What's happening right now in the US capital is horrifying, disgusting, and Un American. Trump supporters need to grow a pair and admit they lost instead of trying to overthrow the government. This isn't a protest its an attempted overthrow and honestly how dare they! I don't like talking politics ever, especially on this blog which is fun tf stories to help horny people. But this needs to stop. If you think this is ok unfollow me. We don't want you here. But you might feel more welcome in 1940s Germany.

    I just found this. I ususlly post the typical sexy jock for tf but this is true. I struggle a lot with body image and if any of you do too. Don't. Your all sexy in your own way and if ypu don't think so maybe your just not the body type you would be attracted to. That doesn't mean someone else won't. Im over weight and hate it but there are people purposefully gaining cause they find it sexy. So no matter what you look like, guy or girl, your hot and keep being you.

    scp writing project in danger

    So I know this has nothing to do with what I normally post or write about but I LOVE the SCP series and it is a series of creative world by hundreds of people. As a writer I am all for helping other writers with their projects. Long story short a russian man is trying to claim copyright over the scp foundation, universe, website, stories, games, etc. And the people who run the wiki need help to pay for the legal fees to fight him. I dont care that this has nothing to do with my blog, but who knows maybe some of you like scp stuff too. I currently don't have money to spare so I figured I'd blast this out to my fans so at least I am contributing in some way.

    Here is the link to the go fund me: https://www.gofundme.com/f/scp-legal-funds

    More info: https://www.reddit.com/r/SCP/comments/dvb6dp/announcement_regarding_licensing_emergency/




    Sad but true. Maybe we wouldnt complain all the time if the previous generation wasnt going out of their way to make adult life next to impossible for us. When unpaid internships and minimum wage part time work is all you can get how are you supposed to have insurance, pay rent, and eat. All the good jobs are locked before 5 years experience that your supposed to get where? Not to mention you need a college degree for any good paying job so add student loans to the monthly expenses. They complain that we only work part time at coffee shops and still live at home well yeah, cause they've set up a system where that's all we can do. So instead of bitching about millenials, how about you talk to one.


    FA: furaffinity.net/user/wolfkid4826

    Discord (should be perma): https://discord.gg/BDGcABC

    Wordpress: muscletflover.home.blog

    I have this tumblr fully backed up on wordpress I just need to organize tags. Working on getting all my stories and favs onto discord. And all future stories will be posted on wordpress and discord with some being posted on FA but I expect that to be less consistent. Thank you all for being such wonderful fans and I hope to move forward with you. I will not delete my tumblr but its possible they will delete me we shall see.


    Reblog If Your Blog Is Safe For

    Transgender people

    Homosexual people

    Bisexual people

    Genderfluid people

    Asexual people

    Pansexual people

    Autosexual people

    Demisexual people

    Bigender people

    Agender people

    Polysexual people

    Straight people

    Cisgender people

    Straight allies of the lgbtqpiad community



    Absolutely! <3


    I'm gonna be honest I dont even know what some of these are but I dont care. You be you. I'm bisexual. All are welcome and even if the word you feel describes you isnt on the list your welcome here too.


    Watch out for dangeous tists

    Everyone please stay away from Hypno-Obey, MasterAlpha, Trey (they are all the same person), a friend of mine who has been working with him, recently told him that he didn’t want to continue, and Trey’s responce was to trigger him and make it hurt him to even think of leaving. Now this kid (who for his personal privacy will remain nameless if he chooses to reply to this message that is his choice) He is currently balling because he doesn’t understand what happened, he doesn’t understand why thinking about leaving is hurting, he has expressed that this is what he wants, and what is healthy for him but now the very idea is hurting him. Trey is not a good person and has been told many times privatly and publicly. Now many people will chastise me for speaking publicly but I have tried in private as have others and he has not changed, and this sweet kid is crying because of Trey basically raping him. So I am not going to stay quiet any longer.

    @gayhypno10101 Can confirm he has not been an ethical and honest person


    This deserves a reblog, it’s disgusting and downright appalling.


    This is why I dont like hypno irl, people like this. If your into it that's fine but make sure you trust your hypnotist

    I appreciate all of you

    I just want to say I've been hearing a lot of positive things from several of you recently and I want to say thank you. Sometime I harshly judge my own writing so to hear that so many of you like it means a lot. I know its tf porn to get people off but it's still my work so it means a lot to know that people like what I do. I haven't ever gotten any harshness or criticism that I know some tumblers deal with so thank you. You guys are amazing fans, you love my stuff and are patient with me. Thank you guys it really helps



    Good, I’ve got your attention. I’ve heard about this net neutrality bullshit returning. I fought it when it started popping up a few years ago, and I’m going to fight it again. Guys, it’s BACK AGAIN and even worse theres a big chance it will END UP PASSING!


    This could literally mean a shit ton of you wont be able to see me anymore if your provider decides that they want to regulate/censor, sayyy overly sexual content. You’ll also have to pay extra money to even use Tumblr!


    Please guys, we defeated this shit once, we can do it again. They’re trying to do it now while people are distracted by the holidays and fucking Justice League. As of today, it seems as though there have only been 266,810 calls made to Congress. This is NOT good enough!! MILLIONS of people use the net, and if each one of them took 60 seconds to call and protect it, holy balls do you KNOW how much of a difference that would make??? But noooo, you’re busy streaming an ecchi anime that wont be available to you soon!!!!!

    Heres a direct link to make a difference (theres also links to other sites of the same nature on here), and yes, YOU can make a fucking difference because this is YOUR internet at stake here. If you’re not going to make the call, share this and maybe SOMEONE fucking will!! This is important as shit and we cant afford to lose. Dec 14th is the deadline.



    I know this doesn’t sound important but….

    The reason they started this again is because the timing.

    Coincidence? I think NOT.

    Everyone is so obsessed with something else, The FCC are manipulating us.


    I seriously don’t want to give up Tumblr and YouTube all together because of this crap..



    They’re deleting it every 20 hours too, don’t stop rebloging this!


    I've called but I'd call again and again, there are websites that can find you your senator and representatives numbers based on where you live. This type of thing should never be in the US but especially now! It can start with companies making you pay extra or censoring websites but it could turn into the government censoring websites from any provider, do you wanna end up with a censored, monitored internet like China? God I hope you don't. Especially with Trump already wanting to censor news he doesn't like, taking away net neutrality could just open the door for the government to block stuff too. Also even if im crazy with the government thing, who wants Tumblr or sexual content to become a premium internet package anyway

    I wanna be real for a minute

    I know I've been busy guys and I'm sorry about that, today I helped out a club I'm in at college with a project about body image. And because of what I typically post here I just felt the need to post this. I know in here and often in tf we use these ideals and these stereotypes, everyone wants to be the mindless jock guy or the loud drunken Irishmen, or the dumb hippy stoner, etc. I post pics of guys that I have no idea where they came from or if they have been edited or idealized or whatever. So I just wanna say aside from tf being Hot, if you don't look like the macho jock type of guys I post that's perfectly ok. You are you and you are wonderful the way you are, don't use tf to judge yourself, I myself am far from a cool jock in real life. So continue having fun on here but never judge yourself and be confident in who are you, don't get too wrapped up in what you wanna become. Thanks for reading my rant. I love all you guys.