Peter’s Essay

“I wish I didn’t have to write this dumb essay”

The more Peter wrote his essay, the bigger his body got. His body filled with muscle and fat. His smooth hairless body sprouted thick smelly hair. His fowl stench stunk up his once clean room. Peter’s arms grew heavier as they packed on muscle. His biceps inflated with each word he wrote. Peter’s fingers thickened until he couldn’t even use the computer anymore. Peter tried to focus on his essay, but clouds of fog invaded his brain.

Peter’s room began to change. The posters of him and his boyfriend on the wall disappeared, being replaced by pictures of his new hairy body kissing a sexy woman. His scholarly books slowly shifted into straight porno magazines. His hidden dildo thickened and changed into a fuckable fleshlight pussy. Peter’s phone began blowing up with messages from girls calling him Daddy. Peter stopped thinking about his essay. He stopped thinking about college. He stopped thinking about his boyfriend. All he could think about was fucking girls, jerking off and staying smelly.

Fuck, I stink bro” Peter chucked. “LIKE EVERY REAL MAN SHOULD!” PFFTTTTTTTT

Peter got what he wanted. He’ll never have to write another essay again. Why would he? He’s a dumb straight man now. He never went to college. He’s never written an essay in his entire life. Peter now has everything he could ever want in life. Fleshlights, porno mags and a sexy fuckable wife.

And with that big fat cock between Peter’s legs, it wouldn’t surprise me if he becomes a father very soon.