And Now This is Happening

    Okay, so I apparently am not “learning my lesson”. Want to know how I know that? The old man that did this to me went up to me and said so! He said that it goes against the spirit of his deal that I was “basically still a girl despite being a boy”. What’s it to him how I live the life he forced onto me, anyhow? The guy he made a deal with doesn’t even remember it! But then he goes on saying how that doesn’t matter and how he isn’t a hack. Before I finish asking what he plans to do, he sent this weird pulsating flash at me and disappeared.

    I would have said “what the hell?!?”…if I could speak. Instead my body moved on its own straight to my room to change and then to the nearest wide open floor. I was wondering what was going on but then I dropped and did lots of push-ups. I mean, I worked out as both a girl and as a boy so I could remain pretty but I was doing an absurd amount here. It honestly seemed like half an hour passed before I stopped…only to immediately start doing sit-ups. I didn’t even bother keeping track of time. I also wasn’t surprised that after all that was done, I jumped up to the nearest door frame and did a bunch of curl-ups either. 

    My parents came home to me binge eating a crapload of protein. When they questioned my sudden new eating habits, I said in a low voice “I’m bulking up. Wanna get huge.” Oh fuck. That’s what’s going on here. Even worse, my parents just chuckled and said I was “at that age when boys want to become manly” and encouraged me. If only they weren’t such great parents.

    Even worse, it didn’t stop there. I picked up other new habits that were much more decidedly masculine than my old ones of looking pretty and hanging out with girls. I just started to lay back like a complete and utter douchebag in my classes. Look at this! I don’t think I could like even more like a douche!

    I joined the wrestling team. Yeah. That sport where it’s encouraged to bulk up a lot and you’re face first into some other guy’s BO while wearing a getup that leaves little to the imagination. It was hardly my first pick of a hobby after becoming a boy for a reason.

    I hadn’t ever even so much as touched a skateboard in my entire life and now I spend a few hours a week zooming through my neighborhood. Started to hang out with a seedier crowd too. Of course I was shirtless for all of this. I’d roll my eyes at any guy that did that but you know what I tell people instead? “Why should I hide such a great manly bod like this one behind a shirt?”

    Speaking of no shirt, guess what I do really often now? If you guessed “stupid cocky poses while not wearing a shirt and posting pics to social media”, then you’d be right! I was saving up for a car, but you know what I was made to spend it on instead? A motorcycle! That thing’s dangerous! But of course, it’s the “manly thing to do” and to do said pose too, while I’m at it.

    You know what else is dangerous? A gun. They’re loud too. I hate them. Always have and always will. I’m sure you know where this is headed. I begged my dad to take us to the shooting range from time to time. Is it really that manly to take out defenseless targets at a distance? Must be, seeing as I’m forced to do it now.

    It’s like I’m obsessed with being and looking as manly as possible, which is what I’m sure was the point that old man was getting at when I refused to play his game and did this to me in retaliation. Many remarked about the weird 180 change from the pretty and effeminate playboy I was and I usually tell them “that was when I was a boy. I’m gonna be a man soon and it’s time I look and acted like one!” Sometimes accompanied with a burp or fart because why not, right? After the first few times, I even looked annoyed that people kept saying that that I went to the barber and got my pretty and beautiful hair cut shorter! You know, to show people how serious I was about all this!

    I have no idea how long this will last. At this point, it seems like the rest of my life. I will be forever trapped in a man’s body, being made to do and be all the things I hated about men. And why? Because some jerk made some sort of amazing trade with an old magical man! And he doesn’t even remember doing it! That fact is thrown into my face all the more so now that hang out with him and the rest of the douche crowd now over those lovely and pretty ladies that I used to. Can this asinine curse or whatever be over yet? 


    Cursed to be Dirty

    Melissa really shouldn’t have pissed off that witch. She should have left well enough alone. Now she was cursed to be the kind of person she disliked most. The former clean freak of a girl is now forever a big brutish man that gets dirty often and never washes. And she’s aware of every second of it!


    I don't usually like TG tf but this is hot. Being trapped as something you hate, aware but not in control.