Always had a thing for someone being transformed by their collar being popped, into a preppy/chav/frat boy. Don’t know why but maybe it could give you some inspiration?

    Brian was looking around the party wondering why he bothered to show up. Alpha Gamma Phi, the schools frat invited all the freshman to a beginning of the year party. He wasn't the type to party, being a nerdy physics major, so why did he even bother coming? But before he could think about it more someone came up behind him "Brody! You made it!" Soms guy shouted, grabbing the collar of Brians shirt and popping it up, looking like the way dumb bros typically wear it. As soon as that happened his head hurt as he started forgetting physics, starting to remember taking classes in sports science. His hair started to get longer and tint a dirty blonde. His skin started to tan as muscle grew mixed in with a bit of a beer gut as the soda in his hand became a beer and he started to feel drunk as he got dumber. He started dancing and flirting with the hot sorority girls who were there. His identity shifted as he now thought of himself as Brody, the hot frat boy and sure as hell not Brian the nerd!

    Every college and high school aged nerd who likes anime in the whole United States was super excited when funamation announced they’d be making a new short 6 episode cross over series of multiple anime, made exclusively for America, by the original Japanese artists of the different shows. No one was told anything about what the cross over story would be but that was to be expected.

    They were all shocked when the first episode aired. The anime characters were all older than they had been in their respective shows and had moved to America to attend college. Even non human characters like hello kitty, totoro, and ash even brought pikachu (although he didn’t seem to have any other Pokemon with him) were allowed to go. Even the voice acting sounded like older versions of their American dubbed voices.

    The first episode was mostly them moving in and trying to fit in. Kinda boring however they all took it as a symbolic representation of the fans trying to fit in and so they decided to keep watching.

    In the second episode the characters all met and got along finding out they were each from Japan originally, even ash even though his world doesn’t always have earth related regions, said he was from Japan. They formed a bit of a club together so they could all help each other adapt.

    The third episode is where things got really weird. It had jumped ahead several months and they were petitioning the school to authorize their group changing from a club to an official frat organization. They didn’t seem to know what a frat was but they were convinced it would help their group. They got the approval and set up, instead of giving it Greek letters they simply named it “the number one American fraternity”

    The fourth episode took a turn for the worse. There was another time skip of a few months. Ash had stubble and astro boy was depicted as fatter. Naruto had replaced his headband with a backwards cap baring his villages symbol still. Hello kitty was also sporting a backwards cap and, as odd as it would be to describe, seemed tougher somehow. The episode was mostly them caring less about work and more about partying.

    The fifth episode had them start to drink and smoke. Ash was now a smoker and everyone else was drinking beer. This was the episode that started having real world effects on the viewers.

    The nerds who were watching started working out and drinking and smoking, the ones in college started to join frats, and the ones in high school just attended more parties. They started going through the same extreme changes as the characters did. They grew beards and beer guts or muscle. They started to dress in backwards caps or visors and sunglasses. Any girls watching became drunk, sex loving sorority girls, but there weren’t many effected as the show had a mostly male audience.

    The sixth and final episode then aired. It had the frat getting ready for a drink fight night, in which the members would bet against each other. The screenshot above is from this episode. Because of their size hello kitty and pikachu were paired off. The other pairings are lost because no one was really paying attention to this episode. It was playing in the background of loud, music filled frat parties. The nerds even started to engage in similar drink fights as a result.

    A second full length season was announced and it would be the only anime these guys would ever watch anymore. The second season isn’t out yet but digital copies of the first 6 episodes are now being used by frats to recruit new bros.

    Picture from college humor, characters belong to their respective copyright owners


    hmmm… what was i just doin? i remember sittin down, and there was this funny voice in my head…

    - Don’t give in! Don’t let them win!

    Huh…? What was that?

    - You’re a smart guy! You wanna be smart! Don’t let them win…!

    Huhuhuhuh… sounds funny, but I dunno what th fuck ur talkin about bro. Who are u?

    - I’m you! Don’t you remember? You got caught in that rainstorm, and you had to run into that house… you were soaked, and that nice guy gave us this pair of basketball shorts while our clothes are drying out, but they’re… doing something to our, to your, to my… uhhh…

    Huhuhuh…. oh yea. I member now. Rainin, all wet.

    - fuck… its gettin harder to fight…

    Fuck, these shorts are fuckin killer bro… so comfy. wish i could wear em all th time…

    - no….

    Maybe ill ask Max Gearhead if i can keep em huhuh hes got like 30 pares.

    - fuck….

    yea Max is my Nu bro. i think im gonna like it here.

    - you lost… i lost …

    naw bro. i fuckin win. Nu for life brah!!