I may have the smarts, but I certainly lack the brawn. Everyone chose me to be their class partner, but no one wanted me when it came time to dating. It was lonely, and I couldn’t endure it anymore. I didn’t have time to bulk up with this being my senior year of college, but I could use my smarts to find a solution to my problem. In the comfort of my apartment, I put on my favorite show and sat at my computer scouring the dark web for a real solution.

    Each webpage seemed fake or was too costly. My hope was dwindling; I was ready to shut down my computer for the night. Just as my finger was sliding across the board to turn it off, an ad popped up for beta testing for an app called chronovac. Inside the link were instructions on downloading. I had no intentions of downloading it, but as I sat reading the details I heard my phone ding. The screen on my phone lit up showing a new app sitting in the lower right corner, a big C that seemed to be changing fonts every three seconds was sitting there begging me to open it. “That’s not possible.” I hadn’t even thought to download it and here it was sitting waiting for me to try it.

    Curiosity kills the cat they say, I thought as I debated opening it. “What if it’s a virus?” I asked myself. The C was changing colors now, I had to see what was inside this thing. A quick tap and my screen got bright. 1’s and 0’s started cycling across the screen filling it up. “Dammit it’s a virus,” I cursed out loud feeling stupid for being so naïve. My phone wouldn’t turn off, it was stuck cycling the 1’s and 0’s. When I was about to just chuck it across the room it stopped. The screen brightened up, my camera took a picture and then it uploaded a naked photo of me.

    “Oh no.” I was fully clothed, so I had no idea how it took that photo, but this thing was starting to show my stats. Penis size, waist, chest, species, I.Q. “What the hell is this?” My finger slipped over species and it brought up a long click wheel of options. I selected the back button and clicked on penis size. It showed my average 5 inches with it showing what my cock looked erect. There was a drag line and I clicked on it pulling it to the right watching as the size increased from 5 to 6, I pushed it all the way to end and it said infinite. That didn’t sound good so I scaled it back to a fair 10 inches. “Double the length,” I chuckled. A button popped up offering me duration and if I wanted to execute. With a press it started counting down from 10. I expected it to just do an animation of my cock growing, however, the head on my cock started tingling. The tingling spreading down the shaft as I felt my appendage pushing against the fabric of my khakis.

    As I pushed them down I was greeted with an amazing sight, my enlarged and growing penis was reaching the dimensions specified in this app. The feeling of wrapping my hand around my newly enlarged cock left me moaning in pleasure. A few gentle tugs and I was already wanting to burst. It was the answer to my problem, now to figure out the best design for me. For the next hour I toyed with different ways to make myself look, but could never find a good enough looking combination. The phone intervened after I scrapped another design, offering me the option of stereotypes.

    The options were exhausting as I scrolled through. The more notable ones were surfer, himbo, movie star, but then I saw the words I wanted, jock. The picture of me morphed into a tremendous looking stud with an increased sex drive. It was the ideal me. I didn’t need to look at anything else, it was perfect. “Execute,” I said pushing hard on the button. The timer display popped up again counting down from 2 minutes.

    With my shirt off I took a moment to stare at my undefined stomach, flat chest and little arms. “This is going to be good,” I reassured myself as the first sign began to show. It started with my stomach grumbling, and then the skin began to bubble and bulge. It was like something inside me was trying to get out. Little pockets of muscle began to show, giving me the opportunity to run my hand over these little loafs that had appeared. The ability to feel my real abs was unimaginable. The pulsating and bulging of my skin worked its way up to my chest. My flat chest was blowing up, taking a hand full I felt them expand in my small hands. I’d never felt better was I got turned on my touching my body. “Yes!” It was glorious as it reached my shoulders, the muscle pumping up underneath. A soreness was setting in from having my muscles worked, but I didn’t care. It only made me happier as the veins in my arm became more prominent, muscle filling in around them as the girth of my forearms exploded.

    The change wasn’t only defined to my body, my khaki pants were involved too, the fabric changing to soft cotton while the color turned an olive green. My clothes were adapting to my new bigger body as the waist size expanded along too. The pain my in legs were a bitch as the muscle expanded, the pulsating of my skin as the muscle took over underneath. The power and strength were growing inside me, each time something grew I knew it was only enhancing my abilities. As it reached my neck, I purposefully flexed to watch it grow.

    The little bit of baby fat I’d carried after puberty was erased as my jaw tightened up, my thing lips filling in becoming fuller, my cheek bokes getting a little higher. The unruly mop of hair restyled itself. Small bits of my hair fell out, as the hair on the side of my head was given a razor cut. Blonde highlights and streaked through the top of my hair as the smell of product filled hit my nose. The screen showed 98% done, but I knew it was over. Nothing else was changing.

    “I can’t believe it worked. I’m a nerd with the body of a jock,” I said to myself in my deep rich voice. In the corner of my eye, I could see other changes happening about the room. That didn’t concern me. “What should I do?” Was the first thing I asked myself. Immediately ideas popped into my head and I couldn’t resist saying them out loud. “Should I go pick up chicks or shoot some hoops? Wait, that’s weird I never liked shooting hoops before.” The later idea shocked me; I may have the body but what about my mind? “Uh oh, I think I’m altering reality.” Scanning the room confirmed it, my textbooks were gone,  the subjects were dumbed down. No more advanced calculus or microbiology, I had Algebra and business classes. One of them was still open on the desk and as I peered down my worst suspicions were coming true. Instead of reading the words, I stared at the pictures I’d doodled in them. Basketballs, footballs, baseballs. Dirty magazines replaced the others with women barely clothed beckoning to me as I felt a squirming in my pants.

    “Please don’t make me a stereotypical dumb jock,” I pleaded as I glanced over the stats on my phone. 99%, fuck no it can’t be it’s almost done. I need to undo this. In the background I could hear Aang talking with Momo on Avatar before the TV clicked and the sound of cheering filled the room. Slowly turning around a game was on, my eyes stared at the screen for a moment before I slumped into the chair. “It can wait, I’m going to catch this game.” My hand slid into my sweats as I teased my python. “Don’t worry bud, we’ll find some action for you soon.”

    To the one who requested Chronivac - Here’s my version of it!

    You look at your friend’s Instagram, horrified at what you see. You had never known Kevin to be the vain type, and yet his gallery was full of selfies of an incredibly sexy man with tattoos covering his ripped, toned body. What scared you is the fact that these pictures were of wildlife yesterday. No more beautiful pictures of Red Foxes, no more artistic shots of Bougainvillea flowers, no more innocent art; only vanity and an unrecognizable Kevin Rayne. Wait, that was his name wasn’t it?

    Your phone begins to ring. It’s Kevin on Skype, wanting to video chat. You accept the request, fully expecting to see his chubby cheeked face laughing his ass off. What greets you is the unfamiliar, yet arousing smoulder of the man in the pictures.

    “Where is Kevin?” You demand, shouting into your phone at the top of your lungs. The man behind the screen just smiles, and says nothing. To you, it looks as if he is pressing buttons on his screen, as his tattooed fingers distort the screen.

    “It’s me bruh. Just gimme a sec.” He continues to fiddle with his phone before you bring to an end his cryptic attitude. But before you could even begin to call out this impostor, you feel a strange tingling in your hands. You glance down to see two uncomfortably large paws where your previously average hands used to be. 

    You scream and drop your phone, terrified at the gigantic palms and long fingers. From the Skype call, you hear Kevin laughing. 

    “Pick me up, bro!” You grab the phone and run into the bathroom across the hall. “Dude, I had to prove to you that this was legit. It’s totally me.” Shocked at the claim, you demand for the Pseudo-Kevin to return your hands to normal size. With the swipe of his finger, they shrink instantaneously. “There, dude. Believe me?” 

    You stare into the screen, dumbfounded. Surely this can’t really be Kevin. “I came across this download. Someone sent it to me in text. When I clicked on it, it downloaded this app. It made me this fuckin’ sexy ass hunk!” You scoff at his insinuation, in denial of the strange occurrences surrounding him. “I gotta share it with you dude. Or better yet…” You watch nervously as he begins to swipe across the screen.

    Helpless, you watch as your entire body structure shifts and realigns. Broad shoulders, long torso, and a hefty 6′1. “There, that’s better. Ooh, let’s try this!” You scream at your friend to stop, before your body inflates with muscle like balloons. You stare down at your huge body, flabbergasted. “Cool. Let’s get you a bit tanner. Maybe a better haircut than that shit you call a style.” Several things morph and twist about your body: feet expand to twice their original size, a healthy beach tan sprawls out across your skin, a typical jockbro hairstyle adorns your scalp, while your endowment grows down south.

    “Fuck yeah, bro. That looks awesome. Just one more thing for ya.” He taps the screen once more, as your head begins to cloud. Your ears start ringing, and your shouts of shock echo in the cavernous room. Just as suddenly as it began, the ringing ceased. “Open your eyes, bruh. Tell me what you think!” You open your eyes to see the sexiest himbo you’ve ever seen. You grope your meaty pecs, and cup your substantial package, dumb laughter accompanying you throughout. Your head feels lighter, as if a huge burden had been lifted from your mind; emptier, clearer, simplified. “Atta boy. Throw on some clothes and get over here. We’re goin’ out tonight!”

    Kevin ends the call, while you stand in awe of your newfound appearance. It’s almost as if you have to snap a picture for your Instagram. Like it’s second nature. After all, himbos gotta have their fans.


    Chronic reversal: Sam: Shit Jake, give it back! What did you do?

    Jake: Nothing you weren’t just about to do me. Your should be feeling it in a sec…

    Sam: Dammit Jake it’s not a toy. If you’re turning me into a girl or some cheerleader I’ll… uh Jake? are you sure you had that set to me?

    Jake: Huh? Yeah. I mean… mmm my chest feels tight. No… wait…. Oh shit!

    Sam: Haha wow nice speedo Jake. At least you’re finally getting some color to your skin

    Jake: Aww fuck. Dude, check out my chest, and these fucking arms- getting so big. Aww and my dick… it’s totally growing into a full on cock. Can’t wait to pound some ass with this thing

    Sam: Shit dude. Now your gay? You were going to turn me into some dumb horny gay dude just for laughs? Man… well serves you right.

    Jake: Huhu whatever, it feels sooo fuckin goooood. Dumb and hung huhu. Look how hot I am and not to late for you bro. Just gotta change this setting to you right? Click and…

    Sam: Fuck! Wait! No!!

    Jake: Huhu gonna be so hot watching you grow. Yeah look at ya, getting big. Feels good right? Fuck ya. Now we’re gonna have some real fun


    As a nerdy young scientist, I wonder what would happen if my colleagues got hold of some magic or a Chronivac... Any ideas?

    I’ll tell you now friend, it’s a real shame you didn’t get into work earlier this morning! You see, one of your coworkers got hold of a working Chronivac 3.0 machine and decided to poke around with it to see what made it work. It might be a little outdated compared to the 6.0 app but that’s a rare find and one of these? Well they’re classic and sell for super expensive these days.

    Of course nobody can just “poke around” without causing a few changes so you might struggle to recognize any of your coworkers when you finally get into the lab. All those skinny well-dressed men you used to work alongside have been replaced by beefy jocks with empty heads. There’s not a smart one among them anymore so unless you can get hold of the Chronivac and turn them all back, your lab may have to find some new staff…

    Uh oh, it looks like they’ve just noticed the new boy in their midst! They’ve got a transformation in store for you but I don’t think you’ll be joining them as a jock. If anything they’re all in need of a cumdump to get their loads off on and you’d look so good as even more of a twink than you are already…


    Before you can even think they type stuff into the chronivac and you feel yourself starting to get thinner. Your already kinda small but get even smaller until you just have lean twink muscle. Your hair grows longer and your face gets younger giving you that boyish look of cuteness. You start feeling dumber as your ass starts to get itchy and feel empty and you get hard as hell seeing these guys, forgetting they are your coworkers as you strip down feeling way too hot in all those clothes, a lab coat and button up shirt and long pants? What they heck were you thinking? Once your thin, tan, hairless body is exposed you bend over on a lab bench as a few of the big jocks come over, ready to fill that empty feeling...


    Tom was happy when it finally downloaded. The chronivac program had a lot of rumors floating around about what it was capable of. Tom finally found a few website posts that gave him links to each other and once he was deep enough in the Internet he found a place to buy and download it. He nervously opened it up and let out a sigh of relief when he saw the program, half worried it could have been a virus or something.

    The screen said “subject located: Tom” and then listed his stats

    Name: Tom West Age: 24 Species: human Race: Caucasian (white) Sexual orientation: bi IQ: 115 Weight: 150 lbs (mostly fat) Height: 5'4 Body type: average (slightly overweight) Social status: unpopular college student (nerd subcategory)

    “Yikes it can really know all that?” He wondered. Next to all the info was a picture of him and he had options to change all that himself, or let the program randomly decide.

    He was sick of being nerdy so he looked through the social options and saw “popular college student (jock)” and choose that right away. Since it was a whole category it changed all the stats for him and he pressed “go” before he saw all the changes it made.

    Name: Johnny West Age: 21 Species: human Race: Caucasian (tanned) Sexual orientation: heterosexual IQ: 95 Weight: 140 lbs (mostly muscle) Height: 6'2 Body type: muscular (sports and gym goer) Social status: popular college student (jock subcategory) Mental changes: yes Awareness of change: none

    He caught a glimpse of that when the picture change. “No wait I didn’t want to be stupid!” He shouted but the changes started before he could grab the keyboard. His skin tingled and tanned nicely. His muscles pulsed and hurt and started to balloon out, especially his upper body but he didn’t forget leg day either. His brownish hair got shorter and styled itself as his too tight clothes changed into a black t-shirt and some athletic shorts.

    His mind started to dumb down as he forgot a lot of info from college and high school. But he remembered a ton of info about football plays. He gave a dumb grin as he flexed his big bicep and admired it. Forgetting why he was in front of a computer, that shit was for nerds! (Sorry if it’s so long winded, I saw this pic and just had to do a story, but this is my first chronivac story)