SlutDex Entry: Loosepoke

    Loosepoke are highly destructive and life-altering Pokeslut. Loosepoke secrete a chemical pheromone, which is found much more concentrated in their bodily fluids. At first glance, Males who’ve encountered Loosepoke appear normal, in fact, there are no physical or mental changes whatsoever in males. For you see, a Loosepoke’s victim’s are almost always female. Loosepoke seduce males into a prone state with their sweet voices and ethereal songs. Loosepoke attempt intercourse with the male while he is dazed, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Once infected, males become carriers of the Loosepoke virus, the chemicals secreted within a Loosepoke’s vagina seep into the penis and testes. If the male subsequently performs intercourse with an uninfected female, the virus will cause his partner’s vagina to lose elasticity and become darkened and worn over a 24 hour period. Few female victims of Loosepoke are able to feel satisfaction through regular intercourse ever again, most are forced to resort to overly large sex toys. Pokeslut Professors theorize Loosepoke’s attack is genetic in nature since an infected female’s vagina is rarely tight enough to stimulate a male enough to ejaculate. If male prey resist intercourse, Loosepoke have been known to spit and lick! The effects are the same. AVOID!


    Our first submitted SlutDex Entry! Thank you @training2cumquick for  discovering this fascinating new PokeSlut! I hope to see plenty of new discoveries from plenty more trainers!

    Pokeslut Go!

    It became the most popular mobile game of all time: an AR game where you could catch cute little monsters who obeyed your every command. Little did anyone know that the coding for this adorable waste of data had started life as a top secret but forgotten Psy-Ops program meant to make enemies of the state more docile and passive.

    When the behind schedule programmers of the game found the code in a dusty hard drive, they thought their prayers had been answered. Within days of the game coming out, a small section of the populace began to undergo mental changes based on creatures based within the game. Even more shockingly, these people started to document bizarre transformations and powers based on their mental reconditioning. There are even some reports of the transformed becoming entirely submissive to those who “capture” them through the AR feature on their phone.

    This site will serve as a way of documenting all the different varieties encountered by those of you playing the game. Perhaps if we can gather enough data we can find a cure, before these strange transformations spread and infect others.

    Go fellow Pokeslut Trainers, and submit any findings for our SlutDex! And be careful out there…

    The Baroness Samedi offers you a choice...

    Hello there mortals, welcome to my realm. I am the Baroness Samedi, Loa of resurrection. No, not the James Bond villain. You are aware of my name if not my true power, but you will be soon.

    How did you end up in my realm? Simply put: you’re dead. Why? How? I cannot say.

    Fret not however, I am the Loa of resurrection after all. I can return you to life, although not your own. That time has passed and in shedding the old we must embrace the new. I will even give you a choice of your new reality, just be weary though; sometimes fate deals you a bad hand.

    Prostrate yourself before me, tell me of your former life and let us see what the spirits have in store for you. But remember this. Of the choices given you must tell me your choice. Or else your soul will be torn across limbo for eternity.

    Choose well mortals.

    The Cock of Chaos: Prologue (a multipart collaboration with Staceytfs)

    The Mu Sigma Mus were the hottest sorority on campus. They were also the bitchiest, cattiest and most stuck up. Peggy had applied for them, not because of their on-campus reputation but despite that, they had outstanding connections. Dozens of female politicians and Fortune 500 company CEOs had come from Mu Sigma Mu. Peggy had big plans for her future and joining that sorority figured into those plans big time.

    Unfortunately she hadn’t even passed hell week. The girls had broken her, been so cruel. They told her she was too weird to be a mu-mu girl. She was hurt, but they hadn’t been wrong though.


    She was descended from a line of powerful witches after all.

    Although she had wanted to make her way in the world without relying upon her powers, she’d decided if she couldn’t join them she would beat them. After she was done with them, they would be the weird girls on campus.

    She invoked the power of Eris, Goddess of Chaos. She asked for a tool of power to unmake her enemies. Eris answered her with a smile and granted Peggy one of her legendary apples.


    It resonated with power within Peggy’s hand as she pictured a new form for it that would be sure to tempt the sisters. It glowed a malicious shade of purple and shifted shape into a large purple vibrator.


    She smiled as she looked over the dark magic dildo. As she imbued it with her wicked intent, it transformed into indigo light and flew towards the Mu Sigma Mu house. By the end of the night, her vengeance would be served.

    The Pissed Off Witch Returns!

    Hey Sluts! Did you miss me? Course you did. 

    Seeing as it's the season I thought I'd come back and brighten up your dull little lives with some magic. Why don't you tell me what you little pricks want to be turned into?

    Maybe if I like it I'll do it. Or I won't, who knows? Slob and scat requesters will automatically become butt plugs, so don't bother.

    Come see what the Pissed Off Witch has in store for you! Aren't you curious?

    Oh, the endless possibilities...

    Sleep, my puppet, sleep. The game is over and I have won: you are mine to do with as I please.

    The only question is: what to do with you?

    I could make you a musclebound fuck slave, with barely a wit about you and your thick cock trained to pleasure me.

    Or perhaps I should go in the other direction? Drain you and fill you full of female hormones. Make you my femboi submissive and watch a real man fuck you while you meekly lap at my pussy.

    Why not take it a step further? Fully feminize you and make you a lovely obedient slut. There’s a lot I could do with you: slim you down, plump you up, big titties, little titties, anything I want. You’d be such a pretty girl, devoted to your Mistress.

    On the other hand, maybe you’re unworthy of all this attention? Perhaps I should just make you a dildo or a butt plug and add you to my collection?

    Oh, the endless possibilities!

    Turnabout is fair play, right?

    Really want to write something but need some inspiration.

    I was curious: ifyou, dear reader, had the powers of some of the characters in my stories what would you do to me?

    Like in this scenario: we come across each other in real life and I decide to use my powers to change you into someone more suitable to my tastes.

    I cast the spell. Nothing happens. My power has left me and flowed into you. Am I in trouble? ;)