Story idea by Galloway2017

    Witness Protection

    They called him Vinnie the Mouth because he talked a lot, but in the end his mouth was their downfall because he squealed.  It wasn’t like he wanted to be a rat, he had been given no other choice.  Jimmy Marconi, his long-time boss, had put a hit out on him, all over his running a tiny little protection racket on the side.  He was taking initiative, they should have been impressed.  

    In any case his career in organised crime seemed to have come to a screeching and permanent end.  Two months stuck in a flea-bag motel off the interstate had been followed up by a stellar court performance.  He made sure they knew they’d fucked with the wrong guy.  He knew where all the bodies were buried… literally.  After all he’d put a few of them there himself.  

    The kind of shit he admitted to in court would normally get a guy a lifetime sentence.  But he’d gone to the feds himself.  They had nothing on him, so they had to pay a high price for his full cooperation.  Full immunity, and a guarantee of witness protection somewhere far away, and somewhere with a warmer climate than Chicago.  

    But to be honest when he asked for somewhere warmer, he’d been imagining California, or even Florida.  Which is why he was more than a little disappointed when Special Agent Garcia pulled off the highway and headed deep down some winding, country roads into the most backwoods part of Appalachian Tennessee.  This was major redneck territory.  He’d have to set up a moonshine operation to make money here.  

    Things were looking down already, but then the car turned down a dirt driveway, winding up through a thick stand of trees that hid the property from the small country road it sat upon.  

    “Here we are!” Agent Garcia announced happily.  Too happily in Vinnie’s opinion.  

    Garcia didn’t like Vinnie, that was no secret.  It would have been weird if the fed had liked the gangster.  So if Garcia was happy, Vinnie knew it couldn’t be good for him.  

    “Where the fuck are we, Garcia?” he demanded.  

    “The ass end of nowhere, Tennessee,” Garcia replied cheerily.  “This is going to be your new home for the foreseeable future.”  

    “This is bullshit Garcia, and you know it.  I’m going to talk with Landau,” Vinnie threatened.  

    “Go ahead, he approved the assignment.”  

    Shit, Garcia seemed pretty certain.  This was going to suck.  

    They cleared the trees, revealing an old farmhouse, a small barn next to it, surrounded by an expansive yard.  Vinnie saw a couple chickens pecking around the dirt in front of the house.  Wow, this really was the worst.  

    And then it got even worse.  

    A man came running out of the woods just to their right.  He was a tall, strongly built man, probably in his thirties, with a shaved head.  He was wearing a pair of blue-jean bib overalls, shirtless, with the legs cuffed up over bare feet.  He was grinning like a fool, racing to keep alongside the car, waving frantically to them.  He looked mentally challenged.  Or perhaps seriously inbred.  Vinnie wondered if the man had many teeth.  

    “This is some Deliverance bullshit Garcia!” Vinnie roared.  

    Garcia just laughed and laughed, pulling the car to a stop in front of the house.  

    The bald man in overalls planted himself alongside Vinnie’s window, patting it with his palms and hopping up and down on those bare feet, giggling and saying, “Hi! Hi! Hi!”  

    Vinnie was a bit nervous to get out.  The man was even bigger up close.  Sure Vinnie was a tough guy, but he usually let his gun do the talking or sent in one of his enforcers.  This guy probably had the strength of the stupid.  

    The door to the farmhouse opened and another man emerged.  This man was older, likely in his forties, well built but only average height, with a full head of dark hair but graying temples.  He was also wearing overalls, but he had on a long-sleeved plaid shirt and workboots as well.  

    “Well hello there!” he greeted them.  “Bobby, get yer butt back and let the poor boy out of the car!” he called to the bald man.  

    Bobby pouted like a small child, but stepped back as instructed.  “Yes Pa,” he said.  

    “Good boy,” the older man praised him, like he really was a small child.  

    Vinnie got out of the car, feeling the oppressive heat and humidity wash over him at once.  God, the AC really had hidden their descent into the South.  

    “Welcome home Vinnie,” the older man greeted him.  

    Vinnie awkwardly extended his hand, feeling the touch calluses on the other man’s dirty hands as they shook.  He reflexively wiped off some of the transferred grime on his thigh.  

    The man chuckled.  “Oh boy, you best get used to gettin’ dirty.  You ain’t gonna be all clean like this again for a long, long time.”  

    Bobby giggled at that as well.  

    “He’s awll cwean Pa!” he chimed in.  “He gonna look diff’rent when he awll dirty!”  

    Vinnie looked the man-child over more closely, seeing that he was in fact much dirtier than the father.  His body odor smelled even from a foot away.  His hands looked like he’d been making mud pies.  His bare feet were absolutely filthy, grime caked under each toe.  God he was a mess.  

    “I take pride in my appearance,” Vinnie cooly replied, running a hand through his well styled black hair.  

    “Well, we’ll just see how long that lasts,” Pa declared.  

    “Okay Vinnie, you’re all set,” Garcia jumped in, dropping the one bag he’d been allowed at his feet.  “You keep safe now, and if you have any problems at all, feel free to call us.”  

    It was an odd thing to say, but obviously totally insincere.  What did that mean then? That they wouldn’t take his calls?  If they wouldn’t, he’d have no choice but to walk away from witness protection and take his chances.  He couldn’t stay here long term.  

    Garcia got back into the car, wasting no time in pulling back down the driveway, smiling the whole time.  

    “Okay then, let’s get you inside and get you changed out of those city clothes,” Pa declared.  

    Vinnie shook his head.  “Look Pops…”

    “It’s Pa,” the man corrected.  

    “Whatever.  You’re only what, ten years older than me though, so it’s a little weird to have me calling you Pa, don’t you think?”  

    “All my boys call me Pa.  Bobby’s about the same age as you.  He calls me Pa,” the man explained.  

    All his boys?  

    “Are there more of you here?” Vinnie asked.  

    “Oh yes. Jason and Chris are around here somewhere.  Jason! Chris! C’mon out ‘nd meet the new boy!” he called.  

    Two more men quickly emerged from the barn and Vinnie’s jaw actually dropped.  He’d seen a lot of fucked up stuff in his time in the maffia.  But this… this took the fucking cake and then some.  

    The first man was a bit younger, maybe twenty-five, skinny with buzz-cut blonde hair.  He was wearing a pair of undies that seemed to be covered in dinosaur designs, like a little boy’s.  That was all he wore though.  The rest of his body was bare and he was every bit as dirty as Bobby.  

    Right behind him though was a tubby man, somewhere between the skinny man’s age and Bobby’s.  Like Bobby his head had been totally shaved.  He was also completely naked. He’d been shaved all over in fact.  His balls had been shaved too, he was all smooth down there, his penis just bouncing free.  All tubby and smooth and naked, he really looked like a massive toddler.  

    “Daz da new boy Pa?” the man in the undies asked, pointing rudely right at Vinnie.  

    But Vinnie could see the man was oblivious to manners of any kind.  His eyes also lacked any flicker of intelligence.  They were dull and glassy, and yes he was missing several teeth, visible as he stood there slack-jawed.  

    “Yes Chris, this is Vinnie, he’s our newest little family member,” Pa answered. 

    The naked man, who had to be Jason, suddenly and inexplicably blew a big, wet raspberry at Vinnie, before grinning at his joke, spittle dribbling down his chin.  

    “Don’t be silly to the new boy, Jason,” Pa chided him.  

    “Sowwy Pa,” Jason said, twisting his dirty toes in the soil and nibbling on one of his fingers.  

    “So, all your boys are…” he almost said retards, but reminded himself he needed to stay here at least a little while.  Don’t piss them off right away if possible.  

    “They’re all disabled?” he asked.  

    “Oh we don’t think of it like that,” Pa told him.  “They’re special boys, that’s all.  And they’re all very happy, very good boys for their Pa.”  

    All three of the men grinned and squirmed like hyperactive little boys, drinking in what they evidently took as praise.  

    “And you let them… um… wear whatever clothes they feel like?” 

    For a moment Vinnie was sure the redneck bastard would be offended.  But Pa just chuckled again.  

    “Well not exactly.  They have outfits for if we got to go to town and a special outfit for church.  But at home, well I’ll explain the rules to you shortly.  We got to get you inside, show you your room and get you changed into your home clothes.”  

    “I’m quite happy dressed as I am, thanks,” Vinnie told him.  

    Pa looked him up and down, clearly finding that very funny.  Okay, so the expensive Italian shoes and suit he was wearing weren’t for a farm.  And he didn’t really want to mess them all up walking around here.  But he wasn’t putting on any clothes this guy thought was more appropriate either.  

    “Just c’mon in and we’ll get you settled,” Pa said, leading him up the steps onto the porch.  

    Vinnie followed him inside.  The house was pretty clean actually, better than he’d expected given the outside.  

    “So you expect me to help you with taking care of the… special men?” Vinnie asked, not really prepared to deal with retarded inbred rednecks like that.  

    “No, no, not at all,” Pa assured him right away.  “That’s my job and mine alone.”  

    Vinnie breathed a sigh of relief.  

    They entered a bedroom and Vinnie saw there were two beds in the room.  One had clearly been occupied for some time by one of the boys, as Pa called them.  There were small children’s toys cluttering the floor between the beds and the sheets were car and truck themed.  

    The other bed was clean and made up.  And lying across it was a single item, a simple white tank-top, a wife-beater some would call it.  

    “There you go Vinnie,” Pa said.  “That’s your bed, and you can leave your bag downstairs.  I’ll deal with it later.  Everything you need is right here in this room, in the closet and dresser.  I got some clothes in there for church and town.  But I don’t want you going in there, gettin’ them on, gettin’ them dirty.”

    “I’m sorry?” 

    “It’s natural for farm boys to be messy, to get themselves dirty. They’re always playin’ in the barn, wrestlin’ with each other, and with the pigs too.  They get messy doin’ their chores, the get messy eatin’ their dinner.  And four boys means a lot of laundry if they’re gettin’ their clothes messy.  

    “So, y’all got one outfit for home, but y’all got to share it,” Pa told him.  

    Vinnie was totally confused now.  “Share it? Share an outfit?”  

    Pa nodded. “Today Bobby’s got them overalls.  Chris got the undies and I saved the shirt for you.  Jason don’t mind though, he liked bein’ nekkid more ‘n anything else.  With four boys there always gonna be one a you nekkid.  Well at least one.  No rule that you gotta wear your part of the outfit,” Pa explained with another chuckle.  

    “You can’t mean… you, don’t expect me to take off all my clothes and put on that wife-beater and what, that’s it?” 

    To his utter shock, Pa nodded instantly.  “You get changed out of those city clothes before they get ruined.  I’ll take them down to goodwill when we go to town in a couple days.  Get changed quick, then come on down to the kitchen and we’ll give you a haircut.”  

    Vinnie jerked backwards reflexively, as thought the scissors were coming for his hair right then.  

    “Look man, I got my hair just how I like it.  No one touches my hair, you got that,” he warned, using his most menacing tone.  This guy didn’t know who he was fucking with.  

    But Pa wasn’t deterred at all.  

    “Hair on little boys just gets filthy, gets matted, gets infested with lice.  It gets in your eyes, gets all sweaty when you’re playin’, when you’re explorin’ and doin’ yer chores.  Easier to get rid of it.

    “Now hurry up, we got to go on our walk too.  The boys are all excited for it.”  

    “Walk? Where are you planning to walk to?”  

    “Oh we have a nice trail that goes up onto the mountain behind the house.  It’s real quiet, no tourists or anything around here.  It’s a rough one, but that’s just the point.  We need to start getting your feet toughened up.  It’ll be sore at first, sorry to tell you, but it won’t take no time at all ‘nd you’ll be able to run over gravel like the others.  

    “But we gotta get your feet used to it, so a nice long walk up the mountain will get you started.  It’s gonna feel so nice Vinnie, especially since you’ll be nice and cool in your new outfit, no hair to get in your eyes.”  

    “Get my feet used to it? What does that even mean?”  

    “Well none of my boys have shoes, not even for church.  Around here it’s pretty much expected for little boys to be barefoot.  Keeps ‘em surer on their feet, makes climbin’ the trees easier and saves buyin’ boots for the barn.”  

    Vinnie had heard enough.  The old bastard wanted him to be like these morons he cared for.  He actually thought he’d enjoy a half-naked, barefooted walk in the woods.  

    “Just stop right there man.  None of that is going to happen.  I’m not stripping naked and walking around with my cock flapping in the breeze for you to see.  I’m not letting you touch my hair. I’m not going for a stupid walk, and definitely not barefoot.  

    “You don’t seem to get that I’m not a retard like those other guys.  I’m not an inbred hick with an undeveloped brain.  I’m actually a pretty smart guy.  I ran a lot of rackets back in Chicago.  People knew not to fuck with me.  I don’t need you to take care of me.  I can take care of myself just fine!”  

    “Okay, okay, okay, just calm down now,” Pa urged.  “Look, I know you aren’t like my boys.  I get that Vinnie, I do.  And I seen your file. I know what you done, what you can do.”  

    Vinnie nodded, finally glad to have a little respect.  

    “I’m not a rich guy like you.  The only valuable thing I even have is this pocket watch, passed down from my grandpa to my pa to me.”  

    He fished the tarnished, old pocket watch out of the pocket of his overalls.  Pa held it up for Vinnie to see more closely and Vinnie wondered what the piece of junk would bring at a pawn shop.  Probably not nearly as much as this idiot thought it was worth.  

    “I cherish this pocket watch, mostly for the sentimental value,” Pa admitted.  “But also because it has helped me to build a loving family.”  

    Pa pressed a button and the lid of the pocket watch flicked open.  But inside it wasn’t a clock face.  It was a digital screen, something much newer than the outside of the watch.  And it was filled with these strange swirling colors.  So bright, so eye-catching.  Vinnie didn’t even hear Pa still talking, he was just looking at the swirl of colors.  

    “It’s so pretty ain’t it?” Pa whispered.  

    He was standing next to Vinnie now, patting his arm gently.  Vinnie found himself nodding.  Yes, it was very pretty.  

    “Each of my boys saw my pretty pocket watch on their first day here,” he went on.  “They weren’t so different from you before that.  They were smart, they were all so independent, so confident.  And then they saw this pretty watch.  Don’t worry Vinnie, it feels good, doesn’t it?”  

    Vinnie did feel good.  It felt so peaceful now. All his other thoughts and worries were just gone.  There was just the pretty watch and Pa’s voice, echoing around his head.  His muscles were all getting nicely relaxed too.  His whole body was just losing its tension.  

    “Yeah,” Vinnie mumbled, so relaxed now, it was hard to even speak.  

    “Yes, it feels lovely. They all saw the pocket watch just like you.  And then they changed out of their city clothes into farm boy clothes.  They got their haircuts, they went for their walks and they became a part of the family.

    “Jason was the last one to join us.  He was a banker before.  He didn’t want his farm clothes either when he saw them.  But after he saw the pocket watch he still didn’t want them, but for a totally different reason.  After our lovely, sleepy talk, he didn’t want clothes at all, silly boy.”  

    Somewhere in his head Vinnie felt alarm bells going off.  He needed to stop looking at the watch.  He needed to get out of here.  But his body wasn’t responding.  His muscles were all relaxed, all asleep, his arms and feet heavy as stones.  

    “Don’t… don’t wanna forget…” he managed to slur.  

    “Oh you won’t forget everything, I promise you that.  No, you’ll still know who you used to be.  I won’t take that away from you Vinnie.  But you are going to need to forget a lot about how to be that person.  You’ll need to forget things a simple farm boy doesn’t need to know, like how to drive, or how to read, or how to tie a pair of shoes.  Course you won’t have any shoes to tie anyway.

    “We need to make sure that you need your Pa.  Make sure you mind your Pa, appreciate your Pa.  Make sure you only got the simplest of thoughts, ‘bout playin’ with your brothers, doin’ your chores, gettin’ nice and messy.”  

    Vinnie managed to shake his head.  It took a lot of effort.  His eyelids were drifting half closed, but he still couldn’t look away from the swirl of colors, even as his chin came closer and closer to resting on his chest.  

    “That’s it Vinnie, you’re almost there buddy.  Just let go buddy, let your eyes drift shut and let it all go.  You’ll have the most lovely nap, it won’t feel like long at all to you.  And when you wake up, you’ll be special just like the other boys.  Your head will be nice and empty, nice and clean, the opposite of how your outside will be from now on,” he added with a laugh.  

    “I know you think you can fight it honey, but you just can’t.  All the other boys let their chins touch their chests, let their eyes close and when they woke up, they were silly and simple and ready to be my good farm boys.  

    “It’s much better this way.  They don’t even remember the naughty things they did before.  Now they’re innocent.  It’s a relief for them, and it will be for you too darling.  Soon you’ll have the most innocent of eyes.”  

    Vinnie felt horror flashing through his mind.  He didn’t want to be innocent and utterly helpless.  Jesus, others would see him too, when they went to town, or church.  And Agent Garcia had made a point of telling him he’d visit from time to time, see how he was enjoying his new life.  He understood what he meant now.  He was looking forward to seeing Vinnie reduced to idiocy.  

    That couldn’t be his new life!  It just couldn’t.  He wasn’t going to go to sleep.  He wasn’t going to let this fucker do this to him.  

    “Deep sleep Vinnie.  Deep peaceful sleep,” Pa whispered, gently pressing his head downward until his chin touched his chest and his eyes got so heavy and they drifted closed.  It felt so good to finally drift off to sleep.  


    Vinnie’s eyes fluttered open.  He was still standing up, but no longer in the bedroom.  They were in another room, facing a mirror, so he could see what he looked like now.  

    He gazed into the mirror, looking first at his smooth head, his hair all shaved away.  His fancy suit and Italian shoes were gone too.  He was wearing the tank-top now, but that was all.  It was a bit small for him, only just reaching his belly-button, leaving his penis fully visible, soft between his legs. It was smooth too. Pa had shaved him all over apparently.  

    Vinnie looked down at his feet, wriggled his toes experimentally against the wood floor of the farmhouse, feeling it under his soles, getting used to it.  

    Pa’s hand pressed the middle of his back.  

    “What you looking at there Vinnie?” he asked.  

    “Toes,” Vinnie answered.  

    “Oh yes, toes are interesting.  You should have a closer look, honey.  It’s okay, go ahead and sit on your bum.”   

    Vinnie sat on his bottom, feeling the floor under it as well.  He took one foot into his hands, looking at it, wiggling the toes again.  His eyes widened.  Toes were so interesting.  He wanted to do something else with them, but he stopped.  That was silly.  That was dumb.  

    Pa got down on his level, put a supportive hand on his shoulder.  He looked over at Pa, confused by his urges, by how fascinating he found his toes.  

    “It’s okay Vinnie, go ahead,” Pa assured him.  

    It’s a huge relief to know it’s okay.  He pulls the foot to his mouth, puts the big toe between his lips and tastes it, explores it with his tongue, jams two more toes in there, slurps at them as Pa watches and nods encouragingly.  

    Finally they come out with a pop, a line of drool slips out too, he feels it running down his chin, dripping on his chest.  

    “Why I wike toes Pa?” he asked the man.  

    Pa ran a hand gently over his smooth head.  It felt lovely to Vinnie, felt so soothing.  

    “You were such a good boy for me Vinnie.  You looked at my special pocket watch and had a wonderful, long nap.  And we took away all the smarts in your silly little head.  So now you’re just a little boy honey.  

    “You’re a very little boy inside a big boy’s body.  But it’s okay because I know you’re all little inside.  And it’s okay to do little boy things, to enjoy little boy stuff, like playing with your toesies,” Pa explained. 

    Vinnie nodded his head.  He remembered going to sleep now.  He’d had a nice nap and Pa had helped him forget all his naughty things.  He was certain he’d been a naughty boy before.  But he couldn’t begin to recall what it was he’d done that was so bad.  Pa had taken the burden away.  And now he was little inside.  Yes, he felt little. Pa was telling the truth.  

    “Okay honey, let’s go for our walk now. After that your feet will be awfully dirty and those toes will taste different when you eat ‘em next time,” Pa said, helping Vinnie to stand up.  

    That did sound good! What would his toes taste like next time?  Vinnie wanted to know.  And walking sounded fun too.  He was going to be such a good boy for his Pa.  


    Special Agent Garcia pulled the car around the final bend, exiting the woods and sighting the farmhouse he’d last seen two months ago.  He hadn’t even parked it when Chris emerged from the barn, rushing over in a pair of shirtless overalls.  

    “Garcia hewe!” he announced brightly.  

    Bobby appeared right behind him, beaming ear to ear, wearing a tank top and dirty looking holey undies.  The two giggling idiots were eager to say hello to their visitor, but it wasn’t them he’d come to check up on.  

    “Where’s your Pa?” he asked them.  

    “Pa’s feedin’ the hogs.  Bwudders is hewpin’,” Chris answered.  

    “Right, well maybe you should go tell them I’m here.”  

    The man in overalls nodded like a bobble head and rushed off.  

    Moments later he returned, hopping along, hand now being held by Pa.  A moment later two more men emerged from around the side of the house.  Tubby looking Jason, nude as always, and right behind him Vinnie.  

    Vinnie was just as naked as Jason now, his whole body deeply tanned, his hands and feet brown with dirt, head shaved, body smooth like the others.  Garcia couldn’t help but smile.  The former gangster had been such a smooth operator, such a good liar and manipulator.  They called him the Mouth, but it was really his brains that made him so good and so dangerous.  

    Garcia had worried that those brains would have found a way out of this end.  That he’d have slipped past Pa somehow.  

    But as the naked man came closer he could see in his eyes the same vacancy, the same blankness as in the other boys.  His face had a slackness to it that utterly transformed his facial features.  He had worn a near permanent sneer before.  Now his jaw was slack, his chin shiny with drool.  

    “Vinnie, do you know who this man is?” Pa asked him. 

    Vinnie gaped at Agent Garcia, his eyes looking at him, but still not focusing.  

    “Pow-ees-man!” Vinnie declared after a moment, his lips then tugging upward into a pleased smile.  

    “That’s right Vinnie,” Pa praised him.  “He’s the policeman who brought you here to Pa.”  

    Vinnie looked stunned for a moment, then hurried over to Garcia, grabbing his arm.  

    “Pa made me hab a nap,” he told Garcia, clearly excited to deliver this news.  

    For a second Garcia was worried.  Was Vinnie trying to break through, trying to get out of this after all?  

    “He did?” 

    Vinnie nodded.  “Made me all spethal ‘nd widdle,” Vinnie told him seriously.  “Widdle inthide.”  

    Garcia swallowed hard and nodded.  

    Then Vinnie’s lips tugged up again, that silly smile reappearing on his face.  

    “Now I go nekkid!” he announced, grabbing his soft penis and yanking it upward to show to Garcia.  

    Garcia laughed out loud.  

    “I see that.  It’s nice being all nekkid then?”  

    An emphatic nod from Vinnie.  Then he turned to Pa and urged him, “Show da pow-ees-man Pa! Show ‘em da spethal watch!”  He turned back to Garcia and assured him, “Feews so good!”  

    Garcia ran his hand over the man’s smooth head, looking into his eager, peaceful eyes.  

    “I’m glad it felt so good for you.  But I have grown-up things to do.  I can’t let Pa empty out my head and turn me into a dumb little nudist redneck like you, okay?”  

    Vinnie blinked, his mouth still hanging open. 

     “Otay,” he said, not a flicker of insult taken at the response.  

    Then he sat down with his bare bottom in the dirt, grabbed his foot and slipped his toes into his mouth, sucking on the filthy digits even as he gazed vacant eyed up at the two grown-ups. 


    I've gotten tired of my boring college life could you transform me into a dumb country farm boy so I'll have a way more fun 2021

    Sure thing here's some beer. Drink it right before bed and when you wake up 2021 will be a LOT simpler.

    You hesitantly down the can and then go to bed. Its a rough night sleep though as your muscles start to pulse and ache as the grow strong but lean from a lifetime of work. Your skin darkened from being outside all the time as your hair became messy. An intense itching on your face as a rugged beard sprouted. Hair grew all over your body as your intelligence faded. You started to remember growing up on a farm. Working hard with your Pa and your brothers. Coming in at meal times to get food from your Ma. Your mind and life feeling so simple now. You wake up at just the first rays of sunlight in a old bed in a mostly empty room. You barely spend any time inside anyway. You get dressed in a pair of jeans, boots, a bandana to stop your neck from getting sunburnt and your cowboy hat as you eat breakfast with your family and head out. Its hard work but simple, easy, repetitive. On weekends you get to drink and BBQ with your family and other redneck guys and go mudding on the ATV. This is your life now. 2021 will be so much more fun.


    can i please request a story about two nerds who get hypnotized to become shirtless barefoot rednecks?

    William and Joseph were two psychology grad students working on their thesis research. Their research was a study to determine whether or not hypnosis couldn't be used to radically alter a person's personality. There would really be no ethical purpose for this research but the point of their study was to show that hypnotherapists needed to be highly trained and regulated because of the amont of influence they have over their subjects. If proven right their study could cause major alterations to the monitoring and ethics of hypnotherapy.

    One day though while they were looking through their computer suddenly the screen glitched and the hypnosis program activated. They both paniced and tried to shut it down but they both ended up lost in the subliminals. The system read that they were both well dressed, highly educated, nerds. So it started to program them to be the opposite. They felt years of grad school, college, even most of high school fading from their minds as their IQs dropped to the point where they could never fix this. Their thoughts of academic pursuits shifted to hunting...fishing....sports....beer. They wanted to be outdoors all the time. They were so convinced they had spent their lives doing farm work and working out that theur muscles pushed out and swelled. Their stomachs flattened and hardened into abs. Some stubble started to grow on Joey's face as both of them felt a tingle go up their whole body as their skin took on a deep country tan. Suddenly they each pulled off their shirts because their chests felt hot and like guys should always be shirtless. They kick off the shoes and socks for the sane reason. Their feet hardened and callused from always being outside barefoot. The program ends and now they are Billy and Joey, two dumb shirtless and barefoot redneck guys who don't know what all this fancy ass equipment is for. The camera on the computer took a quick picture as the virus inside it put the subliminals into the picture to change others too.


    Hey welcome back could you transform a preppy college kid into a musky dumb redneck

    Michael was lucky to come from a wealthy, educated family because he was all but guaranteed to be successful in life. He went to an elite private university and was on his way to become a doctor to follow in the footsteps of his father, grandfather and great grandfather all had done. He was so proud of himself nearing the end of med school when he would begin his internship at a hospital, but was upset to find the only available hospital was in the middle of nowhere. The hospital that had an opening was a small one in a small farming town in the middle of Hicksville.

    After a few days there he was invited to a bar with one of tge patients and feeling like he needed a break from the endless cycle of long hours followed by sleeping at home he decided to go. They started talking and he found he had nothing in common with the other man whom he considered a dumb redneck. But as they drank he slowly started to agree with him more on topics like gun rights and politics. He began to feel a growing interest in the sports on the bar screen. His hair started to get shorter as his skin itched and tingled and tanned. Years of stress and sleepless nights faded from his face as he youthened. His muscles swelling and he felt uncomfortable in his suit but only for a moment as the clothes faded and changed. His shirt becoming an old sleevless shirt that basically had no sides to them. His pants turned to jeans and his shoes shifted to large steel toed work boots and his socks faded as his hands and feet pulsated bigger to size 12 feet. He felt a headache as his mind emptied of med school, college, even most high school as the only thing he was good for anymore as lifting heavy stuff in his new manual job as a lamdscapper. Now he wasn't a medical intern put to drinks with a patient he was just some dim redneck guy hanging out with his bro.


    Welcome back! Can you maybe write a story about a nerdy big city guy who goes to a small town for Christmas and meets a dumb barefoot redneck hick who turns him into a dumb barefoot redneck hick too? I've been watching too many Hallmark movies and need something kinkier lol

    Ben pulled up to the run down old farm house of his parents and groaned. He hadn't really wanted to come when they invited him home for Christmas. There was a reason he decided to break from the families blue collar tradition and go to college for buisness finance. He moved to New York and got a job at a big bank. He was a big shot, well dressed, well educated but rather busy from his work. He didn't have time or patience to care about Christmas or his hometown in Texas. He went through moving his bags into his old room and then was encouraged by his parents to try and see where people from high school were not like he cared.

    As he walked around he saw some guy with a scruffy beard, hairy, shirtless and walking barefoot down the street. He couldn't look more like a stereotypical hick if he tried. But the guy looked at him and grinned. "Holy shit, Buck! I ain't seen ya in years!" The man shouted but Ben had no idea whst the guy meant, his named wasn't Buck. But the man was grabbing him and popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. Ben started to cough and grabbed the cigarette out as he had never smoked before. But then the coughing subsided and it suddenly tasted good as he started walking with the guy and taking more inhails. His mind started to slow down as his education began to fade. He started to feel hot in his shirt as he pulled it off, watching his skin tan and his skinny body bulk out with some weight. Some hair started to grow and sprout. His feet started to feel hot and cramped in his shoes as he looks at the guy he's walking with. His barefeet look so comfortable on the concrete. It reaches a point where Ben....Buck can't stand it anymore so he pushes his shoes off and wiggles his toes against the ground. The soles of his feet harden and get tougher so the hot concrete doesn't feel as bad as it could. His memories start to alter and he follows his new friend over to his house to drink some beer and do some shooting practice in the back yard. He wouldn't be going back to his office job in the city anytine soon, instead he'll be drinking and laughing with his friends and family for Christmas, and he'll probably get a constrution job and maybe go hunting with his friend. Always barefoot and usually shirtless. Buck fits right in at his home town now.

    William was a bit skeptical that he could transition from the suburbs to the country but his parents had to move for his fathers job and he was only just 18, not quite in the situation to live on his own yet. But all it took was for a few of the guys in his town to invite him drinking and hunting and he came back as Billy this sexy happy hunk of redneck, off to change his family once he got home

    William was always being made fun of for being the smart kid in school. He was from the country and being smart was something to be made fun of. Even his own parents wished he was more into sports. He couldn't wait until college when he could move out of this hick town.

    He was really into marine biology and had been on the river with a few other students to study fish. When suddenly each of the guys started acting weird. They were all smart guys so they enjoyed hanging out. But the soda they had been drinking suddenly turned into beer, their pants turned into stained jeans, their hair all got shorter as ball caps started appearing on their heads. They all got tanner and more lean, as their research equipment turned into fishing rods.

    William was now Billy. His voice took on a deeper accent. And he sat down and began fishin' with his buds, life was slow and simple and great out in the country, why would he ever want to leave?

    He posted the pic online not remembering that in doing so he was spreading the virus. It was like a computer virus called redneck.jpg

    No one knows exactly who started it or with what picture. But any male who viewed it, regardless of age or where they lived, would begin getting these redneck urges. Being shirtless, wearing cowboy hats, boots, jeans and big belt buckles. They wanted to move out to the country (or move to America if they had originally been foreigners). They would work out outside to get tan and nice muscles. And finally after a few months they would be driven to take a shirtless selfie and post it online or send it to friends. This pic would become the new redneck.jpg file and have the same effect as the original. It is unknown exactly how many different photos contain the virus at this time.

    But I guess it's starting to get to me now because I just realized, did I just infect myself to post this? And didn't I just inject all of you who are reading this?...

    City Boy

    “Please don’t break down now. Not here. Anywhere but here!”

    Nick had been travelling through the countryside when his rusty car broke down. Nick was a rich city boy. Being stranded in the countryside was completely out of his comfort zone. Nick stepped out of the rickety old car. He was surrounded by nothing but corn fields. Not a single person or house in sight.

    Nick began walked along the side of the road, hoping a car would pass by. Nick had been walking for around an hour before he saw something in the distance. It was a house. A big bright farmhouse with a barn out the back. It was the first house Nick had seen in miles. Nick precariously approached the farmhouse. He could see a big hulking farmer feeding cows out the back. The shirtless farmer glanced back at the 19 year old.

    “What do you want, city boy?” The reeking man’s voice growled.

    The cowboy brought Nick into his home and sat him down in the kitchen. Nick explained what had happened. The cowboy barely seemed to be paying attention. He kept staring lustfully at the 19 year old. His disgusting farm stench filled Nick’s nostrils.

    “So city boy, I’ve been looking for some help on the farm” The cowboy said in his southern drawl. “Are yer interested?”

    Nick laughed nervously. “No, man. I just need to use your phon-”

    “Man?” The cowboy questioned angrily.


    “I’m sorry, sir” Nick blurted out. It was almost as if the words just slipped out of his mouth. As if the cowboy’s words had infected his brain, forcing him to say it. Nick was confused.


    “I want to work here, sir” Nick blurted out again. Nick had no control over his mouth anymore. He felt like the cowboy’s puppet. Completely suggestable to everything he was saying. The cowboy’s words embedded themselves in Nick’s brain. His words were not only changing Nick’s reality, but they were also changing Nick as a person...

    Nick jumped up from his seat in fear. Nick looked at the hulking cowboy. His 6’8 stature. Nick could smell the cowboy’s hairy body which reeked of pigs and hay. Nick then made a B line for the back door. He needed to escape. What was this man doing to him?


    The cowboy’s words buried deep into Nick’s mind. He couldn’t just run away... could he? He can’t just leave the cowboy. It wouldn’t be right. Deep inside, Nick knew it was immoral to leave the farmer, but Nick forced himself to keep running. Nick ran until he reached the front of the farm. He was ready to run back to his car but... his feet refused to bring him any further. His body refused to take a step outside of the farm. No matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t leave. He was trapped here...


    The cowboy’s words began to tamper with Nick’s memories. Nick’s recollection of growing up in the city vanished. They were replaced with fake memories. Memories of growing up in the South. He remembered life on the farm. How he loved milking the cows, feeding the chickens and stacking the hay. It was his favourite thing to do ever since he was a kid. The 19 year old grabbed his head. He knew the memories were fake. But they felt so... real. Wait... maybe they weren’t fake? Maybe Nick did grow up on the farm?

    “What are yer doin to me?! This ain’t my home! I’m from over yonder. I ain’t some hillbilly farmboy!”

    Nick’s hands clasped at his mouth. Nick’s accent was now completely Southern. There was not a trace of city boy left in him. It sounded like he had never even been to the city. It sounded like the only place he had ever been was.... the countryside.


    The cowboy began to rewrite Nick’s genetics. His lineage being rewritten. Nick began to forget about his real father. All memories of living with his loving father faded until there was nothing left. But new memories filled their place. Nick’s mind began to be filled with memories of working on the farm with the cowbo- no... not ‘the cowboy’... his father.

    Nick’s genes began rewriting themselves. Changing to adopt the genetics of the muscular cowboy standing in front of him. Nick grew in height as his genetics were replaced with the cowboy’s. He went from a generous 5’8 to a monstrous 6’5. Nick’s muscles began growing. His biceps grew bigger and bigger. His chest bulked up. His abs became more defined. His shoulders broadened. His small dainty hands began thickening, turning into big meaty paws. His fingers fat like sausages. Callouses formed on his hands due to the copious amounts of farm work he had done throughout his entire life in the countryside.

    His body grew hairier and hairer. His smooth boyish skin became more coarse and manly. His 19 year old face began aging. It aged until the 19 year old looked like he was in his 30s... and that’s because he was. The 33 year old’s face was now covered by a thick manly beard. His testosterone levels sky rocketed. Sweat covered his body, embedding itself in his new body hair. His hairy armpits reeked. He smelled as bad as the pig sty out back. No amount of showers or soap could get rid of the smell. It was the smell of a true country boy. Nick’s city boy clothing began disappearing, being replaced by his milking uniform.

    “Pops, what’s happening to m-?”


    Nick was cut off by his father. His eyes grew dim and vacant. His jaw dropped open. Drool began forming in his mouth. Nick’s IQ had plummeted. His IQ went from 140 to 80 in a matter of seconds. It began slipping down further and further.


    His IQ slipped from 80 to 70.


    His IQ slipped from 70 to 50.


    It slipped down further and further until it eventually fell to a mind numbingly stupid 30.

    “Imma dumb farmboy, pops” Nick flexed his massive biceps releasing his pit stink into his father’s nostrils. His father smirked.

    A dumb blissful expression crossed Nick’s face. Nick felt so at home in his father’s hands. So safe. So vacant. So dumb.

    “Sarry for trynna run away, pops. I dunno whut I were thinkin, sir” Nick rubbed his empty head.


    Nick’s new father clicked his fingers. And with that, Nick felt a swelling in his chest. It felt as if his pecs were filling up. Filling up with liquid. They felt so heavy. The new weight on his chest almost caused Nick to fall over. He shifted his new weight causing the fat pecs on his chest to jiggle. Nick dumbly looked at his tits. There seemed to be a white liquid leaking out of his nipple. It looked like... milk. Nick’s once lean pecs began getting bigger and fatter as they filled up with milk. They looked so heavy. So fuckable. His nipples grew so sensitive. The slightest touch evoking the most intense pleasure. Nick’s father just wanted titty fuck his son right then and there.

    “Ma boobs done grown so big, pops”

    “As punishment for trying to run away, your fat tits will now supply our farm’s milk” Nick’s father deviously grinned as he stared at his son’s leaking breasts.

    Nick’s father forcefully grabbed his son’s nipples and began milking his tits. It felt so orgasmic. So pleasurable. Nick felt his intelligence being milked out of his tits. He moaned in pleasure. The more Nick was milked, the more he tried to fight back against his natural urges. But the pleasure soon became too much for the farm boy. He couldn’t hold it in anymore. The dumb country boy tried to resist, but he couldn’t help but let out a big



    And so, Nick lived out the rest of his life on his father’s farm. The dumb country boy happily fulfilled his duties on the farm. He fed the chickens, stacked the hay, let his father cum deep inside his ass. But most importantly, he supplied the farm’s dairy by letting his father milk his fat tits. Nick’s father glanced at the buckets full of his son’s milk. He grinned.

    “Go get me some firewood, son. If you disobey, I’ll make it so the only thing comin out that dumb mouth of yours is MOOOOOO.”


    I was so excited to finally get my driver's license. At 24 years old I was excited I finally got over my anxiety and got my license. When I got home I pulled it out of my wallet to admire but noticed it was different. The picture was of a tan guy with short dark hair and a chinstrap who didn't look like me at all! And instead of saying "basic deivers license" it now said "Tractor/farm equipment license" which was shocking. Suddenly my sweat pants turned into a pair of jeans, a belt with a confederate flag belt buckle appeared around my waist! My dragon ball z shirt melted away and dissappeared leaving me shirtless. My stomach suddenly grew out with a mix of muscle and fat as my chest did the same. My arms beefed up with fat and muscles as my skin itched with a spreading tan and hair. My biceps buldged with strength as I couldn't help but flex! Damn I looked good! Wait....that was a weird thought. There was a more intense itch like a burning fire as a tattoo formed on my upper right arm. My pits became bushy and smelly with thicj dark hair. My legs enlarged with fat and muscles, widening my stance and burning with a tingly itch as dark hair and tan took over the skin, feeling itchy in my jeans. My feet cracked and painlessly grew longer and wider at first ripping through my socks as they became big size 13 manly feet. Big and wide to support my larger frame as my spine cracked longer and I became 6'2, a huge difference from my previous height of 5'9. The remains of my socks reformed into a big pair of work boots with no socks under as they filled with a musky scent and felt way better than lame sneakers! My ass grew out filling out my jeans as my balls grew and swelled and filled with manly rebel cum and started to flood my body with more testosterone as I got a headache and my cock grew hard. It started to get longer than it ever had even when hard. My cock grew longer and thicker becoming a sexy 10 inch long piece of meat, a sexy bulge showing in my jeans. I couldn't help but grab my junk and moan as I felt an itch down there with a thick bush of dark hair growing around it. My moaning grew deeper as my adams apple pushed out and my neck thickened. The tan spreading up my nect towards my face. My jaw itched as small dark hair started to sprout out as a thin chinstrap errupted from my face. My face reshaped as my eyes became dull, the light of intelligence in them faded. My brown hair darkened to a dark black color. My hair also got sucked back into my head becoming short as my face bones rearranged themselves into a cock alpha look. Finally a white cowboy hat appeared on my head.

    Thats when I felt the pressure of the hat and the flood of testosteron effected my thinking as I began forgetting my college education and most of high school. Memories of studying and playing video games became getting drunk at parties and plsying football. My memories being a straight A student became memories of barely getting C's. My IQ was dropping like a rock as I remember growing up in the country and working on my parente farm. I was damn proud of myself as I look down at my tractor license, not that I needed one as I been helping with the tractor since I was 8 years old! I was now a 19 year old country stud and a proud fucking rebel!


    Here’s a guy from my high school that got really big once he started playing football for the Navy! He started gaining a tiny amount when he was senior in high school, then once he got to college, during freshman year, his coaches told him to get bigger since he was on the line. Then every year I think he got bigger till his senior year of college. (Submission)

    I love when jocks go to college and just let themselves go! He’s definitely filled out for sure! Love the photo where he’s filling out that Navy jersey!

    Submissions can be sent via the “Submit” tab or by e-mail at: thedk159@gmail.com!


    The reality is the navy enrolled him in a sclecret muscle growth program. He and his football buddies were the perfect test subjects and you can see the results. Unfortunately there were some side effects, like iq loss and that increased redneck desire. However, the navy decided this was worth the risk and have ordered expansion of the program.

    Only boots allowed

    Sorry its been a while guys, had a lot of things happen that have kept me from writing. I’m not sure I can keep up a regular weekly story atm, but I will keep writing. 

    So hope you enjoy




    Colton breathed in deeply, repressing his anxiety as he made his way into school. It was the last month of school before summer, and he was very agitated. Colton lived in a large military town called Fort. Sage. Everyone who lived here had something to do with the military at some point. What made it worse was that every kid from high school was expected to enlist as well, as if it were some requirement of life. Right now, Colton and the rest of his year were finishing studies, after that they were to go and enlist, and Colton didn’t want to.

    Colton was an overachieving nerd, always doing his best in studies. He felt the military was beneath him, that it was a waste of time for someone of his intellectual capabilities. The only people who enlisted were dumb boots, who had no other option or were overly patriotic. Regardless of how he felt, though, Colton was being pressured to enlist.

    Colton reached the main corridor and went to his locker. It hadn’t been a minute, and he could hear Daniel and his idiot friends marching down, interrogating everyone he came into contact to. Daniel was a JROTC cadet and right now, was making sure that everyone was getting signed up for enlistment. To Daniel, this was town culture and life, and he would make sure no one got out.

    Colton turned to look at them; they were all in their JROTC uniforms, camo pants, white shirts and camo caps. Daniel obviously distinguished himself as the alpha of the group; he wore green trousers and had a red top on without a cap. They stood and moved as if they were personnel on base, trying to look as army-like as possible. Their faces had little expression as if they were on a mission to get as many people enlisted as possible.

    As Colton tried to go, Daniel appeared behind him and gave him a disapproving look.

    “Heya Colton, ya know what month it is?” Daniel asked in his deep, dumb voice.

    “Yep, its enlistment month,” Colton replied, slightly frightened.

    “Yeah, and I haven’t seen your name on any papers yet. Don’t think you bein’ smart makes you any better,” Daniel threatened, smirking.

    “Bu…. but I’m going to do it… I promise, Dan,” Colton whimpered as he became tense. Slowly Dan’s buddies surrounded Colton, crossing their arms as they stared in disapproval.

    “I don’t know. I think you want to go to college… Yeah you want to go to college do smart stuff, don’t you? But that means not enlisting, and in this town, that’s unacceptable. What’s your dad gonna think if you do that to him? Daniel threatened.

    “No, Daniel that’s not at all what I want to do,” Colton said as fear gripped him.

    Colton’s eyes couldn’t hide his lies and Daniel saw right through him. Colton decided to try and walk away and escape. He stepped back and tried to escape, but two of Dan’s buds grabbed him and dragged him along.

    “Haha, you ain’t escaping dweeb. Now you’re coming with us,”

    “Wait, I didn’t mean to try and escape Dan I was just going to class,” Colton pleaded

    “Likely story dumbass, I saw you lie, and now your gonna get it,”

    Colton was dragged kicking to the bathroom. No one paid attention, either out of fear or out of loyalty to Dan.

    They threw Colton to the floor and stripped him naked. Colton lay frozen on the cold, wet floor. The boot cadets started getting out clothing from a duffle bag. First, they forced on a wet jockstrap that squeezed his small cock. His crotch felt itchy as the small light brown hairs grew in length and spread out thickening into a big bush, then his cock felt pleasurable as if he was being jerked off. His cock slowly grew out, from 4 inches out to a monster 10-inch size, thickening as well. The feeling didn’t stop their either.

    Colton writhed around on the floor as the uncomfortable pleasure spread throughout him. The guys then got out some camo pants just like theirs and a pair of boots. They pulled up the pants to his waist and then tightened it down so that it clung to the skin with a belt. His weak and small leg muscles ballooned in size, his thighs expanded out, becoming strong and hard. The guys finished off by sticking some boots on his feet and doing up the laces tight like theirs. His feet then grew out to size 13, filling his new boots.

    As his lower body grew uncontrollably, his dick was getting harder and harder, eventually leaking out large amounts of pre-cum. He was then pulled up and held by two guys. Daniel and the others grinned as Colton’s eyes got dumber and dumber, his head went fuzzy, and he couldn’t think.

    They then got out a razor and started shaving Colton’s head, lumps of dark brown hair fell out until his head was no more than the style of boot camp recruits cut. Colton looked in the mirror, he felt distraught at what was happening to him, but he couldn’t do anything but let it happen.

    His balls were now pumping out more cum that then shot out his dick. Unknown to Colton, his brains were being drained out and down into his balls. All his knowledge and memories were leaking out of his cock and evaporating into thin air.

    Dan got out a white t-shirt, with the same military logo of the local base and the same that the others were wearing. Colton tried to resist by moving away as they forced the shirt down on him, but it was no use. The shirt was tight, squeezing his flabby arms and chest. The guys then tucked the shirt into the pants smartly. His body then began twitching as his chest bulked up massively, abs popping out of his stomach one by one, pecs widening and hardening out. His shoulder pushed out to the sides, broadening his body. His biceps and triceps then popped out with muscle and size. His physique now looked as if he had been working out for years, in fact, he looked just like one of Daniels goons.

    “Hey Colton, looking good now, looking army fit, looking like one of us. Just wondering hows your head feeling?” asked daniel dumbly, pointing to his head. Colton then began trying to remember things, but he couldn’t remember anything. He knew he had lost something but what?

    “What’s happening to me? Why can’t I remember anything?” cried Colton.

    “You had too much smart stuff Colton, so we had to bring you down to our level. It also ensures you ain’t going to college, oh no you gonna be stuck here with us in the US army bro,” Daniel explained

    “ONE OF US” chanted the others  

    “If you want to try and save something I’ll tell you how you’re losing your brains. It’s your cock Colton, leaking out all your brains. You can try and stop it, but you won’t, you can’t,”

    Colton’s cock continued to flood his jock with cum, before evaporating into thin air.  Colton began grabbing at his crotch, trying to grasp it and stop the cum falling out. He had it for a while, but the cum still flowed like a rapid river. He felt as more of his brains faded from his mind.  He then tried to get into his trousers to grabs his cock and stop it, but the pants were too tight, coupled with the shirt being tucked into too, it was almost impossible to get in them. Colton fell back onto the floor, the others laughed and grinned, but Colton was defeated. The last of his brains, including his own name, was lost.

    Daniel stood there; he took out a cap and went to speak.

    “Col…” He paused for a moment before his grin became gained a hint of evil.

    “Cody, what you doing on the floor you big idiot?” He joked as he walked up to him. Cody knew he should be scared of him, but not why. He backed into a corner, but two guys behind him picked him up, though instead of restraining him they put their muscular arms around him.

    “Cody, you dropped your hat as well, hold on let me get it right,” said Daniel as he fixed a camo cap on Cody’s head. As he did, Cody was flooded with new memories and reassurances. He was Cody, a dumb patriotic musclehead who was going to enlist at the end of the month like everyone else. His bro Dan, who he looked up to immensely as the alpha of the group, was making sure everyone at school was enlisting like him. Cody smiled as his new life formed in his head. He put his arms around his new bro’s.

    “Sorry bro, I don’t know what’s been up with me today,” he replied

    “No worries bro, we should get back out there, I think there are two or three nerds who need reassurance for enlisting. What’s say we go and pay ‘em a visit,” Dan asked

    Cody nodded like a dumb obedient soldier to Daniel, which is all he would be doing for the near future.


    Well ask and you shall receive. You asked to possess a trucker but said nothing about having crontol. You’re now actually going to see what it’s like to have no control. Meet Hank.

    He spends his days smoking a cigar and wearing shag shirt he can find to cover his pecs and tummy. He’s got the mouth of a sailor which shows when he can’t talk without cussing every other word. High school drop but all around mans man. He doesn’t shave and when he does it’s because his bosses make him. You’ll spend your time seeing through Hank’s eyes but having no control. You’ll become used to his mannerisms. Like how he cat calls men and giraffes his hips in public. How he belches and passes gas and makes sure people know it was him. This man has no humility but I’m sure you do. You’ll also get used to the lack of bathing as hank only showers once every other week. I hope you enjoy your new outlook as hank. Next time if you aren’t specific you may end up as his sweaty size 17 dirty socks.


    At first you just go into tractor supply because you hear they have a discount on something you need. Being around all the farm supplies and rednecks makes you uncomfortable. But soon after you are back again. And again. Until you are going for fun. To hang out. Buying clothes there. Finding friends there. Until you look like this and work on a farm lifting hay and feeding cows. It’s a great life