Tom had received a FUR? Mechanic soap for his birthday. He accepted the gift with a smile as you would normally, hating getting soap for his birthday. What were they thinking really? Also why a mechanic? Did they find out he loved being dirty and greasy. He should remember to put a better password on his laptop when he got to it.

    The soap smelt strangely like oil and felt slightly oily to the touch and left his hands with a few marks on. Damn he was going to have some fun with it. It was a thing to give him a little joy when he was still searching for a job.

    After the first few uses he noticed his hands were getting a little rougher and in general he was slightly dirtier. He sat thinking about cars, grease and being in a boiler suit when jacking off. He started even using the soap and feeling good getting his cock all dirty and smelly.

    He got his hair cut short. He didn’t really know what to think of it, but he barely remembered asking for it. He ran his dirty hands through his hair and dumbly smiled at himself.

    He’d started applying for jobs in garages. He was a graduate in something like English wasn’t he? It didn’t matter, he just needed to be working with grease and cars all day.

    A week later he got a job and was given his own boiler suit after acing the interview. Then he realised the bar of soap had been completely used. But then he had his own dirty boiler suit, and he was his dream, a dirty filthy mechanic.


    I was amazed when I saw it, the exact car I wanted was in the local ads at a stupidly cheap price. I took it for a test drive with the current owner, while looked a bit of an idiot seemed ok.

    Driving along, I’m sure I felt something strange. Driving became easier and easier. I couldn’t remember where I was going, but I flapped down the mirror and saw my facial hair grow out of my face and my fairly shot spiked up hair. I looked at my arms and saw the ends of my shirt tidy themselves up after the sleeves had fizzled away into nothing.

    Me and my bro were gonna head to the beach and show off our muscles.


    I don’t remembah much, but my life has got a lot better lately. Practice has been goin well, hanging out with my new mates. Sure the nerds I used to hang out with hate me, but they’re just jealous I got out of that crazy shit.

    It started when I got a package in the post with the under armour that I tried on, and it kinda burned my old body away. And I think it burned my head a bit. Doesn’t matter though, I love it.


    He had bought the silly tattoo sleeve from eBay thinking it’d go great for his party box. They looked pretty unique compared to the 100s of others on eBay from China.

    When it arrived he tried it on straight away. Satisfied with the look he started to get changed for the gym.

    Working like intended, he forgot entirely about the sleeve. In fact, was there anything to forget? Forgetting those smarts in his brain? They weren’t there.

    At the gym he placed the cap on his head. His muscles looked extra pumped up today or some shit like that.


    I hated the office block my work had to be in. We had to be just above a gym where we would be all nice and quiet for most of the day and then you hear the sounds of weights being dropped by dumb asses on the floor bellow.

    Thankfully the lift was quiet, and I got ready to see the lovely office. When the doors opened, I saw the gym. The doors closed but the lift didn’t move. I pressed the button. Nothing.

    I pressed the doors open button. Nothing.

    Oh great, stuck in a lift and I was going to be late. I heard the speaker say something, but I can’t remember. I heard a hissing sound and the lights go out. Or did I go out? I don’t remember.

    I could feel something. I felt hands across my body. Oh great, what was going on. I hated my body and now I had this. Something was strange though, I felt a shirt being put on, but it was of a rubbery texture. And it was tight, incredibly tight. And getting tighter and tighter against my body.

    I then felt a cap place on my head. That soothed me a bit, and then I felt some headphones on my head. The sounds were so nice, exercise gym mmmmm.

    I woke up getting up in the lift, ready for the daily lift at the gym. Fucking pumped up and ready for this.


    Since the track started playing, he couldn’t concentrate. He kept going, enjoying himself, taking off his top and his trousers and felt everything inside of him feeling good and worked.

    The track told him this was right, he needed those muscles, he needed to keep his mind cloudy. He knew it was right as well.

    When the track ended he looked into the mirror and saw the hunk he was staring back. Fuck he knew this was what he wanted.


    I was so glad I was starting to see some progress from the gym I had started going to. I just weighed myself when I got in, like I normally do, and managed to loose 1.5kg over the pas week.

    I opened my bag and picked out what I thought was my normal bottle of water, when instead I pulled out a blue lidded bottle with “Optimum Nurtition” written on the side. Eurgh, I must have picked up someone else’s bag and they must have just started to get ready as the bottle was full of that whey stuff.

    I hated the idea that people actually bullked up on waste products. It was probably all rubbish, as these people were always in the gym for hours on end anyway.

    It looked a bit strange, so I mixed it around and I was slightly amused by the way it mixed together nicely. Without even thinking I brought it up to my mouth and took a sip of it.

    It tasted strange. It tasted familiar, like uuuuuuhhhh…. I dunno. I drank another sip and another until I just downed the whole thing.

    My whole body felt dizzy and so did my mind, so I climbed onto my bed and managed to fall asleep almost instantly.

    Woah man, must of fell asleep from the workout at the gym. My muscles are fucking swole as shit.


    I was just walking around the corner when it happened. He jumped out of nowhere and punched me hard; knocking me flat out.

    I awoke feeling slightly disorientated. There was something obstructing my mouth and I couldn’t see when I opened my eyes. My arms and feet were tied down and I just couldn’t have the energy to move.

    I did feel that I was wearing something different. I was wearing different shoes and tracksuit bottoms or something like that. The t-shirt felt softer and I was wearing a hoodie of some kind. I’m also sure something was on my head.

    “Fukin hell m8, you still alive in there?” I heard a voice yell, “Don’t fuckin worry coz soon m8 you’re gonna be hard as fuck like us”

    I felt something muffle over my ears and then I heard the voice talk over and over again. I’m a fukin chav, I’m a fukin chav, fuckin hell m8 i’m a hard fukin chav.

    After about 4 fukin hours or sommert the fukin voice was removed.

    “Wew m8, you’re lookin hard as fuck. Gotta fukin snap this”

    Fukin daft cunt taking photos of me all tied up. Course I was hard as fuck, what fucker would think otherwise.


    The library nerd found a book on the shelf which interesting him a lot. Something about physics or maths or something. Doesn’t matter because I made it up for him.

    When he opened the book, the scent was released and he smelt it. He struggled to read, but it was getting harder and harder as his muscles got harder and harder but also bigger.

    His face grew out as a cap appeared on his head. Also his nerdy underpants morphed into sexy Calvin Klein boxers.

    After having enough of trying to understand the letters on the page, the nerd jock left the library, en route for the gym.


    I was going to go for a swim at the gym after a really intense workout, for me at least. I opened the usual door and saw a hat, mostly white but with a strange black and blue outlined shape on the front.

    I picked it up, and I was going to remove it. My body did not respond correctly and for some reason I slid it over my head. Errr, what was going on? Oh right swimming.

    I took off my top and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I noticed around my neck there was a strange dusting of darker skin which definitely wasn’t there before. Not much darker, but a slight tan of someone who actual goes outside.

    Woah, my arms were swole and so were my pecs. Fuck yeah, love goin to the fucking gym.


    I was so excited for my room-mate to get back from his week away on holiday. It was really lonely and I was really glad I had a nerdy room-mate like myself.

    “Hey bro! How’s it goin?” A burly voice bursted out into my room,

    I just looked over and waited for the person to leave, clearly the dumbo had got the wrong room. The dumbo just grinned for some reason, which was a bit creepy.

    Then he jumped over to me, and then pulled out a dirty jockstrap and pushed it into my face. It just smelt really bad, but wait maybe I don’t know. Then my body just refused to fight back.

    Happy with whatever he was doing, he pulled it off and then pulled off my trousers, putting the jock in place, some long nike socks. Feeling the clothes on me felt really good. Next my t-shirt was replaced with a nike one.

    “Bro, how you’ve been?” I responded with. I couldn’t wait for the game with my bro


    The one good thing about my room-mate is that he is a gym freak. Literally I never see him because he’s always out till late, doing whatever he does. I don’t ever see him with friends or anything and he seems to spend at least every evening there as I’m busy with classes.

    I had fell asleep listening to my iPod when he must have stumbled in. I woke up my the difference in music, this wasn’t my usual classical… it was more upbeat and more workout.

    Workout. Gym. I looked up to see my room-mate grinning, happy with whatever he did. I kept listening and he peeled off his sweaty tank top and threw it over to me, then his boxers and his joggers.

    In a trance I put each item on, and I think I must have looked silly but no this felt right. I felt my muscles ache and ache and ache.

    Then my flatmate re-appeared with a bottle and just poured in something into my mouth.

    Fuck that dream last night was intense man. Time to get up and go to the gym and… errr lift weights huhuh.


    “Hey little pip sqeak, check out these muscles you’ll never get huhu”

    Jason was quite the bit of the typical jock bully, even if he was pretty correct in what he was saying. Sadly being on a medical degree gave me little time to actually do much, and Jason was doing “sports science” or whatever, but he never seemed to actual bother to the point where I didn’t even know if he was still enrolled in the course.

    This was of course in front of his pals who seemed to join in. Sadly, I had to share facilities with them in the student halls I was put in. The university didn’t seem to want to help, and just suggested to try and “make friends” with them.

    “Bros, I think we should show off to the kid and give him a boner huhu”

    They all looked at each other and one of them nodded. This was strange. Yeah he never went this far, but they never looked as nervous as they did.

    The closest one then jumped onto Jason and held him down. Then another pulled out a zipper or something from his pocket and stuck it onto his back.

    I was slightly petrified as to what was going on. Jason was shouting and cursing, but then it stopped when the zipper was pulled open. Jason just collapsed. Not like blacked out, but his body just collapsed into a pile of… Jason on the floor.

    “Dude, err sorry about that. Jason’s such a dick to you, and well to us too so err well you can have him”

    “Have him? What did you do?”

    “Huhu, well he’s a suit now. You can wear him”

    I decided to give it a go, I put my legs in and with the help of the other jocks I got him on, and they zipped me in. God these muscles felt so real, I had to feel them.

    “Woah guys, thank you so much. Seems Jason, err well I was wrong… huhu it’s hard to think in this”

    “Jay, wanna hit the gym?”

    “Fuck yeah, course I do”


    I walked through the town, busy on my day of shopping. I walked past a group of skaters who looked like they were just getting high, like a lot of people in this square of the town, but it was a nice shortcut through a lot of the busy shops.

    One of the skaters blew smoke right at me as I went past. I couldn’t see through my glasses. Then I felt something metal against my neck, as though someone had put something there.

    When the smoke quite quickly cleared I looked and saw I couple necklaces.  Man, they looked cool.

    “Dude, come chill with us”

    I sat down and they offered me a smoke, I took it and felt my mind sway. I looked down and saw my skateboard where I was sure I had something else, but man who knows. Not long after we all took off on our boards.

    By the end of the day we went round Paul’s house and sat around in just our underwear. Nice way to chill after a day of skating. Damn I had a fit bod.


    I was taking my usual walk through the park when one of the usual chavs decided to take an interest, where they would normally leave me alone. He had his top off and wore a sly expression.

    His arms features a number of tattoos and then he grabbed me. He shoved my face under his arm and made sure my face was rubbed against his sweaty armpit. I had chav sweat all over my face.

    Then when he was finished he put a metal necklace around me neck,

    “There mate, one of us now. Fit fukka you’ll be”

    The smell was actually quite pleasant and I loved it more and more. I felt me fukkin brain feel hard and that. I looked down and saw me fit bod, but Nate was better. Me trackies were lookin nice tho.

    Nate’s otha mate took us a photo before we went to get us some cans for a piss up