Regressing for Some Credit

    Alex just wasn’t a team player. We’re all firefighters here and face all the same dangers but here he goes hogging the tv cameras all to himself, taking all the credit for himself, and just getting all the praise and admiration all to just himself.

    So, we decided as a unit to reset him back to when he would listen to us. We slipped something in the chili and now he’s a young teen again! While John, the newbie drew the short straw to take on Alex as his foster kid, we all help in raising him. He can’t wait to be just like us, his heroes! He listens to every word we say, especially about how it’s important that everyone gets the glory for putting out a blaze.

    I think our problem with him is solved now.


    You shouldn’t have opened the door when those dumb neighborhood kids knocked. You shouldn’t have accepted that hat from their leader. You just wanted to play along so they’d stop making all that noise outside. But now it was too late. You stared down at your now smooth teenage body. Your too large shirt long discarded. Firm abs like you never had at that age glistening in the heat. Young, sun-kissed skin grazed with freckles and a touch of acne. Your hair long at the top now and shaved at the sides. Small nose, ears a little too big, eyes dark and empty and mouth hanging open - waiting for orders. You gazed into the distance with your dumb kid face as your leader turned the hat and then that was it. You were part of his crew now of dumb punk kids. You lived to set off fire crackers, play with airsoft guns and torment the cranky adults. Maybe push a few into joining you. You kicked off your shoes letting your small bare feet feel the hot ground, protected by layers of dirt and scar tissue on the bottom. And finally you accepted the shorts from one of your new crew, letting them sag, as you did you casted off the lasts bits of your old boring self. Time to make some noise!


    Dude you gotta help me! Look at what that bitch Emily did to me… I look 18 again, but this time I have more muscle… and… woah that’s not normal… these shorts feel tight… kinda uncomfortable… shit I need to adjust…

    Holy shit! Is that my dick? It’s way bigger, how? And damn that felt good… fuck I’m so horny. Wait! Stop! No! This isn’t right… That stupid bitch Emily said my video games were ‘stupid’ and shit… blah blah blah I hate her… she said I might as well be a stupid teen who plays his games and beats off all the time if I don’t want to act my age. 

    Who the fuck does she think she is… ‘act my age’ … fuck I’m … … wtf. I know I’m 18! No! 

    No… I’m 18! 

    What the fuck is going on! I can’t think for shit! Agh! Fuck my dick can’t breath in these shorts! 

    …Part 2

    It had been a few weeks, and you had fitted quite nicely into your new surroundings. Your mind being affected by the Serum made it natural to you. One thing you did remember though you wanted to bring your older brother into your new life. His old school mate that you were living with was also looking forward to having his old mate back. Your older bro had cut everyone off from school making new friends as he embarked on a high flying career path.

    Wasting no more time, you managed to get hold of some more of the Serum you had taken and made your way over to your old house. Letting your self in you knew exactly what you had to do… your brother always liked to have a cold bottle of beer when he got home from a hard day at the office. Made even easier by his OCD you knew which bottle he would take from the fridge, top left. Carefully you edged around the cap removing it and poured the vile in. You popped the cap back on, no one would ever know.

    Hiding out upstairs, finally you heard the door go! Thankfully your old parents weren’t due home for some time yet, he played straight in to your hands. You saw him walk past taking a swig from the bottle you have laced. He got changed out of his suit into some of his usual clothes. He couldn’t help but take a selfie in the mirror, he thought he looked so good and youthful. He downed the rest of the beer about to head downstairs to watch some tv when the rest of the Serum began to take full effect, speeding up the transformation. Any confusion or resistance was short lived as it began altering his mind, erasing the drive he had for his career, lowering his IQ and making him less uptight.

    His body was shrinking, growing slimmer, continuing to get younger, his boots had turned into a pair Nike trainers, his loose jeans into better fitting joggers showing off his skinnier legs, his shirt disappeared leaving only his hoody on his torso which was now also shrinking down to fit his narrower frame as it became a sweat top. At this point you knew you were safe to show yourself, his mind now so clouded and altered by the Serum he was pleased to see his chavy little bro. You helped him collect what he wanted to take on to his new life in a bag and you both headed off. He turned back to you as you were about the leave through the back gate “give us a cig mate!” Handing him one of yours he signalled he also needed your lighter doing the usual pretend motion with his clenched fist and thumb.

    Everything was working out, or so you thought…

    Walking down the road back to the estate, something was wrong! Your big brother still seemed to be getting shorter, his hair was also lightening, becoming much fairer. It was also becoming obvious very quickly that as he was talking to you he was becoming more immature by the second. By the time you reached the estate he had lost about a foot in height and he looked like he was barley 14 years old. For some reason his clothes hadn’t changed this time, his track suit was way too big for him. Pulling the vile from your pocket, you realised you had managed to get the wrong one! This one had a much stronger dose of age regressing formula. Damn it! You weren’t as careful as you used to be before your transformation.

    Oh well it’s happened now, it’s not what you planned but you had to deal with it! Thankfully your new mate next door had a little brother around the same age. Doing your best to blag your way out of this, you managed to get them to lend you some clothes, until you could buy some more, explaining how your “little bro” had come to stay, but didn’t bring any spare clothes and had spilt food all over his. It was a stretch, but they seemed to buy it. After your brother got changed the first thing he said was “can I go play on the estate now? Please?” You sighed “sure, whatever… knock yourself out…”. Your big bro that you had always looked up to now looked up to you!

    Your mate you were living with walked in as your brother ran out side to start making friends with the other lads hanging out around the estate. He burst out laughing “pahhh! You’re such a div mate! Can’t believe you were so thick you didn’t realise you got the wrong one! Ah well guess we got a little bro now…”

    “Doctor Collins, is that you? What the hell are you doing?”

    Doctor Collins turned around, the once sterile doctor’s office around him was now a mess, a cacophony of distress rang throughout the entire hospital as doctors and nurses nearly tramped one another rushing back and forth in the outside corridors. Meanwhile Dr. Collins was here, shirtless and stripping out of the rest of his clothing in his own office. Doctor Richardson had been called to find him and as the aging older and more experienced doctor of the hospital, a genius like no other who valued his intelligence. Yet the now balding man in his mid-fifties was glaring at the suddenly young and muscular Dr. Collins.

    “Yeah see about that,” started Dr. Collins as he smirked, scratching his youthful wisps of hair with his own glasses. Dr. Richardson couldn’t deny it, the once forty year old doctor now looked twenty and irrevocably handsome with a lean body to go with it.

    “You realise we’re practically dealing with an epidemic out there, and what are you doing? Dancing in your own office?” questioned Richardson, Collins only laughed, throwing his lab coat to him.

    “Oh yeah I forgot, I was dealing with one of the patients when they made a mess,” explained Collins. Richardson felt something immediately damp when he caught the lab coat and looked down through his spectacles at the stains.

    “What the hell is on this?” asked Richardson.

    “It’s cum dude,” laughed Collins, Richardson threw the lab coat away.

    “That’s disgusting,” growled Richardson.

    “Is it? You seem to like it,” noted Collins as he stepped closer, Richardson tried to step back only to feel his back hit against the desk. “I mean you’re hard already.”

    “What are you- Oh!” Richardson moaned as he felt Collin’s large hand wrap around his hard cock, looking down he could sense where a sudden heat was emanating from as Collins slowly started to jerk off his fat cock through the pants, allowing the heat to only spread throughout his entire body.

    “Don’t worry I started feeling like that too bro,” murmured Collins as he continued to toy with Richardson’s dick feeling it begin to grow lengthier and longer through the pants themselves. “Come on bro.”

    “Dr. Collins this feels-” Richardson felt the salty taste of precum on his tongue as his coworkers large cock was on the tip of his swelling lips. “So good.” He moaned, his own hands beginning to touch himself as he parted his lips and wrapped them around the large head of the dick. Bobbing up and down, a stream of pre-cum started to soon flood down Richardson’s throat as with every drop he started to feel bigger and bigger.

    “Oh yeah, bro you’re starting to fill out.”

    Richardson’s cock was already at its peak having snaked several inches as he started to feel his legs warm and wet from the heat of the growing pleasure and the constant dripping off his cock. Bobbing up and down, he began to feel his thighs thickening and the calves beginning to grow further and further outwards. Muscle felt like it was being swollen up from the inside, the more he continued sucking on his bro’s cock, the dumber and better he felt for it as his own thighs now touched together simply from how thick they now were.

    The same could be said for his torso which started to push out, as if someone was blowing air into his deflated and skinny self, he found his posture changing entirely even from kneeling down. His back aligned itself properly as it no longer the hunched over back of an aging man but resembled the fit young back of a stud in his prime, grey hairs disappearing and being replaced with blonde ones as the blemishes and boils of the skin faded away whilst he aged downwards, growing younger and younger.

    Richardson felt Collins grab the back of his head as his own back seemingly snapped into place with muscle after its growth. The skinny torso began to inflate with muscle as the upper chest started to fill out soon growing into a mountainous slab of muscle in the forms of two bouncing and striated pecs that jiggled slightly from his every movement. 

    His own lower stomach sucked in and swelled again as he continued to lap up any pre-cum whatsoever, feeling the fat of his stomach fade away and now replaced with Adonis abs that swelled through the sweat and employed the deep crevices that showcased the foundation of his own newfound libido and masculinity by carving the deep lines that hinted at his sexy body and large cock through his six pack of abs.

    “You ready for this?” chuckled Collins as he popped his dick out of Richardson’s mouth, starting to jerk himself off in his face as Richardson did the same, his own hand wrapping around his cock as he stayed kneeled.

    “Th-This feels wrong,” moaned Richardson as he could feel his ass beginning to push out, all the while his own hands began to wrap around his cock that much easier, the fingers forever growing as the palms of his hand grew smoother, more nimble.

    “Dude, don’t worry about it, just feels good to lose your smarts,” groaned Collins.

    “But-” It was too late. Richardson closed his eyes as he felt Collins begin to come all over his face as he felt himself lost in an orgasm whilst the similar heat that started this all emanated from both his face and the pool of his own come forming underneath him from his own large cock. There was too much to focus on and he could feel it as he widened his eyes, feeling like he made a sudden mistake. “What’s happening to me? Feeling so dumb. Feels so…hot. Yeah, so hot. Fuck yeah, I’m so hot bro!” 

    Richardson or “Richard” soon forgot what needed to do, what Collins or anyone else needed to do as his face started to shift and grow more angular. He felt the years lost on him and instead of being fifty he was now a twenty five stud with a shar jawline, a small nose, large lips, and blonde hair.

    “Don’t worry about it, now come on bro, show us that sweet bod of yours under that medical coat or whatever it’s called. Maybe we can get some other bros in on it.” Collins laughed.

    And the once intelligent and renowned ageing Dr. Richardson, now just the frat bro Richard agreed.


    Molly and Dave used to be some of our best friends.  We would go to concerts with them, meet up at cafes for lunch, go to their house for a BBQ, that kind of stuff. But all that came to a crashing end when Dave got the Big Baby Virus (ACDV).  After that we didn’t see them at all. Molly stuck with him to her credit. Lots of girlfriends and even wives would dump a dumbed down man with his parents or a sibling or even abandon him to state care.  

    But that loyalty sure came at a high cost. We never saw Molly anymore. My girlfriend, Sarah, would ring her up and invite her to stuff anyway, but it was always the same answer, she had to stay home with Davey, as she now called him.  

    Sarah would try to convince her to get a babysitter, but Molly just insisted she was happy to stay with Davey herself, that she didn’t want to go out. 

    “Poor Molly,” Sarah would always say after hanging up. 

    “It’s probably hard to get a babysitter for a baby that size,” I suggested one time. 

    But Molly just shook her head. “There are whole services dedicated to that. I just don’t get it, Mike.” 

    Then after not hearing from them for months, Molly rang us up to invite us over for a barbecue at her place, like old times. I hadn’t seen Dave since he got the virus so to be honest, I was a bit reluctant.  We used to talk sports and movies. We had common interests. We were both in our twenties, just finished with uni. Now what would we talk about? Thomas the Tank Engine? Barney? 

    It was actually worse than I’d imagined. Molly greeted us at the door and right away I could see the changes. There were toys in the front yard, toddler toys. Inside the house things were far messier than ever before. Usually it was spotless for company. 

    Molly didn’t seem self-conscious about the mess. On the contrary she looked very happy. Perhaps she was putting on a good face, an act to convince us not to worry about her so much. 

    “Come on in!” she urged. “So great to see you both again!”  

    “Well we’ve missed you too,” Sarah told her. “Are you doing okay? You need any help?” she asked with clear concern. 

    Molly laughed and shook her head. “No I’m doing just fine, we both are. It’s amazing the support network for carers of big little ones. Davey has plenty of little playmates with big bodies but innocent little minds just like him. And I have other carers, Mummies, to have tea with, to talk while the kids play. It’s really not much different from having a baby yourself.”  

    Sarah seemed elated to hear it wasn’t so bad. “So you aren’t just spending all your time cooped up in here?” she asked. 

    “Oh no, not at all. There’s a special Mummy and bigger baby reading time at the library every week, and a special class at Gymboree for us too. It’s really quite fun for us Mummies and Davey and the other little guys enjoy it too.” 

    We headed out onto the back deck. The BBQ was there and normally Dave would standing at it, tending to the sausages. But now it was Molly checking the meat. Davey was out there too though. There was a new swingset and slide in the middle of the yard, right where we used to play backward cricket. Davey was playing on the swings and to my horror he was completely naked, legs pumping back and forth as he swung, in full view of the windows of all the neighbouring houses. 

    He didn’t stay on the swing long though. Spotting us he leapt off and came running over to the deck. I just couldn’t help but watch his penis swinging wildly about as he ran. It also was shocking to see how hairless he was. He looked even younger that way, but still physically six feet tall, still way too old to be strutting about in his birthday suit. 

    Of course that wasn’t really true anymore. I’d occasionally seen nude grown-downs at the beach or in the park, just like they were real toddlers. But this was my friend after all, this was different. And what’s more Molly had clearly left him this way knowing her backyard was far from private, and knowing we were coming over. 

    “Well look who’s come to say hi!” she chirped instead. 

    Davey climbed awkwardly up with three steps onto the wooden back deck and to my real horror, made a bee-line for me, arms wide open. Before I could shake my head or pull away I found myself being squeezed almost painfully tight in a bear hug from my naked former friend.  

    “Aww, isn’t that sweet,” Molly cooed.

    I looked to Sarah for some support but she seemed to think it was adorable as well.  

    “Mikey come Mummy!” Davey announced. 

    “That’s right sweetie, and you’re such a nice boy, giving your buddy a cuddle.” 

    Still being squeezed almost out of breath I heard Davey reply, “I c’n gib good cuddles Mummy.” 

    “You sure can baby, but I think you better let Mikey go before he breaks something,” she warned with a laugh. 

    Davey finally released me and stepped back, grinning like a moron. “Wanna pway?” he asked me. “I got swings!” he announced brightly, pointing to them like the most amazing toy in the world. 

    “Um, not right now Dave… er, Davey,” I mumbled awkwardly.  

    “Oh, honey, have fun with your friend,” Sarah urged, an evil smile on her face. 

    I rolled my eyes at her, not impressed. But Davey was oblivious, he grabbed my hand, pulling with full adult strength. “Uh-huh, lez swing!” he urged. 

    Dave was still bigger and stronger than me by quite a bit, so I had no real choice but to follow him to the swings. He thrust his bare bottom into one and I took the other. It was so embarrassing with the women watching, waving to us, whispering surely disparaging comments to each other about how ridiculous I looked.  

    “I c’n go weal high!” Davey announced, swinging again. 

    “Yeah, you sure can,” I agreed, beginning to swing slowly myself. It wasn’t too bad, the swing set was built with grown-downs in mind and it fit me well.  There was no danger of breaking it like a real toddler’s toy.  

    As we swung I couldn’t help but ask, “So Davey, you remember me right?” 

    “Uh-huh. We fwiends.” 

    “And you remember that I’m a grown-up right?” 

    “I wad gwown-up!” he announced. 

    “Yeah, I remember Davey. But you got little didn’t you?” 

    “Hadda boo-boo in my noggin,” Davey answered. 

    “And you’re happy?” 

    “Mummy kiff it bettah. I getta pway now. Dun gotta go work!” he told me like it was all delightful. 

    “And you don’t have to wear clothes either I see.” 

    Davey grinned, not a shred of modesty left in his drained mind. “I go nakey!” he agreed like it was the best part of it all.  

    I nodded, noting the lack of tan lines on his bare body. “Yeah, I can see that Davey. Looks to me like you go nakey a lot.” 

    Another cheerful nod from my reduced friend. “I Mummy’s jaybiwd now. Cuz I c’n use a poddy now!”  

    A potty. Ugh. And it was crystal clear he considered that an accomplishment. Swinging back and forth I spotted the potty seat, sitting on the deck, in full view of the other houses, right next to where we would be eating. That was where my old friend pooped and peed now, naked and unashamed for all to see.  

    I didn’t have to wait long to see it actually happen. As we ate our corn on the cob, cut up our steaks, Davey sat on the bright blue and yellow plastic potty seat concentrating, gripping the handles and making rude noises, then looking right at us and grinning ear to ear. 

    “Good boy,” Molly praised him. “Making poopies in the potty for us and showing your friend Mikey what a big boy you are!” 

    “Dabey big boy!” he agreed. 

    I hated the use of Mikey for my name, but what point was there in complaining? A moment later Davey was standing with his hands pressed against the side of the house, mooning us all as Molly wiped his bottom clean with wet wipes. It was quite the show he was giving us. Sarah thought it was cute, I could tell from her smile. I was humiliated for my friend.  

    “I can’t tell you how nice it is to be able to just leave him nakey,” Molly commented as Davey went back to eating his food, mostly using his fingers of course.  

    “He’s usually naked then?” Sarah asked, not looking disgusted at all, the way I felt. 

    “Oh yes, pretty much all the time at home. I only put clothes on the little guy to go out and then we try to keep it as light as possible. Usually just his pull ups and a t-shirt. It makes it so much easier for him to potty and he’s always making a mess of himself so keeping him nakey saves me a ton of laundry. 

    “He doesn’t even have a pair of shoes anymore. There’s just no need for them. No one minds a barefoot toddler and he’s really much comfier that way. His feet toughened up quite quickly so hot pavement or gravel no longer cause any issue.” 

    I looked over at Davey to see what he thought of this. He was oblivious, putting kernels of corn in his mouth a few at a time, his hands all sticky with melted butter and smashed corn. I hated it when people talked about a kid like he wasn’t even there, but Davey really wasn’t capable of joining in the conversation anyway.  

    “He really does look quite happy in his skin,” Molly agreed. 

    “Oh he is. It’s one of the better parts of the virus, just wiped away all that body modesty. It makes it much easier for us. After all with diaper changes and accidents it’s inevitable people will see them nude. It’s really a mercy that those changes also make sure they won’t mind. And when you go to the beach and forget a swim diaper or the little guy gets icky sand and dirt all down his pull up at the park you have a very easy solution. Just yank those pull-ups off and let him jaybird for a bit.”  

    Molly laughed along with her and poor Davey grinned and giggled too, probably no idea why but wanting to mimic the grown-ups.  


    Molly started inviting Sarah to come along to some of her support group sessions after that. I didn’t get it at all, but as it didn’t really affect me I could hardly complain. As long as I didn’t have to spend time with them I was happy. It was just too weird seeing my friend behave that way and honestly it bothered me the way Molly left him to run around naked. I mean poor Dave just didn’t know any better, but he would have hated the idea of people seeing him this way, running around a public park with his junk bouncing around. 

    It had been a few weeks when I came back from work to be greeted by Molly standing right there in my house. 

    “Oh,” I said in surprise, “I didn’t know you were coming over today. Sarah hadn’t mentioned it.” 

    “Oh it was a bit of a surprise,” she answered. “Come on in, don’t let me get in the way.” 

    I nodded and put down my stuff. I could hear people in the living room. “Some of your group come over too?” I asked, trying not to sound upset. 

    “Not exactly,” Molly answered. I hated that kind of cryptic reply. 

    I headed into the room to see for myself. There was a man I didn’t know sitting on the couch and down on the floor, just as I feared, was Davey. He was sitting on the floor with his legs splayed out. At least he wore a t-shirt today, though it was a bright blue shirt with childish lettering declaring “It Wasn’t Me!”  But he was still naked from the belly down, no pull-ups even to cover his penis.  

    Davey was smiling though, thoughtless and happy as ever, ignorance being bliss and all. And he was pushing a bright pink ball across the floor. And that’s when I saw he had a playmate. Ugh. There was two big babies in the house now. And even more awkward this other giant toddler was a girl and she was completely nude as well, her pretty breasts on full view, her hairless privates perfectly visible as her legs were also splayed wide apart.  

    I tried to stop staring at her boobs and snatch, knowing how lewd that appeared. But where else was there to look when she was so completely naked. But as I tore my eyes from the breasts I saw something much more shocking. The pretty young woman on the floor was Sarah, my girlfriend. 

    I stopped in my tracks. I blinked my eyes, sure I was missing something. It couldn’t be her. And yet, it was. 

    Sarah’s blonde hair was done up in the highest, most juvenile style of pigtails. She had lipstick smeared all around her lips, a bit on her cheeks and her forehead, like a two-year old left to play with Mummy’s lipstick.  There were other things wrong too. She was hairless, and that was not normal for her. The soles of her bare feet were dirty brown. They weren’t as tough and dark looking as Davey’s but she’d clearly been walking around outside without any shoes for more than a little bit, perhaps all day even.  

    But the worst part was her expression, her face. Her eyes were as wide and empty looking as Davey’s, her face relaxed, a big silly grin on it. She looked happy but dumb, nothing like her normal look at all.  She was smart, focused, professional. And now she looked like a moron. 

    The bright pink ball rolled into her hands, pressing against her bare skin. She giggled and gave it a rough, uncoordinated shove back, drumming her heels lightly on the carpet as it went the right direction back to Davey.  

    “Sarah!?” I managed to gasp after a very long couple seconds. 

    She looked over at me, her jaw slack for a moment. Then she grinned and reached out her arms in my direction. She didn’t cover her boobs, didn’t frown or look embarrassed at me seeing her like this. No, she was utterly delighted. 

    I hurried to her side and tried to comfort her. “Sarah, what’s wrong honey, what are you doing on the floor like this?” 

    Sarah blinked innocently and then said, “Pwayin’ wid Dabey.” 

    She said it like it was normal, like it was something fun she wanted to tell me about. 

    “Lookit!” she continued, pointing. “Gotta ball!” 

    I frowned but nodded. “Oh yes Sarah, I can see that honey.” 

    “Ids pink!” she added. 

    “Yes honey, that’s right.” 

    “I wike pink,” she informed me, like it was very important information. 

    “Honey, what’s happened to you? Why are you playing ball with Davey? You’re a grown-up honey.” 

    Sarah gaped at me a moment and I hoped I had jogged her memory, maybe woken something up inside her. 

    She took one finger and tapped it against her temple. “Gotta boo-boo ‘nd Mummy fixed it. But Sawah gots widdle.” 

    I shook my head. That just wasn’t possible. The virus couldn’t work that fast. She couldn’t have regressed so suddenly, so completely could she have? 

    Sarah saw that I was upset and she pouted too. But she wanted to help, wanted to cheer me up. She grabbed my hand and announced, “Sawah got all pweety!” showing off her lipstick smeared face.  

    I forced a smile, for her sake. “Oh, yes, I see that. You used your lipstick.” 

    She nodded wildly. “Is Mummy’s wippy-stick. She wet me hab it.” 

    “Mummy?” I questioned, wondering who she was talking about for the second time. 

    Sarah nodded, looking behind me, looking at Molly. 

    “Honey, that’s Molly, your friend,” I reminded her, so embarrassed. 

    But she shook her head. “No. Daz Mummy,” she insisted. 

    I frowned. “Sweeetie, you’re just very confused right now. Because of the boo-boo,” I added for her benefit. “We’ll worry about that later, but we need to get you dressed right now,” I told her quietly, feeling very uncomfortable about my girlfriend being nude in front of this man who I had never met, a man who was just sitting there watching us without even introducing himself to me. 

    But Sarah scrunched up her face like something smelled bad. “Dun wanna get dwessed. Mummy said I c’n be nakey.” 

    I gave Molly a reproachful glance then explained, “Honey I’m in charge right now and I think you’ll actually be a lot more comfy once we have you in a shirt and some shorts and um… big girl panties.” 

    But Sarah crossed her arms and shook her head, pigtails whipping about. “Dun wanna! Dabey gotta nakey bum,” she pointed out. 

    “I think it’s much better for her to just stay as she is,” Molly interjected. “It will help a lot with pottying.” 

    I could ignore her presence no longer. I stood up and faced her. “First of all, I don’t see how that would help. She’d just have accidents all over the house…”

    “When Davey has accidents like that he has to help Mummy clean them up. It helps him learn,” Molly interrupted.  

    “But much more importantly what happened?! If Sarah was sick why didn’t you take her to a hospital? Why not call me? You have my number!” I raged. 

    Molly took the abuse with a smile. “Oh she wasn’t sick honey,” she answered. 

    I blinked. “Wasn’t sick? Are you nuts? Look at her, she’s had ACDV!” 

    Molly just shook her head. “No, no, nothing like that. She’s just had a nice chat with my friend Dr Morris over here.” 

    I looked over at the silent man on the couch. He gave me a little nod as if to confirm what Molly was saying. 

    “What do you mean a chat?” 

    “Dr Morris is a very skilled hypnotist. He helped Sarah to forget all get grown-up worries and thoughts, helped her be the happy little nudist toddler you see now,” Molly explained. 

    This was madness, she’d clearly lost her mind. “You can’t hypnotise someone to be like that,” I gestured to my girlfriend as she played with her own bare feet, pulling one to her mouth and slipping a toe between her lips.  

    Molly just chuckled. “How do you think Davey ended up so sweet and innocent? No, he never had the virus either,” she explained. 

    I looked back at Davey, looking for some horror at this revelation of betrayal. He was nibbling on the filthy tips of his own toes, copying Sarah’s explorations the way little children often did.  He wasn’t paying attention to a word being said.  Grown-up talk meant nothing to him now. And apparently that was all just due to being hypnotised. 

    “That’s criminal!” I yelled. 

    Molly wasn’t offended. “I did what I had to. Dave was infertile. I’ve wanted children all my life, a big family. I could have left him, but to be honest I just loved him too much. I wanted to have a family with him in it. And Dr Morris showed me that was possible, but with Davey as one of the little ones. 

    “It didn’t hurt him,” she assured. “He went very easily, just drifted off into a trance. He was so happy when he woke up, so loving and silly I knew I’d made the right decision.” 

    “That’s truly horrible. Did you even discuss it with him? Did you ask if he wanted to be an incompetent toddler who needs help wiping his own butt after pooping?” 

    Molly shrugged. “Boys rarely know what is best for them. He’s happy now, that’s the important part.” 

    “And then you decided he needed a sister? So you did this to Sarah?!” 

    Molly finally shook her head. “No, no, not at all. I wanted him to have a playmate dear, a brother. I worked very hard the last few weeks trying to convince Sarah, trying to get her to agree you needed a trip to Dr Morris. But she just wouldn’t agree.” 

    I blinked, trying to take in this admission. I was the target, not Sarah. 

    “Well I knew she wouldn’t just sit by and do nothing if I acted on my own, so I’m afraid she had to see Dr Morris as well,” Molly explained, not really sounding sorry. 

    I looked down at my toe-sucking girlfriend and felt so sorry this happened to her because of me. “You’re a monster,” I whispered. 

    “Not at all,” Molly insisted. “Dr Morris was very good with her. He made sure she’d be ever so happy with her return to toddlerhood. She’s just overjoyed to be my pretty little princess.” 

    “She’s sitting there naked and sucking her toes! You took away her mind!” 

    Molly didn’t budge. “She’s adorable is what she is. She’s Mummy’s jaybird princess.” 

    “Reverse it! If you did this to her you have to be able to undo it. So put her back and we’ll forget it all.” 

    Molly shook her head. “Oh Mikey, you are going to forget it all, after you have a nice talk with Dr Morris. It won’t be so bad honey. I know it seems scary but look how smiley Davey and Sarah are.”

    “Not a chance in hell! No you have him fix her, right fucking now!” 

    Molly frowned. “Sorry honey but it’s a one-way trip. It’s too risky to just leave the adult personality and intellect hiding inside their heads somewhere. It could bubble up at the wrong time. Dr Morris has to wipe it away for good.”  

    This was a nightmare but I’d had enough of Molly’s excuses. I knelt back next to Sarah, tickling the sole of her foot lightly until she let the big toe slip from her lips. 

    “I eated footsies,” she giggled. 

    “Yes sweetie, you’re a very silly girl, but we need to get going now, okay? You need to come with me.” 

    Sarah looked confused. “Mummy comin’?” 

    “No baby, just us.” 

    She pouted. “Dun wanna go,” she insisted. 

    “Honey I’m your boyfriend, remember? You can come with me.” 

    Sarah giggled again, looking less upset, more amused. “Too widdle fow boys,” she told me. “Daz siwwy.”  

    Damn it. She was too far gone even to trust me as her boyfriend. She actually trusted Molly, her betrayer, the woman who ordered her reduced to a retarded simpleton, more than me.  

    Meanwhile Davey had stood up and walked over to Molly. I glanced over and noticed that his penis had grown fully erect and was bobbing back and forth as he walked. 

    “Mikey comin’ home?” he asked Molly eagerly.  

    “He sure is sweetie. Gonna have a new brother to play with,” she assured him. 

    This made Davey very excited. He bounced from foot to foot, his penis twitching and oozing precum. Molly noticed and reached right down, gripping the man’s erection. “Look how happy Davey is sweetie. He’s so keen to play with you he needs to make stickies.” 

    “Needa go squirt!” Davey announced brightly, thrusting forward into Molly’s hand. 

    Molly nodded and patted his back, pulling him closer and beginning to stroke his penis harder and faster. “That’s right, that’s a good boy. You deserve a nice big sticky squirt for being such a good boy. I bet Mikey will love having his stickies too.”  

    I shook my head. This was the last thing I wanted to see, my old friend panting and grunting as this monster jerked him off. But there was no stopping it and it was only seconds before his body tensed and we all watched his semen erupt out onto Molly’s hands and arms.  

    “Good job baby, get those creamies all out,” she urged him. “Feels so nice, I know.” 

    “That’s it. Sarah, we are going,” I declared, taking her hands and forcing her to stand up. 

    “Goin’? she asked innocently. 

    “For ice cream,” I lied. “Whatever kind you want princess!” 

    Her eyes lit up. “Bubba-gum!” she answered. 

    “Yep, bubblegum ice cream!” 

    Now she was willing to go, even if I was an icky boy. But as I turned, her hand in mine, the man on the couch got up, stepping in front of us. 

    “Look man, I have no desire at all to end up like them. If you come any closer or don’t get out of the way I will fuck you up.” 

    “Dazza naughty word!” Sarah gasped. 

    Morris didn’t budge. 

    “I’m very good at what I do,” he said, finally speaking. His voice was soft, calming, not at all what I expected from the large man.  “I promise you it will be fast and it will be complete. I finished with Sarah in about an hour. You can see how effective I am.” 

    “You aren’t listening to me. I don’t want to be a dumb baby and more than even that, I don’t want to be her dumb baby. You can’t make me love that monster!” 

    Morris showed no emotion. “You will be her toddler, her three year old little boy, a brother to Davey and Sarah. You’ll be a happy boy, a silly boy. You’ll run around nakey same as them, using the potty when you can, learning your colours and shapes. You’re going to have fun, you’re going to forget all about these silly worries you’re having.” 

    I turned to Molly. “Call him off. You can’t get away with having three of us. It’s suspicious.” 

    “Not really. It’s a virus, it’s contagious. You caught it from Sarah, you’re both toddlers and I’ve been gracious enough to take you both in on top of my own poor little Davey.”  

    Sarah stamped her bare foot on the carpet. “Wan’ my ithe cweam!” she insisted. 

    “Just a minute honey,” I urged. 

    “Toddlers don’t have patience,” Morris interjected. “You won’t either in a few minutes.” 

    It was time to end this standoff. He couldn’t hypnotise me against my own will. I was leaving and so was Sarah. Holding her hand tightly I moved for the doorway. Morris didn’t jump at me, he just threw something in the air. It was a handful of some kind of powder. No it was glitter. And it filled the air before me, shimmering and blinking, dazzling me. 

    I stopped, waiting for it to clear, but it almost seemed to hang in the air, a blizzard of flickering colours. How did it stay up like that? 

    A hand tapped my shoulder. I hadn’t even seen Morris move but he was at my side suddenly. “Amazing how it flickers,” he said softly. 

    I wanted to pull away from him, but he was right. It did flicker, it was so weird. I focused more on the floating glitter. 

    “It’s special dust,” he continued. 

    I nodded. 

    “It’s sleepy dust. Just looking at it puts you right to sleep.” 

    A wave of drowsiness. No! I had to look away. But I couldn’t. The glitter was making me too sleepy. It was sleepy dust. 

    “You’re a sleepy boy now,” came a soft whisper. 

    I was so tired. 

    “Drop deep, nice deep sleep.” 

    My head got so heavy, I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I let them shut, just for a second. 


    Sarah and Davey is hidin’ somewhere. It’s a game. We play games a lot. My job is to find ‘em. I the seeker. The seeker supposed to count. But I’m not big enough to count yet. Mummy says I’ll learn numbers at preschool. So Mummy counted for me. She counted to a big number while I covered my eyes. Then she patted my back and said I could go find brother and sister. 

    I look all over the upstairs. I don’t see ‘em anywhere. They not under the bed, too small. They not in the closet, that’s my most favourite place to hide. They gotta be downstairs. 

    I walk along the wooden floor and my feet make squeaky noises and it feels sticky on my bare soles. My feets are really tough now. I c’n run on the driveway and the footpath when we go for walks to the park in the middle of the afternoon. Mummy says it’s too hot for grown-ups feets cuz they got shoes. 

    I gonna go downstairs but then I remember something. That feeling I got in my tummy. It’s pee-pees. I need to do ‘em so bad. But forgot cuz I was lookin’ and now it’s so bad and uh-oh, I’m doin’ lots of tinkles all over the wood floor, all over my bare feets. I not wearing any clothes so my pee-pee just goes everywhere as my doodle is all free between my legs. I always go nakey at home. I really like being nakey, feels so free and comfy and Davey goes all nakey too. I wanna be like him. He’s my brother. 

    I feel bad, I feel silly. I suck on my thumb and wait for the tinkles to be done. 

    “Mikey honey, what are you doing?” 

    It’s Mummy! I turn around and look at my toes. She must see the puddle. Am I in trouble? 

    “Oh baby, you had a tinkle accident,” she coos. Her voice isn’t angry, it’s soft and nice.

    I not in trouble. I nod. “Hadded ‘n akee-dent Mummy. Dids pee-pees,” I admit.  

    Mummy waves me over, arms open. I feel much better. I hurry over and she gives me big cuddles. It’s always extra nice having cuddles at home cuz I’m nakey and that’s extra good feeling Mumm’s arms around my bare skin. 

    “It’s okay Mikey. Accidents happen. But we need to clean up before someone slips don’t we?” Mummy asked. 

    I nod. “Gotta cwean,” I agreed. I’m a big boy, I can help clean! Mummy gets me the bucket and cloth and I get down on my hands and knees, my pee-pee is all dangly and I wash it as best I can. Mummy watches and I grin back at her.  I love my Mummy so much! 

    Matt wasn’t exactly a nerd by any means, he cares about his body and his mind. He was a grad student in psychology and had decided mind and body had to be in tune to keep himself healthy. He didn’t look like a jock but he did look healthy. This spring semester was going to be his last semester before he’d get his masters. As a part of his masters he had been interning with a professor at the university and had some mild interactions with some of his undergrad students. One of them named Brad invited Matt to a party to celebrate being close to done, it seemed Brad was about to graduate too. Normally Matt wouldn’t but this time he felt tempted to go and said yes.

    Once he got there Matt found it to be a wild frat party outside one of the frat houses. He started to feel out of place and was ready to leave when Brad showed up behind him and slapped a backwards cap on his head and he suddenly felt all his thoughts slow down. His mind went numb as he started getting younger, shrinking down to about 19 as his muscles started to bulge and his brain started to shrink. His intelligence starting to feed his muscles as his t-shirt ripped into a tank top, his beard started to grow into a lot of stubble as he started wondering why he didn’t have a beer in his hand! He started laughing as he got ready to party with his bros, his life as a smart grad students behind him for several years now.


    Chavformer 500

    In my line of work, the cops can be a total pain in the neck. I can’t tell you how many deals I’ve had to abort because of the fuzz or how many of my rent boys they’ve pulled in on trumped up charges just to intimidate me.

    Fortunately, since I got the Chavformer 500, the cops haven’t been so much of a problem. Take these two for example, the one on the left used to be Sergeant Mills and the other was PC Robbins but that was before they got a full power blast of the Chavformer when they tried to bring me in for enquiries.

    It was funny to watch their reactions as the device got to work on them. They knew something was up they started shrinking in their uniforms, quickly regressing back to their early twenties. Sergeant Mills got it worse, losing his beard and muscular physique and even ending up younger than his former colleague.

    In no time, they were swimming in their formerly form fitting uniforms but of course that was just the start. Before they could react to the physical changes, the their uniforms quickly shifted into tracksuits and trainers, and the mental changes I’d pre-programmed kicked in, their memories and history rewritten to leave me with two hot new rent boys for my stable of men.

    I couldn’t help laugh as the two transformed cops adopted a cocky swagger. The one who’d been Sergeant Mills, groped his crotch suggestively with one hand in his trackies and flipped me the bird with the other. Yes, they’d both turned out perfectly, yet another policing problem solved with the Chavformer 500!


    He was walking around the council estate trying to find his way home. He was following directions from his phone and the map took him through the estate and the roads didn’t match what the map was saying and he had gotten completely lost and was aimlessly walking around.

    He was about to give up when a guy asked him if he was lost. The guy seemed very tall, but fairly friendly. The guy introduced himself as Declan. Declan offered him a drink and said he lived just over the road. Normally he would have refused, but he was really thirsty.

    Declan’s house was exactly as you would have expected, fairly run down but a home nonetheless. The glass of water was lovely and he just sank into the sofa, completely shattered. Declan was talking about how one day he wanted a son, but he was falling asleep quickly.

    He woke up feeling slightly disorientated. Something was off. Was he smaller? Surely not because his clothes still fit him. Someone was calling him. Declan? No, that wasn’t his name. Dad. Yeah, it was his dad of course it was.

    “You’re finally fucking up then son. Gotta go out today, no son of mine is going around for long looking like that”

    By the end of the day, he was already growing to be more like his dad. He had some proper trackies and soon he would get some new mates.


    All the yes, I love being regressed and re raised

    (Request for outkast1728, who also provided the pic) Dean had finally gotten some great news in his email, he had won the kingdom hearts fan contest he enrolled in, there were several winners but all the winners would get a cosplay of a character of their choice and get to take a green screen picture in a world from the game. My out had to send in pictures and bar codes and such to prove you had every game (not counting remakes) along with the systems to play each, then out of the qualified fans some would be chosen. Dean told them his size and picked Roxas as his character in a reply email he sent and then got told the time and place. He went and was excited when he saw the costume. It was Roxas' standard outfit (not his organization cloak) he got dressed and was ready for the pictures. He started to feel weird though like a shiver going through his whole body once he finished putting everything on. He felt his skin start to get slightly tanner as his body formed some lean muscle. He felt himself get slightly taller as his feet grew a little bit, but he himself was getting younger. Maybe about 15 or 16. He looked around and the green screen changes to twilight town, which he recognized as his home town where he grew up. He shook his head and he felt a sharp pain in both his head and his heart, his heart vanished as he was a nobody and didn't have one, and his mind was reshaping itself. His mind changed so that he wouldn't even notice not having a heart as abnormal, he remembered his childhood friends who he's still been with. He hears a strange (to him) sound as the camera flashes and he is transported to the actual twilight town, out of instinct he put his hands out a summoned his key blades looking around. His head felt very itchy as his black hair shifted and changed into the blond spiked hair of his new persona, his voice shifted to be a little hirer and despite being a teen he felt a wave of innocence cloud his mind, there were only so many things in this town he could think about. His mind was confused by 4 sets of conflicting memories, one from dean, one from sora, one from the original life Roxas had and the other his current one. He hated this headache and voluntarily began letting his mind throw away everything from Dean's life, most things from Sora's and everything from Roxas' original. He was Roxas, he lived in twilight town, he just lived life carefree and relaxed. The key blades vanished as his new life settled in, then he remembered a sad truth... there was only one week left of summer vacation!


    Eric was a shy nerd and always hated the smoke shop. His friend insisted on going there cause he had to pick something up so Eric had to come along. He coughed when he walked into the store and muttered under his breath about how gross smoking was and how gross smokers were.

    The man running the shop overheard him and offered him some “free samples” When Eric refused the man forced a cigar into his mouth and lit it. Then Eric began to get younger as he smoked and he loved the taste suddenly. He wanted more, the man gave him several cigarettes which Eric lit and smoked all at once. Eric got even younger as his clothes shrank and he got tanner. Eric loved the taste and smell of cigarettes a and he was hooked, smoking a bunch voluntarily. Eric went behind the counter as the man, his dad, ruffled his hair. As the son of a smoke shop owner Eric liked being allowed to smoke sometimes. Smokers were cool!


    My grandson was such a kind boy. My old phone had recently stopped working and my grandson here offered to set it up for me. My grandson always loved tech, it was a bit of an escape for him from the bullies at school. At 16 he was as thin as a rake and pale white, covered in acne. Myself, I was 85 year old widow. He finished up with the phone and handed it to me. For the memories I thought we could take one of those ‘selfies’ the kids took these days. I opened up what looked liked the camera app,  and FLASH. Suddenly I was looking in the mirror at two young, muscular, good looking boys. When I heard the other boy say, ‘is that you grandpa?’ I knew what had happened. Suddenly, my brain started filling up with what the kids do these days, I knew all about selfies, gym, schoolwork, facebook. I felt my old life and intelligence flow out my head. All I knew that the boy beside me was my best friend and we are the hottest and most popular 14 year olds at our school.


    Tommy just had to complain about not wanting to go fishing with his new dad. His mom had gotten remarried 3 years after his parents divorce, of course his dad was dating someone now too. Tommy could barely put up with the new guy and he couldn’t stand it when his mom decided to marry him. The guy was a total dumbass. He was former military and loved guns, hunting, and fishing on his boat. He wanted to “bond” with Tommy and insisted they go fishing together. Like he would want that, he’d rather play some multiplayer shooter or fighting video game with this guy than go fishing with him. Still the guy instead he at least give the boat a look on the docks.

    When he stepped onto the boat he felt a sudden surge of energy through him and watched as his skin tanned, his muscles grew, his hair turned dark and short. His face got rather handsome and he got younger to maybe 15 or 16. His shirt vanished along with his shoes and his pants turned into orange swim shorts. Tom grinned dumbly as he couldn’t wait to spend the day with his dad


    Hard to believe these two were the old Spanish custodial staff. Coach didn't have many guys sign up for sports teams this year and the board was considering reducing his funding, he couldn't have that so he gave these guys a second shot to have a successful life, under his guidance they might just go pro, their success from there will be up to them