I'm thinking about pledging to a frat that is known for its jocks and I'm kinda scared. Could you give me the confidence to go through with it

    "With this biceps, no way in hell they will reject me. Thanks dude,"

    "Your welcome. Umh, but one more thing,"

    I focused myself and my power by taking a deep breath. As I exhale, the knowledge pscked in your brain flowed out and your mischievous grin turned into dumb grin as your eyes zoned out and getting this dumb vacant look

    "You can't get all the good things, bro. Gotta sacrifice something,"


    Some gay-to-straight hypno frat bro TF for @hypnohepcat

    Don’t worry, Marty’ll be fine. Someday. Also this is like super kinky, I’m experimenting with boundaries :U


    Totally love the images of his brain changing. Literally showing a new him on the inside and changing the thoughts around. It's a total fantasy of mine but hard to do cause it's kinda symbolism.


    I would like a sequel to "Plus Three" Maybe the djinn finds himself on a college campus and transforms his nerdy master into a total frat bro

    Well… I guess we can do sum thing :P

    Thx to my editors on this one bros!! - D


    Oh man, this was almost gonna be too easy.

    I had just appeared in a puff of smoke for my newest master. We were in a library, late at night, clearly on a college campus.

    “Hello Master!” I boomed at him. “I am the genie of the lamp. While you own the lamp, you own me. I can grant any wish you can think of with two exceptions: I can’t bring back the dead, and I can’t make someone fall in love with you.”

    He looked confused for a second. “What about the third rule. No wishing for more wishes.”

    “But Master, you have as many wishes as you desire. I don’t know why you’d wish for more, but there’s no rule that says you can’t.”

    If that sounds familiar to you, imagine how it sounds to me. Literally every master I have ends up bringing up that stupid Hollywood rule.

    “Well then, I wish you’d keep your voice down!” said my new Master. Fair enough, my typical genie entrance would have the librarian on us in minutes. But I almost never pass up an opportunity to use my special power - you see, I get to add three words to any wish that my Master makes.

    No matter how careful he was, this Master was going to end up just the same way as my last 197 Master’s - as an oversexed gay fratboy with an incredible body and a life that would make Instagram jealous.

    That was a far cry from what was in front of me. This guy was 22 years old, ready to graduate, and hasn’t been to a single party in his four years as a philosophy major. I mean…what kind of philosophy major doesn’t go get drunk and talk like they understand Heidegger.

    A serious nerd, that’s who. My new Masters name was Samuel, six foot two, light red hair that fuzzed up badly, skin that made you think he didn’t know about face cloths, and a serious lack of muscle. Plus…he was wearing mismatched slacks and a cardigan.

    Sometimes I feel like Fate himself chooses my Master’s. Thank Fate that I was here.

    Time skipped back, and Master gave his…slightly amended wish.

    “Well then, I wish you’d keep your voice down and mine up” he said.

    “Your wish is my command!” I crossed my arms, nodded my head smartly, and made it happen. Of course, I said the “my command” part super quietly. What can I say, I’m a sucker for theatrics.

    “COOL! THANKS GENIE!” Samuel said, not noticing that he was now the one likely to draw the ire of the librarian.

    Unlike some of my other Master’s, Samuel had no problem pouring out his heart at me. He could have unlimited wishes, and he wasn’t going to waste any time in getting them.

    And you know the number one thing that a nerd like Samuel always wished for.


    Of course time reversed for a moment. Just like a broken CD player, I heard the wish come at me again, with my own little addition.


    I nodded smartly. “Your wish is my command Master.” Samuel instantly began to bulge with muscle, looking more like a bodybuilder wannabe than a college philosophy student. I watched his pitiful clothes stretch. The button down shirt he was wearing flew open. The t-short underneath barely contained his impressive new pecs. And those jeans…they were all ripped up now, but that’s cool, that’s just fashion now.

    Samuel looked at the parts of his body he could easily see. Then, not finding a mirror nearby, he pulled out his phone and started snapping selfies of his amazing build.

    “WHOA.” Samuel rumbled, his newly stacked body making his loud voice resonate.

    “Wow Master,” I said. “You’re looking very fit. Almost swole.”

    “YEAH! I WISH I WAS LOOKING SWOLE!” You were caught up in the excitement of not being a total nerd anymore. Nobody ever just wants to be average.

    Time stuttered, and you said your wish again.

    “YEAH! I WISH I WAS SHORT ENOUGH FOR LOOKING SWOLE!” You shouted it at me enthusiastically.

    So inch by inch, I shrunk your frame. Your muscle no longer stretched over a tall frame, no longer looking like a wannabe bodybuilder, you were totally stacked now. Thick. 5 foot 7 inches, and swole enough that nobody would ever mention it.

    “Your wish is my command, Master,” I said, my cock starting to swell.

    Samuel was starting to look seriously different from when I came out of the lamp…but there was still no mistaking him as a serious loser, no matter how much you wanted to lick his biceps. The bad skin, the fuzzy red hair, the mismatched clothes all made me wish I could make wishes myself.

    Luckily, Master was staring at another selfie. “GENIE,” he shouted, “I WISH THAT I WAS LESS SELF CONSCIOUS”.

    Time did it’s thing, and so did I. Master took another run at his wish.


    A quick nod of my head, and Master’s whole world changed. “Your wish is my command,” I said.

    Master looked pretty damn bro-ish now, getting towards exactly what I wanted. His last wish had made him desperate the ride with the pack, please the coolest guys, and blend into the crowd.

    So his red hair was buzzed down. His skin was meticulously washed and lightly tanned - something that took quite a bit of effort with that red hair. His clothes had become totally basic, just a crew neck t-short that showed off his massive guns, a popular brand name printed across his heavy pecs, some stylish jeans that accented his ass (but not too much!), and some all stars on his feet.

    Samuel would have no problem making friends with anyone now. He desperately wanted to be liked, and caved to peer pressure at the slightest prompt.

    Just then, another guy entered the scene. Maybe 21, with dark brown hair and a nice-but-not-heavy build.

    “Are you the one who’s been shouting?” He asked. Great, a librarian.

    Instead of answering, Samuel looked to me. “GENIE, I WISH THIS GUY WOULD FORGET ABOUT ME AND TAKE OFF.”

    Time jumped back, and Samuel made his wish again.


    “Your wish is my command,” I said, and watched the show.

    The librarian seemed unaware of us, tucked in the back room of the library. Instead, it seemed like he had come back here to get…let’s call it a little private break.

    He slumped heavily in a comfortable chair, undid his belt, and whipped out his surprisingly drool-worthy cock. Running his hand up and down his shaft brought it to full attention easily. I could tell it wouldn’t be long before he exploded all over us.

    Must be one hell of a stressful job.

    “GENIE,” Samuel yelled past the oblivious librarian, “I WISH I DIDN’T HAVE TO WATCH THIS ASSHOLE.”

    The librarians cock started pulsing, shooting his cum and hitting Samuel in the face.

    Time stepped back.

    “GENIE,” Samuel yelled past the librarian, “I WISH I DIDN’T HAVE TO WATCH WITHOUT FUCKING HIS ASSHOLE.”

    The librarians cock started pulsing, shooting his cum and hitting Samuel in the face. Suddenly aware of our presence again, the librarian slumped to the floor, then turned over and planted his elbows on the chair.

    “Want some of this?” he said, shaking his ass seductively.

    “HELL YEAH,” shouted Samuel. His leaking cock was already out of his jeans, ready to plunge into the first of what would surely be many, many tight assholes over his college career.

    The librarian was hard again already. Samuel lined up his thick dick and plunged into the librarians bubble butt. As Samuel pushed in and out, the librarians dick thudded against the easy chair. It didn’t take long before they both came, Samuel emptying a large load into the librarians hole.

    Sammy pulled up his pants and sat on a desk. “THANKS, THAT WAS FUCKIN’ GREAT!”

    The librarian grinned, pulling back on his clothes. “Anytime you want to check something out, Samuel, I’m right here,” he grinned. Then he walked back towards the circulation desk, his break over.

    “I WISH HE’D CALL ME…” Samuel yelled. I’m sure he’d have said it softly, if only that was something he could do.

    Time skipped a beat backwards.


    “Your wish is my command, Sammy” I said. Whoops, I didn’t mean to catch myself in that wish, but no harm, no foul, right? A bro needs a hotter name than “Samuel”.

    Because Sammy’s pretty fuckin’ hot, and Sammy loves to fuck a tight ass, but there’s still a couple of things missing from my fantasy fratboy formula. He needed to love to party. He needed bros. And he needed the kind of life where he’d want to do it all over again every night.

    Okay, I’ll admit, I had an idea. Whatever Sammy’s next wish was, I was gonna….


    Great, this shit again. Whatever, I was going to repurpose this wish anyway.


    “You got it Sammy,” I said. This should be fun.

    Master didn’t look too different, just a pair of headphones hanging heavily around his neck, and a bag full of a laptop and some mixing equipment. But there was a different energy around him. He was fuckin’ buzzed to play a set.


    Sammy grabbed his bag and headed for the front desk of the library. We kept passing all these students - let’s face it, it was Saturday night and they were in the library - we kept passing all these dweebs. Mostly dudes. Some overweight. Some under. All of them were about to have better lives.

    In the front entry of the library, Sammy looked around. There was a big sweeping staircase leading up to the second floor. There were multiple rooms full of books ranging from photocopied dissertations through to rare tomes. And there were about a hundred people staring at the loud jock that Sammy had become, daggers in their eyes.

    The librarian from earlier was standing by the circulation desk. I could see a wet stain down his slacks where Sammy’s cum had run down his leg.


    Time shuddered and reversed another second. “GENIE,” Sammy shouted. “I WISH NOBODY EXCEPT THE WOMEN COULD LEAVE UNTIL MIDNIGHT.”

    That started…well, almost a stampede. The moment you tell people they can’t leave, it’s the only thing they want to do. But oddly enough, as the herd of people tried to head out the front doors, noise came from the rare books room. The doors there burst open… it was all the men who had just tried to leave.

    Outside, I’m certain the women were trying to decide what to do. But I know how this goes. They wouldn’t be concerned about the men in here much longer.


    The men in the room were starting to get over their confusion. None of this makes any sense if you don’t have a genie, but they were starting to catch on.

    The world jumped back a second. And Sammy made his wish again.


    I granted the wish, then glanced over. All four librarians who had been behind the circulation desk had now climbed up onto it. All of them thick with rounded muscle, clothed in nothing but a colored jockstrap. In a shiny gold jock, the one from earlier still had cum dribbling down his leg. They danced to unheard music.

    Sammy walked up the wide staircase. The confusion in the room was dissipating. It was going to boil over into anger. Soon.


    Time skipped.


    “Your wish is my command Sammy,” I said. I was glad I finally had one I could use to reduce the tension in the crowd. This was always my favourite part.

    All around, the young men of the college were becoming warped parodies of themselves. Sweat pants and basketball shorts replaced jeans. Wifebeaters and jerseys replaced t-shirts. About 70% of them wore a backwards cap at some angle. And the nerdier the guy had been to start…well, the more he turned into a bicep-pumping, ego stroking, cock-swinging, beer-guzzling frat bro.

    Almost everyone was holding a beer. Where do you get a beer in a library? Ask your local frat bros.

    And all of them were starting to chill. The anger and tension were gone. Now they were just hanging out, waiting for their favourite DJ to play a set.

    Sammy was setting up his gear. It was starting to get loud in there. Not that the librarians minded anymore, they were working hard on getting the party started.

    “HEY EVERYBODY,” Sammy shouted into a mic. “I’M DJ COCKMONSTER, AND THIS IS…”

    He didn’t bother finishing the sentence. He just brought the music up. Solid beats started playing all around the library. On the floor below, the bros were starting to dance to the music, most of them keeping a safe distance from anything that might be construed as too gay.

    Imagine that, listening to DJ COCKMONSTER and worrying that someone might think you’re gay.

    “HEY GENIE,” Sammy shouted in my direction. “I WISH THESE GUYS WOULD REALLY START DANCING.”

    The beat skipped. Too bad, cuz Sammy’s actually a pretty good DJ. But it’s how my magic works.


    “Your wish is my command, Sammy!”

    Down on the main floor, the crowd was transformed. The casual dancing had been replaced with something manic. Something sexual. These guys all wanted to get laid tonight, the only mystery was which bro was gonna hook up with which other bro.

    I had my eye on a couple dudes over by the reading room. The one still wearing a shirt was pinned up against the wall by one who was just wearing gym shorts that barely went halfway down his meaty thigh and a backwards red ball cap. Five minutes, I bet myself, and red-cap is gonna be skewered under jersey.

    All over, men were making out and grinding. The only thing that kept it from evolving into an orgy was Sammy’s music. DJ COCKMONSTER was so good that they just couldn’t stop dancing. Even I was shaking my ass to the beat.

    “HEY,” Sammy shouted over the beat. “I WISH THIS PLACE WAS SETUP BETTER FOR THE PARTY!”

    Time skipped, and so did another record. Then Sammy shouted again.


    And so it was. The library faded away, renovated by the school years ago into a frat house for it’s biggest, bro frat. The place was full of kegs, solo cups, and couches where dudes were getting sucked off or fucked. The only rule seemed to be that everyone had to keep moving to the beat.

    Another job well done, I’d say. I kept dancing through the room and getting rough hands run over my otherworldly body. But I was saving myself - Sammy would be done his set in about an hour, and I intended to get that thick cock riding me before he wished me out of this perfect life.

    “How’s it going, boys? You two look like you could use a cold one,” said the shirtless meathead from the lawn of BΩΔ House. He had a cooler out in the open, loaded with Coors. He reached for two cans.

    “Thanks, but we’re on our way to our own pledging ceremony. ΦME,” replied your fellow rushee, Jeff. “Phi-Me? You guys are the ones that are all science majors and engineers, right?” the meathead stood up with a beer in each hand. “Yeah, I’m civil, he’s nuclear.” “Huhuh, no one in our frat’s that smart. We’re the swolest frat, tho. But really…” the meathead said as he walked towards you…

    “… You guys seem way too hot in those jackets.” He was staring into your eyes and you couldn’t look away.

    “Have a cold one.” One or four or twelve beers later, in the basement of BΩΔ House, you and Jeff signed pledges to BΩΔ. And began your new lives of dumbing down, jocking up, and getting swole as fuck.

    “Don’t worry bro, it’s your turn next.”
    Despite how hazy I felt after the booze, the weed and that weird thing Dustin had made me snort, my mind was telling me something was wrong, but FUCK i felt fucking horny too all of a sudden
    “I don’t want to…fuck a dude though bro..” I weakly protested.
    I could see the other fratboys starting to play with themselves at the scene in front of me as their minds began to fog and the need to get off started flooding their systems, just like it was with mine.
    “You aren’t going to fuck a dude bro. You are here to get fucked remember?”
    “I don’t think…”
    “Exactly, you don’t think. So let me think for you. You want to be a member of the frat right?”
    My mind was all over the place, my eyes couldn’t focus on anything but his words found focus in my mind. I nodded in agreement. I couldn’t talk anymore.
    “And if you want to be a member of the frat you got to start loving taking your bros cocks like a pro. Yeah? We love new sluts”
    It took a second but then it added together in my head. They wanted me to be their slut if I joined their frat and I… really wanted join their frat so…I really wanted to be their slut. As soon as I thought it fully, it was there to stay.  I was so horny, the word slut kept eachoing in my mind. I started to play with myself as Dustin smiled at me while he raw fucked the other slut, telling me how good it felt, how I needed to be even better than at milking his bro boner if I wanted to beat the guy he was fucking. I stroked myself off mindlessly, scooping a load of the vaseline that was balanced on the other sluts back (if it was me he was fucking, there’d be now way that thing would stay with how much I would be boucing into his dick, I thought with smug pride). I spread the vaseline thickly onto my fingers and lay back, roughly shoving them into my slut hole in a desperate attempt to loosen it a bit, ready for his big cock. Moaning I started imagining in vivid detail everything Dustin was telling me him and his bros were going to do to me. I was definitely going to be the best slut they had ever fucked. That’s why I came here today. Right?


    We invited Simon the nerd to the party. When he arrived, we greeted him and led him to a bathroom, where we pinned him down and tore away his clothes. He was screaming all the time, thinking we were going to rape him, but he went quiet as soon as we put the headband on him. In a few seconds, his eyes dulled down and a dumb smile appeared on his face. “Hey bros whatcha doin’?” We helped him on his feet and gave him new clothes. While he put them on, his skinny body inflated with muscles, his pale skin tanned, his face reshaped to a masculine typical jock face, and his hair styled in a fauxhawk. Simon the nerd is gone, Simon the party animal is here.


    Josh had decided he would be the one to resist. Two weeks ago a spiral had appeared on each TV screen in the frat house. It would occasionally say things like “such a dumbass” or “it feels so good to obey coach”. One by one all of the others had fallen pray to it but Josh would keep his mind. Sure he saw the spiral and heard the messages it was hard not to when it was playing in every room in the house. He didn’t notice he was working out more or that he had stopped wearing pants. Didn’t even notice the constant hard on he had but he was still reading still going to class which is more than he could say for his brothers. The last straw came when he was trying to study for a biology test he had the next day, the spiral on the screen still pulsing still inviting him in when it finally spoke “you’re such a dumbass Josh such a big hunk of meat. Coach would be so proud of you if you just started to stroke a little.”

    “Coach…?” Josh didn’t even know who coach was but he could feel his cock twitch at the mention. Slowly Josh wrapped his hand around his cock and started to stroke.

    “Good boy Josh now repeat after me, I am a dumbass”

    “I am a dumbass”

    “It feels so good to obey Coach”

    “It feels so good to obey Coach”

    “I will always be an obedient boy”

    “I will always be an obedient boy.”

    Josh didn’t show up to anymore classes and the Frat now made sure each of them watched the Spiral often. They never saw Coach but any order he gave from working out more to sending the spiral to friends or family was followed.



    You and your roommate walk to the keg. You’re spotted by the frat bro who’s been pumping it, and his goofy grin quickly changes into a stone cold stare.

    “This beer’s for bros only. Taking a sip means you pledge your body, mind, and soul to Gamma Nu Chi. Do you so pledge?”

    “Sure,” your roommate laughs. “I pledge your frat.”

    The frat bro pours your roommate a cup. He then gives you the same speech, and you agree to pledge. He gives you a beer and you take a sip, and it feels like the bubbles are going straight to your head, pushing everything else out. Your thoughts start to slow down like they’re wading through molasses. Something’s wrong. You turn to your roommate warn him but he’s got a totally blank look on his face.

    You want to set your cup down, but the frat bro who poured it tells you to take a giant swig of your beer. For some reason, you obey, and it feels sweet to obey your big bro. The buzz comes on stronger than anything you can remember. And you never come back down again: you spend the next six years in college at the Gamma Nu Chi house, always in a beer-drunk haze as a blanked out, ball cap-wearing frat bro.

    Every college and high school aged nerd who likes anime in the whole United States was super excited when funamation announced they’d be making a new short 6 episode cross over series of multiple anime, made exclusively for America, by the original Japanese artists of the different shows. No one was told anything about what the cross over story would be but that was to be expected.

    They were all shocked when the first episode aired. The anime characters were all older than they had been in their respective shows and had moved to America to attend college. Even non human characters like hello kitty, totoro, and ash even brought pikachu (although he didn’t seem to have any other Pokemon with him) were allowed to go. Even the voice acting sounded like older versions of their American dubbed voices.

    The first episode was mostly them moving in and trying to fit in. Kinda boring however they all took it as a symbolic representation of the fans trying to fit in and so they decided to keep watching.

    In the second episode the characters all met and got along finding out they were each from Japan originally, even ash even though his world doesn’t always have earth related regions, said he was from Japan. They formed a bit of a club together so they could all help each other adapt.

    The third episode is where things got really weird. It had jumped ahead several months and they were petitioning the school to authorize their group changing from a club to an official frat organization. They didn’t seem to know what a frat was but they were convinced it would help their group. They got the approval and set up, instead of giving it Greek letters they simply named it “the number one American fraternity”

    The fourth episode took a turn for the worse. There was another time skip of a few months. Ash had stubble and astro boy was depicted as fatter. Naruto had replaced his headband with a backwards cap baring his villages symbol still. Hello kitty was also sporting a backwards cap and, as odd as it would be to describe, seemed tougher somehow. The episode was mostly them caring less about work and more about partying.

    The fifth episode had them start to drink and smoke. Ash was now a smoker and everyone else was drinking beer. This was the episode that started having real world effects on the viewers.

    The nerds who were watching started working out and drinking and smoking, the ones in college started to join frats, and the ones in high school just attended more parties. They started going through the same extreme changes as the characters did. They grew beards and beer guts or muscle. They started to dress in backwards caps or visors and sunglasses. Any girls watching became drunk, sex loving sorority girls, but there weren’t many effected as the show had a mostly male audience.

    The sixth and final episode then aired. It had the frat getting ready for a drink fight night, in which the members would bet against each other. The screenshot above is from this episode. Because of their size hello kitty and pikachu were paired off. The other pairings are lost because no one was really paying attention to this episode. It was playing in the background of loud, music filled frat parties. The nerds even started to engage in similar drink fights as a result.

    A second full length season was announced and it would be the only anime these guys would ever watch anymore. The second season isn’t out yet but digital copies of the first 6 episodes are now being used by frats to recruit new bros.

    Picture from college humor, characters belong to their respective copyright owners