The History Exam

    “Shit! There’s a history exam today?!” Charlie panicked. “What’s it on?!”

    “It’s on the Romans, dude” Charlie’s best friend laughed at him.

    “Just go to the bathroom and study for like 10 minutes. They won’t start the test without you”


    Charlie ran out of the class and made a beeline for the bathroom. He kicked open the bathroom door, threw his bag into the stall and locked it behind him.

    “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Charlie dragged his history book out of his bag and opened it to the correct chapter. ANCIENT ROME the textbook read.

    “Oh god. I‘m not gonna remember any of this” Charlie dropped the textbook and put his hands on his head. “I’m so fucked”

    I wish I knew everything about the Romans.” he sighed.

    Suddenly, Charlie was hit with an overwhelming sensation. Heat rushing through his body. Heat flowing through his veins. Charlie closed his eyes and groaned uncomfortably. He felt as if his shirt collar was choking him. In fact, he felt as if his entire body was being strangled by his clothes. His clothes now skin tight on him. Were his clothes shrinking? What was happening to him?

    Suddenly, Charlie’s bicep tore through his school uniform. Charlie yelled as his body grew to gargantuan proportions. Charlie felt his pecs balloon up. They became big and heavy. His shoulders broadened and stretched. He broadened to the point where his shoulders were pressing up against each side of the bathroom stall. Charlie started forming a six pack. He felt a rush of masculinity flow through his body. He couldn’t help but flex his new masculine muscles.

    “Fuck... it feels so good.” Charlie groaned, his voice growling. He sounded like some kind of animal.

    Hair began to sprout all over Charlie’s body. His chest became covered in a thick pelt. His pubic area growing a full bush, as if it had never been a trimmer. His legs and ass becoming hairier and stinkier. His armpits growing thick pungent hair. Charlie now reeked of masculinity. His scent intimidating any man that smelled it. Charlie was repulsed by his own smell... at first. But the more he smelled his own stink, the more his began to like it. He lifted up his arm and took a whiff of his sweaty, stinky armpit.

    “Oh yeah” the beast growled. “That’s the stuff”

    The pulsating heat enveloped Charlie’s head. Charlie’s ability to think slowed down. He became stupider and stupider. His brain devolving. His high school education being drained from his mind. His IQ plummeting. His 130 IQ draining out of his head becoming a generous 40. Charlie’s face then began to shift. His brow becoming more pronounced. His eyebrows becoming bushier. His face becoming more angular and masculine. His memories of growing up in England were erased from his mind. They were replaced with memories of growing up in... Rome. No... not just Rome, but Ancient Rome. Charlie began devolving further. His manners disappearing. Losing all social awareness. His brain devolved until Charlie became nothing more than some uneducated Roman from the year 200 AD.

    A red tunic appeared on Charl.... Maximus. Maximus grunted and kicked the stall door open. He stomped through the school’s halls. His big hairy muscular body on full display. His masculine stench stinking up the hallways. He angrily stomped through the school until he reached the History classroom. Maximus opened the door, his big hulking muscular body struggling to fit through the doorframe.

    Charlie’s old history teacher’s jaw dropped. But he better be careful. Maximus is hiding a boner beneath that tunic. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the devolved hunk rips off his teacher’s clothes and burys his Roman load deep inside his history teacher’s fat ass.


    Charlie got exactly what he asked for. He now knows everything there is to know about Ancient Rome. In fact, Anicent Rome is the only thing he knows about now. Compared to his classmates, Charlie is just some dumb devolved ape. But at least he’ll get an A+ on his history exam... right?


    Hairy as a Gorilla

    Adam tried to take out his clothes but all those buttons and buckles made no sense anymore and trying to work them was making him angry. He could feel his muscles growing, specially his back and his belly muscles tearing his shirt apart. His hand was so big and the armas so hairy he couldn´t see skin. 

    “ JAMES PLEASE. MAKE ME NORMAL AGAIN !! “ shouted Adam with a voice so low it sounded like a growl. 

    “ No, you shaved evey hair of your body and I want my husband as hairy as a Gorilla. Now its literal. “ said his witch husband with so much lust in his eyes that Adam became hard among his shrinking stompy legs. 

    “ ME FEEL STRANGE ! I MEAN,,,, I .. ME HARD TO THINK, WHATS  HAPPENING TO ME… * OOK* “ said Adam trying very hard to control his body and feeling. He stoped thinking with words, images and instincts became stronger. He need cock. Pleasure. No… he was Adam… a writer… books… fulll of things…. 

    While Adam fought a losing battle against the primate mentality, his back became full of long dark hairs His husband hugged the gorillaman from behind licking the sweaty hairy back, he hold the hirsute ass with his hands crazy with so much pleasure. 

    “ No more a gentle hairless nerd. Now you will be a muscle beast, virile and dumb, only good to fuck, eat and sleep. HAHAHAHA !” 

    Adam was nomore, the hairy beast grabed James with his handlike foot like a toy mannequin, Adam could be under James spell, but now James was under Adam grasp forever. friend Mitch spent a month as a caveman in that creepy wizard’s zoo. We got him turned back to human, but every now and then his mind slips and we’ll find him knuckle walking around the apartment and grunting. He still needs help to get dressed because he can’t remember how clothes work – some days we just let him hang around the house naked. He doesn’t seem to realize he’s nude.

    This morning I woke up to find him sucking my dick, a stupid ape look on his face. I shook him until his mind came back and he was so embarrassed, apologizing profusely.

    Now I’m starting to worry he might be contagious. After the dick sucking, as the day’s worn on, I keep finding myself wanting to tear off my clothes, to hunch over, to growl and fuck. I went to work feeling really groggy, ate three bananas for lunch, and when I got home from work I found Mitch in naked caveman mode again.

    I couldn’t resist any longer. Dropping down, I crouched on my knuckles next to him and we started to wrestle. That turned into rough sweaty sex and neither of us noticed as our bodies grew hairy and our muscles bulged.

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    Rick was exactly the worst type of model you could find, cocky, sexy, and always wanting to show off his body whenever he could. It got to the point where his own agents could barely stand him as they watched him pose for the photographer, making sure to accentuate his lean body the best he could.

    “Alright are we done here?” whined Rick. “I got some girls who liked my pictures from last month and they really want to meet.” The photographer rolled his eyes.

    “Just a few more shots, keep posing,” declared the photographer as he ignored Rick’s scowl and got back to snapping pictures. By the time they were finished it was only because Rick refused to pose any longer, instead deciding to almost tell the photographer to go fuck himself underneath his breath as he started putting on his clothes. “Well thank you very much, Mr. Wellick. It’s been such a…pleasure working with you. I wanted you to have this.” The photographer mumbled, trying to make sure any vitriol in his voice as he took out an odd book that he had kept in his bag for later, but he felt that now it was needed.

    Rick took the book, looking at the title.

    “Very funny, but I don’t need this caveman shi- sh-” Rick stopped as he saw the photographer beginning to leave the building, looking down as he wondered why it was suddenly so hard to speak as an odd thumping like a heartbeat began in his own two hands.

    “Enjoy, Mr. Wellick,” said the photographer as Rick looked down at his own hands, watching as they started to grow larger, the knuckles cracking and the fingers almost becoming too big for his own palm, to the point where it almost weighed him down. Even still, he couldn’t let go of the book as something else began thumping with the same throbbing and hot sensation, only being cooled down by an odd feeling of something wet and leaking as he looked between his legs.

    His own skinny jeans were being stretched to their limit as hair began to grow on the back of his hand, so much it almost felt like it was fur. But no, Rick saw that it was clearly brown human hair and he couldn’t help but mumble and moan at the mounting pleasure of his throbbing cock but the fear of his changing hands.

    “W-What the fuck is happening to me?” Rick cried as he quickly tried to go over towards the door, trying to pull it, but it didn’t budge. Was it locked? Rick tried to again and again only to feel as if he was growing too dumb, lacking intelligence that was being sapped away by the throbbing length as he started to feel dumber and dumber, so much so he couldn’t even open the door. “G-Gotta do something, this fucking book might help.” 

    Rick moaned and fell back as the first tears began to show, his own ass started to swell to the point where it was sagging him down with his great round cheeks that just begged to be filled.

    But I’m not gay…don’t…don’t need a…need a…cock…fuck

    Rick grasped his head with one hand and the book with another as he fell back and spread his legs apart to allow his thick shaft enough room to leak a puddle of pre-cum between his growing thighs. 

    The skinny jeans ripped and teared easily after his own ass swelled out of his underwear and pants. Hair continued to sprout along his fine legs, giving him a more animalistic and unkempt look as his own thicker thighs swelled with muscle and a bit of fat.

    “Oh no! No! Not my abs!” Rick grunted in his newly deep voice as he felt his own torso beginning to change slightly, as hair began growing on his own clean shaven chest, he watched that he lost his lean muscle in favour of just a skinny body. “Fuck no! This can’t be happening…must…stop!” His cock continued to sway back and forth almost hypnotically as Rick began trying to read the words, to his shock and horror the book was composed of “spells” and on the page his thick fingers managed to comb through he found a page for “caveman” and another word he couldn’t understand.

    “Found it!” Rick moaned as he started to read the reverse spell, even as his once rich brown hair grew darker and shaggier, as his face changed to be more prominent and hairy and his cock continued to bounce and distract him. “Iter-Itermum e-ev-e-OH GOD!”

    Rick moaned as cum blasted out of his cock and sprayed all over the book making it unreadable both literally and mentally as the last of Rick’s intelligence sapped away as he clung onto the wet and dribbling book. He looked confusedly at everything around him and his more hairy body, deciding to grunt.

    Rick may have been a sexy guy, but he was far too dumb to remember any of that as he sat there and played with his long thick cock.


    Devolution really fascinates me, slowly turning into a caveman; losing education, culture, morality, and modesty is very erotic to me.Surprising, it occurs a lot in TV and movies, do you have a favorite devolution scene ? Which is it ?

    Hmm, that’s tough. I know my favorite devolved monsters: Gamorreans, the pig-ogre guards from Jabba’s palace. Imagine if you were a human bounty hunter who let a crime lord down one too many times – as punishment, he’d arrange to have you transformed, rather than capturing you. In a gritty bar somewhere, you feel the first tingle of the change as your nose flares and pushes out into a snout. You try to pay for your drinks and leave, but your mind is already getting stupid – you can’t do simple math. As you wander from the bar, your skin goes green and you hold your hands up in front of you – watching as your fingers get thick, your arms bulking with brutish muscle. You know this is bad – you need to find a way to stop the transformation, but as soon as you think it you can’t remember why. You snort through your nostrils, licking your tongue and feeling your lower teeth grow into tusks.

    Feels good. Powerful. Strong. Want to fight, want to fuck. Find some other boars to do both to.

    With no more thought than that, you lumber off toward the sound of snorting in an alley.