Brotherly Love

    Just because I was born years after them or that I wasn’t a nerd like them, my brothers always talked down to me. They weren’t bad people, but just really annoying and boring. Hardly cool like me. They’re in college studying some science shit that I don’t care about. They’re such nerds!

    So, when I found this magic camera that can change who it takes a picture of in grandpa’s old stuff, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. After registering as the main user so I couldn’t be changed myself, I pestered my brothers to get a selfie together with it. For being so high and mighty, they sure fell for it easily enough.

    With a snap, it was done! We’re now triplets in 10th grade of high school. My pre-med brother is now this punk wannabe and my engineer brother is this slacker skater. We have so much in common now and it’s so much fun to hang out! They even look up to me as a leader for being the smart one!