Hey, first of all you're one of my favorite tf blogs on Tumblr. Second maybe you could do a transformation story where after a few years a jock brother turns his nerd brother into his twin forcefully

    John and Josh were brothers but you'd never tell from looking at them. John was on the college baseball team and sleeping throug a degree in sports medicine while going to all the parties and getting drunk all the time. Meanwhile Josh was quiet and intelligent, nearing the end of his masters in marine biology and looked little like his brother from all the days locked in his room studying. John wanted to change this though so he could have a brother to party and meet hot girls with so for his birthday he guilted Josh to come to the bating range with him. John egged him into giving it a try and to his surprise he was good, hiting the balls like it was nothing. He didnt notice with each swing the years started to fall of him. Early wrinkles and the bags under his eyes from stress disappearing as the bit of fat sucked in and turned to pure muscle. It wasn't long before the sweaty Josh pulled off his shirt revealing big tan pecs and abs that looked identical to his brother's.  "Woah when did I get so muscular?" He started to get scared as his face got handsome and chiseled, becoming identical to John in every way. His body got buff, tan and tall. Soon his mind started to go. He forgot all about school and smarts and only cared about sports and hot sorority girls. The new dumb jock blinker open his eyes and gave a dull grin.  "Best birthday ever twin bro!" John smiled, finally he had a bro to be proud of.

    For @joshwillistf
    It had been a nice, sunny morning at the beach when Josh and I had set up our picnic area. We laid out or blankets and food as the two of us began to relax. Both of us lay in the sun with our swim shorts, ready to get a good tan. Two buddies in the sun; what else could you possibly want? Well our Phy-Ed Teacher was about to show us.

    You see, it seemed that Coach Sorenson (as he requested everyone to call him) and his son, Jack, had to decided to take a nice trip to the beach as well. I got a little nervous and it seemed as if Josh was scared as well; for both of us skipping and avoiding gym didn’t earn us a good reputation with that end of the school. It wasn’t they we weren’t fit; we just were lazy and had better things to do.

    “Hey Declan! Hey Josh!” He said in a comical voice. He was as happy as a child but his voice was so deep it caught Josh and I off guard.

    “Hello, Mr. Sorenson,” Josh said, getting up slowly with myself following.

    “Coach,” he corrected, and after shaking our hands motioned himself to his son, “and this is my son, Jack.”

    “Hello,” he said, his voice was somehow deeper and more intimidating. Everyone in town knew Jack Sorenson. He was a big thing in sports back in the day, but had been the smallest in the mental department. As Josh and I shook hands with Jack, some white stuff rubbed off and got all over our fingers.

    “Eww,” Josh mumbled and tried to rub it off.

    “What is this stuff?” I asked, as it began to slowly weep into my skin.

    “Oh sorry,” Jack replied, “just some homemade sunscreen. Guess I didn’t massage it in quite enough.”

    Coach Sorenson looked at us an began to start a new conversation. “So have you two signed up for the baseball team yet?”

    “What do you mean?” Josh asked. I looked at him inquisitively; had his muscles always been so defined?

    “Well, both of you look certainly strong enough.” As soon as Coach Sorenson said this, Josh and I pounded on muscle. We both grew a few inches taller, him just one more than me, but my pecs began to push farther out. Our thighs began to pulse and expand as our hands grew rougher and meatier; meant for catching and throwing baseballs.

    “And I know the two of you always showed up to your gym classes.”

    With that memories of playing video games in dorms or doing homework became attending the gym daily and helping support each other with lifting weights. As our thoughts readjusted, Jack began to smirk lightly as Coach continued.

    “You guys obviously have the feet to run back to home base.”

    With that, our feet began to expand. Josh became longer yet thinner, and stretched out past his sandals. New memories of him in the Swim & Dive Team flooded into my mind. Blond hairs became to creep up to his toes. Mine on the other hand grew outwards and thicker as memories of football flooded my mind. Dark black hairs crawled across my now Size 15 feet, just like how the blond did for Josh’s Size 14.

    “And look at all the hair on your body, that signifies that both of you are real men and only real men do sports.

    Hair began to crawl across our bodies. Blonde hair cascaded onto Josh’s chest, legs, and arms, but they were short to give Josh better scores at swim meets. Black hair hit my legs and arms, but it didn’t appear on my chest because I remembered that I didn’t want chest hair until I was 30. Hair filled our armpits and soon a vile, frattish scent began to waft around all of us. But as I smelled it more, I began to enjoy it. It was the scent of a real man, and I thought that everyone should enjoy it.

    “You two also aren’t too bright, so sports is really the only way to go.”

    Coach Sorenson smiled as we both began to feel dumber. I saw Josh’s eyes grow dull and grey as his intellect drifted away. I bet I looked exact same. As the cloud began to settle in however I felt almost better. Everything seemed simpler and easier. I smiled and chuckled a dumb laugh as I looked at Josh who was drooling. I always had to take care of him cause he was so dumb; and at an IQ of 80 he was almost on the line of retardation. I wasn’t to far behind though at 86.

    “And with those studly faces and those pouches, I don’t think that you guys could be anything but jocks.”

    Josh and I had always been straight, but when we saw Coach Sorenson and Jack pull down their speedoes and pull out their near foot long cocks; both Josh and I dropped like a ton of bricks. I began to work on Jack’s and Josh worked on Coach’s. As we sucked, we felt our faces rearrange and our dicks grow. Our Adam’s apples pushed out as our higher moans become deep, brutish groans. My face began to age a little ore as I grew in a dark beard while Josh’s became more mature and sexy. I felt Jack’s testicles rub up against me as I deep-throated him, and by the noises coming from besides me I was pretty sure Josh was doing the same. My face was in the forest of pubes when I heard Jack and Coach cum in our mouths. The cum traveled through our systems into our balls, which began to grow and become hairier as the jock cum mutated inside of us. Our cock grew and grew until finally at 8 inches (in which we would learn would stay like that) we blew our loads. Our minds settled in as the final memories were placed. Josh and I were the most popular couple in town. Everyone knew our faces, and after school we would move to the big leagues of baseball and modeling. Both of us were top and bottom, and we would make sure to have sex at least twice day.

    “So, did you two sign up for the baseball team?” Coach Sorenson asked, pulling his speedo up as we did with ours.

    “Of course, bro!” We replied in unison as we began to walk back to our spot.

    “Oh Declan!” Coach called me back as Jack brought Josh to the seashore, groping him.

    “Wassup Coach?”

    “You still got some sunscreen on you,” he knelt down and licked the darker spot on my speedo.

    “Oh sorry, Coach!” I said as he came back up.

    “No problem, Declan,” he replied smiling before grabbing my bubble butt, “you’ll just owe me later.”