…Part 2

    It had been a few weeks, and you had fitted quite nicely into your new surroundings. Your mind being affected by the Serum made it natural to you. One thing you did remember though you wanted to bring your older brother into your new life. His old school mate that you were living with was also looking forward to having his old mate back. Your older bro had cut everyone off from school making new friends as he embarked on a high flying career path.

    Wasting no more time, you managed to get hold of some more of the Serum you had taken and made your way over to your old house. Letting your self in you knew exactly what you had to do… your brother always liked to have a cold bottle of beer when he got home from a hard day at the office. Made even easier by his OCD you knew which bottle he would take from the fridge, top left. Carefully you edged around the cap removing it and poured the vile in. You popped the cap back on, no one would ever know.

    Hiding out upstairs, finally you heard the door go! Thankfully your old parents weren’t due home for some time yet, he played straight in to your hands. You saw him walk past taking a swig from the bottle you have laced. He got changed out of his suit into some of his usual clothes. He couldn’t help but take a selfie in the mirror, he thought he looked so good and youthful. He downed the rest of the beer about to head downstairs to watch some tv when the rest of the Serum began to take full effect, speeding up the transformation. Any confusion or resistance was short lived as it began altering his mind, erasing the drive he had for his career, lowering his IQ and making him less uptight.

    His body was shrinking, growing slimmer, continuing to get younger, his boots had turned into a pair Nike trainers, his loose jeans into better fitting joggers showing off his skinnier legs, his shirt disappeared leaving only his hoody on his torso which was now also shrinking down to fit his narrower frame as it became a sweat top. At this point you knew you were safe to show yourself, his mind now so clouded and altered by the Serum he was pleased to see his chavy little bro. You helped him collect what he wanted to take on to his new life in a bag and you both headed off. He turned back to you as you were about the leave through the back gate “give us a cig mate!” Handing him one of yours he signalled he also needed your lighter doing the usual pretend motion with his clenched fist and thumb.

    Everything was working out, or so you thought…

    Walking down the road back to the estate, something was wrong! Your big brother still seemed to be getting shorter, his hair was also lightening, becoming much fairer. It was also becoming obvious very quickly that as he was talking to you he was becoming more immature by the second. By the time you reached the estate he had lost about a foot in height and he looked like he was barley 14 years old. For some reason his clothes hadn’t changed this time, his track suit was way too big for him. Pulling the vile from your pocket, you realised you had managed to get the wrong one! This one had a much stronger dose of age regressing formula. Damn it! You weren’t as careful as you used to be before your transformation.

    Oh well it’s happened now, it’s not what you planned but you had to deal with it! Thankfully your new mate next door had a little brother around the same age. Doing your best to blag your way out of this, you managed to get them to lend you some clothes, until you could buy some more, explaining how your “little bro” had come to stay, but didn’t bring any spare clothes and had spilt food all over his. It was a stretch, but they seemed to buy it. After your brother got changed the first thing he said was “can I go play on the estate now? Please?” You sighed “sure, whatever… knock yourself out…”. Your big bro that you had always looked up to now looked up to you!

    Your mate you were living with walked in as your brother ran out side to start making friends with the other lads hanging out around the estate. He burst out laughing “pahhh! You’re such a div mate! Can’t believe you were so thick you didn’t realise you got the wrong one! Ah well guess we got a little bro now…”

    Part 1…

    You took the whole vile in one! Letting out a massive belch! You took one last photo in the mirror, as the changes began, itching and aching from head to toe your body was transforming, everything was changing, even your clothes had began changing. Naively you hadn’t really thought of the consequences, there was nothing you could do now, it was too late, getting harder to think, your mind changing to act more on impulse.

    All you could do now was stand there and watch the changes unfold, a passenger in your own body loosing your self control. White and grey strips began to apear on your hoody and an Adidas logo formed on the front, a zip grew up the middle. Your tight black skinny jeans loosened into joggers, your black socks drained of their colour becoming white. Your muscles began to ache as they began to swell stretching your skin showing off some definition. Your scalp suddenly felt really itchy, scratching your head there was a moment of panic as your thick brown hair came out in your hands, but it was short lived as it revealed a much shorter better suiting fairer hair cut. This drew more attention to your ears that felt as if someone had just put their fingers behind them pushing them outwards a little.

    Your face began to ache as it began maturing. Then suddenly you felt the moment in your underwear. Your briefs that you wore quite high, neatly holding your cock up against your body began to loosen, growing down your legs into a pair of boxers. The bulge inside began to grow as your balls expanded, your cock thickening and growing longer, it’s started to grow harder. The elastic of your boxers and joggers could no longer hold up your cock any more, allowing it flop down over your waistband. Your mind now changed by the Serum and clouded by the hormones coursing through your body, you couldn’t help yourself, you began jacking off. What you didn’t realise was this was your body expelling the waste from the transformation, any chance of this wearing off disappeared as the remanence of any of your old unaltered DNA that might be able to restore the old you erupted from your cock.

    You stood there for a moment taking a photo of the new you admiring yourself! Then the realisation kicked in! You had to get out of here! Your family were due back any moment now and would have quite a shock to find this chav in your room! Collecting everything you could think of in to a bag you ran down stairs and slipped out of the back door, hearing the car pull up on the drive. You made your way to your older brothers friends flat. He knew what you had been planning, he had actually told you where to find the Serum! You made your way to your new life on the estate down the road, walking there you began hatching a plan on how you might be able to transform your bro too…