Rhe changing nerd wandered the road leading to the beach scratching his hair as it styled itself a faux hawk. He should have thought it was weird when the surfer dude walked by and said he looked dehydrated and tossed him the smart water bottle. But he didn't and took a few sips from it anyway. He felt his body burning up as fat seemed to melt away, pecs puffing out forming a slight shelf. His stomach flattening before carving out into abs. His grey t shirt faded away...duh brah would would he be wearing a shirt to the beach? His cargo shorts shift and change into the swishy material of white basketball shorts that sag low exposing his boxer breifs temporarily before they turn into calvin klien's. His socks vanish as his shoes turn orange and grow out into loud cluncky sneakers. Size 12 to fit as he grows taller and his feet expand, longer and wider to support himself on a board more. Memories of skating and surfing fill up his head and he starts forgetting those old nerdy interests. No more anime, video games, and documentaries for him. Now its surfing skating and hot dudes or babes brah!

    Scott found the green bandana tied around his bike handle, almost like a warning from the skater jocks who patrolled his neighborhood. Later that day as he was riding his bike to the store he realized he left his mask at home. With no other choice, he wrapped the bandana around his face, smelling cheap axe and sweat from the skater who wore it last. As he walked inside his muscles begin to strain and stretch. His flat chest getting longer and buffer. His arms and legs getting longer. He raised his arms with a new confidence and easily discarded his shirt, store couldnt make him wear one of those, he mused. His large hands rubbed his muscular pecs while tattoos etched themselves on to his arms. His face hardened and matured with shorter hair and a firm jawline. His feet grew large and masculine with each step. By the time he made it to checkout the only item he had was a pack of cigerettes and the bike had turned into a skateboard. "Yo, wanna try this on?" He asked in a smooth commanding voice before forcing the sweaty bandana on the nerdy cashier...


    I know you probably don’t take requests but how about one where a highschool teacher gets regressed and turned into a dumb skater/surfer by his students?

    Old request sorry I just got to it.

    Mr. Kent was a good math teacher but of course his students didn't think so. To them he was a total stick in the mud who was always correcting them for smoking weed, skating on school property, and not doing homework. Finally a few of the guys decided to do something about it. The one guy stuck a piece of chewed gum to the bottom of Mr. Kent's desk before class so it would still be fresh. Thomas Kent walked into the classroom to set up for a lesson. When he put his hand down on the desk it stuck to the gum and he was grossed out. But as he lifted his hand the gum was oddly tempting looking to him. He pops it into his mouth without thinking and started to chew and as he did. He felt an itch in his hair as it turned blond and grew out slightly. His skin itched as his body haur retracted in and his skin took on a deep tan. He felt a breif sharp pain as his whole body seemed to compress, arms, legs, and torso shrinking, his clothes becoming baggy before they suddenly change. His black dress pants change into denim and his belt becomes designed. His feet grow larger despite his loss of size and age, he feels pressure around his leather dress shoes until they bulk out to a pair of size 12 Osiris shoes, brightly colored in red and clunky looking. His shirt simply vanished showing his leanly muscled teenage chest. A white backwards hat appears on his head as he aged down to barely 18 feeling his intelligence drain as his head fills with hormones, music and skater skills as he sits on the chair with his feet up on the teachers desk. Todays lesson was gonna be very different, maybe they'd calculate how many letters Tom could burp using only one can of coke, or how high he could kickflip.

    Ryan was walking home from his college class when he saw the skateboard just sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk. No one was around. It seemed abandoned. Out of curiosity to humor himself he got on it. It was tricky to keep his balance but he quickly got it. He felt strange as his feet began to smell amd hurt, getting larger and bursting through his sneakers. He kicked off the remains of his shoes and felt the soles of his feet get rough from being barefoot all the time and felt really good using his toes to grip the board. A tan began to spread across his feet and up his legs while muscle grew and hair on his legs vanished. The tan spread as his jeans turned into shorts and he felt his average torso firm up with muscles. As his abs tightened his balance improves whike his pecs pushed out and his shirt dissolved. The tan reached his face as he got younger and cuter, looking about 18 or 19. His hair turned blonde and itched as it grew out, the back and sides short whike the top grew long and flopped over. Ryan grinned as he started to ride the board with ease, even doing tricks. The stressful life of a college student was behind him now, and his new life as a relaxed carefree skater dude was just getting started.

    Scott had always looked out enviously at the hot surfer/skater guys that went by his house to the beach nearby. Living in a  Florida shore town he was used to seeing a lot of them. He was a skinny nerd and spent most days indoors. One day when he casually wished he could be like the hot guys out his window he didn't think for one second that a recently freed genie passing by would take pitty on him and grant his wish. He felt a sudden pain in his spine as he shrunk down a bit, any body hair he had vanished while his fat melted away to form toned muscles. His new muscles on display once his shirt vanished. His hair got shorter and styled into a cool cut. His shoes and socks vanish as his feet grow larger and wider, the soles harden as if he never wears shoes. He felt so much better without them. His pants shrink down to a light blue pair of board shorts. He feels a sharp shiver through his whole body as his skin takes on a deep tan. A backwards cap appears on his head, cool sunglasses on his face and finally a board appears in his hand. His mind blanks out and he forgets his previous life and a new one fills in the blanks. Scott is a hot cool 19 year old skater dude. He hurries outside to catch his bros on their way down to the beach.

    What do you mean I'm a dumb skater? I'm nothing like one

    What? No I'm not your "bro" I don't even know you.

    Well I don't really workout but I guess I'm looking decent lately...

    Yeah it is kinda hot out, yeah you def got the right idea with no shirt on dude...I meam bro...I mean, what the fuck?

    Yeah my head fuckin' hurts.

    What? Ur gonna do the thinking for me bro? That'd be sick dude.

    Hell yeah I wanna skate! Sure thing bro we can take a pic first huhuhuh.

    Brotherly Love

    Just because I was born years after them or that I wasn’t a nerd like them, my brothers always talked down to me. They weren’t bad people, but just really annoying and boring. Hardly cool like me. They’re in college studying some science shit that I don’t care about. They’re such nerds!

    So, when I found this magic camera that can change who it takes a picture of in grandpa’s old stuff, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. After registering as the main user so I couldn’t be changed myself, I pestered my brothers to get a selfie together with it. For being so high and mighty, they sure fell for it easily enough.

    With a snap, it was done! We’re now triplets in 10th grade of high school. My pre-med brother is now this punk wannabe and my engineer brother is this slacker skater. We have so much in common now and it’s so much fun to hang out! They even look up to me as a leader for being the smart one!