The History Exam

    “Shit! There’s a history exam today?!” Charlie panicked. “What’s it on?!”

    “It’s on the Romans, dude” Charlie’s best friend laughed at him.

    “Just go to the bathroom and study for like 10 minutes. They won’t start the test without you”


    Charlie ran out of the class and made a beeline for the bathroom. He kicked open the bathroom door, threw his bag into the stall and locked it behind him.

    “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Charlie dragged his history book out of his bag and opened it to the correct chapter. ANCIENT ROME the textbook read.

    “Oh god. I‘m not gonna remember any of this” Charlie dropped the textbook and put his hands on his head. “I’m so fucked”

    I wish I knew everything about the Romans.” he sighed.

    Suddenly, Charlie was hit with an overwhelming sensation. Heat rushing through his body. Heat flowing through his veins. Charlie closed his eyes and groaned uncomfortably. He felt as if his shirt collar was choking him. In fact, he felt as if his entire body was being strangled by his clothes. His clothes now skin tight on him. Were his clothes shrinking? What was happening to him?

    Suddenly, Charlie’s bicep tore through his school uniform. Charlie yelled as his body grew to gargantuan proportions. Charlie felt his pecs balloon up. They became big and heavy. His shoulders broadened and stretched. He broadened to the point where his shoulders were pressing up against each side of the bathroom stall. Charlie started forming a six pack. He felt a rush of masculinity flow through his body. He couldn’t help but flex his new masculine muscles.

    “Fuck... it feels so good.” Charlie groaned, his voice growling. He sounded like some kind of animal.

    Hair began to sprout all over Charlie’s body. His chest became covered in a thick pelt. His pubic area growing a full bush, as if it had never been a trimmer. His legs and ass becoming hairier and stinkier. His armpits growing thick pungent hair. Charlie now reeked of masculinity. His scent intimidating any man that smelled it. Charlie was repulsed by his own smell... at first. But the more he smelled his own stink, the more his began to like it. He lifted up his arm and took a whiff of his sweaty, stinky armpit.

    “Oh yeah” the beast growled. “That’s the stuff”

    The pulsating heat enveloped Charlie’s head. Charlie’s ability to think slowed down. He became stupider and stupider. His brain devolving. His high school education being drained from his mind. His IQ plummeting. His 130 IQ draining out of his head becoming a generous 40. Charlie’s face then began to shift. His brow becoming more pronounced. His eyebrows becoming bushier. His face becoming more angular and masculine. His memories of growing up in England were erased from his mind. They were replaced with memories of growing up in... Rome. No... not just Rome, but Ancient Rome. Charlie began devolving further. His manners disappearing. Losing all social awareness. His brain devolved until Charlie became nothing more than some uneducated Roman from the year 200 AD.

    A red tunic appeared on Charl.... Maximus. Maximus grunted and kicked the stall door open. He stomped through the school’s halls. His big hairy muscular body on full display. His masculine stench stinking up the hallways. He angrily stomped through the school until he reached the History classroom. Maximus opened the door, his big hulking muscular body struggling to fit through the doorframe.

    Charlie’s old history teacher’s jaw dropped. But he better be careful. Maximus is hiding a boner beneath that tunic. And it wouldn’t surprise me if the devolved hunk rips off his teacher’s clothes and burys his Roman load deep inside his history teacher’s fat ass.


    Charlie got exactly what he asked for. He now knows everything there is to know about Ancient Rome. In fact, Anicent Rome is the only thing he knows about now. Compared to his classmates, Charlie is just some dumb devolved ape. But at least he’ll get an A+ on his history exam... right?


    Cold Weather Itch

    Synopsis: Matt the roommate is one hairy guy, and a nudist to boot. The special shakes he makes has a particular effect on body hair of all things.

    ** **

    ** **

    Matt was strange when I met him but he really started to weird me out when he started ditching clothes around our shared apartment all-together. I guess Matt was a combination geek, gamer, and now I learn… nudist. It made for many awkward interactions at first. 

    The dude is hairy and Matt’s bush wasn’t easy to ignore… a huge nest of dark brown curls flying in every direction. That, and he seemed to disassociate himself with any kind of trimming or upkeep. 

    I have to say though, Matt’s been so kind to cook meals for us both. He even began making me a vanilla shake in the mornings, although I’ll admit the chalky taste got some getting used to.

    * * *

    Maybe it’s the cold winter air but I’ve been itchy like hell the past few weeks. I had to drop the shirt-wearing entirely because… the itching…. I have to get out of my room… Matt is in the kitchen. 

    “Diggin’ the shirtless vibes man.” Matt shouted over. 

    “I-uh’ve been itching a lot,” I admitted. I noticed Matt looking at me funny.

    “You’re just becoming a gaymer furball like me. We’ll be hairy jerk off buds in a matter of weeks.”

    “HUH?” I look down to see some many many hairs just centimeters in length beginning to poke out all across my chest. “Ugh, no!” I squirm in place.

    Matt had me in a daze, hardly able to move.

    “Scratch. You know you want to.”

    “Stop-” I hated him so much, and I was itchy.

    “Itchy?” Matt smiled at me and went on…

    “Yea bro you’ll definitely clog the shower drain every morning like I do.”

    I wanted to… scratch!

    “Feel that hair grow.”

    Fuck I’m scratching like some kind of animal!!!



    Fuck, man.  When I started growing hair on my face and on my chest, that was probably the end of my academic career right there.  Yeah, I had already gotten hairy all over my groin and started to get a thick dick, but I reminded myself that was normal and to not think of it much, just focus on your studies.  I was probably fighting it ok, but after I had to shave for the first time I was in front of the mirror jacking for almost an hour, rubbing my tongue over the rough stubble, just so turned on for some reason.

    I tried not to think of it for the rest of the week, even went to bed and found myself getting hard and forced myself to think of something else.  Then I found I couldn’t stop staring at this upperclassman who I knew guys said might be into dudes.  He had this goatee and was wearing this red v-neck shirt with his burgeoning teenage chest hair just poofing out of the top, and I couldn’t stop staring.  He was wearing these tight denim jeans with holes in the knees, so that you could kind of see how furry and muscular his legs were getting, and his ass looked so hard and firm that I just had to follow him home.  We ended up fucking in the woods and that was the end of Andrew E. Berard’s academic ambitions and the day Drew Woodhouse made his first appearance.  My motto is never look back, and now I’m fucking around all the time like the slut I want to be.  Every whisker that grows in thicker, every muscle that pops out a little more, every chest hair I sprout – it just turns me on even more, man.

    Just last night I was fucking around with this hot dude on the football team of the school rivals, closeted which was so hot, cuz I don’t give a fuck.  I had my two hands on his firm, hard ass just running it through the locks of light brown fur that covered it for what felt like hours, this peach fuzz that was on its way to beast fuzz, all over his ass, man, until he was begging me to plow him.  I rode him with my hands wrapped around his pecs, feeling him flex and grunt while I probably drooled all over the nape of his neck, only he obviously was fuckin’ loving it and I rode him like a cowboy.  I was telling him yeah, you want to see me with ten more pounds of muscle, just give me three months, you want to lick these pits, you sick faggot?  Love talkin’ dirty to dudes like that, asked hiim if he was into cowboys.  He just shouted yeah and I roared right back at him, ‘yeah, you like this cowboy shit, don’t you?’  He let me cum all over his face, then we made out some and I pushed him off me and left, haha. Just wait, see how long he can go without texting.  I sent him a shot of my chest hair and just left it at that.