Chris too was a friend of Jake and Mike, they had all been close back in his school. Chris was hanging out on the beach. It was spring break so he was trying to enjoy himself even though he wasn’t much of an outside person. He saw a boat pass by playing some loud music and he couldn’t help himself. It was like he was hypnotized or something, drawn to the music. He walked into the water then started swimming towards the boat.

    As he did his skin got a bit smother, maybe slightly less pale. His muscles started to grow and stretch as he began swimming faster and with more strength. He also gained some fat through from drinking and partying but he doesn’t care. His mind slows down and starts thinking about sports and parties way more then school stuff.

    He climbs onto the boat and Jake grins handing him a cigarette. “Glad you could make it dude” he said.

    “Fuck yeah, I wouldn’t miss a good party bro” Chris replied, laughing.


    Eric was a total gamer. He stayed inside all day and played games. He did school work of course but never helped with anything. His parents hated that their son was so lazy and unhelpful. So they signed him up to work for a local landscaping business. He didn’t want to but they pushed him. They sure wiped him into shape and now he won’t even touch games. He’s a total big tan laborer. In fact we doubt he remembers a thing, his parents are so proud. So what if he’s a little dumb now it’s better this way.


    Mike used to be Jakes best friend before the two went to college. They ended up going to the school but Jake completely changed almost over night. He was a completely different person now so the two had drifted apart.

    At least for most of their first year. Once spring break rolled around Jake was joining his bros on one of their boats. Jake sent an invite to Mike and considering he had no real concrete plans for spring break he agreed. He hopped maybe he could figure out what happened to his friend, sure people changed in college but not this drastically or suddenly.

    Mike got to the boat but before getting on some dudes told him it was swim suit only, he hadn’t thought to bring one so they gave him a red space looking one they had as an extra. He went to a booth on the beach to change. He went back on the boat but some guys pushed him into the water.

    The water must have triggered something in the shorts because once he got out he had pecs and a muscle gut. He had a shocked look on his face as he climbed back on the boat soaking wet. He saw his bro Jake snap a photo of him and laughed, he loved hanging out with these assholes.


    Jake used to be a total geek. Until he met up with his roommates. He lived in an off campus house that was being rented out by the school. His three roommates were total jocks and partiers, honestly they should have been in a frat.

    After 5 weeks of dealing with them being loud during his studying, he decided to confront them. But it backfired because once they started bumping shoulders with him and calling him dude and bro, it was like he lost control of his body. He started to chat and drink and flex with them. He started acting just like them.

    Over the next few days his muscles bulged and got covered in a nice layer of fat. Sure his GPA dropped and sure he lost his scholarship because of that. But he soon joined the football team and was great at it. The school was probably about to give him a sports scholarship and then his grades really won’t matter. Now his relaxing on the patio of the house just chilling in shorts and no shirt because he knows he’s hot.