There were two of them, in case it’s confusing.  Two bros, at the gym, at the same time, working back and biceps.  One of them was on the machine, the other one stood next to the machine, watching his bro pump the levers and the iron weight.  He watched his face contort as the reps went on, counting down silently, 5 … 4… 3 … 2 … 1, CLANG.  The bro grinned, wiped the sweat off his face with the hem of his tank, and thumbsed-up his bro, and the other bro would sit down, prepping himself for his turn at the iron.  Neither of them noticed the irritated glances of other gym-goers as the iron clanged back down to its resting place.

    They had been together for so long now that they’d become inseparable, a unit.  When anyone else referenced them, their names were a single unit.  Bro & bro.  Of course, they had actual names, but it’s hard to remember which bro was which bro.  They’d probably forgotten each other’s names anyway.  They didn’t need names.  It was easier to just



    You got this, bro.”

    “Fuck yeah, bro.”

    At some point, it had just become natural.  At first, it was sort of a joke, a little ironic.  You know, a private joke.  Neither of them, if pressed, could even tell you when it started.  Maybe there was a text message between them where one of them said “bro” and maybe sent one of those flex emojis, and from then on, the gates could not swing shut again.  It escalated from “bro” this and “bro” that to elaborate high-fives in the middle of the gym, walking down the sidewalk.  Methods of greeting evolved - or devolved, from “hey” to “sup” to

    “What’s up, bro!”  The hand, descending swiftly, with purpose and vigor, slapping the other bro right on the ass.  “Whoa, check out your fuckin glutes, bro!  Fuckin tiiiiiiight!”  It didn’t matter where they were, who they were with.  They were seen all around town, in the grocery store, at the beach, everywhere.  Of course, at the beach, they were seen shirtless, in matching swimming trunks, though they hadn’t known

    “Bro!  Yo, you got the same trunks as me!”

    “Dude, bro, haha, that’s fuckin hilarious!”

    High-five, in which one bro grabbed the other bro’s hand and grappled him down.  They fell in the sand, wrestling, grabbing at each other’s throat, biceps, thighs.  They were completely unaware of when their hands fumbled at the waistband of the American-flag spangled trunks, almost unconsciously yanking it downwards to trip up their bro.  Nothing is off-limits, not even grabbing at his bro’s cock or his balls.  Anything to win.  Eventually, one bro pins the other bro, and through spitting grains of sand and wriggling half-heartedly one last time, the cries of “UNCLE!  FUCKIN UNCLE, BRO!”

    They didn’t live together, not yet, but they had plans.  A total bro-pad.  Big-screen fuckin TV on ESPN fuckin 24/7.  Big fuckin fridge, to hold all the food prep they gotta do each week.  Tons of fuckin chicken.  Red meat.  A big cabinet to hold all their supps, especially the bulk-sized vat of protein powder.  Big-ass mirror in the bathroom.  In the hallway.  In each of their bedrooms.  In the living room.  There was just one problem.  One bro had a roommate, and it was the roommate’s apartment - the bro had moved in with the guy, and let’s just say the guy wasn’t exactly a bro.

    “Bro,” one bro said to the other.  They sat out on a patio, tank tops & gym shorts showing their browned skin, their tribal tattoos, nearly squirming on them under the sun & the summer heat.  “We should totally make our own bro-pad.  I’d fuckin love to live with you, bro.”

    “Bro,” the other bro scowled.  “What about Franklin?  Fuckin buzzkill.”

    “Franklin,” he scowled too.  “Fuckin buzzkill.”

    They slurped at their protein shakes, maybe a little too fast, still pumped from the morning’s workout.  Brain freeze set in and one bro shook his head, pressing a meaty palm to his eye-socket.  “Fuck, bro.  I dunno.  We could get him to move out, but I don’t think he would.  Fuuuuck, this brain freeze, bro!”

    The other bro laughed, well, guffawed, really, a deep, hearty chuckle, and leaned forward to slap his bro on the shoulder.  “Hahaha, fuckin slow it down bro.  I got an idea what we can do about Franklin.  See, I know this guy…”

    This guy happened to be a guy that the bro knew from a long time ago, back when he thought he should be going to college.  That shit didn’t take.  He didn’t know how he could have expected to know what he wanted to do for the rest of his life when he didn’t even know who he was at that time.  In his opinion, people waste their time going to college because you don’t know who you are yet.  If he had known he was gonna be a bodybuilder, he wouldn’t have wasted all that time on fuckin college.  But he did meet some people there, and one of them was this guy, and this guy was one of the smarter bros he’d met in college, he was all into organic chemistry and neuroplasticity, and how shit works in the brain.  It was pretty cool, he had to admit, or at least it was back then.  The guy was always reading, head in a book, frowning, or sitting up late at night, face and glasses limned with the blue light from the computer screen.  He had been all into the idea that a personality was mutable, fluid, that it was as chemically-based as anything else in the body, or electric, or some shit.  With the right reagents, the personality could be altered as easily with only a suggestion from another.  He hadn’t told many people about it, the bro knew, because there was one night where he got the guy drunk on cheap beers and shots of shitty vodka and the guy had confessed that he knew how to do it, that he was a genius, but he could never use what he’d discovered, it was too dangerous, etc, etc.  He’d dropped out of college later that year, preferring to work in the service industry, focusing on the gym, focusing on gains, but he’d kept in touch with the guy, his roommate, you know - an email here and there, a message on Facebook, somethin like that.  It was kinda cool to show progress pics to a guy who doesn’t see you all that often, and it’s fuckin cool as shit to see him say things like “WHOA!  HOLY SHIT, man, you got ripped!”  Just made him wanna flex and take more pics for his Insta, really.  He knew that the guy was gay, but that never bothered him, and the guy never bothered him for nothin anyway.

    “… so, if Franklin isn’t cool, this is gonna make him cool?”  The other bro was lookin at his bro with a blank look of confusion.  He actually lifted the brim of his baseball hat to scratch at his forehead. 

    “Yeah,” the bro said, confidently.  “Just put this in his, whatever he drinks.  Coffee, or water, or whatever.  Once he drinks it, it’ll help.”

    “Okay, bro.”  He was ready to trust his bro, even if he wasn’t exactly sure what he was doin - he knew what he had to do, but he wasn’t sure what was gonna happen once he did.  And it was easy enough.  The bro just waited til Franklin got up in the morning, put the coffee on drip, and wandered off into the bathroom.  The bro could hear some kinda classical music drifting out of the hallway where Franklin’s room was, something with strings.  He scoffed, chuckling at the uncoolness of it all, and uncorked the small ampoule of liquid into the coffee-pot.  It was colorless and odorless.  For a minute, the bro wondered if he had even done anything, if anything had even come out of the container, but he shrugged and scratched his balls and wandered off.  It was leg day.

    After leg day, the bro came back to his apartment and collapsed on the couch, flat on his stomach, staring sideways at the TV.  There was a football game on, though he was so zoned from his workout that he didn’t even know which teams were playing.  His phone was going off wildly - it was his bro.  He scanned the messages blurrily.

    “sup bro nethin happenin over there yet??”

    “dunno bro”

    There was a crash in the kitchen, and the bro lifted his head to glance.  “You all right?”  He muzzed in the direction of the kitchen.

    “Uhh, sorta.”  Franklin’s voice drifted out.  It sounded muddy, as if he were congested.  “Dropped some plates.  Uhhh … yeah.”

    “You all right bro?  Sick, or something?”

    “Naw, uh, I feel, uh … fine.  Bro.”  Franklin came out of the kitchen, and Franklin looked … different, to the bro.  He sat up, instantly alert. 

    “You been workin out bro?”  He criticized his roommate’s normally slim build.  “Looks like you got some mass.”

    “Uh, naw, bro, but I … kinda been thinkin about joining a gym lately.  Sound mind, sound body, right?”


    “Like, y’know, gotta have … uhh …”  He glazed over for a second, eyes drifting to the TV.  “Who’s, uh … who’s playin?”

    “Dunno, bro.”  The bro squinted at the TV.  “Fuckin Packers.”

    “Cool.”  Franklin slowly sat down in a chair and looked at the game.  For a moment, he appeared unfocused, brow furrowed, but as the bro watched him, his face softened, and his eyes became sharper, more alert, as if they had somehow tunnelled into the television, and as if he were intently focused on the task. 

    Hours later, Franklin and the bro were yelling, pointing, accusing, even jumping to the edge of their seats.  It was a great game -

    “Well, it woulda been a great game if the refs hadn’t been so fuckin shit, fuck, bro.”

    “Fuck yeah.  I, uhh … I could see that.  Yeah.  Fuck the refs.”

    The game was over, and the bro felt the familiar wave of completion turning to idleness washing over him.  He got up from the couch and headed toward the kitchen for a beer.  “Hey, you want a beer, bro?”  He knew Franklin didn’t drink, and especially not a Bud Light, but fuck it.

    “Uhh … yeah.  Sure.  A beer.”

    “You got it, bro!”

    They sat, blue cans cracked, in a meditative silence.  The crisp, refreshing liquid washed down their mouths, their throats, into their stomachs.  “So, what gym you gonna join, bro?”

    “Uhhh … honestly, I dunno, uh, bro.  What gym do you go to?”

    The bro grinned, and shuffled over on the couch to Franklin’s side, where he wrapped the kid in a headlock and lightly noogied his head.  “Bro … you’re gonna love it.”

    There were three of them, in case it gets confusing.  Three bros, at the gym, at the same time, working back and biceps.  One of them was on the machine, the other two stood in a semi-circle, watching their bro pump the levers and the iron weight.  They watched his face contort as the reps went on, counting down silently, mouths moving together in tandem, 5 … 4… 3 … 2 … 1, CLANG.  The bro grinned, wiped the sweat off his face with the hem of his tank, and thumbsed-up his bros, and one of the other bros would sit down, prepping himself for his turn at the iron.  None of them noticed the irritated glances of other gym-goers as the iron clanged back down to its resting place. 

    They had been together for so long now that they’d become inseparable, a unit, even all of them lived together in a sort of frat-house situation. When anyone else referenced them, their names were a single unit.  Bro, bro & bro. Of course, they had actual names, but it’s hard to remember which bro was which bro. They’d probably forgotten each other’s names anyway.  They didn’t need names.  It was easier to just




    And the clang of the iron, resounding through the gym, as muscles grew and brains diminished, as the sun swiftly darkened their skins from brown to browner, as muscles grew and brains diminished.

    One thing was for sure, to the one guy who was watching the progress anyway, the bros were multiplying.  And was that really such a bad thing?  What better laboratory than the world outside of the laboratory for this particular study?  Fuck dangerous, he thought to himself, watching the triad of bros in their gym shorts and tanktops and backwards hats lounging around on their porch, I can make the world hotter.  He already had, with the first bro, his roommate.  And now that bro was making more bros.  He could only imagine what would happen next.  One thing was for sure: he would have to make more of the personality reagent.  Maybe he could … accidentally drop some in the water supply of a small town.

    This thought, cradled in his brain, nursed idly at his other thoughts as he listened to the dumbass banter from the bros across the street, listened to the echoing guffaws paired with the crack-hiss of Bud Light cans being opened, and to the inevitable tussle or wrestling match that would ensue.

    Big Bro Tyler

    Transformation story

    (Hey, so I haven’t done tf in a while and I thought I would come back to it. I know I have experimented with lots of different genre’s, So before each story, I’m gonna add a short tag so you know what it is and don’t read something you are not into. Hope you guys enjoy the story)


    Tye sneaked into the dark locker room. He looked around, making sure no one was there. The room was empty; he proceeded to take out his phone and turn on the torch app. It quickly darted to one locker in particular, the same one it always went to. Tye quickly ran to Lance’s locker. Lance’s sweaty uniform, shoes were all laid out as usual for his morning practice, but that wasn’t what he was looking for. He opened up a compartment under the seat and found Lance’s spare clothing. Carefully, Tye moved everything about so he could claim his temporary prize for the night, Lance’s sweaty tank top. Lance, like most of the jocks, didn’t wash their clothes or themselves, very much and so they became smelly and moist, which was a turn-on for Tye. Tye was aroused by pretty much the whole team; he loved sitting about and watching them play and train, from a distance. The jocks didn’t take kindly to nerds; they would beat them for laughs, lunch money and make them do work for them. The jocks especially didn’t like Tye as they knew he was gay and they beat him up for being both. Despite their douchey attitude towards him and others, Tye just found it hot. Tye took out the sweaty tank top and started sniffing it. The musk was sucked down to the bottom of his lungs with each breath. His head became fuzzy, the more he sniffed. Odd, this wasn’t a usual feeling. It usually just smelt good. Not only that, but he could feel his cock twitching a lot, before growing out to a bigger size than usual. Suddenly the lights came on and Tye’s vision blurred. “Told you the fag would be here, can’t resist it seems,” Lance said. “Haha, so what are we gonna do with him, beat him like usual,” asked Bryce excitedly. “Or maybe we can be creative, and give him a wedgie and hang him in the school entrance,” Hunter chimed. “Neither bro’s, he would only be into both things. We gotta get rid of this fag and I know the best way,” explained Lance. “How’s that bro?” asked Hunter “Did you bring the box?” asked Lance. “Just like you asked bro. Wait are you gonna do what I think your gonna do?” replied Bryce, smirking at Lance. Lance only sniggered and grinned at the question only confirming his intentions. “Ya hear that fag? We got a treat for you,” Lance yelled at Tye who was coming to, but now in a state of shock seeing Lance. “Wha… what do you guys want?” whimpered Tye. “Nothing much, but how about you strip everything off now?” requested Lance. “What… no, I know I shouldn’t be here, and I’m sorry, but please don’t beat me again,” “Who said anything about beating you,” “Huh?” “You’re taking too long, Bryce, Hunter, strip the fag. I’m gonna get his stuff ready,” Bryce and Hunter lunged at Tye, who stood innocently on the spot. They grabbed his clothes, ripping them off him. In seconds Tye was naked, the two then held him over. “See Tyler not so difficult is it. Now let’s get you dressed proper,” Lance sneered. “I’m Tye, not Tyler,” “Silly Tyler, Tye’s a dweeb name. Anyway, need to get you dressed now,” replied Lance They threw Tye on the ground and sat him up. Bryce held Tye’s arms up to stop grabbing, while Hunter grabbed his legs to stop him kicking. “First things first, Tyler, need to get some underwear on you, can’t be going out with that thing, what would everyone think?” Lance said sarcastically. “My name is Tye,” replied Tye. Lance got out a sweaty jockstrap. He lined up the holes with Tye’s feet and pulled them up to his legs, to his hard cock. It felt weird being placed onto him, but even weirder feeling as his hair was growing around it. Tye felt his dick being pricked by his growing hairs, that had been a small patch that was growing into a thick bush. Not only his hairs but his cock was also growing, he had a small size, but now his cock snaked out to about 10". Lance then got out some sweaty black shorts and shoved it up Tye'e skinny legs. Lance and Hunter let his legs go, and they flopped on the floor as they went numb. They eagerly watched as Tye’s legs inflated with muscle, first his thighs growing into logs, and then his calves turning into powerful runners legs. Two big round bouncy lumps popped out of his backside, as a gigantic bubble butt grew to fill his sports shorts. Tye looked in horror at what was happening. “Oh god, what the fuck is happening to me,” Tye screamed “Your growing bro. Now we gotta get your shoes and socks to make those feet big too,” replied Lance, who got out some large white socks. He then pulled them up Tye’s legs. They were, of course, sweaty as well. Tye felt his feet turn into wet clay that was growing out. Hunter and Lance then got out some big black trainers and pushed them onto his feet, tightening them as much as they could. Tye’s feet grew until they filled the size 13 shoes, then they stopped and hardened. “Woah bro, you are looking good. Now let’s see what you look like with a top Tyler,” Lance joked, ignoring Tye’s pleas for them to stop. “My name isn’t Tyler you fucking idiot and can you stop this, please,” Tye angrily pleaded as testosterone built up within him. The boys ignored and threw on his tank top. Instantly Tye felt uncomfortable; it was sweatier and smellier than any of the other clothes. Tye felt his legs come back to him and quickly got up, but was forced into a corner by the three jocks who were all grinning at their new bro. “Ok guys can you stop please, I don’t want this,” Tye cried “But look at you bro, you gonna be bigger than all of us. Why wimp out here when your gonna be lifting the biggest weights and crushing all the pussy,” said Lance. “But I’m gay and a dweeb,” “Haha fuck that fag shit Tyler, your gonna be a pussy slaying bro like the rest of us,” “N…no… I don’t want to be a dumb bro like you guys. Wait what’s happening now,” said Tye, frightened at his overweight body and deepening voice. His belly bulged out with a large pair of saggy man tits that hung over them, and his arms became thick branches of flab. This added mass continued going up his neck, not sparring any part of him as it made his head rounder in shape.  His the appearance of his face changed from innocent and scrawny, to deadly brutish. Tye looked down and saw as his fat began retracting back into him and turning into solid muscle. His stomach turned from fat into cup-sized abs; his pecs flattened down into massive pecs that shelved his abs. Tye’s branch sized arms thicked and strengthened with muscle, his biceps and triceps exploded out. Tye was now unrecognisable to his old self. “The fuck have you done to me,” He shouted in anger “Ah I see, we’re missing the cap,” Lance said, continuing to ignore Tye. Hunter and Bryce grabbed Tye, while Lance got a cap from the bag. Though Tye should be able to shake the two off with ease, he wasn’t used to his strength and so remained in a tugging battle with them. Lance swiftly pushed it down onto Tye’s head. Tye grabbed at it, but the cap squeezed his head to the point it was glued to it. The pressure from it got so much that started squeezing knowledge and memories out of his head. Bit by bit, maths to science to computers, his knowledge was rinsed out over and over again. His memories became a blurred mess, and he couldn’t remember anything. “See bro, your one of us Tyler,” Lance stated. “I… I’m one of you guys?” Tyler questioned “Yeah bro, your part of the team, your our big bro,” As Lance said that Tyler’s mind began creating new memories of being the big bro of the team and being mates with Lance, Bryce and Hunter. “Yeah bro, you’re also the maddest gym rat, smashing all the high weights. All of course for the game and to make Coach happy,” Lance continued. Tyler’s mind was filled with gym routine’s, workouts; sports play styles and rules. He was the big bro and an absolute sports star. “Yeah bro, you smash weights for Coach and also for pussy. You’re like the biggest pussy smasher there is, and you love it,” Tyler’s mind began visualising a hot blonde chick, how it was to fondle her tits, to smash her puss with his thick meat that was hardening in his shorts. “Mmmmpppphhh tits and pussy,” He said uncontrollably as he began to desire to jerk off. “Yeah bro come sit down, we’re all bro’s here so no homo,” Lance joked The boys all sat down and got out their cocks and started jerking themselves off to some titty magazine. Tyler’s mind was now focused on gains and pussy, nothing else. “This feels good, doesn’t it. Blowing your cock to some standard hoe with your bro’s,” Lance asked “Yeah bro, no homo,” “What would it be bro if it was homo? ” Lance intrigued. Tyler was shocked, would a dude really do something homo. The thought of dudes banging dudes repulsed him, made him angry. “Ew bro that’s disgusting, guys don’t fuck other guys. That’s what pussy is for. I would shove those fags in my pits and let my musk tell em how it is, how it should be,” “Yeah bro, but what if as well they hadn’t any gains? And they didn’t want to hit the gym ever? Like they had better things to have, such as smarts,” Tyler was enraged even more now. Who the fuck thought brains were better than gains, these dweebs needed a hit until they knew what they should be doing, which was hitting the gym and smashing pussy. With all this anger, Tyler jerked his dick harder, his head now fussed on pussy, gains, sports and beating dweebs. This was the life, and no other mattered, he would rule the school with his bro’s. Inside the old memories and thoughts of Tye, tried to grasp and cling onto him, hoping to regain control and end this nightmare. Each pounding of his dick, though, sent the memories further down into his dick until he was ready to go. Tyler kept rubbing, enjoying the feeling as his homosexuality, dweeb memories and knowledge were firmly stored away in his balls ready to be disposed of. “UUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed as he came out his old memories and rid himself of his old life. His other bros followed suit but didn’t produce as much as him. “Haha, no homo bro’s,” they all said, getting up and getting ready for the gym to get swole for the pussy they would smash later.

    Fixing up a new bro

    “What day is it, bro?” asked Brad impatiently.

    “It’s Tuesday, Brad,”  Jimmy smirked, trying to contain his laughter.

    “How many days is that from Friday?”  he continued dumbly.

    “It’s three days, Brad,” Jimmy couldn’t continue to hold in his laughter.

    “Ugh, thanks bro,” mumbled Brad, before jumping back on his couch and sulking.

    Jimmy smiled as he watched his hulking brute of a roommate wonder back to the couch. Jimmy found Brad to be oddly cute. He couldn’t tell if it was his muscled body that he spent days in the gym building for football practice or his simple-minded naivety. Either way, Jimmy found him hot.

    Jimmy went back to his laptop and continued studying. Brad sat on his phone, probably looking for hot babes to bang or for any local parties. Jimmy felt slight disappointment realising that he would never get to screw or be with Brad. Even though Brad and his bros sucked and fucked each other, they never thought it was gay. They always made some excuse or sanctified it by saying “no homo”, as if it made everything they did, not gay.

    On weekends they would go out clubbing and smash ‘puss’ as they described it, but they made it sound as if it was some legendary military conquest. These disgusting acts reminded Jimmy of why Brad wasn’t his friend. As cute and dumb as Brad was, he was still a toxically masculine, grade douche bag, who viewed women as nothing more than achievements to be subdued.

    Brad threw his phone at a cushion on the couch and mumbled again. He was visibly bored as he had nothing to do for a week since training had been cancelled. He reached out to grab his cigs, but Jimmy gave a disapproving look. Jimmy hated it when Brad smoked as he found the smell to be disgusting.

    Brad continued to scan around the room for activities to do. He looked to his Xbox, his one and only friend in the apartment that he wasted his hours away on. But alas, his bros weren’t here and it would get boring fast without them.

    “Jimmy, Do you want to play some Call of Duty with me? Please,” Brad yelled at the ceiling. Jimmy had no interest in games. He thought they were useless trash that served no purpose other than to glorify war.

    “No, Brad. I’m doing work,” Jimmy yelled, staring at his intensive work.

    “UGH… I’m so bored though,”

    “Well go and have a cigarette and play some Xbox. Didn’t you get more of those special cigarettes you really like?”

    Brad stopped for a second, did he order his special cigs? Brad jumped out of the couch and legged it down the corridor to check his mail.  

    “Ah, five minutes of peace, at last,” Jimmy sighed to himself.

    A few minutes passed, and the hulking brute stomped back into the quiet room. Brad was holding a small pack of blue boxes in one hand and in the other was a pack of unique lighters. He jumped back onto the couch and stretched out. He ripped open the clingfilm and looked over the boxes to make sure everything was right. Once he felt comfortable, he relaxed back and began thinking deeply.

    Brad’s eyes shot to the Xbox, he really wanted to play, but he didn’t have anyone to play with. Brad shot his eyes back to Jimmy, he could play, but he didn’t want to. Jimmy was focusing on work and nothing else.

    Brads eyes then shot back to the Xbox, and then back to Jimmy. He repeated this cycle until he looked at his cigarettes, then he added it to the cycle, jimmy, Xbox, Cigs. Brads mind was working in overdrive to piece everything together. Then it hit him, his master plan to solve his longterm boredom issue. He wore a broad grin on his face as he looked over at Jimmy, who was slaving away at his laptop. Maybe it was time he relaxed a bit.

    Brad unzipped his pants and got out his 8-inch flaccid cock. He wiggled it about in his hands, trying to get the attention of his roommate. Jimmy, however, paid no attention, still consumed by his tedious work. Brad thought for a sec before it pinged in his head. He always knew how to get Jimmy’s attention.

    Brad took a cigarette and popped it in his mouth. He then reached over to get his lighter, and before he could even bring to the cigarette, Jimmy was staring at him coldly. Jimmy hated smelling smoke and so enforced strict rules on smoking.

    Jimmy stared at brad bewildered. Why did he have his cock out? And why was he smoking indoors? He knew he hated it. Jimmy couldn’t deny, though, that his interest in Brad had shot up. His own cock was now hardening to the thought of sucking on Brad’s enormous dick. Brad shook it again, and Jimmy lep off his chair like a dog. He rushed over to brad, sliding as he went onto his knee’s. Jimmy’s mouth was wide open and ready for its package.

    Brad grabbed Jimmy’s head and forced him onto his cock to begin sucking.

    “There we go Jakey, bro. Now that isn’t hard, while you do that, I’m gonna get myself a special cig,” Brad boasted gleefully at Jimmy, who was absorbed into the pleasure.

    Brad pushed Jimmy up and down on his cock, the pleasure was immense for both, but Brad had a surprise for Jimmy. Brad took his lighter and lit the cigarette in his mouth before returning the lighter to its original place. Brad sucked the fumes down deep inside of him, letting them seep into every part, before blowing the rest out into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy became dazed by the smoke but was loving the pleasure. His mind slowed down to a snail pace, only thinking of one thing, sucking off Brad.

    “Good, bro slow yourself down, no need to waste this moment. Keep going though.” Brad said softly; his tone was therapeutic to Jimmy, relaxing his mind and body.

    “Good bro, I haven’t seen what you’ve been doing in a while cos your so busy. Let’s catch up now shall we,” Jimmy nodded in response.

    “Well let’s look at your body, yep, as I thought. You’ve been working out in secret bro, haven’t you? I mean, look at these arms and that chest man,” Jimmy felt an odd sensation move up and down his spine. The sensation spread throughout his body, going to the tips of his finger and toes. The feeling died out quickly, but afterwards, muscle grew from every part of his body. His triceps and Biceps gently inflated. Jimmy could feel his stomach suck in softly to; he didn’t, however, feel it fall back out. Instead, a set of six well-carved abs now glistened off his stomach. His pecs grew out and rounded suitably, hardening into mighty rocks.  Jimmy was unaware of the growth that had just taken place. He thought Brad was just having a joke with him.

    “Well that’s gonna change bro, your gonna be coming with me to the gym from now on, and wearing the proper clothes for it. I mean you and me aren’t just roommates, Jakey, we’re best bros,” And with that Brad blew more smoke into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy’s already dazed mind started thinking about how he and Brad were bros, creating false memories of the two playing and working out together.

    ‘Yeah, why would I ditch my best bro’ he thought to himself. He forgot his rules and irritations caused by Brad and instead accepted his new bro. As his mind was altered, Jimmy felt his clothes lighten as well. His shirt lost its sleeves and turned into a light blue tank top; his jeans retreated into red basketball shorts and a backward white cap formed on his head.

    “Yeah dude, we’re on the football team and in acing the course. Coach thinks your the best, and so does the team. You aren’t very smart at all, only passing High school,”

    Jimmy felt his mind lighten with thoughts as Brad blew more smoke in his face. He tried to remember what he was doing at college, he could swear it was something in Bio-chemistry, but all he could think about was football, Coach and the team who were his other bros. Yeah now that he thought about it, he was always meant for football. Jimmy hated all classes other than sports, mainly cos he wasn’t any good at them, which is obviously why he did sports at college and not bi… chemi… whatever he thought of before.

    “Yeah bro that’s good, cos you’re my best bro. Keep sucking bro; we’re almost there. You know, your also the maddest party-goer, always going to the max,”

    Jimmy again tried to remember any kind of partying that he did, as his head and body was now filled with smoke. At first, he remembered he wasn’t that into the scene, and if he did go, he usually stood at the side and drank water. It took him a little while, but the memories all came to. Now he remembered getting wasted at parties, dancing like a mad lad, doing weed and sometimes getting into trouble, but he loved it. The party was his weekend.

    “… but your also a very flirty guy, when you’re at the party, you know what you want. You want that dirty blonde bimbo sucking on your thick cock, or you want to be smashing her from behind,”

    Jimmy was confused; he couldn’t be straight he swore he was gay… wait, no he couldn’t be gay, that wasn’t his thing. He sucked off his bro’s cos; it was his bros, and that isn’t gay. Honestly, gay people kinda disgusted him, why go screw another dude when you could have a different dumb slutty bimbo every week, the ones with big bouncy boobs and thin bods. Yeah, that’s what he wanted to smash. Jimmy’s cock softened but had grown considerably, as he realised that he was only helping out his bro from a tiring workout sesh and it being… whatever day it was, Brad needed some relief.

    “Yeah that’s good bro, you’re a good bro, now keep sucking cos I’m ready Jakey bro, that is your name, Jakey,” The name Jimmy faded from his mind and Jakey or Jake, sprung up taking its place in all his memories.

    Jakey kept sucking harder and harder for his bro, hoping to give him the relief he needed. Brad kept his hand on his head, making sure he sucked him thoroughly. Brad’s moaning got louder as he neared his climax, his cock was at full size now, his mind focused on big tiddies and pussy. Jake kept going further down on his cock each time, up and down, almost in rhythm to the moaning.

    “UGH… YES… BRO… GET READY COS ITS GONNA BE A BIG LOAD?” Brad screamed at his new bro. There was a slight lull before Brad felt his balls explode inside Jake. Jake caught the cum and made sure it didn’t go down the back of his throat because then it would be gay.  Jake took his mouth off Brad’s cock and spat out the cum he looked at Brad with dazed eyes and they both said.

    “No homo bro.”


    Try not to lose yourself: Luke’s downfall

    ‘Ok, so the plan is, go to college, join Army office job thingy, get college money, finish college and then get out of army. Don’t get too involved in it, don’t think about. Remember it’s a patriarchal institution that furthers US imperialism.’

    That was the plan me and my bros… sorry my friends had before shit went downhill. Now I’m stuck in this room turning into some dumb bro patriot. It all started weeks ago. Me (Brent), Luke and Tyler. Before we joined the army, we were good friends. Our main chain keeping us together though was politics. We all aligned politically, we were hard leftists. We protested when we could, staged walkouts, chanted for America’s death, did what we could for every minority in existence which was pretty much shutting up and listening because we were white males and full of privilege. However, once we finished school, we wanted to go to college and do gender studies so we could learn more about power, privilege and how this country oppresses minorities. However, we had one problem. The bank didn’t want to give us a loan to pay for it. The only other options we had was two do Manuel labor in our hometown until we made enough money, but who honestly has the time for that shit. So, we were left with no options, until Luke came to us saying he had an idea. He told us that the US Army gives out college money for part time work. Cute little Luke, telling us this great idea, except for the whole furthering US imperialism. It took a while but he convinced us into it. We went along to enlist and then to the base. We got on a bus with a bunch of other guys, mostly bro’s and dumb patriots. All smelly and blind to their oppressive nature. Once we got on the bus that was it, this is where the story starts and our downfall begin.


    It was dark outside and the recruits were all chatting away on the coach as it made its way to the base. Luke, Tyler and Brent had all been split up and were all at different points of the coach. Brent was at the front of the coach next to a very loud group of guys mocking left wing politics and talking about how proud they are to serve, Brent kept silent throughout and ignored them. Tyler was in the middle of the coach, arguing about politics but failing every time, usually Brent would support him but due to his absence Tyler gave up and accepted defeat. Luke was at the back, he sat quietly but found it difficult to resist not looking at the guys around him as he found them all very attractive. The guy next to him introduced himself as Jack. He was nice broad guy, he was already in shape for the Army. He asked Luke to introduce himself, Luke gave in and conversed with the group. Luke fitted in well with them, even though he made a lot of stuff up so no one would know him politically or figure out he was gay, although he felt that the guys were cool and would accept him into their group anyway.

    Once the bus stopped the men all got out. Oddly enough though this was a marine base. They were lined up and told to do 100 press ups. The three failed at this horrendously. The rest of the men mocked and laughed at them. Until the main Sergeant walked out and looked at them.

    “Dear God useless maggots, getting you into marine shape is going to be difficult. Why did you sign up maggots?” Said the Sergeant aggressively

    “College money… and marines we signed up for the army” said Brent

    “That is the wrong answer both times maggot and you did not address me as SIR”

    The Sergeant walked off and pointed at an American flag

    “That maggots, that is why you enlisted. Because of America, the greatest country on the planet, home of freedom and the brave. And you have come to be brave, however, If I am to make you brave so you can serve this country then you need to be in shape, body and mind. AM, I UNDERSTOOD.”  

    Brent muttered something about how the US was an Imperialist state, the Sergeant heard this.

    “Oh, I see, you’re one of them anti American lefty retards. Well I got news for you, you will be broken here and you will fall in line regardless of how much you resist. Now get some sleep tomorrow you begin training”

    The men all walked into the building. They were all given uniforms, which they were required to wear. However, when the three boys got theirs, they were ripped and broken. Then they were paired off and sent into dorms. The three were split up, and Brent wasn’t having it, he demanded they be kept together but the marine talked him down. Luke was paired with the guy from the bus, his name was Jack. Tyler with some Pussy hound called Ben. And finally, Brent was paired off with a hardcore patriot called Jason.

    The boys struggled in the first week of training, their tiny bodies were no match for the training forced on them. Although Luke kept pushing on trying to impress Jack. Brent and Tyler kept waiting for them to be kicked out, but The Sergeant didn’t want them out, he kept them in and kept pushing them. The other men disliked them all for failing and being anti American. Luke and Jack got on well at first, but due to his political views and his association with Brent, it went downhill. Brent would-be all-over Luke knowing he would most likely fall into the army mindset. Tyler couldn’t stand the misogyny of ben. Ben would talk and joke about his bedroom conquests and also talk about how he hated feminism, to combat this Tyler brought up every bit feminist and gender study quotes and knowledge. But without Brent to support him he failed. And Brent was hated the most, due to his righteous complex which was brought on by his left-wing politics, he put himself above everyone else and the military. He made enemies with The Sergeant, who was oddly enough quite calm around him and the other two, sometimes it was like he was analyzing the group for weakness or potential. Brent would also go on long rants about US imperialism, oppression and making everything a problematic issue.

    By the end of the week Brent had fully had enough, he decided it was best that they left, deciding for both Luke and Tyler. However, The Sergeant’s refused to let them leave and instead kept them for a second week, however this time he split them up.    


    Try not to lose yourself: Luke’s Downfall

    At the start of the second week Luke had been moved in to an alternate group with Jack, who was now talking to him again, but weirdly enough he was talking just about how great the military and America are. This group was getting ready for training, but before they did the Sergeant gave Luke some new boots, which he accepted and put on.  The training for the day was running. Luke thought he would fail at this but oddly enough he excelled at it, beating everybody else. Afterwards the guys all cheered on Luke, they started accepting him more.  

    “Who’s our lil bro” chanted the men

    “Come here, boy” Said the Sergeant, Luke walked up him with his head down.

    “You impressed me today, I think you deserve a little reward for surprising me” The marine next to the Sergeant held a marine uniform, Luke took it.

    “Go put it on and come see us when lunch is over.” Said the Sergeant menacingly, with a grin on his face.  

    Luke went back to his empty dorm. He took off his boots. And quickly switched his old broken uniform for the new one, he then went to put on his boots. His feet however were much bigger. What had happened. He thought they had grown due to the running and so continued to put the boots on, then he put his army cap and looked at himself in the mirror. A wave of admiration, confidence fell over him. He was proud of himself. However, as he was admiring himself his clothes felt tighter than before. “What? These weren’t that tight before?” he thought, he soon realized that the clothes weren’t getting tighter, his arms were growing, becoming bigger and more muscular. His legs were extending out, growing until he was 6’4, then his shoulders and upper body expanded, broadening out. Two large pecs formed out of this and underneath there were rock hard abs. His dick also grew in size becoming 12’ long. He looked up and saw his face becoming dumber, his recruit cut, started changing, the hair on top started growing out giving a spikey look.  

    “How do you like it boy?” Said the Sergeant loudly from behind him, Luke turned and to see him and Jack looking at him with grins. He couldn’t bring anger or hatred against him, only obedience and admiration.  

    “What is happening to me…S…s…s…s…ssSIR” Luke said uncontrollably

    “Well I saw how much potential there was in you. I couldn’t let you be wasted by some lefty dipshits, so I sped up your training a bit. You should also start to think more like us as well” As he said that Luke’s head became foggy, he felt like he was being drained of all the politics he knew. Feminist and gender theory knowledge started slipping from his head in to a whirlpool of idea’s which went into a nothingness. He started remembering all the things Jack and The Sergeant said about America, obedience, the military. Those things slowly became knowledge and then fact. Luke also began creating a hate of anyone anti American and anti-military, that included his now former friends. Luke’s mind was now of a standard marine. He lifted his head and looked at The Sergeant.

    “You ready to what your told, soldier”

    “Sir Yes Sir” Luke shouted back, In a new deeper and masculine voice  

    “Good, soldier. What is the greatest country on the planet”?  

    “United States of America Sir”

    “who is our enemy at the moment”  

    “Anti-Americans Sir”  

    “Good, soldier. Jack you make sure he is fully committed to our cause.” The Sergeant left. As he did Jack and Luke began making out. Jack secured Luke by making him his boyfriend as well.  

    “one down, two to go” said The Sergeant menacingly as he walked out


    Try not to lose yourself pt2: Tyler’s downfall

    Tyler’s group had been doing ‘Theory’ as training. Why the army had to do any thinking was beyond him, he thought it was all working out. Either way it had no effect on him, he was too smart and into social justice to think anything of it, it was mostly propaganda anyway he could see through it.  Compared to his dorm mate Ben. Ben wasn’t a religious guy but still felt women should know their place which is in the kitchen or in his bed. He would also talk about how dumb feminism and other left-wing groups are and how they are anti American. He went back to his dorm. Ben was probably working out. Tyler thought he would get some needed rest. As he got in, he saw all the porn magazines that Ben had laid out and open over his bed, this disgusted Tyler, he respected women and made sure that he never mansplained or man spread where ever he was. Tyler also saw a Laptop with two earphones plugged in. He thought must have been porn but all he could hear was white noise. He turned the laptop round and put the earphones in. The white noise was quite faint. He switched on the screen and his eyes were bombarded with flashing black and white patterns. The White noise was also creeping up. He wanted to click away as he started having headache but his hands wouldn’t move and his eyes wouldn’t look away. His mind felt like it was being stuffed back into a small box inside him.  

    “Hehe, Sarge said you would look at it” Said Ben coming in and looking at the now Blank Tyler.

    “He also said I get to do whatever I want to you, just as long you can follow orders”  

    Ben got out a uniform and put it down on the bed. He proceeded to take out the earphones on Tyler. Tyler now realized Ben was now with him, but he couldn’t do anything except scream at Ben in his head. But he saw the big Smirk on Ben’s face.

    “Alright maggot Sarge said I get to do whatever I want to do with you.”

    “Oh god” thought Tyler

    “Time for you join us, but this time fully. Now I could make you a regular patriotic soldier, but then I realized I need a wing man for when I go partying, and well now I got you. You’re gonna be just like me bro, Absolute pussy crusher. Before we can do that though bro, get out of these rags”

    Tyler’s body got up and undressed, leaving him only in his underwear.

    “Wait no, fuck I don’t want to become like him, stop what am I doing. PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSE” Cried Tyler in his head  

    “Ok now get dressed in this Uniform” Again Tyler’s body fully obeyed Ben while his mind screamed for it to stop. Tyler’s body put on the uniform and like Luke his body began to transform. He couldn’t feel the transformation but Ben made sure he saw it by making him look in a mirror. His feet began growing out into his size 13 boots. He started gaining height until he was 6’. Under his skin it felt like something was there making him bigger. He could feel as his abs hardened out and his pecs dominated his chest. His arms extended out becoming longer, then they became stronger. His head hardened and became manlier. His short hair spiked up a little bit. Ben looked pleased with this new body.

    “Well I wish I could cheat just like that, but then again I wasn’t a waste of space. Now Sarge said by this point that whatever I say you are, you become. Shall we begin Bro”

    Tyler couldn’t move and stood in place like a statue but inside he was in full panic mode. “No… no… no… please I don’t want to become some disgusting brute that has like no care for feminist or generally decent ideals” Tyler thought to himself.  

    “Well I’ll take that as a yes then.” Ben took Tyler’s inaction as confirmation, he then put his mouth next to Tyler’s ear and spoke.  “Ok, first things first then, let’s start by getting rid of this lefty crap. I want it gone, you hear me, all your feminist idea’s, your anti-American ideals, any socialism or communism that is stuck in your head, it goes.”

    As Ben said that. Tyler’s mind started sending his left-wing ideals to the back burners of his mind. He began crying internally trying to remember what he was losing but it was useless, he was slowly losing knowledge until there was nothing left. Although his conscience was still there feeling all the knowledge being drained.  

    “You forget it all yet bro? Well I won’t know till I reactivate you so I guess next part then, and this is the fun part, this is the part where you become like me” Ben said with happiness in his voice.  

    “Ok so, you’re gonna be an absolute bro, like me and the rest of the guys, you will become obedient, especially to the Sergeant. You’re gonna love this country as well, every little bit of it. On top of this bro, you’ll want to fuck every fit, attractive, girl. You won’t care about their rights or movements, they honestly don’t need em, so fuck em.”

    Tyler’s mind began flooding itself with patriotic ideals and broish personality. He loved his country, he didn’t care what the lefties said. He was devoted now to his country and his bro’s, he worked out with them, partied with them, celebrated 4th of July with them. When he went out partying the goal was pussy, he wouldn’t stop until he got it and he would get it often due to his masculine looks. Only times he didn’t was when they were feminists. He hated them and their ideals now, he thought they should just do as their told. As this new mindset grew, Tyler fought against it. But it was too strong and kept growing like a bubble until it was squeezing the old Tyler into compliance but Tyler continues to resist the pain in his head.

    “NO… I’m not going to become like this, I’m nice to women and gentle, I’m a…femin… I’m a fucking patriot that’s what I am. Fuck that’s a beautiful flag on the wall, and on the bed those women in those magazines are fucking ace.” Tyler’s old self was Assimilated into his new self. The old Tyler was now gone, all that remained was a dumb army bro.

    Tyler blinked his eyes.  

    “Awe bro, what the fuck happened to me?” said Tyler confusedly in his new deeper voice

    “Not much bro, you were having a bad dream about being an anti-American feminist or something”

    “Oh, fuck that shit bro, Love my country”

    “I know bro” said Ben with a Smirk “Anyways, Sarge said we should go work out at the gym”

    “Fuck yeah of course, Sarge knows best, we do what he says” Replied Tyler now pumped up

    Tyler and Ben left to go work out at the gym. As they left the room, they were being watched by The Sergeant.

    “Good work, soldier. Two down one idiot left to go. This is easier than I thought.” he said cockily to himself


    Try not to lose yourself: Brent’s Downfall

    “You just can’t handle the truth that America is a patriarchal genocidal illegal state” said Brent  

    “God you annoy me, don’t you ever just shut up” replied Jason

    “Attacking oppression and protecting minorities is my thing”

    “Well if you don’t shut it soon, my fists are going to deal with you” Jason’s anger was shown clearly now to Brent who decided it was probably best to Quieten down for now.

    Jason and Brent were paired off for doing survival skills. They were currently alone in the woods, being weighed down by the huge bags of equipment on their backs. It was getting dark very quickly and they’re only source of light was a torch. Jason was eager to get back and away from Brent who spent most of the day complaining, about either the exercise that was killing him, Jason not knowing what to do or America and the military being imperialistic. Jason however had had enough, he planned to leave Brent so he could at least get some peace.  

    “Brent, man could you go and check that stuff out over there, I think we passed it before” Jason pointed to a rock in the distance    

    “What’s over there?”

    “A way back hopefully, dumbass”

    Brent reluctantly moved over into the darkness. Once Jason couldn’t see him or hear footsteps, he made a break for it. Brent heard the footsteps from Jason’s area.

    “Jason” he called out quietly and fearfully. After 2 minutes of no reply Brent knew he was all alone. He walked around all panicked for a few minutes. He walked around in the darkness without a torch. Each time filling him with hope that at the end would be someone or the base. But each time his heart sank as it was just another fork in the path. He was getting lost and becoming scared. He started questioning whether annoying Jason had been a good idea, maybe he should’ve just kept his mouth shut like he does when oppressed people speak. Hours passed and it was now pitch-black Brent had given up hope. He cradled himself on the floor, freezing. He thought about everything that had led up to now. All the protests he had done, all the shutting himself up for others. Attacking the so-called oppressors and pushing those close to him away for his own politics. The choices he had made. He thought about how coming here was such a stupid idea and that he should never have had listened to Luke. but if he didn’t do this then how would he have paid for college? All this questioning of himself started splitting him in two. A part of him was attached to his old ways and beliefs. A new him was forming in his mind angry at himself, angry at how pathetic he had been doing all this.  

    Brent began to cry on the floor, he was shattered mentally. His mind was a warring state between anger depression and the activist.

    “Bro you out here” Shouted a voice, Brent didn’t have the energy to shout back but he slowly got up      

    “Brent. There you are bro” It was Luke, he had out a torch light over Brent so he could see him. Inside Brent a light kindled a simmer of hope, however it was fully shattered when he saw Luke who looked all military and buff. He walked up to him, Luke had a smirk on his face as he saw Brent. He walked up to Brent.

    “Thank you” said Brent struggling to stand

    “Don’t thank me yet bro” Brent looked up at Luke who raised his fist and knocked out Brent. The new part of Brent’s mind was now taking over while he was unconscious.    


    “Wakey Wakey” Shouted through the door and a loud banging of metal filled the room

    Brent woke up. He was in a small room with no windows, there was a metal door, which had a little viewing hole in it but it was shut. The only light he had was from a side lamp next his bed. He couldn’t remember anything from the night before except being cold and angry. He remembered being hit but not by who. But when he remembered the anger and depression it started to all flood back to him, however now he just accepted it. Brent looked over to the front of his bed, where a neatly folded uniform lay on top of a small wooden box. He decided to put it on as it was better than wearing the dirty broken uniform he had been given. Once he put it on, he decided to look himself in the mirror.  he looked smart now and the anger in him subsided for confidence and admiration for himself. He was now proud of how he looked. He went on tiptoes to gain height, but when he went back down, nothing changed. He was still quite tall, and growing? His legs felt a searing pain as he felt them thicken, adding muscle and becoming stronger. He felt his body harden and gain strength, he lifted up his shirt to see a beautifully defined six pack forming, with two large round pecs above. The searing pain went down his arms as they thickened as well. The door opened and in walked The Sargent.

    “There he is, my fresh new recruit” he said cockily

    “What no… I put this on because it was better, Sir” Brent said confusedly in his new more masculine voice. He was still two warring states in his head between the new rising patriot and the activist.

    “Ah don’t worry son, you will adjust. Look you already look like a damn fine marine” Brent Looked back into the mirror. The Sargent was right, Brent looked like a standard marine soldier boy. His face had changed now. It was longer, sharper and his hair had shortened down on the sides and the top had become spiked up. Looking at this though the activist in him came to resent what this was and what it stood for.

    “No, I am not this I am not one of you” he shouted abruptly

    “Son, I’m afraid you are. There is no way out of here and even if you did where would you go? What would you do? Nothing because that’s all you can do and that’s all you’ve been doing. I need the new Brent, the one that abides by my commands, that respects his fellow soldiers and loves his country.  I don’t want this useless old crappy Brent that no one likes” said The Sargent firmly. Brent looked back at the mirror. The Sargent was right. The old him was useless he needed the new him. In his mind the new him had mostly taken over all that was left was a small screeching voice of ‘no’ or any other feminist terminologies, hoping he would remember. The new part of Brent closed around it and erased any memory of the old him. As the final parts of the old him were erased a single tear fell down his cheek, but he wiped it away.  He straightened out his back and raised his head, he turned to the Sargent.  

    “Any orders, Sir” he said obediently. The Sargent gave a cocky smirk. All the trouble making activists had now been turned into three obedient marines.

    watch where you're looking

    Ryan walked into the changing room briskly. He put his bag down on the bench and looked at the clock. It was still only 7:24 am, it felt like time was going slowly. Ryan decided to wait a few minutes. Ryan was waiting for James, a very straight marine who he was attracted to. Ryan made it his mission to stalk him indirectly around the gym, watching him in his smart military outfit, while working-out. James was 6’5, broad, muscular build, he had black hair in a short recruit cut and a few tattoos on him. He always came to the gym in his green shirt which was tucked into his camo trousers. James also got in the gym at 7:30 am sharp. However though today was his last day for a year as he was getting deployed in a week. Ryan wanted to make sure he saw the last he could of him. Recently though due to Ryans not very subtle stalking around the gym, he felt that James may be onto him, He would have to be a lot more secretive about his stalking today.  

    It was now 7:28 and Ryan decided to get changed so as to not arouse suspicion if James entered. Ryan had taken off his jumper and removed his running shoes. But as he was getting changed into his vest, the door burst open.  

    “I’m telling you man, next week when we deploy, it’s going to be fucking great” Said James loudly as he came in with his friend.

    “I get that James, serving this country just feels so fucking great” Replied James’s friend. They both walked to a corner on the other side of the changing room to Ryan.

    Ryan didn’t really care too much about these aspects of James. It mostly repulsed him, Ryan was nerdier and didn’t care too much about America, although he enjoyed traditions where he could drink and eat lots of food. Ryan proceeded to look over his shoulder at James. He saw his back but it was enough to bring back vivid memories and make his dick slightly hard.

    “What about tonight, you gonna score some pussy” Said James’s friend, James responded by slapping his friends bum

    “You know I only need you” he said Jokingly and giving a wink, they both laughed.

    “but yeah you know me, I get that puss 100% of the time” James said still laughing slightly from his joke.

    This is what got to Ryan the most. James would act really gay around his dudes even though he was straight, it irritated him. How could he be attracted to the gayest straight dude out there. The guys put away their gear in their lockers, they turned around to go out and workout. Ryan was still getting changed but he looked slightly at the guys. His dick was now hard that he had to cover it up. Once changed he left it a minute to go out and start cycling. From the cycling machine he watched James do Squatting, he watched as his ass pushed out when went down. The muscles bulging out and his shirt clinging to them. After 10 minutes James moved onto weights. Again, Ryan watched him lift all the weights intensely, the grunting, laughing and gay jokes he made with his friend. Every time he made one, he fantasized about James being gay. Ryan savored as much as he could of James. Once James and his friend were finished, they made their way back to the changing room. Ryan waited on a machine exercising, for them to leave, he didn’t want to arouse any suspicion.  

    “See ya later then man” James’s friend left and wondered out the gym. Odd Ryan thought they would have left together. Ryan waited 5 more minutes for James to leave, but he didn’t. Eventually Ryan decided to go in and get changed. As he entered the room, he couldn’t see James anywhere. Maybe he had gone but didn’t notice. Ryan got out his bag, but before he could start doing anything James spoke next to him, and weirder, at him.  

    “Yo man, how was your workout” Said James with a big grin on his face

    “Umm… um fine” said Ryan awkwardly, trying cover up his boner.

    “That’s good man, hey I seen you been checking me out while I work out man” Ryan went red and felt very awkward suddenly, to his surprise though James was still very calm about this

    “Don’t worry man I’m not going to beat you up or anything, although I was wondering if you could help me out a bit”

    “With what man” Said Ryan

    “Well I Don’t quite know how to put it but….” and after that James made a kiss on Ryan, it wasn’t very long and it wasn’t involving tongues but a kiss none the less. Ryan felt odd and weird at this kiss, part of him felt good. However, Ryan felt James pass on spit into his mouth. James retracted his mouth

    “ah shit that felt gay but you gotta do what you gotta do. How you feeling man” Said James, now cockily

    Although Ryan had desired this, he was oddly repulsed by it.  

    “What the fuck dude, that’s gay as fuck” He blurted out suddenly, James gave a large grin in response to this

    “Wait what the fuck I didn’t mean that” Ryan felt odd he had a sudden headache come on. His vision was getting blurry and he started looking at his legs and arms. Odd they were becoming browner. He went down to touch and felt that his legs were now hairier then before. They were also bigger, stronger and had more muscle. The blurriness cleared a bit and he could see now that he was growing. His legs were now also extending out. His clothes were growing as well to match his body. There was a swelling now underneath his vest as his stomach felt like it had just been hit hard. He felt as his slightly large belly sucked in and hardened into a six pack, further up the swelling caused his nipples to harden and explode to giant pecs. while this happened, his shoulders were broadening out. Down his arms there was swelling and as his arms stretched out with his biceps and triceps becoming massive.  

    “Building muscle nicely man, don’t worry bro soon you can join me and the lads on the base”

    “What have you done to me?”

    “I saw you stalking me over the last few weeks, I kind of enjoyed having you there and didn’t really want to leave you. So, I decided to make you just like me man.”

    “Big, buff, patriot and 100% straight, though we can still do the gay banter”  

    “What? No, I don’t want to become a dumb straight bro”

    “Soz, man its already taken you”

    Ryan looked in the mirror. His head and face had become round and a dumb look fell over it. His once long stylish brown hair had shortened down into a recruit cut. But weirder now his white shorts were getting longer and turning camo. Eventually becoming smart army trousers, which were held up by a belt. Next his vest started growing down and into his trousers tucking in, it grew some short sleeves. Splotches of khaki green started appearing spontaneously next and then spread out over the shirt like a plague. Once it the shirt white had been consumed by the new khaki green Ryans outfit was now just like James’.  

    “Oh god I’m just like you” he screamed out in a new more masculine voice

    “I know bro, just think one last bit and you’ll be just like me”

    “Can’t we just skip this bit, I promise to be as patriotic and devoted as the rest of you guys”

    “awwww that’s kind of cute” Said James mockingly

    “But no, if your gay then the gay banter just feels weird man and plus fucking pussy is way better, once this is complete though you won’t want to go back”

    Ryan’s headache spiked up again. Now his head was being attacked. He felt his IQ slipping, like it being drained from his head. His old college and high school knowledge melted away, and was swiftly replaced by sports and military knowledge.  

    “nooooooooo, I’m getting dumber and dumber, I can feel it” James smirked at this

    Ran could now feel his dick getting hard, he needed to touch it. He unzipped his trousers and got out his now 10-inch dick. He started rubbing harder and harder. He began thinking about dudes to get hard but suddenly he switched it to women. I mean what was he fucking gay? Yes… no… ye… no. His homosexuality was now battling his new and increasing heterosexuality. He began thinking about boobs and tight pussy. How good it would be to fuck them and a nice fit bimbo. His homosexuality and the remainder of his knowledge was now being stuffed inside his balls, ready to explode out of his dick, which eventually it did, after that Ryan adopted a new persona of brotherly love towards James and the rest of his new unit. He enjoyed a bit of banter with his bro’s, even a bit of gay banter, but he was now straight, he went out and partied to fuck pussy. When he wasn’t doing that, he would be on deployment or training.  

    “How are you, bro” said James

    “Fucking great Bro”

    “You up for tonight bro and getting some absolute pussy”

    “Obviously bro, well except for you, bro” Ryan joked

    “haha bro” James and Ryan got out their tongues and started touching them in a jokingly gay manner.