I'm 21 male that is half white and half native hawaiian and have a hard time embracing my native hawaiian heritage since I wasn't raise in it. Could you please transform me into a full blooded native Hawaiian that is proud of his culture and customs

I don't think I've done anything like this one before so I hope it's good.

Dylan stared at his blank family heritage report for class. His dads side of the family was from Hawaii but that wasnt reflected in the young man who was slighty pale and nerdy in appearance. He wasn't very fit and hadn't been raised in Hawaii or exposed to much Hawaiin culture. He went into the attic to check out his familys stuff and found his grandfathers surfboard. Brushing off the dust he felt an electric shock enter him from the board. Muscles began to inflate in his arms and legs and his pecs strained against his shirt. "Dude what the fuck is happening?" He yelled out in a slow and dumber voice. His shirt finally gave away and he ripped it off with ease. His small nerdy shoes tore open to reveal big, strong surfer feet and his hair grew long and messy to frame his beautiful face that was now 100% Hawaiin. Any signs of the white blood in him faded as his skin tanned and darkened to the type of tan that only came from genes. He pulled out some board shorts and a necklace that he found and put them on, loving his heritage now, wanting to smoke and surf and forgetting all about gaming and nerdy stuff. Remembering surfing, dances, hawaiin language and things to please the ancient island gods. "Dude that was sweet!"