Tik tok bro

    Kevin was a gaming youtuber. His channel wasn't very big though so he was constantly trying to find new ways to expand his social media presence. He was given some advice to, among other things make a Tik Tok. He never really used that app but he downloaded it and saw a combination of pranks, comedy, weird cosplay, but for the most part guys and girls in their upper teens and 20s lipsyncing and dancing to songs for 2 minute clips. Most of which had more views than anything up on his channel. The guys were almost always shirtless, tan, muscular, with long fluffed up hair on top. It was almost like watching a thousand videos of the same guy over and over. "This is just an app for teens and idiots" he sighed "no way this will help with my audience" he said going to delete an app before the last one played. It was one of the shirtless guys explaining why he never wore shirts because apparently one of his viewers asked that. He explained he was from Florida and it was hot and that he also just didn't like them. Kevin rolled his eyes and went to delete it. Just then though his shirt started to feel itchy. You started to feel hot and uncomfortable in his shirt as he yanked it off in anger. Just then his hand hit something in the app and music started playing and he felt weird. The body hair on his chested sucked back up as his muscles suddenly bulged. His stomach firmed up into abs and his chest grew into puffed out pecs. His arms grew muscular especially his biceps. A dark tan spread over him as his legs firmed up. His whole body sweating and aching like his just worked out as his pants changed to a bright blue pair of basketball shorts that were a little too short. The top of his black hair grew out longer and messy as it dyed blonde while the dark sides became shaved. He started to hit record and dance along, suddenly knowing words to the song as he lip synced. Feeling dumber as it was getting harder to think grinning and flexing. Even winking at his audience feeling straight now as he thought of all the hot girls that would watch him. But he didn't care of gay guys watched too, views were views and he was on his way to becoming social media famous bro!

    Fan Service

    Apologies for the sparse activity on this blog - I have some stories & challenges planned in the coming weeks, but for now here’s a quick story that came to mind last night. Enjoy! And thanks for sticking with me.

    All characters are fictional.


    Miles was a product of his generation. Kind, intelligent, charming. He came out of the closet before he even made it to high school, and he educated himself on other cultures and their entertainment long before the popularity spike.

    He had a loving boyfriend, a scholarship to a prestigious college, and a huge crush on his favorite K-pop idol, Hyeon. He was the lead singer for one of the newest bands to make their debut, and already he had captured Miles’ heart.

    It was all playful, of course. Miles had a wonderful guy in his life, and a comfortable future, not to mention that if the tabloids were correct, Hyeon was totally straight. He’d be lucky to ever get a picture with the guy.

    But still, he was infatuated, and so desperate just to be near the handsome singer. He was flawless, and his voice was heavenly, and Miles just wanted to be in his presence for a mere moment. So he spoke those ill-fated words.

    “I just wish I could be around him.”

    And it should have been simple, and innocent. Until his eyelids started to flutter, and everything warped around him, until suddenly he was left with the sensation of a clearing headache and the surroundings of a private jet around him.


    And he… he was different. He looked down to see the flashy suit he was now wearing, the rich fabric and fine details, but then his attention shifted to body beneath it all. It wasn’t his. Everything was tight, and bloated. Huge.

    It seemed like one movement would send his new pecs spilling out, or a thigh shredding through the leg of his pants. All he could do was flex his new sausage-like fingers, making the gold rings on his hands clang together.

    His hips and ass filled up the whole seat, his shoulders stretching beyond the backrest, he was an absolute unit of a man. And for some reason, he couldn’t stand up, or shout, or express any of his confusion.

    His posture was solid, and straight, like he was waiting for orders. It’s like his mind had been transported into the body of a living boulder, crying out in fear and anxiety, but unable to control the massive hunk of muscle. Unable to move.

    Until he grunted like some sort of animal, and reached down a meaty paw to adjust the bull nuts being squeezed by his tight trousers. And then he mumbled something in frustration, but the voice wasn’t his. Not even the language.

    It was deep, and bovine, short and to the point and so dumb-sounding. His whole body vibrated with the sound of it, but more than that, he could vaguely recognize the strange words coming out of his mouth as Korean.

    “Too tight. Too big.”

    He shouldn’t have been able to understand, but something about his new brain was wired differently. He could speak Korean now, or at least this beast he was trapped inside of could. He felt his lips twist into a smirk fit for a proper douche.

    “Nah. Never too big.”

    And then the bathroom door swung open, and the stewardess stumbled out with a look of ecstasy across her features. Giggling. And then there was a flush, and the sound of zipping, and out walked Hyeon. He adjusted his package.

    Miles could feel his heart start to race, or at least it should have been. He wanted to rush over to him, to ramble on and on about how incredible of a performer he was, but all he did was smirk once again. And chuckle.

    “You satisfied, Boss?”

    His celebrity crush lowered himself into the seat across from him, running a hand along his cheek like a true fuck-boy and licking his lips. “Yeah. Sure am.” Miles was panicking even more now. What was happening?

    He kept his gaze on Hyeon, but even though his mind told him that he should be swooning, he simply sat there. He didn’t blush, didn’t compliment the idol on his fashion or perfect hair, he just rolled his shoulders and grinned.

    “I’ll have to hunt some pussy for myself. After your concert.”

    Miles froze inside of himself, looking at Hyeon, looking at anyone, hoping to place the words to another mouth. But then his chest shook again, and he laughed, and Hyeon started laughing, too. The heartthrob slapped his shoulder.

    “My bodyguard, the pussy-hound.”

    It was all he could do to scream in his mind. He was straight? Korean? The bodyguard of the man he idolized? The wish played itself out in his mind once more, wishing just to be around Hyeon, and he hated himself for it.

    Because it came true.

    Here he was, right across from the guy that starred in all of his dreams, in a body that felt no attraction or respect for his talent. They simply talked about all the hot chicks they had conquered, and their gym routines.

    Miles had been transformed into the one male who could spend all of his time around Hyeon. Not a gay white boy, but a hulking, straight Korean monster of a man. His life was lived on autopilot, forever serving his crush as his bodyguard.


    When he was away from Hyeon, his body was at the gym. Tearing into anything with raw protein, pumping weights until his massive body was sore, until he was pouring sweat and making all the passersby cover their noses in disgust.

    Miles was forced to watch as this man uploaded selfies to his new social media, crying at how lazy and straight it all was. He looked like a balloon filled with meat, not even facing the camera, unashamed of how manly he was.


    He was stupid, and immature, but so strong. The perfect man to protect and serve one of South Korea’s newest treasures. And Miles was there for all of it, experiencing everything through this vessel he had wished for.

    Watching as Hyeon partied his way through life, fucking any girl that would spread her legs, and even being forced to watch his own body plow women during his breaks from work. He would stare down at the bouncing tits.

    Feel his cock swell. Feel his smirk start to form again. Crying out in Korean as he filled the slut with his alpha sperm, as Miles cried out at the existence that had been robbed from him. He hated this person. He hated himself.


    His new name was Dong-hyun, a douche who loved to crack jokes about his own massive dong, who told people to call him Kong. Because he was a king, a man in his most primal state. Everything about him screamed masculinity.


    He loved his best bud, Hyeon, the man who paid his bills and took him around the world. Not that he had ever listened to any of his music, much as the voice in his mind would argue, and not that he thought the guy was really all that special.

    He was skinny, and weak, and much too feminine. But he was loaded, and had a hunger for women, and that was all it took to win Kong’s respect. He lived the lifestyle of a true playboy, all the while keeping the pretty boy safe from harm.


    And Miles is still trapped inside.


    Forced to travel the world in luxury.


    Forced to spend his time around other straight muscle monsters.


    Forced to take douche-selfies for the ladies.


    Forced to spend the rest of his life at the side of Hyeon, taking his orders, laughing and joking and swaggering his way through life. Because he’s fucking Kong now. He’s the king of this castle. The uncontested alpha.

    Even if he doesn’t pay the bills.

    At least he gets the most pussy - right, Miles?

    Big Bro Tyler

    Transformation story

    (Hey, so I haven’t done tf in a while and I thought I would come back to it. I know I have experimented with lots of different genre’s, So before each story, I’m gonna add a short tag so you know what it is and don’t read something you are not into. Hope you guys enjoy the story)


    Tye sneaked into the dark locker room. He looked around, making sure no one was there. The room was empty; he proceeded to take out his phone and turn on the torch app. It quickly darted to one locker in particular, the same one it always went to. Tye quickly ran to Lance’s locker. Lance’s sweaty uniform, shoes were all laid out as usual for his morning practice, but that wasn’t what he was looking for. He opened up a compartment under the seat and found Lance’s spare clothing. Carefully, Tye moved everything about so he could claim his temporary prize for the night, Lance’s sweaty tank top. Lance, like most of the jocks, didn’t wash their clothes or themselves, very much and so they became smelly and moist, which was a turn-on for Tye. Tye was aroused by pretty much the whole team; he loved sitting about and watching them play and train, from a distance. The jocks didn’t take kindly to nerds; they would beat them for laughs, lunch money and make them do work for them. The jocks especially didn’t like Tye as they knew he was gay and they beat him up for being both. Despite their douchey attitude towards him and others, Tye just found it hot. Tye took out the sweaty tank top and started sniffing it. The musk was sucked down to the bottom of his lungs with each breath. His head became fuzzy, the more he sniffed. Odd, this wasn’t a usual feeling. It usually just smelt good. Not only that, but he could feel his cock twitching a lot, before growing out to a bigger size than usual. Suddenly the lights came on and Tye’s vision blurred. “Told you the fag would be here, can’t resist it seems,” Lance said. “Haha, so what are we gonna do with him, beat him like usual,” asked Bryce excitedly. “Or maybe we can be creative, and give him a wedgie and hang him in the school entrance,” Hunter chimed. “Neither bro’s, he would only be into both things. We gotta get rid of this fag and I know the best way,” explained Lance. “How’s that bro?” asked Hunter “Did you bring the box?” asked Lance. “Just like you asked bro. Wait are you gonna do what I think your gonna do?” replied Bryce, smirking at Lance. Lance only sniggered and grinned at the question only confirming his intentions. “Ya hear that fag? We got a treat for you,” Lance yelled at Tye who was coming to, but now in a state of shock seeing Lance. “Wha… what do you guys want?” whimpered Tye. “Nothing much, but how about you strip everything off now?” requested Lance. “What… no, I know I shouldn’t be here, and I’m sorry, but please don’t beat me again,” “Who said anything about beating you,” “Huh?” “You’re taking too long, Bryce, Hunter, strip the fag. I’m gonna get his stuff ready,” Bryce and Hunter lunged at Tye, who stood innocently on the spot. They grabbed his clothes, ripping them off him. In seconds Tye was naked, the two then held him over. “See Tyler not so difficult is it. Now let’s get you dressed proper,” Lance sneered. “I’m Tye, not Tyler,” “Silly Tyler, Tye’s a dweeb name. Anyway, need to get you dressed now,” replied Lance They threw Tye on the ground and sat him up. Bryce held Tye’s arms up to stop grabbing, while Hunter grabbed his legs to stop him kicking. “First things first, Tyler, need to get some underwear on you, can’t be going out with that thing, what would everyone think?” Lance said sarcastically. “My name is Tye,” replied Tye. Lance got out a sweaty jockstrap. He lined up the holes with Tye’s feet and pulled them up to his legs, to his hard cock. It felt weird being placed onto him, but even weirder feeling as his hair was growing around it. Tye felt his dick being pricked by his growing hairs, that had been a small patch that was growing into a thick bush. Not only his hairs but his cock was also growing, he had a small size, but now his cock snaked out to about 10". Lance then got out some sweaty black shorts and shoved it up Tye'e skinny legs. Lance and Hunter let his legs go, and they flopped on the floor as they went numb. They eagerly watched as Tye’s legs inflated with muscle, first his thighs growing into logs, and then his calves turning into powerful runners legs. Two big round bouncy lumps popped out of his backside, as a gigantic bubble butt grew to fill his sports shorts. Tye looked in horror at what was happening. “Oh god, what the fuck is happening to me,” Tye screamed “Your growing bro. Now we gotta get your shoes and socks to make those feet big too,” replied Lance, who got out some large white socks. He then pulled them up Tye’s legs. They were, of course, sweaty as well. Tye felt his feet turn into wet clay that was growing out. Hunter and Lance then got out some big black trainers and pushed them onto his feet, tightening them as much as they could. Tye’s feet grew until they filled the size 13 shoes, then they stopped and hardened. “Woah bro, you are looking good. Now let’s see what you look like with a top Tyler,” Lance joked, ignoring Tye’s pleas for them to stop. “My name isn’t Tyler you fucking idiot and can you stop this, please,” Tye angrily pleaded as testosterone built up within him. The boys ignored and threw on his tank top. Instantly Tye felt uncomfortable; it was sweatier and smellier than any of the other clothes. Tye felt his legs come back to him and quickly got up, but was forced into a corner by the three jocks who were all grinning at their new bro. “Ok guys can you stop please, I don’t want this,” Tye cried “But look at you bro, you gonna be bigger than all of us. Why wimp out here when your gonna be lifting the biggest weights and crushing all the pussy,” said Lance. “But I’m gay and a dweeb,” “Haha fuck that fag shit Tyler, your gonna be a pussy slaying bro like the rest of us,” “N…no… I don’t want to be a dumb bro like you guys. Wait what’s happening now,” said Tye, frightened at his overweight body and deepening voice. His belly bulged out with a large pair of saggy man tits that hung over them, and his arms became thick branches of flab. This added mass continued going up his neck, not sparring any part of him as it made his head rounder in shape.  His the appearance of his face changed from innocent and scrawny, to deadly brutish. Tye looked down and saw as his fat began retracting back into him and turning into solid muscle. His stomach turned from fat into cup-sized abs; his pecs flattened down into massive pecs that shelved his abs. Tye’s branch sized arms thicked and strengthened with muscle, his biceps and triceps exploded out. Tye was now unrecognisable to his old self. “The fuck have you done to me,” He shouted in anger “Ah I see, we’re missing the cap,” Lance said, continuing to ignore Tye. Hunter and Bryce grabbed Tye, while Lance got a cap from the bag. Though Tye should be able to shake the two off with ease, he wasn’t used to his strength and so remained in a tugging battle with them. Lance swiftly pushed it down onto Tye’s head. Tye grabbed at it, but the cap squeezed his head to the point it was glued to it. The pressure from it got so much that started squeezing knowledge and memories out of his head. Bit by bit, maths to science to computers, his knowledge was rinsed out over and over again. His memories became a blurred mess, and he couldn’t remember anything. “See bro, your one of us Tyler,” Lance stated. “I… I’m one of you guys?” Tyler questioned “Yeah bro, your part of the team, your our big bro,” As Lance said that Tyler’s mind began creating new memories of being the big bro of the team and being mates with Lance, Bryce and Hunter. “Yeah bro, you’re also the maddest gym rat, smashing all the high weights. All of course for the game and to make Coach happy,” Lance continued. Tyler’s mind was filled with gym routine’s, workouts; sports play styles and rules. He was the big bro and an absolute sports star. “Yeah bro, you smash weights for Coach and also for pussy. You’re like the biggest pussy smasher there is, and you love it,” Tyler’s mind began visualising a hot blonde chick, how it was to fondle her tits, to smash her puss with his thick meat that was hardening in his shorts. “Mmmmpppphhh tits and pussy,” He said uncontrollably as he began to desire to jerk off. “Yeah bro come sit down, we’re all bro’s here so no homo,” Lance joked The boys all sat down and got out their cocks and started jerking themselves off to some titty magazine. Tyler’s mind was now focused on gains and pussy, nothing else. “This feels good, doesn’t it. Blowing your cock to some standard hoe with your bro’s,” Lance asked “Yeah bro, no homo,” “What would it be bro if it was homo? ” Lance intrigued. Tyler was shocked, would a dude really do something homo. The thought of dudes banging dudes repulsed him, made him angry. “Ew bro that’s disgusting, guys don’t fuck other guys. That’s what pussy is for. I would shove those fags in my pits and let my musk tell em how it is, how it should be,” “Yeah bro, but what if as well they hadn’t any gains? And they didn’t want to hit the gym ever? Like they had better things to have, such as smarts,” Tyler was enraged even more now. Who the fuck thought brains were better than gains, these dweebs needed a hit until they knew what they should be doing, which was hitting the gym and smashing pussy. With all this anger, Tyler jerked his dick harder, his head now fussed on pussy, gains, sports and beating dweebs. This was the life, and no other mattered, he would rule the school with his bro’s. Inside the old memories and thoughts of Tye, tried to grasp and cling onto him, hoping to regain control and end this nightmare. Each pounding of his dick, though, sent the memories further down into his dick until he was ready to go. Tyler kept rubbing, enjoying the feeling as his homosexuality, dweeb memories and knowledge were firmly stored away in his balls ready to be disposed of. “UUUUUUUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH” He screamed as he came out his old memories and rid himself of his old life. His other bros followed suit but didn’t produce as much as him. “Haha, no homo bro’s,” they all said, getting up and getting ready for the gym to get swole for the pussy they would smash later.

    Cursed to be dirty (my version)

    (Inspired by programming prince's post)

    Dan really shouldn’t have pissed off that witch. She came onto him but she was 10 years older and Dan was gay so he had no interest. In hind sight he probably could habe thought of a more polite way to say that, but how was he supposed to know she was a witch?! Now he was cursed to be the kind of person he disliked most. The former clean freak of a nerd was now forever trapped as a big brutish straight man that gets dirty often and never washes. Always working outside and getting dirty and loving his own smell. He dates girls who love his muscles, sweat and smell, all marks of a real man! He has even banged the witch herself a few times. Worst of all though, he’s aware of every second of it!

    A Sprinkle of Redneck

    Clint decided he’s had enough of these faggy lib-fucks ruining this country, so he decided he’d sneak into school in the middle of night and leave everyone a little… “surprise” for tomorrow. After tampering with the school’s water and sprinkler systems, he left, impatient for the next day.

    The next day, Stevey walked into school with his fellow twink boyfriend, Robbie. After spending the little time they had together before class, they went along with their days and classes. When the bell rang for lunch, that triggered Clint’s tampering to activate. The sprinklers went off in every room in the school, making everyone wet. When the water hit people, it changed them. Stevey, like everyone else, felt his mind being attacked with new thoughts and memories and his body changed to fit the mental attacks.

    Steve felt his body becoming more muscled and tanned, while his memories of being raised in the city and fighting for equality to growing up on a farm with his twin brother, and former boyfriend, Rob, going to church every Sunday and getting into arguments with lib-fucks online and when they’d try to argue with him to his face, he’d change them into fellow rednecks. His beliefs also changed from being a gay and liberal atheist to being a straight homophobic conservative christian. Try as he did to reject these changes to him, he could do nothing because the wetter he got, the more he changed.

    By the time the sprinkler’s stopped, everyone in the entire school were now straight, conservative christian homophobes and Clint couldn’t be happier. This school is only the beginning in his plans to make everyone as he envisioned.


    Goddamn liberal crybabies, stupid snowflake millennials…. 

    Clarence John Sr. was in a terrible mood, tired of all this “acceptance,” of these abominations. He hated this generation more than anything, he feared what would happen if they voted Trump out. Clarence knew he had to do something, so he decided he would open the book his grandmother left him. 

    Clarence took to Facebook, joining every liberal shit hole he could find. He would lay a trap, converting those liberal queers into real men. His spell, along with technologies interconnecting web would feed off individualism, liberalism, and non-conformity to fuel the magic. The more of these things you are, the more of a gun toting Trump worshipper you’d become. 

    It’s too bad you were so active in those groups, for you were one of the first. As you scrolled through, liking, agreeing, and finding new ways to pick fights with boomers, you found it hard to concentrate. Actually, some of these whiney bags of shit were pissing you off. 

    Your inner monologue felt very off tonight, and you felt very agitated and angry. Never had you felt like you were being oppressed, but tonight everything felt like a personal attack. 

    “Maybe I just need to jerk off,” you though as you laid down in a huff. Grabbing your stiff cock in your hand, you started to think about all the hot men you’d love to fuck you. Muscles, handsome faces, and utter perfection flooded your mind. Stroking to the mental images, you found yourself disgusted with what you were imagining. You couldn’t keep your cock hard, and it was then you realized something was wrong. 

    Grabbing your phone, you opened RedTube and the straight porn was right in front you. Without missing a beat you found yourself hard as a rock, literally no control over your boner. Desperate, you clicked open the straight porn, infatuated with that chick’s titties, you blew your load. Covered in what seemed to be a gallon of cum, you shot your load before the 30 second mark. 

    More things began to invade your brain, like the need for the gym, memories of years of going to gym flooded your mind. Anything intellectual began to lose its place to gym time. You began to grow very fond of guns, beers, and your bros, fucking tired of all the goddamn queers trying to take away your rights. 

    Somewhere, the old you was trying to fight back, but the feeling of your ever growing muscles, simplifying mind, and sex drive going insane, was winning. The more defined, sculpted and physically beautiful you became, the more vapid, shallow, and stupid you got in return. You remember struggling to fuck women, because you lost your load so easily, they laughed at you. You were basically a hot but douchey gooner at this point in your life. 

    Your hand could take care you better than any bitch could anyway. Who gave a fuck about all that shit, you were fucking fine, and as long as you were a rebel, ya boyyy Trump was in office, and the queers stayed away, you were happy. 

    You were at a gay pride protest trying to advocate for equal gay rights. Suddenly two shirtless rednecks walked past and looked at the gay marriage sign you were holding up.

    "Hahaha...That's funny, faggot...queer marriage. What's next, people marrying trees?" One of them asked while he and the other laughed.

    You wanted to correct them, yell at them for being homophobic redneck assholes. But instead as you heard what they said you realized....yeah it was pretty funny. You started laughing along with them but it came out as a deep dumb sounding chuckle just like theirs. Suddenly you start to feel hot and uncomfortable in your pride shirt and seeing them shirtless gives you an idea as you pull off the shirt and throw it on the ground. You look down at your chest and see fat melt away and your chest and arms buff up with muscle. Your pecs pushed out into a nice shelf and your stomach flattened. You felt an itch as hair started to spread across your chest. It went down your stomach forming a thin big nice treasure trail. Your arms and legs got hairy as you felt dark dense hair grow in your pits. You felt an itch down below as a nice thick bush of hair grew around your crotch.

    Your legs felt itchy a bit and your shorts felt heavy. As you looked down your shorts turned blue and changed to denim and grew out into jeans, held up by a belt with a nice big shiny buckle. You liked looking at the buckle. The top of your boxers were showing. Your sneakers morphed into big dirty work boots and your socks vanished. Letting your musk fill the boots. Your face itches as you grew a chin strap beard and your head hair buzzed down getting short.

    You felt a sudden weight on your head as a cowboy hat appeared and you felt all your college and high school learning get pushed out along with being gay and having liberal values. Instead you felt proud of America, gaining conservative Christian values. You loved guns and women, gay people are gonna burn in hell along with all the commies. Why the fuck were you at some gay pride rally? Oh yeah to make fun of the dumb lefty faggots duh. You chuckle and make jokes about the various things people could get married too and walk off with your bros forgetting your old life as a gay college student. Walking off to your new life as a straight stupid redneck.

    Fuck boi-ification: Jack-Off

    Matthew awoke in the messy bed calmly, as the morning rays of light illuminated the dark empty room. As he got up memories of the party he had last night returned to him. He had been invited out by his friends to a house party. At first, Matthew was hesitant to go to the party. He wasn’t fond of them and didn’t feel like he would fit in due to his body and age. Matthew was 24 and about to turn 25, making him older than nearly everyone there. He was also a smallish bear. He had a bulging beer belly and thick arms and legs, which were covered in forests of light brown hairs. Matthews’ head was also covered in a sizeable hairy beard with a short messy top. He was also hesitant to come because it wasn’t his thing, he enjoyed looking at video games and social politics. He was deep into Zelda and Pokemon, but also a fiery activist online, fighting misogynists and homophobes alike.  

    However recently he felt he had become less sociable and with his tedious office job consuming his life, he decided to come to his friend Sarah’s house party. It was usually an open invitation to college frats and sororities, but some younger people also came from schools came as long as they were over 18.  

    Memories of the night slowly came back to him as he got up and changed into cargo shorts and then put his plain white T-shirt on. He remembered having a blast at the party, he got drunk with some frat bro’s and then started flirting with some guy which went nowhere. After that, he remembered feeling awkward as he saw some shitty little fuck boys about. There must have been 5 or 6, and they had all just turned 18. They all wore trendy clothes and accessories, paid of course by their parents. Matthew swore he heard the leader of the group, “Jacob,” call him a faggot but he couldn’t remember.  

    Matthew stood up and looked over at the chest of draws to get his phone which was charging as he touched the screen to check its power. Zero percent it showed.  

    ‘Fuck’ thought Matthew.

    'Its gonna be a couple of hours until I can leave and get on with things’ He continued irritated by his situation.  

    Matthew put the charger back in and made sure the phone was charging. Once it was, he decided to look over the chest draws. There was a digital clock that had many different functions to play about with, some photos of cities from around the world and a small box.  

    'Odd, wonder who left this here.’  

    Matthew decided to open to the box and see what was in it. He opened the lid and a poorly folded sticky note popped out. Matthew took it out and unfolded to read the poorly written message.

    ‘To Jack

    These might look better on you  

    'From Jacob ’

    So this was left by that damn fuck boy, but why was it addressed to Jack. Maybe he thought one of his friends was staying in here. Matthew put the note down and looked to see two flashy studs in the box. He took them both out and looked at them. They were just some cheap knock-offs, usually worn by fuck boys or internet personalities and such.  

    'Heh such a stupid and worthless thing’ Matthew joked, thinking how dumb they looked. A silly thought arose within Matthew. He took one stud in each hand and then held them up to his ears to see how stupid he looked. He slowly brought them closer to his ears and then looked at how bad they were on him. However, there was a sudden jolt, and the earrings magnetized themselves to his earlobe. They shot into his ears giving him a sharp pain but not producing any blood.  

    'The fuck is this?!’ Matthew thought angrily as the sharp pain echoed through his body.

    Matthew’s head started getting dizzy and his eyes got blurry as they watered up. He stumbled back two steps before falling back onto the bed and wriggling about as his body started tingling all over.  He lay in the bed and moved about as his body mass shriveled up, shrinking quickly. His arms and legs became twigs, though remained slightly toned. His body then deflated, his beer gut flattening down into a fit torso with vague lines of abs.

    Further up Matthews once floppy man boobs sucked in forming pecs. Matthew opened his eyes as his blurriness left him. He looked in shock as his body had become thinner and fitter, but also smaller. He started at 6'5, and suddenly he went to 6 foot, he was shrinking fast. He stopped shrinking at 5'7, where he was tiny.  Once Matthew felt his body finish shrinking, another ticklish sensation came over his body, and he looked down over to see his hair recede back into his skin to disappear. Matthew was confused at what had just happened.  

    He jumped off the bed only to have his shorts and underwear fall off him as they were now way too big for him. This unveiled his new smaller cock as well before it had been 10", but now it had been reduced to a mear 5". Matthew walked over to the mirror now feeling his face tickle. He looked to see his facial hair receding back into his face and his hair on top changing. Once it was finished, Matthew was scared at what he saw in the mirror. He looked at the younger figure which was now him. His large body had been reduced drastically, and now he was fit but he didn’t have too much muscle. His skin was hairless now as well, and this made him look youthful like he was in his late teens. His face had been readjusted as well. His facial hair had receded so much it looked as if he couldn’t grow and facial hair. His hair on top had changed as well, he had had long sides with a short top. But now it was the opposite, he had very short faded sides into a long top which was all gelled to the side, in a trendy style.

    Matthew couldn’t comprehend how this had happened. Then he saw the earrings. They were shining now like they were playing with him.

    “Ah fuck, get out of me!” Matthew shouted in a higher, youthful voice.  

    He didn’t care for his new voice, he shot his hands up to his to try and get them out. However, when his hands tried to grab them, it was as if they were controlled by something else and they moved away. Matthew was now breathing faster and heavier as he began panicking. A sharp pain then hit his head as his mind went fuzzy. He fell back onto the bed wriggling about again. Immense pains started erupting all over his brain. He began remembering the night, then his last week. As each pain hit, he felt the memories disappear. All his education, work, money, and prized childhood memories all dissipated into nothingness. Next, he felt his friends and family disappear from his mind. He tried to reach out and save them, but it was as if they were never there.  

    'My name is Matthew. My name is Matthew. I was born… some time ago, I am in someone’s house at the moment… but I’m here because, because… My mom and dad are…? Oh God, I can’t remember’ Matthew tried to go over facts about him to try and bring back memories, but it was hopeless.  

    Suddenly an immense pain hit the back of his head, and he felt memories flood his head.  

    'My name is Jack… no, it’s not. It’s Matthew! I go to High school and study some useless shit, wait this isn’t like me? My parents are rich as fuck and pay for all of my stuff, what this isn’t my memories? I’m at some cool, party with my Boi’s on pussy patrol, lookin for some hot stuff, But I’m gay? Why would want to be looking for women? And I don’t treat women with disrespect?’ Matthew started battling the new memories in his head, as he knew they were different. In fact, they weren’t just different they were wrong. Or were they, Jack loved big boobed brunette girls, he loved pussy, and he could have it whenever due to his fit body and sexy hair. He treated them like shit because why bang one when you can bang them all. Wait no Matthew was gay and into big chubby gay guy… no fuck that gay shit, who is this guy Matthew sounds like a faggot. Why would anyone be into banging dudes when you can have big boobs and pussy. Yeah now Jack, remembered the girl he banged last night. She had thin bod, with two bouncy boobs. Her make up was perfect, and it was a great ending to his 18th birthday. Yeah, he had just turned 18, and he was out he with his boi’s Jacob, Ryan, and the other guys.  

    The memory of Matthew was slowly forced out of his brain as he became Jack. The last of Matthew was forced down into his growing member. Jack started thinking about fucking that girl last night and began rubbing his dick. He was almost about to explode until the last trace of Matthew’s memory came back and took control again. He stopped what he was doing and sat up, trying to think of a plan but his head was too stupid now, filled with jacks memories and little knowledge. He also knew it wouldn’t be long before those memories became fact and squeezed out Matthew’s memories for good.

    'No I can’t let this fuck boi with dumb hair, take over again’ He screamed.

    “Hey baby, wanna fuck again,” came an innocent and feminine voice.

    Matthew looked down and saw the same big boobed woman Jack remembered banging last night.

    “Come on Jack you know you want it,” She said seductively pulling down her pants.

    Matthew tried to resist but Jacks personality overrode him and took over again. He moved on top of her, put his dick in her pussy and began humping her, which drained the last memories of Matthew from his head. Matthew’s memories screamed as they were sucked down into Jacks hard dick, with each hump more went down the drain, first his homosexuality and then the Name Matthew went. Once Matthews memories were gone, his conscience would be assimilated with Jack and his memories, turning Matthew into Jack fully. Eventually, all of Matthew’s memories were finally gone and swimming about in Jacks balls.  

    'Boobs, so big, so bouncy, so good’ Jack thought as the rest of Matthews conscience was absorbed into him.

    “Don’t worry Jacky, Matthew’s nearly gone now. Just cum, cum for me, cum that faggot out, cum NOW!” she screamed in pleasure and as she did Jack came all in her pussy.  

    “Good boy Jack, now go find some other women to go fuck you dumb fuck boi,” she whispered as her body, voice and memory faded from Jack, like a ghost.  

    Jack got up and went get his phone. It was newer and fully charged. He put on some grey sweat pants and then went to the mirror to look himself over.  He spent 20 minutes to make himself look sexy. He took a selfie for a snap chat, Instagram and all his other social media’s. Within 5 minutes he was flooded with thirsty messages from his hundreds of thousands of women and girls who desired to be fucked by him. Jack smirked knowing he could have anything and any girl he wanted.


    watch where you're looking

    Ryan walked into the changing room briskly. He put his bag down on the bench and looked at the clock. It was still only 7:24 am, it felt like time was going slowly. Ryan decided to wait a few minutes. Ryan was waiting for James, a very straight marine who he was attracted to. Ryan made it his mission to stalk him indirectly around the gym, watching him in his smart military outfit, while working-out. James was 6’5, broad, muscular build, he had black hair in a short recruit cut and a few tattoos on him. He always came to the gym in his green shirt which was tucked into his camo trousers. James also got in the gym at 7:30 am sharp. However though today was his last day for a year as he was getting deployed in a week. Ryan wanted to make sure he saw the last he could of him. Recently though due to Ryans not very subtle stalking around the gym, he felt that James may be onto him, He would have to be a lot more secretive about his stalking today.  

    It was now 7:28 and Ryan decided to get changed so as to not arouse suspicion if James entered. Ryan had taken off his jumper and removed his running shoes. But as he was getting changed into his vest, the door burst open.  

    “I’m telling you man, next week when we deploy, it’s going to be fucking great” Said James loudly as he came in with his friend.

    “I get that James, serving this country just feels so fucking great” Replied James’s friend. They both walked to a corner on the other side of the changing room to Ryan.

    Ryan didn’t really care too much about these aspects of James. It mostly repulsed him, Ryan was nerdier and didn’t care too much about America, although he enjoyed traditions where he could drink and eat lots of food. Ryan proceeded to look over his shoulder at James. He saw his back but it was enough to bring back vivid memories and make his dick slightly hard.

    “What about tonight, you gonna score some pussy” Said James’s friend, James responded by slapping his friends bum

    “You know I only need you” he said Jokingly and giving a wink, they both laughed.

    “but yeah you know me, I get that puss 100% of the time” James said still laughing slightly from his joke.

    This is what got to Ryan the most. James would act really gay around his dudes even though he was straight, it irritated him. How could he be attracted to the gayest straight dude out there. The guys put away their gear in their lockers, they turned around to go out and workout. Ryan was still getting changed but he looked slightly at the guys. His dick was now hard that he had to cover it up. Once changed he left it a minute to go out and start cycling. From the cycling machine he watched James do Squatting, he watched as his ass pushed out when went down. The muscles bulging out and his shirt clinging to them. After 10 minutes James moved onto weights. Again, Ryan watched him lift all the weights intensely, the grunting, laughing and gay jokes he made with his friend. Every time he made one, he fantasized about James being gay. Ryan savored as much as he could of James. Once James and his friend were finished, they made their way back to the changing room. Ryan waited on a machine exercising, for them to leave, he didn’t want to arouse any suspicion.  

    “See ya later then man” James’s friend left and wondered out the gym. Odd Ryan thought they would have left together. Ryan waited 5 more minutes for James to leave, but he didn’t. Eventually Ryan decided to go in and get changed. As he entered the room, he couldn’t see James anywhere. Maybe he had gone but didn’t notice. Ryan got out his bag, but before he could start doing anything James spoke next to him, and weirder, at him.  

    “Yo man, how was your workout” Said James with a big grin on his face

    “Umm… um fine” said Ryan awkwardly, trying cover up his boner.

    “That’s good man, hey I seen you been checking me out while I work out man” Ryan went red and felt very awkward suddenly, to his surprise though James was still very calm about this

    “Don’t worry man I’m not going to beat you up or anything, although I was wondering if you could help me out a bit”

    “With what man” Said Ryan

    “Well I Don’t quite know how to put it but….” and after that James made a kiss on Ryan, it wasn’t very long and it wasn’t involving tongues but a kiss none the less. Ryan felt odd and weird at this kiss, part of him felt good. However, Ryan felt James pass on spit into his mouth. James retracted his mouth

    “ah shit that felt gay but you gotta do what you gotta do. How you feeling man” Said James, now cockily

    Although Ryan had desired this, he was oddly repulsed by it.  

    “What the fuck dude, that’s gay as fuck” He blurted out suddenly, James gave a large grin in response to this

    “Wait what the fuck I didn’t mean that” Ryan felt odd he had a sudden headache come on. His vision was getting blurry and he started looking at his legs and arms. Odd they were becoming browner. He went down to touch and felt that his legs were now hairier then before. They were also bigger, stronger and had more muscle. The blurriness cleared a bit and he could see now that he was growing. His legs were now also extending out. His clothes were growing as well to match his body. There was a swelling now underneath his vest as his stomach felt like it had just been hit hard. He felt as his slightly large belly sucked in and hardened into a six pack, further up the swelling caused his nipples to harden and explode to giant pecs. while this happened, his shoulders were broadening out. Down his arms there was swelling and as his arms stretched out with his biceps and triceps becoming massive.  

    “Building muscle nicely man, don’t worry bro soon you can join me and the lads on the base”

    “What have you done to me?”

    “I saw you stalking me over the last few weeks, I kind of enjoyed having you there and didn’t really want to leave you. So, I decided to make you just like me man.”

    “Big, buff, patriot and 100% straight, though we can still do the gay banter”  

    “What? No, I don’t want to become a dumb straight bro”

    “Soz, man its already taken you”

    Ryan looked in the mirror. His head and face had become round and a dumb look fell over it. His once long stylish brown hair had shortened down into a recruit cut. But weirder now his white shorts were getting longer and turning camo. Eventually becoming smart army trousers, which were held up by a belt. Next his vest started growing down and into his trousers tucking in, it grew some short sleeves. Splotches of khaki green started appearing spontaneously next and then spread out over the shirt like a plague. Once it the shirt white had been consumed by the new khaki green Ryans outfit was now just like James’.  

    “Oh god I’m just like you” he screamed out in a new more masculine voice

    “I know bro, just think one last bit and you’ll be just like me”

    “Can’t we just skip this bit, I promise to be as patriotic and devoted as the rest of you guys”

    “awwww that’s kind of cute” Said James mockingly

    “But no, if your gay then the gay banter just feels weird man and plus fucking pussy is way better, once this is complete though you won’t want to go back”

    Ryan’s headache spiked up again. Now his head was being attacked. He felt his IQ slipping, like it being drained from his head. His old college and high school knowledge melted away, and was swiftly replaced by sports and military knowledge.  

    “nooooooooo, I’m getting dumber and dumber, I can feel it” James smirked at this

    Ran could now feel his dick getting hard, he needed to touch it. He unzipped his trousers and got out his now 10-inch dick. He started rubbing harder and harder. He began thinking about dudes to get hard but suddenly he switched it to women. I mean what was he fucking gay? Yes… no… ye… no. His homosexuality was now battling his new and increasing heterosexuality. He began thinking about boobs and tight pussy. How good it would be to fuck them and a nice fit bimbo. His homosexuality and the remainder of his knowledge was now being stuffed inside his balls, ready to explode out of his dick, which eventually it did, after that Ryan adopted a new persona of brotherly love towards James and the rest of his new unit. He enjoyed a bit of banter with his bro’s, even a bit of gay banter, but he was now straight, he went out and partied to fuck pussy. When he wasn’t doing that, he would be on deployment or training.  

    “How are you, bro” said James

    “Fucking great Bro”

    “You up for tonight bro and getting some absolute pussy”

    “Obviously bro, well except for you, bro” Ryan joked

    “haha bro” James and Ryan got out their tongues and started touching them in a jokingly gay manner.


    Snapped Straight

    Synopsis: Kenny switches with a straight jock but doesn’t go over all the personality override settings

    “Fucking sweet, man!” 

    “Woah, my voice, it’s deep!” 

    ‘Little’ Kenny had just used his body switch device to trade places with the hottest jock he’d ever seen while running errands. In an instant he blew through the settings and pressed [accept]. Kenny breezed through the details about personality and permanency… “Just let me experience that body, that’s all I want!” 

    All Kenny wanted was to have a single day in a hot jock body. After he pushed [accept] his vision cleared and he stood shirtless in a bathroom mirror…

    “Did it work, did it work?” 

    “FUCK YEA!” Kenny placed his hand on this throat and felt the deeper voice he had now.

    “This body is going to rock for day! Think of all the pussy I can score!” 

    “Wait, pussy?” 

    “Yea, I guess this jock is straight. I’m not though!” 

    Kenny concentrated and slowed all the horny thoughts that kept popping into his mind. 

    “Just focus on shit bro, focus” He told himself, not sure why it was becoming so difficult. 


    … … 

    “Take a selfie for the babes?”

    “I wanna bust so bad!” 

    “Fuck why do I keep thinking that?” 

    “My dick is hard, fuck!”

    Kenny was having a hard time prioritizing his thoughts. 

    “Selfie… put it away… no! But… I… I need to…”

    In mere moments Kenny had posted a dick pic to his snapchat story… and a huge wave of relief came over him. He grabbed his junk and have it a nice scratch. “That wasn’t bad.” 

    “Now, Ke– Bro— Brady?”

    “Wait, what was it?”


    “It’s Brady?”


    “I CAN DO THIS” 

    After a few moments Brady was able to calm his dick. He tried hard not to look at the many posters of babes and models hanging on the wall. “I have to stop looking at these… hot babes.”

    Brady paced his bedroom trying to remember the past twenty minutes…

    “This isn’t right… this isn’t my body… but…”

    Brady was quickly becoming immersed with his body…

    “These bis… tris… pecs…”

    “Fuck, my phone!”

    Snaps, all from usernames with hearts around them, began flooding his phone…

    “Uhh! Why are they sending me… holy shit these tits are all huge and… bouncy… fuck I think that’s hot!” 

    “I wonder if my dick feels good…”

    Brady started to massage his mostly soft cock through his shorts. Before long he was sporting a chub. 

    “Ughh, that feels good.” 

    “These tits are fantastic.”

    Faster now, Brady pumped his thick dick to the images on his phone. 

    “Fuck I love this.”

    “It’s just – –”


    “I can’t be gay…”

    “These tits…”

    “Fuck, I’m gunna cum”

    “Where do I cum?

    “Fuck I’m cumming!”

    “I’m cumming on my sheets.”

    “Fuck!” “Fuck!” 

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    My buddy Adam was straight but totally cool. We would always hangout and always just chilled. One day he told me he was going to invite a girl over to fuck, and we’d just chill until she got there. An hour must have passed and still no girl. I felt bad for him. “So I guess you’ll have to jack off now,” I told him, joking.

    Adam and I had a good laugh at his failed hookup. He told me he was putting on some porn and I was welcome to beat off with him. I looked at him like was crazy… until he started pulling down his pants. “Dude,” Adam started… “It’s awkward if I’m the only one doing it.” Adam must have ‘forgot’ about my being… gay!

    Against my better judgement I yanked out my cock and started beating. The blonde bimbo on the screen was totally Adam’s type. Her tits and ass were big as fuck. She was riding dick nice. I can see how he enjoys this stuff… Adam was zoned into the TV and didn’t hear his front door open. I heard it though…

    I think it was the chick who was supposed to come earlier, she just walked in. Adam was glued to the TV, I could tell he was about to erupt. I had no choice but to address the nearly-nude hooker Adam had called. She was dressed wearing short panties, and her tits were on display. “Hey….” I began but she put a finger up to her mouth and silenced me. 

    She began to walk closer to us. I didn’t even realize I was still jacking off until she looked at what we were watching. I’m not even straight yet I couldn’t stop touching myself…

    The girl just stood watching us, Adam moaned and lost his load right in his hand. I felt the heat of her eyes staring us down. I stopped beating so I could stop from losing my load but there were boobs all around me. I couldn’t clear them from my mind. I had to… grab my dick. At that instant I felt a flood of warm cum cover my hand. I felt my face turn beat-red. I look over to the chick who was shaking her head…

    “Straight guys… always want quick gratification - can’t wait.”

    She left fast, leaving me and Adam stroking all afternoon. I feel like I could do this every day to the same videos. It’s so easy.