Request for tryingtobecomejocked

    You don’t know why you decided to do this. You were in the closet about being gay and especially about your fetishes. You had a fetish for fat bearish men, with thick hot beards and older then yourself. You finally sucked up your fears and went online for a date eventually finding a hot man who wanted to meet up. He insisted you 2 go out on a date at his favorite restraunt. When you got there you found it to be a steakhouse with an all you can eat menu. You felt nervous the whole time but met up with him at the table, he got there before you.

    “So what do you do for work?” You ask him. “Im a trucker” he responds in a gruff voice. He asks you the same thing,

    “nothing right now, I just graduated college so im still looking” you said. “What are your interests?” You asked him.

    “Trucks, NASCAR, beer and FOOD!” he shouted laughing. You were getting hard from this simple minded redneck bear, blushing as he was basically a living fantasy sitting right across from you.

    Then suddenly a waiter arrives with food plates, turns out he already ordered and got the bottomless steak for you. He stopped the awkward chit chat and started eating, insisting you do the same. You start eating and suddenly realize it tastes soo good, better then anything you’ve ever had before. You start to notice your suddenly really hungry, hungrier then you’ve ever been in your life. Before you know it you’ve finished your first plate and asking for a second one and a third and a forth. You don’t notice your gut slowly inflating as you eat. Rather then getting full your stomach just seems to be making more room. He was eating too but mostly watching you. Your stomach starts to show under your shirt as your shirt starts getting too tight and rides up your gut it starts to itch as hair starts to sprout all over it, your happy trail spreading to cover your gut. Your chest starts to sag into moobs. They firm up a tiny bit to imply that there is some strong muscle under the layers of fat. You finally start to notice the changes.

    “What’s happening?!” You ask with your mouth full

    “Keep eating your steak, cub ” the man orders and your stomach growls making it impossible to resist as you keep eating. What is this your 10th plate? You’ve lost count. Your arms start to become thick and meaty as do your legs, your thighs especially. Your ass starts to swell in size and your feet grow wider to support your new weight more evenly. Your whole body swelling, your fat getting more evenly distributed as dark hair starts to lightly coat your arms and legs and chest Your face starts to swell your cheeks getting rounder as a beard sprouts on your face and the hair on your head retracts back in giving you a buzz cut.

    As you keep eating your mind starts to slow down, your internal voice develops a redneck southern accent, your thoughts start to shift to how fucking good food tastes, how fun it is driving trucks across the country with your best bud, you love drinking and eating with him and all your other trucker friends. Your IQ dropping drastically

    Your panic and confusion about all this starts fading away in favor of just endless ravenous hunger. Until finally you burp loudly, finally full, your friend long finished and just laughing.

    “Ya sure we’re hungry Rick!” he said laughing

    “I got a big belly to full, Chuck” you said in a deeper, manlier voice as you felt a lot older then 23. The 2 of you pay then leave, getting back in the truck you pull off your tight shirt, you really fucking hate that places make you wear them, Chuck does th e same and the 2 of you get back on the road, you got 2 more days on the interstate ahead of you so you better get going.

    Dan was scrolling through a dating app one day trying to find a hook up. He was gay and meeting people through friends or just in regular life like school or work wasn't going to happen. At one point he found the profile of this one bearish guy named Ted on the site, who seemed his type. Dan was small and twinkish and although he just liked guys without much preference, he did like bear types, if only for a hook up. They worked out when and where to meet and Dan got ready and headed out. Once he got there Ted went straight into foreplay, insisting that Dan wear one of his large and smelly red plaid shirts. They began some role play where Ted was the dom (obviously), calling Dan things such as "big cub" and "fat lumberjack" which was odd considering Dan was a small weakling. Suddenly though Dan began to feel a strong and strange rumbling in his stomach as it suddenly expanded outwards quickly growing into a gut but underneath he felt muscles firming up, just layer after layer of fat blocked them from view, however that didn't make them useless to him. His small skinny chest grew into a pair of strong pecs before quickly sagging into a slight pair of moobs. His chest grew itchy as dark, dense bearish hair grew all over his chest and belly. His expanding chest popping open the buttons of the large plaid shirt. The more open the shirt got the better he felt as he was less and less itchy once there was less and less material rubbing up against his chest. The mixture of fat and muscles spread to his arms. Though they had more muscle then fat as his biceps puffed out and memories of swinging an axe and cutting wood out in nature passed through his mind. Dan was confused and eventually had to roll up the sleeves of the plaid shirt which now fit perfectly, maybe was even a little small, when his arms get intensely itchy as dark thick hair quickly covered them. His hands cracked and expanded into rather big manly hands with some calluses on them from his hard work. A rather colorful tattoo began drawing itself on his one forearm. His jeans grew tight when his ass started to fill up with fat and muscle and the same happened to his legs, strong enough to support his axe swinging but also expanded enough that he'd have to spread them so they didn't rub together all the time. Thick hair also took root on his legs and his feet grew bigger and wider to support his new strength and weight. His sneakers ripping open as his feet grew to a size 12, only briefly exposing his larger feet for only a few seconds until the torn remains of his sneakers reformed into a dirty pair of size 12 boots. Finally his face started to push out with fat and grew itchy as a thick beard grew and spread and he found he actually liked it. The whole time Ted was rubbing the changing mans chest and stomach complimenting him for being "such a good, big cub" while the changes themselves didn't even seem to phase him as if this were normal. Once Dan's hair grew thicker and turned a darker brown he felt the changes take root in his mind. He was still gay, and definitely still a sub, but suddenly he felt more manly. His thoughts changed. Thoughts of being neat and clean were replaced with getting sweaty and dirty on the job, out working on cutting trees. His fashion tastes changed for sort of preppy semi formal preppy clothes to jeans and plaid, or sleeveless shirts. His interests changed from college to sports, drinking, and trucks, man stuff! His mind was also proud of being gay, instead of hiding it on his dating hook up apps he'd be dressed up in gear publicly at clubs. Plus now he had his big strong papa bear, so why would he be afraid of anyone judging? Papa bear would just kick their ass if anyone tried to say or do anything rude to him. Danny knew his place now as a big strong cub for his big bear. He laid down on the couch and spread himself out before getting ready to be fucked "ready for Papa bear, big cub?" The man asked as Danny could do nothing but grin.


    Hi I'm a 20 year old, stressed out, skinny, white college student, and I was wondering if there was still space available for the bear package?

    Yes, we’re still allowing for bear entries. We always allow more, but we especially encourage it considering the recent outage preventing proper handling of the prearranged bear appointments. We’re hoping to get all of those finished before returning back to normal, but in the meantime, let’s see what we can do for you.

    Sign this and follow me, please.

    You’re a college student, correct? Well, normally we’d see to it that you’d join the Youth program. The Foundation encourages the finishing of college mostly on the grounds of learning what you enjoy, and normally we’d have to deny you that privilege in favor taking you to the Bear Den. Luckily, that lack of options is no longer present.

    Welcome to the Bear Den Youth Program. It combines age old traditions of raising, teaching, and bringing young things such as yourself into the Brotherhood with a mix of our Youth program structure brought in. We bring the students, and they teach them in the ways of the bear in the great outdoors.


    This is Dean Woods, the director of this little program. He manages it all from here, his office, and he’ll be deciding who your mentor will be. You see the way he’s touching himself and looking at you? It’s an age old divination technique of the bears to decide apprenticeships. He also probably thinks your hot.

    Oh, Professor Astley? You’re in for a treat! Follow me!

    This is Professor Astley, and he will be your main mentor in this apprenticeship. He will show you the ways of the bear, but he specializes in the passive, relaxed nature of the Brotherhood of Bears. Stress from school, or life in general, is something that is heavily discouraged under his care, and he will see to it that you’ll learn to enjoy life simply.

    Oh, I see his hedonistic sloth is infectious. You’re already getting furrier and bulkier, and the lazy look in you eyes tells a story all on their own. It also looks like the professor has your first lesson all lined up for you. I’ll go ahead and leave you to enjoy.


    29-year old college graduate. Played hockey. 6'5", 240, blonde hair, blue eyes from Minnesota. Applying for a transformation, please.

    Oh? A blank transformation form? That’s one heck of an opportunity! Let’s see if we can’t get a little direction from your background though.

    You’re a college graduate. That’s nice. Being about thirty is a nice age as well. You played hockey, which is a great sport. I personally think that you’d be better suited to basketball with that height, however! On top of the blonde hair and blue eyes, you’re just the peak of genetic perfection aren’t you?

    This puts quite a bit of pressure on me then. What’s the transformation you give to the guy who has everything naturally? Perhaps…

    Okay, I think I might have something. Follow me.

    This week is the the celebration of the Father Bear, a keeping sacred in nature and indulgent in practice held by the Brotherhood of Bears. That’s why you may notice so many naked, furry men are in the halls of the Foundation today. The week long holiday brings bears from all around the world to the Foundation. There is one in particular I’d like you to meet though.


    This is one of the Foundation’s bathrooms, but more importantly, that is the famous “Sea Bear” in the tub. You’ve never heard of him? But he’s so famous in the bear community! He is known far and wide for his penchant for excessive bathing to gorgeous effect.

    Why did I want you here? Well, don’t be rude. I want you to bath with him. Don’t scoff! Some people pay to get in a tub with this man! You’re still not getting the whole picture, are you? Look, just take off you clothes and get in the tub. There will be no judgement, and it’s there’s room enough that you don’t even have to touch. Come on!

    There! That wasn’t so bad, was it? I’m so excited to see the legendary Sea Bear work his magic! Do you feel it yet? They say it’s a warm tingle that starts near your butt. It feels like you just farted, but there are no bubbles. Then the hair starts growing all over along with the tattoos. You become more masculine and fat bulges out with the muscle.

    Then come the thoughts. You realize that you’re a cub, that the man across the tub from you is your daddy, and you’re his little cub. You just go head over heels for your daddy. I can tell that that’s true from the way you’re blushing.


    Aw, look at that smile! Yes, you’re going to be a a great lil’ cub here, aren’t you? You’ll probably be leaving with you’re daddy’s sleuth though. He has to sure none of the Brotherhood he leads gets into trouble, and they’re all cute little cubs like you.