Always had a thing for someone being transformed by their collar being popped, into a preppy/chav/frat boy. Don’t know why but maybe it could give you some inspiration?

    Brian was looking around the party wondering why he bothered to show up. Alpha Gamma Phi, the schools frat invited all the freshman to a beginning of the year party. He wasn't the type to party, being a nerdy physics major, so why did he even bother coming? But before he could think about it more someone came up behind him "Brody! You made it!" Soms guy shouted, grabbing the collar of Brians shirt and popping it up, looking like the way dumb bros typically wear it. As soon as that happened his head hurt as he started forgetting physics, starting to remember taking classes in sports science. His hair started to get longer and tint a dirty blonde. His skin started to tan as muscle grew mixed in with a bit of a beer gut as the soda in his hand became a beer and he started to feel drunk as he got dumber. He started dancing and flirting with the hot sorority girls who were there. His identity shifted as he now thought of himself as Brody, the hot frat boy and sure as hell not Brian the nerd!

    Sam opened the mass Snapchat from Gary. "Shirtless indoors?" Was the caption displayed over Gary's dumb, grinning face. Despite their friendship Sam and Gary couldn't be more different, Sam was a nerdy senior about to graduate in biochemistry and Gary was a carefree freshman without a major. Sam was often annoyed at Gary who was big hearted but kind of dumb and still acted like a high school jock boy, always shirtless and working his muscles on his pull up bar or his dick on a new girl. For some reason the message got into Sam's head and he found himself asking, "shirtless indoors?" Sam suddenly grabbed a pull up bar from under his bed, the same one Gary had given him once as a gift that he had never used and stuck it in his doorway, lifting himself up. His skinny arms ached from the unusual exercise but with each lift they seemed to swell, veins flaring out as the pasty, oily skin became clear, young and tan. Shirtless indoors? Sam thought again, as it echoed in his head, feeling a new temptation to take his shirt off for no reason. The thought got louder until Sam couldn't help but slide his shirt up and off his slim body, as it passed over his frail chest two firm jock boy pecs burst forward and hard abs formed under them. His previously shaved stomach sprouted a fine treasure trail leading down into his shorts. Sam became absorbed in his reflection, watching his pecs bounce the way Gary's did and seeing his shoulders broaden. He didn't seem to notice or care as he got younger and shorter, it only made his muscles stand out more. He carelessly kicked off his old nerdy shoes which no longer fit his slightly bigger feet. He turned and watched his legs expand with strong, stout calves and thighs, and his rear formed a perfect muscular bubble butt. Sam felt a dopey grin take over his face while his intellect dulled and he groomed his new curly locks, the grease dissolving into ample hair gel, forcing his hair up. He pulled on a new hat letting it sit on his hair and sent out a new snap "Shirtless indoors?" Unintentionally spreading the infectious message.


    Hey cool requests? I am a college student and I love looking at some jocks and frat boys, can you turn me into a hot frat boy? That would be awesome...only temporarily of course


    Here you go, you are now a hot frat boy. Enjoy the parties, the brotherhood, the dozens of hunky drunk bros who may be open to some light fondling.Just don’t have sex, you don’t want this sudden drop in IQ to be permanent so don’t shoot your load…. not once.

    You already have…. haven’t you.

    This is what I get for giving you the biggest dick on campus. I bet reality changed around you and you went from being a runty nerd in your dorm room to being your new tall, broad shouldered frat stud self and already had your wrist fat monster balls deep in some poor frat bros throat.

    Well you enjoy yourself, that’s all you’re good for now. Sweating up a jock strap and fucking someone till their bed breaks.

    Michael sighed. Why had he even come to this party? At 35, he was older than almost everyone there by at least seven years. His friend that had invited him had bailed and now he just felt like some loser trying to relive his glory days at a “just out of college” house party. 35 was far from old, he reminded himself, but it was clear that he was out of place among the confident 22 and 23 year olds, cheers-ing their beers. He looked down at his creeping-ever-outward gut and ran his hand through his thinning hair. Had he peaked? He had a good job as a coder, a nice apartment… but he couldn’t help but feel jealous as he looked out across the party.

    “Screw this,” he thought, finishing off the last gulp of his drink and headed toward the bedroom to grab his hoodie. He opened the door to two hot guys making out on the bed. The coats of the party guests were strewn about on the floor.

    “Ah, sorry!” Michael said, covering his eyes and grabbing his hoodie from the pile. He closed the door swiftly and walked out onto the street. It was a brisk night, and Michael pulled on the hoodie as he walked quickly down the street, away from the thumping bass.

    He started to zip it up when he realized that it wasn’t his hoodie. Same basic color, but too tight- in his awkward retreat, he had grabbed another guy’s sweatshirt.

    “Dammit,” he thought, but there was no way he was going back now. The party had been bad enough, but interrupting two hot guys groping and making out… Michael gritted his teeth as he turned the corner onto a darker side street. The image of the two men flashed in his mind on a loop as he made his way home.

    It was a long walk, and he should have felt more tired than he was. He almost always took a cab or Uber anywhere, and couldn’t remember the last time he had walked over a mile.

    “Probably why I’ve got these extra pounds,” he thought. The new hoodie had felt so tight when he first put it on, but it seemed looser now. Maybe walking around in it had broke in in a bit. He picked up his pace. He should jog home, he thought.

    In a few minutes, he had made it back to his apartment, but it felt so good to run, blood pumping in his veins. He didn’t even slow down as he passed his place. His legs felt so strong tonight. His pants felt baggy and uncomfortable from the running, and he tightened his belt without breaking stride.

    Soon he had run down to the strip of clubs and bars he used to go out to when he had been younger. He slowed his jog down to a walk. It was a Friday night and the nightlife was in full swing. He stopped in front of “Bliss,” a local gay bar. Michael was straight, but far from homophobic, and the two men making out on the bed had stirred something in him. He walked up to the bouncer, a burly, bald man.

    “ID?” the bouncer said, gruffly.

    Michael grabbed his wallet out of his back pocket, fished out his license and handed it to the imposing man.

    The bouncer took it, looked it over and frowned at Michael.

    “Nice try, kid,” he said. “But it doesn’t even look anything like you.” He whipped out a pair of scissors and cut Michael’s license in half, then tossed it into a trash bin next to him.

    “What the hell?!” Michael yelled, grabbing at the bouncer. “You just cut up my license!”

    The mountain of a man stood up and shoved Michael away, causing him to hit the sidewalk.

    “Get out of here punk!” he growled. “Come back when you’re out of college.”

    Michael, in a daze, stumbled away from the bar. What had just happened? He shoved his hands angrily  into the pockets of his hoodie and made his way back to his apartment, fuming. He’d be calling the bar in the morning and giving them hell.

    Michael opened the door to his apartment, kicked off his shoes and walked to his bathroom to take a piss. He flicked on the light and stopped.

    Staring at him in the mirror was someone else’s face. He ran to the mirror. Gone was the receding hairline. Gone was the burgeoning beer gut. In its place was the fresh face of a young, handsome man, twenty-two at most.

    “Oh my god,” Michael said, then stopped. This wasn’t his voice. And where had he seen that face before? Then it hit him- it was the face of one of the guys making out on the bed.

    His cock stirred in his now too-loose jeans. He pulled off his pants and underwear, then the hoodie and t-shirt. Beneath his clothes was the lithe body of an athletic college student. His torso was hairless now, and his new, larger cock stood at full attention.

    He picked up the hoodie from the floor and then slowly put it on again. Images of hot men danced in his mind. Hot college boys like himself.

    “Wait, what?” he thought. He was… older, wasn’t he? Well, I mean… he wasn’t in college anymore. He had just squeaked through and graduated a couple months back… right? He was unemployed, but he was sure he could find some kind of gig as a personal trainer, or…

    Mike knew he wasn’t the smartest of guys… but he was young, good-looking. Maybe he’d find some kind of sugar daddy, like a tech guy in his 30s. The city was full of them, and couldn’t get enough of his perky ass and boundless energy.

    Mike grinned and looked at himself in the mirror in only his hoodie.

    “So fucking hot,” he thought, and slowly started to jerk off with a grin.