Jared couldn’t remember very much about last night’s beach party, but he knew that he had, like, a whole new purpose now. Forget about going back to school after break, he and the other guys were gonna stay on the beach, like, forever, and have parties every night. And in the day, just lay out on the beach and surf and just be naked all the time. 

    Cause for some reason, he didn’t want to wear clothes anymore. Except maybe some board shorts if he went out to get some food, or to meet some cool dudes to invite to their beach parties. Cause that was real important too, now, finding hot young dudes and bringing them to the party. Jared just knew somehow it would change their whole, like, outlook on life, and then they could hang together. And maybe fuck.

    Huh, he hadn’t realized he was into fucking dudes until now. But that was cool. No, more than cool: awesome. He looked over at Ron, who was taking off his board shorts, and then at their buds playing out in the water, and his dick started to get hard. 

    “Dudes, wait up for me!” he called, then ran out to join in the fun…


    Anthony was walking on the beach, he didn't even want to be here, he'd rather be home playing video games but his family decided to go and they forced him to come with them. He walked away from his family though for some silence. He walked past some storage lockers on the upper part of the beach he saw...a nude guy. That was weird, the guy was naked and holding a for sale sign around his junk, he had to be only 19 or 20 and grinned at Anthony with confidence. This wasn't a nude beach but that didn't seem to stop the guy. He looked kinda hot though, Anthony wasn't gay or bi but he wished he had a stronger body and admired those who had one. As a joke mostly Anthony walked up to the guy and asked "how much?" But the guy laughed and didn't miss a beat "it's name your price bro" Anthony laughed "so are you like a prostitute?" "No I'm not for sale my body is" and with that Anthony was confused but tossed a dollar at the guy and walked away laughing.

    Once he cleared the lockers and the sun hit his skin it started. He suddenly felt really strange and dizzy as the slight layer of fat he had shrunk away and started to ache and burn as they formed into lean but firm muscles. His stomach flattened and formed the beginnings of a 4 pack, his chest also flattened and began to go into the early stages of squaring off into pecs. His arms began to puff into biceps while his legs got leaner, his waist smaller causing his swim trunks to get looser. His ass plumped out and he could feel it as his dick grew longer and thicker and his balls grew proportionally. This flooded his mind with hormones as his hair got shorter and his face began to re arrange as his skin began to slightly tan.

    His mind was getting foggy and he began to lose info from high school as he rapidly started getting dumber and hornier. His interests began to switch from girls, video games, and comic books, to guys, surfing, and fitness magazines. A part of his mind was shocked when he realized he was becoming gay and slutty amd a himbo. He wanted so badly to show off, feeling himself become an exhibitionist. He pulled down his swim sorts and stood there nude without a care in the world. His mind slowed down to a dumb surfer beach himbo as he wandered back over to the lockers and saw his twin standing there grinning and handing him a new for sale sign which he quickly wore and walked over to another part of the beach. They were planning a huge bonfire and orgy later and they needed to sell this bod to as many people as possible to have fun, Tony couldn't wait for tonight.

    Jack and Ryan were best friends and freshmen studying marine biology together. Both were nerds that didn’t really go outside but they loved reading about aquatic animals. They had been hoping for the more informational, inside a lab type of work. For a school project they were invited out on a boat to look for specimens, but when they arrived at the docks the boat was empty, only a single cap. Curious Jack decided to put on that hat which turned out to be a mistake. Instantly all the fat and acne on his body dissolved away into lean teenage muscle. His ghostly white skin became a nice beach boy tan and he could feel the hat turning itself around as it squeezed out all his intelligence and scholarly passions. Ryan watched in horror as a dumb expression fell over his friend who quickly tossed his nerdy shirt and shoes off, showing off his lean body before grabbing his friend and roughing up his hair with some gel that had been next to the cap. Jack froze as he felt his own brains evaporate from the chemicals and his hair got dark and became spiked in a cool style. His own skin became tan and he developed nice teen muscles too and ditched his clothes. Instead of two teen nerds now they were two dumb jock boys out for a day of fishing and drinking on the water. Not a single interest or bit of info of marine bio left in their empty heads, just beer, boats, sun and fun.