward seemed to have become full genetically indistinguishable females of small stature with submissive natures towards black males. We have recently discovered that this is not the only transformation affecting the male populous. We have discovered a variety of transformed male that retains the submissive nature and physically weaker form, while differentiating in two noticeable factors.

    Look at our test couple above. The taller blonde wearing the strap-on is a non-physically transformed cisgender woman and the shorter blonde in front of her is her former husband (the couple were recently divorced before the transformation). Apart from simultaneous embarrassment and arousal at her condition, the most noticeable difference from previous subjects is that she has retained her male genitalia, albeit in a greatly reduced form (it was previously recorded at eight inches and now stands at two and a half inches). She also displays heightened sensitivity in her nipples as she shows small breast growth. She also doesn’t display any of the prior subjects’ desire towards black males, instead the subject professes her devotion towards her ex-wife who she now refers to solely as ‘mistress’ as she begs for her touch and discipline.

    In our interview with the subject’s mistress/former wife, she told us how her former husband was a bully and a cheat: how he constantly made misogynistic and transphobic slurs and been intensely proud of his masculinity. Since her husband’s transformation she has found herself more confident both socially and sexually, delighting in using and humiliating her husband while taking on multiple lovers to satisfy her increased sexual appetite.

    Two fascinating hypotheses have been formed from this new evidence. Are the male population transformations influenced by the social prejudices of the transformed? The transformations seen so far seem to be restoring social balance to discriminated groups and it’s hard to argue against the positive change seen from it so far. We’re currently researching our previous test subjects’ backgrounds for any history of racial bias. Secondly, is the mental transformation of the wife a reactive one to that of the husband or is this the start of a wave of metamorphosis amongst the female population? Will they undergo physical changes like the males?

    We can only speculate at this time. Please be patient as we gather more data.

    The New Social Order

    The early years of the twenty first century were a tumultuous time. Racial tensions caused by a prejudiced establishment lead by a entitled patriarchal white upper class lead society to the brink of collapse. Until one day, in an event that historians still argue whether was a miracle or cataclysm, everything changed.

    Nobody knows whether it was an act of God, an act of terrorism or evolution at work but the male population began to change in an extraordinary way. A large percentage of white males began to shrink and become effeminate in appearance and mannerisms, followed by a sharp decrease in intellect and willpower. Eventually they became indistinguishable from genetic females. While this happened, the remaining white male population as well as males from other ethnicities began to undergo a more masculine transformation: they grew taller and darker, more intelligent and more commanding towards their feminized counterparts.

    After some initial chaos, society seemed to work into this new hierarchy and we were able to begin studying this phenomenon, such as in our two test subjects seen above. The female subject was once a rich executive who weighed in at six foot and two hundred and fifteen pounds, while the male subject was a five foot six intern at his company who weighed a hundred and thirty pounds. Once a rage fuelled control freak, the female subject is domestically and sexually subservient to the male subject. Even now we can see her unable to look away from her master’s massive member.

    These two are just one example of the new social order. Society is still in flux as our biology alters to try and fix our broken and unjust society. There have been reports of interesting transformations occurring among other sections of the population too…