hey! can you wrote a story about a gay guy who hypnotizes his straight friend to be a gay himbo?

    Kevin and Bryan were best friends. The only issue was Kevin was gay and attracted to Bryan, and Bryan was straight. He had nothing against gays but felt no attraction to his friend. Kevin tried to deal with it but eventually couldn't anymore. He browsed around online and found a hypnosis recording for sale to turn the viewer into a "gay himbo" he bought it. He convinced Kevin to come over and watch a movie together, not sure how else to get Bryan to watch it as he puts it on. Images of hot guys start to flash across the screen. Shirtless, working out, doing sports, in the pool, flexing on the beach, all kinds of scenarios as Bryan looks at his friend confused "dude what is this some kinda gay porn?" He asked but as he did his face started slack. His eyes looked zoned out. He stopped talking and started looking. The subliminal visual and audio messages in the video skipping straight past his concious mind and into the subconscious, where they started to reprogram Bryan. His short hair turned from brown to blond and grew out, sweaty and messy on top, shorter on the sides. His eyes turned empty and dull as his face contorted into a dumb open mouthed grin. Soon he was pulling his shirt off, his dkin tanned as he gained some hair on his chest and stomach. His body becoming a slight mix of fat and muscle. His dick hardened in his pants and he kicked his shoes off. Soon the new Bry is flexing, looking kinda average right now but with a sudden new urge to drink, workout, and fuck. He gets hard at the thought of guys now. He wants to fuck another dumb himbo like himself. His body looks wrong, he needs to workout to get into proper himbo shape!

    Meanwhile Kevin wanted to enjoy watching the changes to his friend but had exposed himself to the video too! His hair turning brown and gettinf sweaty and messy his stomach hardening into hairless abs as he starts to fully strip down. Its too fucking hot in here. A dumb grin on his face and eyes closed as he kicks his shoes off his growing feet and jerks to the thought of his changing body. Kev looks over at his bro with lazy eyes, the same urges driving him to workout, drink, and fuck his way to looking as dumb as he feels. The video ends and the two himbos look at each other and laugh before going at it.

    Huhuhuh bro


    hey can you write a story about a chubby shy guy being hypnotized to be a dumb himbo?

    Michael didn't get why his roommate and some of his friends invited him along for the hike. He was shy, anti social, and overweight. Going on a hike with a bunch of jocks he barely knows would be the last thing anyone who knew him even a little bit would expect him to do. But even weirder was the fact he agreed. He immediately regretted it when you was too hot and out of breath less than 10 minutes into the hike. The guys took a short break for him and started saying things like "you should hit the gym with us" "if your too hot take your shirt off bro!" And the such. Michael got the feeling these were genuine offers and not them making fun of him. "I...I dunno" was all he could stutter out. Thats when his roommate pulled out a pocket watch, telling him to look at it. Michael thought this was stupid until he found himself swaying in time with the watch and soon he was blank. His mind open, a sponge, eagerly soaking up what his roommate was telling him. "Your name is Mikey, your a total bro like us! You workout with us at the gym eveey day bro! You love showing off how swoll your getting. You drink beer with us bros and party all weekend!" The other bros practically chanting each thing again in the background. "Dumb down, bro up" they started saying and Micha....Mikey started repeating it in his own head as well. He wasn't awake yet but knew it was too hot for a shirt and eagerly pulled it off. Just in time to watch as fat melted away to muscle. Slight pecs and abs formed. Skin tanning like he'd alwaya been outside. His short greasey hair grew longer and styled itself as facial hair grew around his jaw line. Mind over matter, he was so convinced he was a dumb bro that even his body was changing to match. As he slimmed down his jogging pants and boxers fell off his thinner frame but luckily his bros gave him a extra pair of shorts. His mind quieted abd dumbed down. Gaining confidence and libido. His dick hardened as he thought of all the hot guys he could plow. He was gay before and since the roommate never specified what his orientation was that stayed the same. But much more lewd and obvious with his booming confidence. When Mikey woke back up he was confused "why'd we stop brah? We just started!" The others grinned as they finished their hike, taking a few goofy pics along the way for Facebook.


    My friends are obsessed with TikTok and are trying to get me into it. It’s just so boring to me. Can you show me what’s so appealing about it?

    You sit on your bed and tap download.

    God, you’re downloading TikTok. You almost feel ashamed just from downloading it, you can’t lie. You tried to avoid the app for years now. But after your friends’ insistent nagging, you finally gave in.

    You open up the app and begin to scroll; video of a guy dancing, dog video, video of girl dancing, video of friends dancing.

    “Okay, so it’s just dancing...” You continue scrolling as a feeling of disappointment washes over you. “That’s it?”

    You toss your phone down onto your bed and let out a sigh. The generic TikTok song continues to play on a 30 second loop.


    “Shut up!” You reach over and aggressively press your phone’s off button.

    “I wish I knew what people liked so much about this stupid app” You sigh. “It’s just an app for dumb idiots”

    Suddenly, a dark dizziness creeps over your eyes. You instinctively grab your head as your world rotates around you.

    You black out.


    Your alarm clock rings. You awake suddenly. Your head aching from the night before. You must have blacked out for the entire night. How weird... you weren’t that tired when you fell asleep. Maybe you fainted?

    You hit your alarm clock on it’s head and reach for your phone. In its dark reflection, you see something frightening. You see a stranger staring back at you. A blonde boy with striking eyebrows and plump wet lips. He looks no older than 20. His nose is fat and round and his lower face is covered in patchy stubble. He looks nothing like a dark haired 30 year old man... he look’s nothing like... you.

    You throw the phone down once again, feeling so strange. You look down to see your body had altered too. Your beefy hairy 30 year old body has changed. You have muscles now. Hairless muscle. Perfectly sculpted abs and soft round pecs. You notice you can’t feel your cock running against your leg anymore. Shocked, you throw your bedsheets away from you, showcasing your new cock.

    Your once 7 inch cock looked sizeably smaller. It had shrunk to about 3 inches. But, it was a lot thicker than before. As thick as a beer can. Endless streams of precum leak from its sensitive head. You feel as though you could just cum all over yourself. Shoot a thick fat load which would spray all over your new fuckable dicksucking lips. Surprisingly, you feel extremely confident about your small thick cock. You always have been. You love wearing grey sweatpants with no underwear, putting your precummy boner on full display for your audience. You furrow your new thick brow in confusion. Audience? What... what’s happening?

    You suddenly realise what is happening as your brain begins to adjust to the altered reality. You’re becoming what you wished for... someone who loves TikTok. And in this case, it’s a slutty 20 year old fuckboy.

    You leap out of bed, feeling two heavy globes bounce behind you. You look over your shoulder to see your ass had grown over night. Your wobbly cheeks jiggle with every movement, like two heavy water balloons. As you take a step forwards, they clapped making your fat 3 inch cock rock hard.

    God, i’m such a fucking himbo. People gotta see how fat my ass is huhuhu” You dumbly chuckle and smack your fat fuckable ass.

    You open your phone and immediately open up TikTok. You perfectly position the camera on your bedside table and begin recording.

    You bounce your juicy globes, getting hard just thinking about how many men will use you as jack-off material. That’s all you are to them. Living porn. Something that they can shoot their load to and make cum tributes of. A part of you liked being seen that way. Seen as lesser. Not deserving of common human decency. Not deserving of respect. You want to be treated like an inflatable fucktoy. Like a human fleshlight. Because that’s what you are.

    You enjoyed getting harassed in the comment section, receiving comments like:

    “God, you’re just an inflatable fucktoy come to life aren’t you. Just a walking sex doll, ready to be used at any moment. I want to dump my load in you, baby”

    “You better hope I don’t see you in public boy. Cause if I do, I’ll rip those clothes right off you and fuck you right there, for everyone to see”

    “I want to impregnate you as you call me Daddy. I’m coming for that perfect tight pussy boy. You can’t escape me.”

    Each comment inflates your body just a small bit more. It fills your fat cheeks, grows your thick pecs and empties your dumb little brain. Maybe that’s why it makes you so happy, hmm?

    That’s it boy, give into your instincts. Post multiple times a day. Invite people to make suggestive comments about your fuckable body. Make men so horny that they have no choice but to jerk off to you. And maybe if you do, you might become the biggest most fuckable dumb slut on TikTok.

    That’s it boy. Show off that body to those 2 million followers. Mmmmm, I can definitely see you’re enjoying TikTok now...

    Pride Month

    Johnathan had never considered himself a homophobe. He didn’t mind gay men as long as they weren’t over the top or too flamboyant. But he couldn’t help despise Pride month. He thought it was unnecessary and was disgusted by it. The idea of gay men overtaking the streets, wearing little clothing, forcing their sexuality on him was revolting to Johnathan. He couldn’t help but feel anger build up inside him every June.

    “Stupid pride month. They get an entire month to shove their gayness down my throat” he mumbled as he looked out his apartment window seeing the Pride parade below him.

    “I wish I got a whole month dedicated to my sexuality” he said smugly.

    As soon as the words left his mouth, there was a knock at his apartment door. Johnathan was shocked. He wasn’t expecting anyone. Johnathan waltzed his way to the door and opened it. A big beefy masculine man stood in the doorway grinning at him. He was only wearing a pair of tight pink underwear. “He’s a queer” Johnathan thought to himself. Johnathan could see the outline of the hairy man’s meaty cock straining against his underwear. Even Johnathan was stunned by it’s size. It was as thick as a beer can. Johnathan could see glitter on the man. Johnathan could tell the beefy man had been down there partying with all the other annoying gays.

    “You coming to the parade, boy?” the man growled in a condescending tone.

    Johnathan was taken back. He had never been called ‘boy’ before. It was almost as if the strange man was trying to humiliate Johnathan.

    “What? I ain’t no queer. I don’t want anything to do with that disgusting parade” Johnathan retaliated.

    “What are you talking about, boy?” the mysterious man chuckled. He then used his big meaty hands to push Johnathan back into his apartment. The strange man then walked in and locked the door behind him.

    “You must be confused” the hairy man said in his deep husky voice. “You’ve always loved the Pride parade, Johnny boi. It gives you a chance to show off that sexy body of yours, especially that big juicy ass.” The stranger grinned.

    Johnathan felt a hot pleasure build up in his skinny body, especially his arms. Johnathan looked down to see his biceps grow. They began to inflate like footballs. Becoming bigger and stronger. His flat chest began to grow too. His once flat pectoral muscles inflating. Becoming round and fuller. Almost like a pair of heavy perky tits. He could feel the weight of them on his chest. It all felt so disorientating. Johnathan grabbed his new perky tits only to let out a high pitched feminine moan. His nipples were so sensitive. The slightest touch elicited a feminine pleasure filled moan.

    “I love your new bleach blonde hair, Johnny boi. You look like a total himbo” the mysterious man laughed as Johnathan’s dark hair began to lighten becoming a light blonde. Johnathan began moaning as his pecs began involuntarily bouncing. Johnathan was shocked by the high pitched feminine whimpers coming out of his mouth. But he couldn’t stop them. It felt so... natural. It felt so right.

    Johnathan’s legs began growing. Becoming thick and beefy. The hot pleasure then began to focus on Johnathan’s ass. His flat ass growing. Becoming big and round. Fat and juicy. His hips becoming wider to accommodate his new melon sized cheeks. Johnathan couldn’t help but fondle them. His new cheeks jiggled with every movement. His new ass looked so inviting. As if his ass cheeks were begging to have a nice big cock jammed up in between them.

    “I’m loving your new style” the beefy man said “All you wear now is slutty pink clothes. In fact, you find it impossible to wear any other colour now.”

    Johnathan’s suit began to change. The trousers shortened to become a nice pair of pink shorts not even long enough to cover his new big himbo cheeks. His shirt and jacket moulded together to become a nice crop top, exposing his new six pack. The crop top barely concealed Johnathan’s new pair of sensitive titties.

    “What are you doing to me?” Johnathan shouts in fear. “I look so...”

    “Gay?” the hairy man interrupted. “That’s because you are gay, Johnny. You’re a big homosexual himbo”

    HOMOSEXUAL. HIMBO. The words rang out in Johnathan’s mind. He could feel himself fading. Being replaced. His mind was being rewritten by the dominant intruder. His attraction to women dissipated while his attraction to men increased. His fantasies of breeding women were replaced with thoughts of having his hole being stretched by big fat cocks. His apartment began to change. Pride flags appearing on the wall, his walls and furniture turning into a light playful pink and the clothes in his closet being turned into slutty pink crop tops and thongs. The dominant stranger began to fill Johnathan’s thoughts. Johnathan blushed as he imagined his hole being filled by the beast. Johnathan found himself daydreaming about sucking on the man’s big hairy cock. Johnathan began to get hard as all the new gay fantasies filled his little head. Johnathan couldn’t make eye contact with the beast anymore. He felt lesser than him. He was just a hole for him to fuck his potent cum into. Nothing more. His hole began to loosen. No more did he have a tight straight hole. His hole was now loose and sloppy. It had seen many years of penetration. And it was ready for many years more. To encourage anal penetration, Johnathan could now no longer cum from just stroking his penis. He needed a big dom daddy to jam their cock into his prostate in order to feel pleasure. As a result of this, Johnathan’s cock shrank. Shrank until it was nothing more than a one inch nub. He didn’t need his cock anymore. All he needed was his new big juicy melon sized ass cheeks. Johnathan’s nub began to leak precum as he fantasised about the dominant man stuffing his sloppy hole.

    “You don’t have to hide your precummy nub from me” the big man cooed. “You’re a big dumb horny himbo. You can’t help it”

    DUMB. HORNY. HIMBO. Johnathan felt his brain begin to melt away. The warm pleasure draining away his IQ. Johnathan got dumber and dumber. The dumber he got, the more vacant his face looked. His mouth dropped open. His drool dribbled out onto the floor as he let his intelligence drip away. His IQ dropped to a mind numbingly stupid 40. He was so stupid. His face was forever stuck in a dumb himbo expression. Everyone could tell he was just a big dumb himbo now. Johnathan didn’t even finish high school. He didn’t understand anything. He just sat at the back of the class dribbling on his big fat tits, thinking about getting his hole stuffed full of cum.

    “I like totally forgot how stupid I was hehehe” Johnathan giggled in an extremely feminine voice.

    “Don’t worry, Johnny. I’ll always be here to do the thinking for you” the daddy smirked. “That’s why I married you”

    A wedding ring appeared on Johnny’s finger. Johnny let out an effeminate sigh as he looked at his new dominant husband.

    “I like totally love you daddy” he swooned as he let out a high pitched giggle.

    “Now show daddy how much you love him. Shake that ass for me, boi” the man deviously grinned.

    Johnny immediately started shaking his massive jiggling ass. He began twerking for his daddy. He wanted to make him proud. That was Johnny’s main goal in life now. Looking sexy for his new dom daddy.

    Johnny’s fat ass began to ache. It felt like it was missing something. Johnny felt so... empty.

    “I need your cock, sir” Johnny whimpered as he nudged his husbands fat pecs with his face. Johnny rubbed his face all over his husband’s chest. He covered himself in his stink. He wanted to be able to smell his daddy at all times.

    “Listen boy, go into your room. Strip. Get on all fours and get ready for the pounding of a lifetime” the hairy man smiled. Johnny did as he was told.

    Johnny loves his new life as a gay himbo. He has a big fuckable body and a sexy daddy that would buy him anything he wanted. But most importantly, Johnny got exactly what he wished for. Johnny now has an entire month dedicated to his sexuality. Pride Month.