Hey man. Sorry to cancel last minute but I can’t make it. I know it’s a first date and all but Im not in the mood for drinks right now. Maybe we can do something else another time? 🙏🙏🙏

    Oh ok. Now worries. Let’s meet another time.

    So you’re not pissed?

    No it’s ok. I figured you’re out of my league. I’m kinda used to being stood up.

    Really? I thought with your looks you’d have guys lining up 😆

    My looks? I know I’m average. Please don’t make fun of me

    No way man. Do you look at your own selfies? You’re face is the perfect combo of cute and sexy 😘

    Haha thanks. If only my smile was enough to get you on a date. Do you not like my body?

    Dude your bod is hot 🔥🔥🔥

    You find skinny guys hot?

    Skinny? Dude you’re jacked! With all that muscle you must hit the gym every week

    Lol its everyday lol

    Must be all you have time for. Looking that good and constant hookups

    Gym is life dude. But hookups? I’m lookin more for LTR

    Huh? No you’re not. You profile is all shirtless pics, eggplant emojis, and right now. I want a peice of that monster cock 😈

    Lol sure is. Always looking to fuck. So where you at? I wanna pin your ass down.

    On my way


    Are you sure you’re smart? I mean a few seconds ago you were convinced you were skinny and ugly. I had to remind you that you have some pretty hot muscle and perfect hair. You even had clothes on that were 2 sizes too small remember? I had to remind you how much you like lounging around naked- letting your large cock and balls breath- something you also somehow forgot you had. You were acting all innocent and shy, not like the sexy cocky guy I know till I told you otherwise. So- are you sure you’re smart? Cause I’m pretty sure you’re a dumb as fuck jock boy. Proud of it too. I know for a fact whenever you even try to read you get too horny to turn the page. Not even sure why you have those glasses on. So why don’t you put those books away and move onto what you’re really good at or do I have to remind you of that too?


    Thomas and his brother Will had always gotten along. Will was older but they always played video games together, watched the same animes, shared comics and just overall had similar interests. That was until Will met Matt. A new guy who moved next door. He was a total stoner, he smoked weed all the time and was a dealer. He was a lazy good for nothing addict and all he ever did was sit around, smoke, and listen to music. And thats all Will did when they hung out. Will got addicted and was over Matt's house every day, he had less and less time for Thomas. He wouldn't watch tv or play video games or even help Thomas with homework.

    Thomas was so angry at Matt, he just wanted his brother back. He came up with a plan to ruin the friendship. There was a loose board on the front porch where Matt would hide weed for Will and Will would leave money there. So If Thomas took the weed it would look like Matt took the money but gave nothing, the two would fight and he'd have his bro back.

    Thomas went outside and got the baggie out from the loose board and went to hide it in his room. However when he got there the sharp smell of the weed hit his nose. It would normally be gross but right now it suddenly smelled so good. He couldn't stop himself as he snuck into his brothers room to get a lighter and lit the joint.

    Puff puff

    This waa good actually....really good. He started to feel a little dizzy and took another inhale.

    Puff puff

    His shirt was suddenly hot and restrictive feeling as his muscles shifted and expanded. His skin tingling as ut started to tan slightly. He couldn't hell it, he NEEDED to get this damn shirt off! He pulled it off and felt instantly better as the air of the room hit his chest.

    Puff puff

    His hair started to dye itself blond until it looked like brown hair at the roots and blond near the tips. The hair itched and gelled itself up as he grabbed a hat from his brothers room and put it on. He couldn't stop as he took another hit.

    Puff puff

    He knew something was wrong, his memories and knowledge were leaving him. High school, most games besides cod faded away, anime except the more popular ones like one piece or naruto vanished from his mind. His eyes went wide as the color faded to a light blue as a red tint took over and it was clear all the intelligence was sucked out like someone had given his brain a blow job. He knew he should be worried as he casually and slowly glanced at a mirror but he just thought with those eyes and that haircut he looked kinda likd naruto. He started thinking of rap lyrics as his hand moved on its own tk take another hit.

    Puff puff

    Suddenly even the ability to worry melted away as time seemed to slow down and he had no idea how much time had passed. His dick twitched as it swelled bigger and thicker and harder than it ever had before. He shoved his hand in his waist as he started to jerk....up and down....up and down

    Puff puff

    He felt the sudden desire to smoke more and hang with Will and Matt....they were his bros....wait now this was wrong, Matt took Will away from him

    Puff puff

    Nah nothing was wrong...they wrre his bros...Matt was fucking awesome...he kept jerking faster

    Puff puff

    He got the feeling that if he came, imtgis would be permanent yet he couldn't stop himself

    Puff puff

    Wait he had to stop! He didn't wanna be some deadbeat stoner like..

    Puff puff splat!

    Huhuhuh....Tommy was chuckling when his brother found him with his pants down, high as fuck and covered in cum.

    (This is either an old story lost in the purge or an old story I forgot about and never posted. Either way im posting this and going to post a different newer version of this later.)

    You and your older brother Chad weren’t like most brothers, you hung out every day playing video games, watching movies and just hanging out. That was until Shane moved next door. Shane introduced Chad to weed and then that was it. No more video games, no more movies, no more brother time. Chad spent all his time getting high with Shane. You needed your older brother back and it seemed the only way to do that was get rid of Shane. Chad and Shane had a system. Shane would leave weed under the floorboards of the porch once a week for Chad. You decided to come home early one day and hide the weed before Chad got it. Then he wouldn’t have any weed to smoke and he’d blame Shane, ending their friendship.

    Making sure no one was watching you carefully extracted the baggie from under the floorboard. You were about to sneak back into your room when a strange desire hit you. You needed this weed. Your hands began shaking and drool dripped from your mouth at the site of the sticky kush. Almost in a trance you began rolling the weed into a blunt with the paper Shane had included. You licked it close enjoying the taste on your tongue, a sample of what was to come. You found a lighter Chad had left in the windowsill.

    Puff puff

    “Oh maaaaaan” you almost moaned, your voice deep and slow and full of smoke as you exhaled a fog of envoloping smoke. You felt the tingle hit every muscle in your body, sinking you into the chair. Everything felt so relaxed and itchy. You pulled up your shirt seeing thick black hairs crawing out of your skin and over your belly. “Ew gross where is all this hair coming from?” You tug at your shirt and pull it over your head in a hurry. The hair has reached your belly button and continues in an almost unbroken line between your pecs before spreading all over your chest. Your spare hand finds its way to your growing nipples which have become large and sensitive. Your pecs expand and soften with fat and you develop a bit of a belly beneath the dense treasure trail. You groan in pleasure and confusion before recognizing your larger hairy chest. “I’m becoming Shane…” you realize with a mix of terror and excitement.

    Puff puff

    “I’m becoming Shane…” you repeat with a flat voice and a dumb grin. You notice your arms bulking up, muscle and fat blossoming across them. Getting thick and strong. You flex a big bicep. “Yeah mayne…” you moan. Your hands swell, clumsy thick sausage fingers wrapping around the blunt as you continue puffing. Hair grows on the back of arms and hands, going down across your fingers. Shoulders swell and broaden and thick tuffs of hair erupt from under your arms evoking a famp musky aroma around you that mixes with the sweet smell of weed. You’re disgusted and aroused by your new stinky aura.

    Puff puff

    You hear a loud rip as Shane’s fat hairy toes pop out of your shoes. Your small size 7s expand across the hard floor, becoming long wide size 12 boats. The bottoms of your feet get hard and dirty. You laugh and easily kick off the bits of tattered fabric, wiggling your big toes and putting your smelly feet up on the guard rails. More and more hair crawls across your now thick legs, your thighs double in size and a thick, hairy ass pushes out from behind you, shredding your shorts and leaving you in just your tight underwear.

    Puff puff

    A fat, hairy cock flops out of your underwear and slaps against your belly, filling you with pleasure. Your tiny balls inflate with your new stoner cream and push hormones in your body. With one hand you grip your blunt while the other massages your large meaty cock.

    Puff puff

    A thick chinstrap forms over your face which ages and loses its youth and innocence. Your brow gets heavier and thicker. Your eyes turn dark and dull and youth mouth hangs open a dumb grin. Small studs appear in your ears and your hair shortens and becomes sweaty and unwashed.

    Puff puff

    You struggle one last time to fight Shane’s dominating presense. Your hand glued to your dick and each puff and stroke making it harder to think, harder to resist.

    Puff puff

    “I’m… not…”

    Puff puff


    Puff puff splat

    “I’m Shane bro” you give a goofy grin as you splatter cum all over your hairy belly and start rubbing it in. No more little bro to get between you and Chad now. You lean back and wait for your best friend to get home so you can smoke and stroke and chill. Just the two of you together forever now.

    Puff puff


    I was so excited to finally get my driver's license. At 24 years old I was excited I finally got over my anxiety and got my license. When I got home I pulled it out of my wallet to admire but noticed it was different. The picture was of a tan guy with short dark hair and a chinstrap who didn't look like me at all! And instead of saying "basic deivers license" it now said "Tractor/farm equipment license" which was shocking. Suddenly my sweat pants turned into a pair of jeans, a belt with a confederate flag belt buckle appeared around my waist! My dragon ball z shirt melted away and dissappeared leaving me shirtless. My stomach suddenly grew out with a mix of muscle and fat as my chest did the same. My arms beefed up with fat and muscles as my skin itched with a spreading tan and hair. My biceps buldged with strength as I couldn't help but flex! Damn I looked good! Wait....that was a weird thought. There was a more intense itch like a burning fire as a tattoo formed on my upper right arm. My pits became bushy and smelly with thicj dark hair. My legs enlarged with fat and muscles, widening my stance and burning with a tingly itch as dark hair and tan took over the skin, feeling itchy in my jeans. My feet cracked and painlessly grew longer and wider at first ripping through my socks as they became big size 13 manly feet. Big and wide to support my larger frame as my spine cracked longer and I became 6'2, a huge difference from my previous height of 5'9. The remains of my socks reformed into a big pair of work boots with no socks under as they filled with a musky scent and felt way better than lame sneakers! My ass grew out filling out my jeans as my balls grew and swelled and filled with manly rebel cum and started to flood my body with more testosterone as I got a headache and my cock grew hard. It started to get longer than it ever had even when hard. My cock grew longer and thicker becoming a sexy 10 inch long piece of meat, a sexy bulge showing in my jeans. I couldn't help but grab my junk and moan as I felt an itch down there with a thick bush of dark hair growing around it. My moaning grew deeper as my adams apple pushed out and my neck thickened. The tan spreading up my nect towards my face. My jaw itched as small dark hair started to sprout out as a thin chinstrap errupted from my face. My face reshaped as my eyes became dull, the light of intelligence in them faded. My brown hair darkened to a dark black color. My hair also got sucked back into my head becoming short as my face bones rearranged themselves into a cock alpha look. Finally a white cowboy hat appeared on my head.

    Thats when I felt the pressure of the hat and the flood of testosteron effected my thinking as I began forgetting my college education and most of high school. Memories of studying and playing video games became getting drunk at parties and plsying football. My memories being a straight A student became memories of barely getting C's. My IQ was dropping like a rock as I remember growing up in the country and working on my parente farm. I was damn proud of myself as I look down at my tractor license, not that I needed one as I been helping with the tractor since I was 8 years old! I was now a 19 year old country stud and a proud fucking rebel!


    When he woke up he looked like this. He had to take a photo because he was shocked and super confused. Then it all came flooding back to him he was walking home from late night studying at the library and was attacked by some huge monster. It bit him and scratched him then left. A few hours later in his dorm he felt fur growing from the wounds then spreading all over his body. His muscles bulged, hands grew into claws. His clothes ripped off his hulkimg form as his face starched out and his mind began to fill with rage and instincts. His memory of the rest of the night was hazy but he knew he became the same monster that attacked him. Then he woke up here looking completely different. His beard was thicker, muscles bigger, his shirt from last night ripped open to show the abs and pecs underneath. His head hurt and he realized it felt a lot emptier like he was dumber somehow. That shouldd have freaked him out but instead he flexed his arms at his reflection and grinned a big dumb grin "fuck yeah bro!" He shouted in a deeper dumber voice and thats when he remembered...last night he became a pledge a the Alpha pack frat!

    Get Off My Property! And Stop Being a Sissy!

    Kids are still gonna be kids. And what kids are are annoying pricks. Still have them on my property even after all the stuff I did to those other kids. While the reality change is great for not getting caught (after all, hard to believe they used to be kids a couple of weeks ago when everyone thinks otherwise), it sucks as a deterrent.

    So, then there’s this sissy little wimp. Kid gets on my nerves something fierce. He doesn’t ruin my property but he’s pretty much the representation of a lot of things I hate with society these days, namely how it doesn’t allow boys to become men. I hear he regularly posts to social media asking people to check how he looks. Men shouldn’t care how they look! Men need to spend their time in better ways like actually getting shit done! Like what I’m going to do to him right now!

    Much better! He’s not so little now, eh? He grew to be a rather big fella! Now that he cares so little for how he looks, he just eats whatever he wants and doesn’t bother with hygiene at all! I think he even saves money by still using the same clothes he used to as a kid. Those are really small on him. But hey, he doesn’t care at all, now does he? I’m great at making proper men!


    When the government announced that anyone who was unemployed was required to take a job that was selected for them Henry was quite worried. He had just been become unemployed himself after the start up he was working at as a developer went bankrupt. When the letter confirming his new job came though he was slightly shocked to say the least. He had expected the government to take account of his qualifications and his work experience when placing him, but the letter told him her would become a builder. He had no idea if he could even do the job, he had never done any sort of manual work in his life. Unfortunately, it was the only hope I had at having any kind of money coming in as I was getting no responses from my other job applications. Arriving at the building site where the letter said to go, the sight of all the large men working made him real as out of place as he expected. Awkwardly walking towards the cabin that said ‘Site Office’ he knocked on the door and waited. The door swung open revealing a rather large muscular and hairy man. He introduced himself as the sites foreman and invited Henry into the office. “So, you’re our new labourer eh mate?” he said with a smile as he slid a glass of water over to Henry, which he gladly accepted. He always got nervous at job interviews, and the situation was making him even more nervous. He chugged the water down in one, causing the foreman to let out a small laugh. “Must be thirst eh boy” he smiled, “must say, I think you’ll fit in quite well”. This caused Henry to raise his eyebrow. “Really?” he asked scratching his face awkwardly, he could feel stubble under his fingers as he scratched, which was strange, he could never really grow much facial hair and the little he did have he shaved this morning. He frowned slightly at this but tried to ignore it. “I’ve gotta say, based on your past experience, I wouldn’t have placed you as a computer programmer, looks like you’ve been a labour since you finished school” he smiled, looking Henry up and down. “Thanks” Henry muttered, although he didn’t know what would make him think that, he had always been interested in computers, although now that he thought hard about it, he couldn’t seem to remember much about computers. He shifted awkwardly and loosened his tie slightly, it seemed as if it was getting tighter, he undid the top button at the same time giving a small sigh of relief as he did so. “Well… lets get you introduced to the other” the foreman said, throwing Henry a high-vis vest. “Might want to take your shift off as well” he said with a wink, “gets a bit mess outside”. Henry looked at the high-vis vest in his hand and without much thought he unbuttoned his shift, letting he body breath, his shift was now much to small for him. He looked down at his body with slight confusion, was he always this big, he remembered being small and skinny. With a shrug he put the high-vis on and looked at his boss, something seemed off slightly. “Don’t forget your hat boy” said the boss as he put the hat on Henrys head. All memories of his previous life as a developer left his head, along with all his college education. In its place was knowledge of a building site, how to build walls, dig holes and lift heavy things. “Hope you’re ready to work” said his boss, “Lots of heavy lifting today”. Henry laughed and flexed his muscles, “No worries about that boss” he said with a grin.

    Why is This Still Happening?!?

    It seems that for as long as I fight this, the more the curse takes a hold of my body. So, for as long as I refuse to be an insufferable douche of a man, the more I am made to act like one. It really does appear that there is no way out of this. It isn’t like I can just fake it or something as this is affecting my mind. As for a status update, it’s been a couple of years since I became a boy and well, I’m officially a man now. I even had to register for the draft. And I’m sure the military would love to have a soldier like me with how hard I’m working my body.

    I practically live at the gym now. Just doing all sorts of reps to get my body even bigger. I lost touch with all my friends from my previous life. It’s funny because when it comes to the phrase “my previous life”, both literal and figurative meanings make sense. Gotta laugh to stay sane, right? I mean, fuck! I dont even own a shirt with sleeves anymore! I grew out of my old ones and I never bought anything but tank tops to replace them!

    Oh fuck! I really do look huge in that picture, don’t I? And that really is the point, isn’t it? It’s to just show off to everyone how manly I am and to myself whenever I do my many posts to social media about my “gains” and my “jacked bod”. Oh hey, look! Here’s one of me not even bothering with a shirt at all! Real surprise there!

    There’s not much left to the imagination in any picture I do these days. At least I have no shortage of girls to play with. I go through them fairly quickly now but they seem happy just to have dated me. I think I’ve been dating girls longer as a guy now than I ever did as a girl and I’m not sure how to take that. There are even guys jealous of not only that but of my bigger muscles! I mean, look at this guy!

    You know, I actually bought that hoodie. What I mean is that I chose it of my own free will. It’s a nice top. I’m sure I was only allowed to because it still showed off how huge my body is but at least I got to do something, you know? After being trapped in a man’s body and being made to do and say things I routinely get horrified by, it was nice to do something for myself. I think I’ll grow a beard. Make do with what I got, right? I’m sure it’ll look great! 

    And Now This is Happening

    Okay, so I apparently am not “learning my lesson”. Want to know how I know that? The old man that did this to me went up to me and said so! He said that it goes against the spirit of his deal that I was “basically still a girl despite being a boy”. What’s it to him how I live the life he forced onto me, anyhow? The guy he made a deal with doesn’t even remember it! But then he goes on saying how that doesn’t matter and how he isn’t a hack. Before I finish asking what he plans to do, he sent this weird pulsating flash at me and disappeared.

    I would have said “what the hell?!?”…if I could speak. Instead my body moved on its own straight to my room to change and then to the nearest wide open floor. I was wondering what was going on but then I dropped and did lots of push-ups. I mean, I worked out as both a girl and as a boy so I could remain pretty but I was doing an absurd amount here. It honestly seemed like half an hour passed before I stopped…only to immediately start doing sit-ups. I didn’t even bother keeping track of time. I also wasn’t surprised that after all that was done, I jumped up to the nearest door frame and did a bunch of curl-ups either. 

    My parents came home to me binge eating a crapload of protein. When they questioned my sudden new eating habits, I said in a low voice “I’m bulking up. Wanna get huge.” Oh fuck. That’s what’s going on here. Even worse, my parents just chuckled and said I was “at that age when boys want to become manly” and encouraged me. If only they weren’t such great parents.

    Even worse, it didn’t stop there. I picked up other new habits that were much more decidedly masculine than my old ones of looking pretty and hanging out with girls. I just started to lay back like a complete and utter douchebag in my classes. Look at this! I don’t think I could like even more like a douche!

    I joined the wrestling team. Yeah. That sport where it’s encouraged to bulk up a lot and you’re face first into some other guy’s BO while wearing a getup that leaves little to the imagination. It was hardly my first pick of a hobby after becoming a boy for a reason.

    I hadn’t ever even so much as touched a skateboard in my entire life and now I spend a few hours a week zooming through my neighborhood. Started to hang out with a seedier crowd too. Of course I was shirtless for all of this. I’d roll my eyes at any guy that did that but you know what I tell people instead? “Why should I hide such a great manly bod like this one behind a shirt?”

    Speaking of no shirt, guess what I do really often now? If you guessed “stupid cocky poses while not wearing a shirt and posting pics to social media”, then you’d be right! I was saving up for a car, but you know what I was made to spend it on instead? A motorcycle! That thing’s dangerous! But of course, it’s the “manly thing to do” and to do said pose too, while I’m at it.

    You know what else is dangerous? A gun. They’re loud too. I hate them. Always have and always will. I’m sure you know where this is headed. I begged my dad to take us to the shooting range from time to time. Is it really that manly to take out defenseless targets at a distance? Must be, seeing as I’m forced to do it now.

    It’s like I’m obsessed with being and looking as manly as possible, which is what I’m sure was the point that old man was getting at when I refused to play his game and did this to me in retaliation. Many remarked about the weird 180 change from the pretty and effeminate playboy I was and I usually tell them “that was when I was a boy. I’m gonna be a man soon and it’s time I look and acted like one!” Sometimes accompanied with a burp or fart because why not, right? After the first few times, I even looked annoyed that people kept saying that that I went to the barber and got my pretty and beautiful hair cut shorter! You know, to show people how serious I was about all this!

    I have no idea how long this will last. At this point, it seems like the rest of my life. I will be forever trapped in a man’s body, being made to do and be all the things I hated about men. And why? Because some jerk made some sort of amazing trade with an old magical man! And he doesn’t even remember doing it! That fact is thrown into my face all the more so now that hang out with him and the rest of the douche crowd now over those lovely and pretty ladies that I used to. Can this asinine curse or whatever be over yet? 

    Rivals No More

    I’m a weightlifter. I do it semi-professionally between doing sessions as a personal trainer. Or at least, I used to until he came along! He moved into town and just did everything I did but better! I mean, look at him!

    And he’s a vain one, too! Keeps posing for social media and tweets all the time about gains! Well, I’m sick of it! It’s why I bought this amulet! It lets me look into a person’s past and change one aspect of them! Let’s peek into yours, you douchebag!

    Oh…wow! He sure was a pretty boy! What the hell happened? Ah, no matter how pretty he used to be, he’s a pain in my side now! Now, I’m just going to give him a distaste for doing anything remotely active with his body, and that includes skateboarding! And…done!

    Alright, so his past changed! Nice! He looks like a real annoying and lazy shit like that! He’s just laying there on his gadgets and doing little else! It’s perfect! And it looks like his present day self isn’t even around me anymore! Even better! Let me look him up on social media…

    Yikes! Well, he certainly let himself go! Funny how he’s just as vain as ever with that hairy beer gut, but it doesn’t matter! He’s far from a thorn in my side now!


    Spirits of Halloween part 1

    Kevin was always jealous of his older brother Tom. Tom was a surfer and a stoner who had skipped so much school their parents had low expectations of him amd had just given up. He was dumb and relaxed all the time, always had guys and girls over and just surfed. He seemed to have it made. Compared to Kevin who was an overachiever straight A student and had finished high school with a 4.0 amd honor society membership. His parents always pressured him to do well, calling him their "future doctor" since middle school.

    So when Halloween came around as a jock he stole a pair of his brothers board shorts and got a tan colored t shirt on to be a surfer for halloween. Tom didnt notice as he was watching horrod movies with his latest date. Kevin had a lot of fun until midnight struck just when he got home. A strange pulse of energy went through him and a few others as the spirits of halloween had their last prank for the year.

    He looked down and felt strange as his shirt vanished along with his shoes, socks, and underwear. Leaving him in just the boardies. His body hair faded as his muscles grew and stretched and flexed into attractive lean muscle. His skin took on a tan and his hair grew longer and started to turn blondish. He was shocked as his hands and feet grew and his core strength improved for better balance. He was confused and about to scream when he noticed his dick starting grow longer and thicker in his shorts and began stirring as hormones and intense horniness filled him. He grined confidently as his IQ dropped along with his balls dropping further and he started to crave the weed he was smelling from his bro. Picturing hot guys and girls and sexy surfers. He moaned and started jerking off right then and there and once he busted his nut the old nerd Kevin has gone forever...replaced with Kyle the hot surfer and best bros with his bro.


    @maletf Thanks for the end photo and direction on the story. Hope you like it!

    Ok… so I guess I’m going to start up an onlyfans? I never thought I’d be that kind of guy, but the messages I get on Instagram are so intense, maybe I can do this for a few months and make some cash. It will certainly help pay my tuition. Everyone does stuff like this now, I found one of my professor’s on pornhub the other day and he’s doing fine. He just made tenure. Ok, it is a little strange, everyone assumes I’m gay, just because I’m kind of thin and I’m not that hairy. I’m 6′2 and it’s hard to put on muscle. It’s hard for anyone, not just me.  Like, get past your stereotypes, people. I’m actually totally straight, but it’s just pictures, it’s not like I’m ever going to have sex with anyone, so who cares if it’s all guys paying me and making requests. Here’s the pic I used for my profile. I guess I can see why people think I’m gay.

     I’ll just go ahead and fill out a little bit more about me and let the audience know that I’m straight, but I’m here to have fun and whoever wants to watch is welcome, for a fee, obviously. Wow, all these guys have a lot to say about my body and my sexuality. I shouldn’t let it get to me, after all, they’re still paying to look at me.

    Ok, it is kind of getting to me, look at this comment “No way this femme twink is straight. He’s trying to pass himself as gay4pay. Bitch, please. Cute tho” and “Skinny gay boy thinks he’s man, we’ll see honey. Get ready and drink up, fuckr”. What’s that supposed to mean?  Some are nice (I think). I’m not sure I know all the terms they’re using “OOF, luv me some trade” and “My man can get it!”. Not sure I’m THAT manly, but I’ll take what I can get after those other jerks. It’s only been one weekend but the comments are starting to get weird. Maybe I should take a break? “Fux, this straight man can suffocate me in his chest rug”, “bet this dumb fuck smells like asphalt and sweat. nice.”, “Getting a little dad bod, huh? That’s cool. I want to feel all that weight on top of me, bro”. I wonder if they’re even looking at my page? None of those really describe me. I’m skinny as ever and I wish I had some chest hair! Maybe the link is broken somehow? Why would they think I’m dumb… The comments are getting worse, look: “Your thicc cock got me so wet. I want that soda can cock in me.” What! I’m almost 8″, maybe a little more if I’m really hard, and no one’s ever called it ‘thicc’ before. It’s actually kind of thin. Or “You dum hrny fucker, jack off in your safety vest and work boots, and I’ll pay for a keg for you and your housemates.” I live alone! On campus! I go to school full-time, I don’t have a job! I have to contact the site, something is really wrong with my page. I bet I’m not going to get a single dollar because of this error.

    UHHHH WHAT? The comments and messages are showing up as notifications on my phone now. They’re so annoying. AND WRONG. Can’t I turn off notifications… “Getting soft in the middle? I like it. Have another beer or 6. Not like your using that brain for anything.” “Mmm, I know guys like you, all mainly on the outside but a total slut for some hard dick. Bet you need it daily.” “Hey, you like taller guys? I’m 6′2, I think I’ve seen you around town fixing potholes. I like shorter guys. You’re like 5′9, right? Cute. I like how your big ass fills out your work jeans. HMU.” DUDE, what the fuck! I can’t take this anymore, I gotta relax. I’m gonna shower. What the hell, who left an open beer in my bathroom. Wow, that actually smells really good. Maybe those comments have one thing right, maybe I should have a beer and calm down. This is… this pretty fucking nice.  A cold beer in a warm shower. Mmm, gettin’ a little buzzed, hehe. Did… did the shower head move? It seems farther away. Whoa, the floor’s closer. Weird. Man, this beer is good. I shoulda brought more in here with me. The water feels good on my muscles, I’m feeling so sore and puffy, tho. My arms-my chest-my gut! Gettin’ heavy! I can feel my ass jiggling! Thighs are rubbing a little. Feels fuckin’ goooood, bro! Gettin’ hard, gotta jack this meat. It’s growing, but just wider! It barely got any longer! Am I a show-er now? I used to be a grow-er. Oh fuck, only one hand now? Just the head sticks out? Supp- nggh, fuck that feels good- Supposed to be a two-hander! My chest… my face, feels like they’re asleep, oh fuck, growin’ hair, so much hair, I can smell my own B.O.! What the fuck, I’m in the shower? How can I stink? The beer!  This all started with the beer! There’s only a swig left, gotta get it away from me! My head- feel so drunk, so dumb… No! My arm, can’t stop! It’s lifting it up to my lips. Gotta fight it! Don’t wanna be this way!


    “Yo! Brody! You almost done in there man, we got a thing to film, ‘member? Brooooooo-D’. Fuck man, you’re the only fucker I know who takes a whole god damn six pack in to the shower. Hurry up, you silly fuck. Chase and Trent just got back from their shifts on the road crew and they want a piece of your fatass for the house onlyfans. How the fuck else are we gonna make rent when all our pay goes to beer and bullshit? Everyone loves watching your “straight” ass get bust wide open. People are so dumb; you’re such a fag. Just cause you got a deep voice and are dumb as shit, everyone thinks your straight. Finish up your damn selfies and that beer and come on out. I’m horny, too and I love the sounds you make when the three of us spit roast and DP you. “Ya, bro! Be right out ‘n fuck you, I’m not gay, I just know what I like. Beers, bros, and a rough dicking every now and then. Ok, maybe a lot more than now and then, but you and the bros always seem down, so you gay, too. I know you can’t get enough of this hairy, dude bod, can you? Hey, FYI broski, I can’t cum tonight, I’m headin’ out after to meet a fan, and I think they’re the generous kind so I gotta save my wad for this college kid who wants my townie ass. ha! College, what a fuckin’ waste of time.”


    Brotherly Love

    Just because I was born years after them or that I wasn’t a nerd like them, my brothers always talked down to me. They weren’t bad people, but just really annoying and boring. Hardly cool like me. They’re in college studying some science shit that I don’t care about. They’re such nerds!

    So, when I found this magic camera that can change who it takes a picture of in grandpa’s old stuff, I knew exactly how I wanted to use it. After registering as the main user so I couldn’t be changed myself, I pestered my brothers to get a selfie together with it. For being so high and mighty, they sure fell for it easily enough.

    With a snap, it was done! We’re now triplets in 10th grade of high school. My pre-med brother is now this punk wannabe and my engineer brother is this slacker skater. We have so much in common now and it’s so much fun to hang out! They even look up to me as a leader for being the smart one!

    You were at a gay pride protest trying to advocate for equal gay rights. Suddenly two shirtless rednecks walked past and looked at the gay marriage sign you were holding up.

    "Hahaha...That's funny, faggot...queer marriage. What's next, people marrying trees?" One of them asked while he and the other laughed.

    You wanted to correct them, yell at them for being homophobic redneck assholes. But instead as you heard what they said you realized....yeah it was pretty funny. You started laughing along with them but it came out as a deep dumb sounding chuckle just like theirs. Suddenly you start to feel hot and uncomfortable in your pride shirt and seeing them shirtless gives you an idea as you pull off the shirt and throw it on the ground. You look down at your chest and see fat melt away and your chest and arms buff up with muscle. Your pecs pushed out into a nice shelf and your stomach flattened. You felt an itch as hair started to spread across your chest. It went down your stomach forming a thin big nice treasure trail. Your arms and legs got hairy as you felt dark dense hair grow in your pits. You felt an itch down below as a nice thick bush of hair grew around your crotch.

    Your legs felt itchy a bit and your shorts felt heavy. As you looked down your shorts turned blue and changed to denim and grew out into jeans, held up by a belt with a nice big shiny buckle. You liked looking at the buckle. The top of your boxers were showing. Your sneakers morphed into big dirty work boots and your socks vanished. Letting your musk fill the boots. Your face itches as you grew a chin strap beard and your head hair buzzed down getting short.

    You felt a sudden weight on your head as a cowboy hat appeared and you felt all your college and high school learning get pushed out along with being gay and having liberal values. Instead you felt proud of America, gaining conservative Christian values. You loved guns and women, gay people are gonna burn in hell along with all the commies. Why the fuck were you at some gay pride rally? Oh yeah to make fun of the dumb lefty faggots duh. You chuckle and make jokes about the various things people could get married too and walk off with your bros forgetting your old life as a gay college student. Walking off to your new life as a straight stupid redneck.

    Fuck boi-ification: Jack-Off

    Matthew awoke in the messy bed calmly, as the morning rays of light illuminated the dark empty room. As he got up memories of the party he had last night returned to him. He had been invited out by his friends to a house party. At first, Matthew was hesitant to go to the party. He wasn’t fond of them and didn’t feel like he would fit in due to his body and age. Matthew was 24 and about to turn 25, making him older than nearly everyone there. He was also a smallish bear. He had a bulging beer belly and thick arms and legs, which were covered in forests of light brown hairs. Matthews’ head was also covered in a sizeable hairy beard with a short messy top. He was also hesitant to come because it wasn’t his thing, he enjoyed looking at video games and social politics. He was deep into Zelda and Pokemon, but also a fiery activist online, fighting misogynists and homophobes alike.  

    However recently he felt he had become less sociable and with his tedious office job consuming his life, he decided to come to his friend Sarah’s house party. It was usually an open invitation to college frats and sororities, but some younger people also came from schools came as long as they were over 18.  

    Memories of the night slowly came back to him as he got up and changed into cargo shorts and then put his plain white T-shirt on. He remembered having a blast at the party, he got drunk with some frat bro’s and then started flirting with some guy which went nowhere. After that, he remembered feeling awkward as he saw some shitty little fuck boys about. There must have been 5 or 6, and they had all just turned 18. They all wore trendy clothes and accessories, paid of course by their parents. Matthew swore he heard the leader of the group, “Jacob,” call him a faggot but he couldn’t remember.  

    Matthew stood up and looked over at the chest of draws to get his phone which was charging as he touched the screen to check its power. Zero percent it showed.  

    ‘Fuck’ thought Matthew.

    'Its gonna be a couple of hours until I can leave and get on with things’ He continued irritated by his situation.  

    Matthew put the charger back in and made sure the phone was charging. Once it was, he decided to look over the chest draws. There was a digital clock that had many different functions to play about with, some photos of cities from around the world and a small box.  

    'Odd, wonder who left this here.’  

    Matthew decided to open to the box and see what was in it. He opened the lid and a poorly folded sticky note popped out. Matthew took it out and unfolded to read the poorly written message.

    ‘To Jack

    These might look better on you  

    'From Jacob ’

    So this was left by that damn fuck boy, but why was it addressed to Jack. Maybe he thought one of his friends was staying in here. Matthew put the note down and looked to see two flashy studs in the box. He took them both out and looked at them. They were just some cheap knock-offs, usually worn by fuck boys or internet personalities and such.  

    'Heh such a stupid and worthless thing’ Matthew joked, thinking how dumb they looked. A silly thought arose within Matthew. He took one stud in each hand and then held them up to his ears to see how stupid he looked. He slowly brought them closer to his ears and then looked at how bad they were on him. However, there was a sudden jolt, and the earrings magnetized themselves to his earlobe. They shot into his ears giving him a sharp pain but not producing any blood.  

    'The fuck is this?!’ Matthew thought angrily as the sharp pain echoed through his body.

    Matthew’s head started getting dizzy and his eyes got blurry as they watered up. He stumbled back two steps before falling back onto the bed and wriggling about as his body started tingling all over.  He lay in the bed and moved about as his body mass shriveled up, shrinking quickly. His arms and legs became twigs, though remained slightly toned. His body then deflated, his beer gut flattening down into a fit torso with vague lines of abs.

    Further up Matthews once floppy man boobs sucked in forming pecs. Matthew opened his eyes as his blurriness left him. He looked in shock as his body had become thinner and fitter, but also smaller. He started at 6'5, and suddenly he went to 6 foot, he was shrinking fast. He stopped shrinking at 5'7, where he was tiny.  Once Matthew felt his body finish shrinking, another ticklish sensation came over his body, and he looked down over to see his hair recede back into his skin to disappear. Matthew was confused at what had just happened.  

    He jumped off the bed only to have his shorts and underwear fall off him as they were now way too big for him. This unveiled his new smaller cock as well before it had been 10", but now it had been reduced to a mear 5". Matthew walked over to the mirror now feeling his face tickle. He looked to see his facial hair receding back into his face and his hair on top changing. Once it was finished, Matthew was scared at what he saw in the mirror. He looked at the younger figure which was now him. His large body had been reduced drastically, and now he was fit but he didn’t have too much muscle. His skin was hairless now as well, and this made him look youthful like he was in his late teens. His face had been readjusted as well. His facial hair had receded so much it looked as if he couldn’t grow and facial hair. His hair on top had changed as well, he had had long sides with a short top. But now it was the opposite, he had very short faded sides into a long top which was all gelled to the side, in a trendy style.

    Matthew couldn’t comprehend how this had happened. Then he saw the earrings. They were shining now like they were playing with him.

    “Ah fuck, get out of me!” Matthew shouted in a higher, youthful voice.  

    He didn’t care for his new voice, he shot his hands up to his to try and get them out. However, when his hands tried to grab them, it was as if they were controlled by something else and they moved away. Matthew was now breathing faster and heavier as he began panicking. A sharp pain then hit his head as his mind went fuzzy. He fell back onto the bed wriggling about again. Immense pains started erupting all over his brain. He began remembering the night, then his last week. As each pain hit, he felt the memories disappear. All his education, work, money, and prized childhood memories all dissipated into nothingness. Next, he felt his friends and family disappear from his mind. He tried to reach out and save them, but it was as if they were never there.  

    'My name is Matthew. My name is Matthew. I was born… some time ago, I am in someone’s house at the moment… but I’m here because, because… My mom and dad are…? Oh God, I can’t remember’ Matthew tried to go over facts about him to try and bring back memories, but it was hopeless.  

    Suddenly an immense pain hit the back of his head, and he felt memories flood his head.  

    'My name is Jack… no, it’s not. It’s Matthew! I go to High school and study some useless shit, wait this isn’t like me? My parents are rich as fuck and pay for all of my stuff, what this isn’t my memories? I’m at some cool, party with my Boi’s on pussy patrol, lookin for some hot stuff, But I’m gay? Why would want to be looking for women? And I don’t treat women with disrespect?’ Matthew started battling the new memories in his head, as he knew they were different. In fact, they weren’t just different they were wrong. Or were they, Jack loved big boobed brunette girls, he loved pussy, and he could have it whenever due to his fit body and sexy hair. He treated them like shit because why bang one when you can bang them all. Wait no Matthew was gay and into big chubby gay guy… no fuck that gay shit, who is this guy Matthew sounds like a faggot. Why would anyone be into banging dudes when you can have big boobs and pussy. Yeah now Jack, remembered the girl he banged last night. She had thin bod, with two bouncy boobs. Her make up was perfect, and it was a great ending to his 18th birthday. Yeah, he had just turned 18, and he was out he with his boi’s Jacob, Ryan, and the other guys.  

    The memory of Matthew was slowly forced out of his brain as he became Jack. The last of Matthew was forced down into his growing member. Jack started thinking about fucking that girl last night and began rubbing his dick. He was almost about to explode until the last trace of Matthew’s memory came back and took control again. He stopped what he was doing and sat up, trying to think of a plan but his head was too stupid now, filled with jacks memories and little knowledge. He also knew it wouldn’t be long before those memories became fact and squeezed out Matthew’s memories for good.

    'No I can’t let this fuck boi with dumb hair, take over again’ He screamed.

    “Hey baby, wanna fuck again,” came an innocent and feminine voice.

    Matthew looked down and saw the same big boobed woman Jack remembered banging last night.

    “Come on Jack you know you want it,” She said seductively pulling down her pants.

    Matthew tried to resist but Jacks personality overrode him and took over again. He moved on top of her, put his dick in her pussy and began humping her, which drained the last memories of Matthew from his head. Matthew’s memories screamed as they were sucked down into Jacks hard dick, with each hump more went down the drain, first his homosexuality and then the Name Matthew went. Once Matthews memories were gone, his conscience would be assimilated with Jack and his memories, turning Matthew into Jack fully. Eventually, all of Matthew’s memories were finally gone and swimming about in Jacks balls.  

    'Boobs, so big, so bouncy, so good’ Jack thought as the rest of Matthews conscience was absorbed into him.

    “Don’t worry Jacky, Matthew’s nearly gone now. Just cum, cum for me, cum that faggot out, cum NOW!” she screamed in pleasure and as she did Jack came all in her pussy.  

    “Good boy Jack, now go find some other women to go fuck you dumb fuck boi,” she whispered as her body, voice and memory faded from Jack, like a ghost.  

    Jack got up and went get his phone. It was newer and fully charged. He put on some grey sweat pants and then went to the mirror to look himself over.  He spent 20 minutes to make himself look sexy. He took a selfie for a snap chat, Instagram and all his other social media’s. Within 5 minutes he was flooded with thirsty messages from his hundreds of thousands of women and girls who desired to be fucked by him. Jack smirked knowing he could have anything and any girl he wanted.


    Let’s get wet …


    Dylan was not a happy man. Growing up was supposed to be cool, it was supposed to bring independence and adventure and the freedom to set your own bed-time and decide when and what to eat. That’s the way he’d always imagined it as a little kid. But the reality of adulthood was loneliness and responsibility. It was having to dress up in the most uncomfortable shirt and tie, strangling his throat, the tightest, sweatiest good shoes and long pants in the middle of summer to make a living. It was only occasionally hanging around with his former best friend, Brett, and never really sharing any close moments with him anymore.

    Why couldn’t grown-ups have sleep overs? Why couldn’t they play fight on the couch, or really share any more physical contact than shaking hands? He really began to envy the kids living across the street from him. The little boys could often be seen running screaming and happy around the neighbourhood in nothing but their shorts and maybe a t-shirt. They held hands, wrestled in the grass, got big hugs from their mums and dads when they needed them.  It became clearer and clearer to Dylan that it was kids who had the freedom. Growing up had been the mistake.

    Dylan spent more and more of his time pining for what he’d lost and wondering if he should try to get it back. It was actually a possibility because Dylan worked at a research facility and one of the most secret projects was simply called “the device.” Oh it had a much longer, scientific name of course, but most of the guys just called it the device because everyone knew what you meant.  For a secret project it wasn’t a very well kept secret within the company. 

    The device was said to be able to alter reality itself, to actually twist the world into some new form, even if totally illogical. Of course once reality changed no one would know, so there was no way to know if the device had already been used. This idea tortured Dylan. He began to wonder if adulthood as it was had only been created by the device. Was this really how things were meant to be or the mad invention of a power-drunk scientist?

    Finally, unable to take it anymore, Dylan used his top level security clearance to steal the device and smuggle it back to his house. The machine itself appeared to be a slightly oversized laptop with a black screen showing only a blinking command prompt. Dylan had thought very hard about what he was going to type. He knew it was too dangerous to make massive changes, they needed to be as small as possible. So he sat on his couch, looking at the blinking screen and waiting.

    “Hey mate, what’s going on?” Brett asked, walking into his friend’s house. “I got your message, what was so important I had to come over right now?”

    Dylan looked his old buddy over, frowning at the suit the twenty-six year old wore. It was the dull corporate uniform of adulthood. He just knew Brett felt the same as him, trapped, cheated, tricked into boring maturity.

    “You remember when we used to play in the bush, back behind your yard?” he asked Brett.

    The other man looked confused. “Yeah, like when we were in primary school you mean? I remember that, sure, but what’s that got to do with anything?”

    “I miss those days Brett. I know you do too. No deadlines, no work…”

    Brett just shrugged. “Yeah, but there was homework, there was chores. They seemed tough at the time.”

    Dylan nodded. “True, we did have some small responsibilities when we were nine or ten. But remember even before that, when were really little?”

    Brett glanced at his phone. “Not really, not that much. What’s this about Dylan? I have a dinner to get to.”

    “I found a way out Brett. For both of us.”

    Now Brett looked clearly concerned for his friend, putting the phone in his pocket. “Out of what?” he asked softly.

    “Adulthood,” Dylan answered with a smile, typing on the laptop:

    Dylan and Brett are five year old boys. They are best friends…

    He paused, looking up at Brett’s nervous face. Could he do this to his best friend? Could he do it without him?

    He continued to type:

    They are happy little boys and will never have to grow up.

    “What is that? It looks like some kind of weird laptop?” Brett asked.

    “It’s basically a god machine,” Dylan answered as he finished typing. “And I can tell you that because it really doesn’t matter anymore.”

    Brett started to shake his head, really thinking his friend had lost it, when Dylan hit the large key marked “Execute.”

    A wave of energy erupted from the machine, sweeping through the room around them. All of Dylan’s things seemed to be transforming, pictures changing, showing some other man, the couch shifting colours right beneath him. It was becoming someone else’s apartment.

    “What the hell…” Brett began to exclaim. But there was a flash that blinded him, an odd sensation of falling and then they weren’t in the apartment anymore at all. They were still together, but they were standing outside in the sun. 

    Brett looked around in shock as he recognised the location instantly. It was his parent’s backyard. Well, it was the backyard of the house they’d owned when he was a kid. But they’d sold that five years ago. And yet there they were. He could see them, sitting just inside the sliding door, watching TV. For an instant he thought they had travelled backwards in time. But no, the TV was clearly modern and his parents didn’t look any younger.

    But the yard had changed. There was a swing-set there, kind of like he had as a very little kid, but newer, plastic rather than metal, better than what was available twenty years ago. There were toys scattered across the lawn. A bike big enough for him with neon green peddles and handles but with training wheels, Spiderman action figures, a plastic cricket bat and tennis balls. It looked like a child really lived here, a big child.

    He looked up at Dylan, who was smiling as he looked around, like this was exciting rather than terrifying. “What did you do?!” he demanded.

    Dylan looked ready to answer when another ripple of energy rolled across the yard and over them. Brett felt it as their clothing changed. Suddenly Dylan was wearing a t-shirt and jean shorts but no shoes at all, standing there barefoot in the grass. And his shirt seemed to have an image of… Big Bird? What the…

    And his clothes changed too. The material shifted, the colour changing, his arms receding upwards, leaving them exposed. Suddenly he had on a sleeveless shirt, something he hadn’t dared to wear since puberty. His good pants tightened and grew rougher, becoming jeans, then slitting with rips and fading, looking like the jeans of a rough-housing boy. The ankles rolled upwards and cuffed themselves below the knee as his dress socks slipped down, disappearing into his shoes and then in a pop the shoes vanished without a trace.

    Brett felt the hard dirt under the soles of his bare feet. It was so real. He’d had shoes and now he didn’t. And it wasn’t over yet. He watched his toes grow a bit wider, muscles in his feet strengthening, and a tickle on the bottom of his feet made him look at the sole of one. It was dirty brown, as though he’d been running around without shoes all day. And it was thick and callused, like that was his normal, everyday state. His body was changing in subtle ways, adjusting to some new reality.

    Dylan was wiggling his toes in the grass with a smile though, looking delighted with these changes.

    “What the fuck mate! My clothes! My shoes are gone! What’s happening to us?!” he managed to yell.

    But Dylan’s smile didn’t flicker for a moment. “You don’t need ‘em. Remember how you never wore shoes when we were little? You could run on glass without flinching.”

    “We aren’t little kids Dylan!” he roared.

    Another wave of energy rolled across the yard. Brett tensed, not knowing what this one would do. He fully expected to shrink down to the size of a five-year old.  He waited for the ground to get closer, for his muscles to waste away. But as the wave passed over him he didn’t shrink at all.

    Instead Brett felt all his worrying come to a screeching halt. His anger at Dylan, his desire to punch him in the face was wiped away. His fear at what was happening was gone. His heart-rate came down, his muscles relaxed. His toes wiggled in the dirt and totally lost his train of thought.

    What was he just thinking about? What had he been doing? There was a moment of confusion and disorientation and then he remembered. Him and Dylan were gonna go ‘sploring in the bush. 

    Dylan hopped up and down on his bare feet. “I gonna find a lion in the bush!” he exalted.

    Brett giggled at the silliness. “Nuh-uh. Lions is in Afwica,” he told his mate.

    “It’s a special lion. Daddy sawed it in the bush,” Dylan insisted. 

    “That’s just pwetend,” Brett declared.

    “Is not!” Dylan shouted. “I’ll show you. I gonna find it!” he insisted, twisting around and running towards the edge of the lawn.

    Brett was about to take off after him when he remembered that would be naughty. “Wait Dylan!” he called. “Wait for me!” he urged, heading quickly over to the sliding door and pulling it open. “Me ‘nd Dylan gonna pway in the bush!” he told Mummy and Daddy, knowing he needed the grown-up’s permission so he would be safe and not get a time-out.

    The older man and woman shared a look then addressed the barefoot twenty-something man standing in dirty cuffed up jeans and looking at them with the most eager, innocent eyes. “Okay, but don’t go any further than the stream,” Daddy told him. 

    “Kay! I won’t Daddy,” he promised.

    “There are thorns in the rose bushes, you should put on your shoes,” Mummy warned.

    Brett frowned and shook his head. “I don’ need ‘em Mummy. My feets is tough,” he told her, holding up one to show.

    “I don’t like it,” Mummy said.

    “Dylan don’t got shoes ‘nd he’s fine. He didn’t bring none with him neither,” Brett argued.

    Finally Mummy shrugged and said, “Okay, but you’ll need a good scrubbing with the hose before you come inside with those filthy footsies.”

    Brett didn’t need telling twice, he raced off across the grass yard to join his buddy Dylan. The two young men held hands and charged into the thick bush behind the house, romping through it with giggles of glee searching for the imaginary lion.  They were quite tired out by the time they reached the little stream, sitting down to take a rest and clean some of the dirt from their bare feet.  Brett helped clean the mud from between his buddy’s toes while Dylan wrapped an arm around him for a little cuddle. It was always nice to have a cuddle from your buddy. Neither Dylan nor Brett could imagine life being any better.


    Snapped Straight

    Synopsis: Kenny switches with a straight jock but doesn’t go over all the personality override settings

    “Fucking sweet, man!” 

    “Woah, my voice, it’s deep!” 

    ‘Little’ Kenny had just used his body switch device to trade places with the hottest jock he’d ever seen while running errands. In an instant he blew through the settings and pressed [accept]. Kenny breezed through the details about personality and permanency… “Just let me experience that body, that’s all I want!” 

    All Kenny wanted was to have a single day in a hot jock body. After he pushed [accept] his vision cleared and he stood shirtless in a bathroom mirror…

    “Did it work, did it work?” 

    “FUCK YEA!” Kenny placed his hand on this throat and felt the deeper voice he had now.

    “This body is going to rock for day! Think of all the pussy I can score!” 

    “Wait, pussy?” 

    “Yea, I guess this jock is straight. I’m not though!” 

    Kenny concentrated and slowed all the horny thoughts that kept popping into his mind. 

    “Just focus on shit bro, focus” He told himself, not sure why it was becoming so difficult. 


    … … 

    “Take a selfie for the babes?”

    “I wanna bust so bad!” 

    “Fuck why do I keep thinking that?” 

    “My dick is hard, fuck!”

    Kenny was having a hard time prioritizing his thoughts. 

    “Selfie… put it away… no! But… I… I need to…”

    In mere moments Kenny had posted a dick pic to his snapchat story… and a huge wave of relief came over him. He grabbed his junk and have it a nice scratch. “That wasn’t bad.” 

    “Now, Ke– Bro— Brady?”

    “Wait, what was it?”


    “It’s Brady?”


    “I CAN DO THIS” 

    After a few moments Brady was able to calm his dick. He tried hard not to look at the many posters of babes and models hanging on the wall. “I have to stop looking at these… hot babes.”

    Brady paced his bedroom trying to remember the past twenty minutes…

    “This isn’t right… this isn’t my body… but…”

    Brady was quickly becoming immersed with his body…

    “These bis… tris… pecs…”

    “Fuck, my phone!”

    Snaps, all from usernames with hearts around them, began flooding his phone…

    “Uhh! Why are they sending me… holy shit these tits are all huge and… bouncy… fuck I think that’s hot!” 

    “I wonder if my dick feels good…”

    Brady started to massage his mostly soft cock through his shorts. Before long he was sporting a chub. 

    “Ughh, that feels good.” 

    “These tits are fantastic.”

    Faster now, Brady pumped his thick dick to the images on his phone. 

    “Fuck I love this.”

    “It’s just – –”


    “I can’t be gay…”

    “These tits…”

    “Fuck, I’m gunna cum”

    “Where do I cum?

    “Fuck I’m cumming!”

    “I’m cumming on my sheets.”

    “Fuck!” “Fuck!” 

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    "Your next dude" Jake shouted as he and Mike pointed at you.

    "Next.....for what?" You ask nervously as your usual biology club friends were all dressed in camo and fake animal skin costumes, drinking the same beer you had just taken a drink from. You and your bio club members had just passed a big test and decided to unwind with a little party, just some music, movies, and beer. You just got back from the bathroom to find your friends bigger and in these strange outfits and had just taken your first sip of beer. The guys were ooking and grunting as they scratched themselves "next to join tribe" Jake said in a simplifying language and deeper voice.

    Suddenly you felt strange as your muscles ached and grew out. Your skinny frame swelling into big almost jock like proportions. You felt intense itching as thicker, darker hair began to grow all over your body. You looked down to see your pants morph into a pair of leopard print shorts, your shirt reduced to a leopard print strap across your chest, showing off...your strong, thick, hairy chest. You suddenly felt the urge to drink more of the beer as you started to feel the war paint haphazardly smear itself across your chest. You were becoming the war chief of a new band of jungle men warriors. All thoughts of math and science fading and giving way to survival and hunting instincts. Soon the jungle beer will warp reality around you and your dorm will become your new jungle home. You were next to join the tribe and with you it will be unstoppable!