He was on his way to class when he got a call from his best mate Jake. Jake’s voice was oddly deep and slow, like he had a cold, but when he asked him “If you were a dumb jock what would you be…” he thought it was a joke and started to answer. Before he knew it he was putting on muscle filling out a new outfit with light fair hair and a semi hard massive piece of meat between his legs, on his way to the gym to meet his bro Jake at the gym.

    Brenden was walking through the park when he saw a group of immature young jocks shouting and shooting paint balls at each other. He tried to walk past them quickly to find a quiet spot to read his book when a wet thing touched his neck. "Tag youre it!" A deep but childish voice yelled at. Brenden looked down to see a grinning jock with hands covered in wet paint. He felt himself getting hotter, sweat pouring over his chest. He couldnt help but remove his shirt where he saw two round, tan pecs jutting out. Beneath his slightly pudgy stomach started to carve itself into a firm 6 pack with a light treasure trail. Brenden felt confused as his face changed to get rounder and more masculine with a big cocky grin. He could feel his intelligence and college aspirations fade away into nothing. Soon there was only Ben, another dumb jock for the game!

    Intro to Advertising

    Shit! I’m late. I grab my coffee, take a seat at my desk and open my laptop. Another semester of online classes… great. I like college. I swear I do. I’ve always been the smartest kid in the class. No other student’s brains compare to mine. That kinda sounds conceited but it’s true! I was top of the class last year. And I intend on keeping that title. No one will stop me.

    I load up Zoom and enter in the meeting code. First module of semester 2… “Intro to Advertising” it reads. Ten minutes late. No one’s gonna notice, right? The call finishes loading. I am met with the faces of fifteen other students. 

    “Looks like we have a latecomer.” The professor scoffs. “Eh… let’s see what your name is… Robert? Is that right?”

    I sit there like a deer in headlights, quickly regretting entering the class at all. I stare blankly at the screen before deciding to bite the bullet.

    “Yeah, that’s me. Sorry for being lat-“

    “We started ten minutes ago, Robert. This isn’t the best first impression. We’ve already started the discussion without you.” 

    We sat in silence for what felt like an eternity. “Sorry” I smile awkwardly and turn off my microphone. Other students in the call smirk and snicker.

    What a dick. I was ten minutes late. I’ve never been called out like that before. In fact, I’m usually never late. This was the first time. And he still made a mockery of me. Jeez. Screw this guy. 

    I had never seen him before either. He sat upright in his chair as his bulging muscles strained against his shirt. He was in surprisingly good shape for his age. He looked around forty, maybe fifty? He’s basically bald but his body seems hairy. I can see his thick forearms covered with jet black fur and a tuft of chest hair poking out of his shirt . His beard is manly and thick. His voice was deep and commanding. He might have been hot but he was still a prick for calling me out.

    “So, as I was saying.” He glared at me. “Let’s discuss target demographics. When selling a product, businesses target their adverts towards specific groups based on factors such as income, age, race, sexual orientation and occupation.”

    The moustached professor continued on with his big spiel. I passively took notes from the slides until I heard the dreaded words.

    “Robert!” The professor sarcastically smiled. “How about we use you as an example?”

    I let out a fake smile. Fuck. Why me? I unmuted myself. “Sure”

    “Perfect.” The professor smiled and leaned back on his chair.

    “Let’s say… I’m selling gym equipment, okay? And you’re my target demographic.” The professor smirks a devilish grin. “Let’s say your name is Jackson, okay?”

    “Okay… my name is Jackson” I passively agree. Something about the professor’s words… they just spiralled in my head. Repeating. Spinning round and round in my mind.

    “Class.” He addressed the rest of the students. “If I’m trying to sell gym equipment to Jackson. What kind of target demographic do you think he’s is in?”

    Brad, the class jock, chimes in. “I’d say Jackson would be big and muscular. Like big pecs… and biceps and stuff.”

    I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. Does he not hear how stupid that answer is? He sounds more like this supposed ‘Jackson’ than I do. I reach up and scratch my chest but something seems… off. I look down at my chest. It seems… swollen? It doesn’t normally look this big. I thought I was wearing an oversized shirt today. But it looks totally normal on me now. It fits me to a T. I lay my hand on my obsencely big chest, letting my fingers sink into my new fat pecs. Now that I’m looking, my hands seem unusually large too. My hands are supposed to be small and thin. I shouldn’t have thick fat sausage fingers. They’re huge! My eyes travel up my arm to see my huge biceps. My once think skinny arms are now monstrous beasts. I look like I lift weights every day, like one of those dumb jocks. Are people seeing what’s happening to me? Am I going crazy?

    Brad continued rambling on about this ‘Jackson’ character. What better person to describe a jock, than a jock. “Jackson would also like… hate wearing shirts, bro. He’d wanna show off that big bod of his. He’d be just like me and the other bros.”

    Suddenly, I feel the need to strip for my class. I want to just pull off my shirt and show them these new big muscles. Oh God, what’s happening to me? I can’t be actually turning into this fake ‘Jackson’… can I? That’s crazy. And yet, I can’t help but feel the need to just show off my beastly body. Maybe, I can just take it off for a bit. I can just show my muscles and then put it back on… yeah, totally. That’s not weird. People should see my body. It’s gonna feel so good to show off.

    I grab the bottom of my t-shirt and strip, putting my body on full display for everyone to see. I can’t deny, it feels to right to be shirtless. I don’t even want to think about covering myself up. I should just stay like this for the rest of the class. It won’t hurt anyone. I bounce my new tits playfully at the camera.

    “So, would a business target something like a book towards someone like Jackson?” The professor watches my bouncing tits and smiles.

    Callum, the posh kid, scoffs. “Jackson probably doesn’t even know how to read. He just spends all day at the gym. Flexing his muscles and jerking off to porno mags.” 

    As I absentmindedly play with my tits, I hear movement across the room. The noise is emanating from my bookshelf. I’ve spent years trying to fill it up. It’s got every book you can imagine. That bookshelf is one of the reasons for my grades. It’s filled with every literary classic you can imagine, from The Great Gatsby to Jane Eyre. The noise from the bookcase only grows louder. The books start vibrating. As if each book is trying to wiggle its way out of the shelf and onto the floor. My huge body sits helplessly in front of the Zoom call. I focus in on my favourite book, The Catcher in the Rye. I’ve been in love with that book ever since I was younger. I watch it wiggle and struggle as it slowly creeps closer to the edge. With one final wiggle, the book falls off the shelf and towards the floor. As the book falls, it elongates and becomes thinner. As it hits the floor, I hear a loud thud. I look down at the ‘book’ in horror. The book is now nothing more than a gay porn magazine. I try to think of the book it was before… but I can’t remember. All my knowledge of the book is gone. As if I had never read it. Each literary classic falls of the vibrating bookshelf. Each one of them becoming gay porn magazines as they hit the floor. With each thud, my brain shrinks a little bit more. All my literary knowledge is gone and now replaced by images of big cocks and fat fuckable asses.

    The thuds become too overwhelming for my brain to handle. I panic after seeing I had drooled all over my laptop. I glance back at the Zoom call to see everyone staring at me. Some students were laughing. Some were scoffing. They now saw me as some big dumb brute. 

    My jaw drops open, becoming slacked and lazy. I’m left looking like a dumb ape who can only breathe through his mouth. My brain feels so small now. As if the words of my professor and classmates have just drained my IQ. My head is beginning to feel so light. So floaty. Airy. It feels so… goooooooooood. Huhuhu, I cahnt stap dreeewlinggg, brah. My hed is sooooh emmmptyyy, broooh. 

    “Everyone is completely correct.” The professor smiles. “Jackson would be in the target demographic of dumb gym buffs in their early 20s.” 

    “Huhuhuhu yehhhh I ammmm” I chuckled dumbly.

    “Now Jackson, thank you for accepting to be our example for this class. But this degree is for smart, hardworking students. So, we won’t be needing you from here on out.”

    “Huhuhuhu, okaaayyyyy, sirrrrr. Taht makezz senze” I slurred.

    “Alright, Jackson. Say goodbye to the class.”

    “Byyyyyeeeee, brahs” I dumbly chuckle before Zoom closes.

    ‘You have been kicked from the call’ appears on the screen. I chuckle, grab one of the porno magazines off the floor and begin beating my 9 inch cock until I shoot my thick potent load all over it.


    Jackson was now nothing more than a dumb smelly college drop out. The apartment which was once full of academic papers and literary classics was now littered with dirty underwear, gay porno mags and video games. By the end of the class, no one even remembered the high-achiever Robert. They only remember his new self, Jackson, the dumb fuckable jock who would never amount to anything in life.

    It wasn't until Todd got out of his car in the gym parking lot that he suddenly realized he forgot his mask at home. He felt around his pockets and his car to check but nothing. He didn't even want to be here but his friend invited him since membership included +1 access. He drove 45 minutes to get here too so its not like he can go back home to get a mask. But his friend reassured him the gym has a few just in case this happens. So when they walked in he got the usual "sir masks are required" and had to explain he forgot his and make it clear he wasn't some karen pretending to have a medical exemption. They gave him a black one and let them in.

    It smelled weird but he watched them remove it fron a sealed bag so he knew it wasn't used. Yet it smelled sweaty and musky. It was making him dizzy as he followed his friend to the weights and started working out. As he did he noticed the grunts of effort getting deeper, more aggressive as well as louder and more frequent. More obnoxious like he wanted attention on him. The weights also started to feel lighter so he kept having to increase the weight. Todd barely noticed that his arm and chest muscles were swelling and growing....getting swol huhuh...wait why was he thinking like that? The dizziness only got worse as the sleeves of his t shirt vanished and the arm holes expanded and the color lightened until his black t shirt was a bright yellow loose barely covering anything tank top. Muscles showing everywhere. Abs tighter, pecs and arms on display. Hell there was even a nip slip on one side. His hair buzzed into a short jock cut. His skin tanned and glistened with sweat. His mind empting fully of anything other than sports and workout routines.

    "Huhuh check me out bro!" Todd said to his friend as he walked over to a mirror and took a gym selfie. Now just another dumb jock at the gym. Indistinguishable from all the others.


    I told my roommate something was too uptight and he needed to get under the sink to fix it. He figured it was a clogged sink and being the stuck up pretentious nerd of a roommate he is he accused me of being too dumb to fix it- “Thought dumb muscle jocks like you were built to do this kind of thing.” I told him I thought a smart twerp like him could handle it and he should use all his smarts to do the job and prove me wrong. I knew he’d love to prove me wrong.

    So that’s what he did and every turn of the wrench it was fun watching him do it and his body transform. He used up all his smarts, loosened up the uptight stuck up problem (his personality), and made sure to prove me wrong- a skinny nerd couldn’t handle it, only a dumb muscle jock could do the job right.

    Kevin and Derek hated that their college required sports participation as a gen ed requirement. Some nonsense about "being a well rounded person" and them "needing to be physically fit as well as mentally fit" was used to explain away the requirement. Still recreational sports were an option for the less competitive and the two computer science majors decided swim was one of the less contact sports options available. They joined the rec swim club which didn't require much of them actually. Show up at certain times to the pool, do laps while being timed, practice diving, then sign off on a paper with their times to prove they were there. Of course overall the school wanted to see some improvement in the number of laps in the same amount of time for the credits but that sort of came naturally from practice. After a few weeks the club hosted a pool party. They didn't really want to go but were told they would be kicked out if they didn't. So there they were drinking the odd tasting punch and chatting with the swim jocks they had spent most of the semester barely talking to. However as they drank and talked they started to feel strange. Skin itching and timgling as it tanned. The small muscles they had from swimming started to swell up and grow their stomachs chiseled into abs. Their chests puffed out into pecs. Faces getting angular and masculine and Derek felt an itch on his face as a beard grew while Kevin's face remained smooth. Kevin's hair turned blonde and spiked itself into a jock cut while Derek's stayed brown and took on a messy style. The two felt their minds dumb down no longer caring about computer science. They wanted to flex and show off and compete, bragging to each other about who can get the faster time like the two dumb swim jocks they are.


    Hey, first of all you're one of my favorite tf blogs on Tumblr. Second maybe you could do a transformation story where after a few years a jock brother turns his nerd brother into his twin forcefully

    John and Josh were brothers but you'd never tell from looking at them. John was on the college baseball team and sleeping throug a degree in sports medicine while going to all the parties and getting drunk all the time. Meanwhile Josh was quiet and intelligent, nearing the end of his masters in marine biology and looked little like his brother from all the days locked in his room studying. John wanted to change this though so he could have a brother to party and meet hot girls with so for his birthday he guilted Josh to come to the bating range with him. John egged him into giving it a try and to his surprise he was good, hiting the balls like it was nothing. He didnt notice with each swing the years started to fall of him. Early wrinkles and the bags under his eyes from stress disappearing as the bit of fat sucked in and turned to pure muscle. It wasn't long before the sweaty Josh pulled off his shirt revealing big tan pecs and abs that looked identical to his brother's.  "Woah when did I get so muscular?" He started to get scared as his face got handsome and chiseled, becoming identical to John in every way. His body got buff, tan and tall. Soon his mind started to go. He forgot all about school and smarts and only cared about sports and hot sorority girls. The new dumb jock blinker open his eyes and gave a dull grin.  "Best birthday ever twin bro!" John smiled, finally he had a bro to be proud of.


    The jockification process

    Here’s sum thin my coach gave me, dunno wut it means but sounds kinda hot lolol. I read sum thin about takin nude selfies. Dude, you gotta try it. It made me a man. FUCK YEAH!

    An extract from the Top Secret File of GS
    Serum 1279 was originally created as a way of training the military for men deemed incompetent by their superiors. The injection was a way of retraining mind and body to make more effeminate men fitter and bond easily within the troops. However, tests were abandoned after men showed no interest in the army. The subject typically went through the following phas

    STAGE 1 The man has an increased sexual libido. His penis becomes erect more frequently and penis length is gained. The man will masturbate more frequently. STAGE 2 Each time the man ejaculates, it increases the release of endorphins in the body which activates the serum further. The man will become penis obsessed, and can be found absentmindedly scratching himself. As testosterone levels increase he starts to gain muscle mass. STAGE 3 Muscle mass begins to grow further. The man’s body will begin to ache and he will only feel comfortable wearing sports clothes. This stage is considered a medical phenomena. Up until this point, the changes may be reversed with the stopping of the serum. However, as the man becomes even more penis obsessed he will most likely begin taking photos of himself naked. Should he see these photos himself, it will activate the temporal lobe of the brain to reinforce the process. Any changes after this will be irreversible, as his subconscious mind now aligns with the process. This stage is commonly known as ‘point of no return’ by those effected.

    STAGE 4 Muscle mass continues to grow and more body hair is produced. The man becomes less interested in grooming as it is difficult to maintain. The continued muscle mass begins to divert blood away from the brain. Brain cells begin to die and IQ drops significantly. The man will become more forgetful and not able to grasp simple concepts. He will begin to laugh off anything he doesn’t understand. Typically, the man will only be able to understand concepts that relate to physicality…most likely sports, gym and sex. STAGE 5 Muscle mass continues to grow to the point where the man’s body is unrecognisable. He will be actively exercising at this point to remain what he refers to as ‘swole.’ Due to the death of cells, the body will start sending hunger messages to recoup lost protein. As more food is eaten, the man will begin to express excessive gas in the form of ‘burping’ and ‘farting’. As the man goes through this stage he will eventually become less embarrassed of this gas. Bizarrely will become very proud and will try to compete with other men going through the same process. IQ continues to drop. Reading and writing become more difficult whilst vocabulary and spelling become poor. A man in this stage is often defined by their inability to spell, almost creating a common language The man in this stage will become so penis obsessed he will actively seek out the penis’s of other men. If the man is not homosexual before, he will be by the end of this stage. Any man the man ejaculates into will become effected by the serum in the ejaculate and will begin at Stage 1. 

    STAGE 6 - End of process
    Due to his extremely low IQ and obsession with exercising, the man will need to be taken care of by another man. The man in this stage will seek out other men who have been through this process, and will actively try to change men into being like them. At the end of this process, the man is a shell of his former self, with barely any recognition of who he was before. The most this man could hope for is to be sexually satisfied with his partner and be instructed by an authoratarian man.

    This serum was destroyed during the failed test sequence, and all men in Stage 6 were put into a secure unit. A common myth is that a man known only as ‘The Coach’ has stolen the serum, but that has not yet been confirmed as true. As a precaution, please be aware of any men behaving in this manner. 


    FUCK YEAH BRO! Just give in to coach and be nothing but a hot muscled jock!

    @mybois2 You invited yourself over thinking I could change you. I told you it wasn’t anything I was doing, but let you come in to hang anyway. Turns out you were fun to talk to, if not a little nervous, and we had a lot in common- beyond just the affinity for muscle. But you insisted you wanted to change. So I told you I found a new track online that you might like. As you started to listen the music it did it’s work. Any trace of fat melted off you as the beat pulsed through your veins and your muscles toned and pulsed larger. The loud reverb even shook your clothes, your shirt shimmering into nonexistance and your jeans slowly sliding shorter and shorter up your toning legs. For a second you had a panicked look in your eyes. Maybe it was a little regret as you felt the music pound in your head, rewriting your personality, emptying it of any knowledge or intellect you ever had. But the bulge in those shrinking shorts was already throbbing larger with each pulse of the bass bass and the need was taking over as you’re eyes glazed over with lust. Too bad, I kinda liked hanging with who you were, not just the dumb cocky jock you’re about to become. But the music’s not even done yet. There’s a whole album to listen to and a whole lot more muscle if you want it. And of course now all you want is more. Maybe I’ll unplug the headphones and let it play on the speaker so we can listen together.


    I have been on so many tinder dates I’m beginning to lose track, but I’m not going to stop anytime soon. You see, I don’t actually go on the dates to find love, instead I go on it to improve the tinder pool for others in the area.

    I purposely match with guys who are on the lower scale of attractiveness, to put it politely. Take Gareth here, not even a few minutes ago he was a small and frail boy, with a face covered in acne and a large nose that took up a large proportion of his body. He was so unconfirmed, I had to use my magic to force him here as he wasn’t going to show up otherwise.

    Anyway, the first thing I changed was the face, I made him more attractive, gave him a good jaw line and a beard, although I quickly removed that as it didn’t suit what I was going for.

    I tidied up his messy and greasy hair, and shortened it slightly, he was looking good so far. I smiled as I looked him over. God he was so skinny, adding some muscle to his frame I could see them growing under his ill fitting shirt. It was hard to see the actual growth, so I quickly swapped out his shirt for a vest top.

    Much better, his muscles were slightly larger than I had intended, but he looked good. He looked uncomfortable wearing just the vest. Duh, I had given him muscles and a face any guy would kill to have, but not the confidence and cockiness to go with it.

    That soon changed and he was soon flexing his muscles for me, showing them off at every angle. I was about to call it quits and break him in, but a guy on the other corner of the restaurant gave me an idea.

    I added a whole muscle sleeve to him left are and a chest piece before finally calling it quits, I was happy, I mean it was my first time adding tattoos onto someone but I think it worked out alright… no, let’s see what his new body is like in the bedroom so I can make some adjustments to other areas as well.

    Fixing up a new bro

    “What day is it, bro?” asked Brad impatiently.

    “It’s Tuesday, Brad,”  Jimmy smirked, trying to contain his laughter.

    “How many days is that from Friday?”  he continued dumbly.

    “It’s three days, Brad,” Jimmy couldn’t continue to hold in his laughter.

    “Ugh, thanks bro,” mumbled Brad, before jumping back on his couch and sulking.

    Jimmy smiled as he watched his hulking brute of a roommate wonder back to the couch. Jimmy found Brad to be oddly cute. He couldn’t tell if it was his muscled body that he spent days in the gym building for football practice or his simple-minded naivety. Either way, Jimmy found him hot.

    Jimmy went back to his laptop and continued studying. Brad sat on his phone, probably looking for hot babes to bang or for any local parties. Jimmy felt slight disappointment realising that he would never get to screw or be with Brad. Even though Brad and his bros sucked and fucked each other, they never thought it was gay. They always made some excuse or sanctified it by saying “no homo”, as if it made everything they did, not gay.

    On weekends they would go out clubbing and smash ‘puss’ as they described it, but they made it sound as if it was some legendary military conquest. These disgusting acts reminded Jimmy of why Brad wasn’t his friend. As cute and dumb as Brad was, he was still a toxically masculine, grade douche bag, who viewed women as nothing more than achievements to be subdued.

    Brad threw his phone at a cushion on the couch and mumbled again. He was visibly bored as he had nothing to do for a week since training had been cancelled. He reached out to grab his cigs, but Jimmy gave a disapproving look. Jimmy hated it when Brad smoked as he found the smell to be disgusting.

    Brad continued to scan around the room for activities to do. He looked to his Xbox, his one and only friend in the apartment that he wasted his hours away on. But alas, his bros weren’t here and it would get boring fast without them.

    “Jimmy, Do you want to play some Call of Duty with me? Please,” Brad yelled at the ceiling. Jimmy had no interest in games. He thought they were useless trash that served no purpose other than to glorify war.

    “No, Brad. I’m doing work,” Jimmy yelled, staring at his intensive work.

    “UGH… I’m so bored though,”

    “Well go and have a cigarette and play some Xbox. Didn’t you get more of those special cigarettes you really like?”

    Brad stopped for a second, did he order his special cigs? Brad jumped out of the couch and legged it down the corridor to check his mail.  

    “Ah, five minutes of peace, at last,” Jimmy sighed to himself.

    A few minutes passed, and the hulking brute stomped back into the quiet room. Brad was holding a small pack of blue boxes in one hand and in the other was a pack of unique lighters. He jumped back onto the couch and stretched out. He ripped open the clingfilm and looked over the boxes to make sure everything was right. Once he felt comfortable, he relaxed back and began thinking deeply.

    Brad’s eyes shot to the Xbox, he really wanted to play, but he didn’t have anyone to play with. Brad shot his eyes back to Jimmy, he could play, but he didn’t want to. Jimmy was focusing on work and nothing else.

    Brads eyes then shot back to the Xbox, and then back to Jimmy. He repeated this cycle until he looked at his cigarettes, then he added it to the cycle, jimmy, Xbox, Cigs. Brads mind was working in overdrive to piece everything together. Then it hit him, his master plan to solve his longterm boredom issue. He wore a broad grin on his face as he looked over at Jimmy, who was slaving away at his laptop. Maybe it was time he relaxed a bit.

    Brad unzipped his pants and got out his 8-inch flaccid cock. He wiggled it about in his hands, trying to get the attention of his roommate. Jimmy, however, paid no attention, still consumed by his tedious work. Brad thought for a sec before it pinged in his head. He always knew how to get Jimmy’s attention.

    Brad took a cigarette and popped it in his mouth. He then reached over to get his lighter, and before he could even bring to the cigarette, Jimmy was staring at him coldly. Jimmy hated smelling smoke and so enforced strict rules on smoking.

    Jimmy stared at brad bewildered. Why did he have his cock out? And why was he smoking indoors? He knew he hated it. Jimmy couldn’t deny, though, that his interest in Brad had shot up. His own cock was now hardening to the thought of sucking on Brad’s enormous dick. Brad shook it again, and Jimmy lep off his chair like a dog. He rushed over to brad, sliding as he went onto his knee’s. Jimmy’s mouth was wide open and ready for its package.

    Brad grabbed Jimmy’s head and forced him onto his cock to begin sucking.

    “There we go Jakey, bro. Now that isn’t hard, while you do that, I’m gonna get myself a special cig,” Brad boasted gleefully at Jimmy, who was absorbed into the pleasure.

    Brad pushed Jimmy up and down on his cock, the pleasure was immense for both, but Brad had a surprise for Jimmy. Brad took his lighter and lit the cigarette in his mouth before returning the lighter to its original place. Brad sucked the fumes down deep inside of him, letting them seep into every part, before blowing the rest out into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy became dazed by the smoke but was loving the pleasure. His mind slowed down to a snail pace, only thinking of one thing, sucking off Brad.

    “Good, bro slow yourself down, no need to waste this moment. Keep going though.” Brad said softly; his tone was therapeutic to Jimmy, relaxing his mind and body.

    “Good bro, I haven’t seen what you’ve been doing in a while cos your so busy. Let’s catch up now shall we,” Jimmy nodded in response.

    “Well let’s look at your body, yep, as I thought. You’ve been working out in secret bro, haven’t you? I mean, look at these arms and that chest man,” Jimmy felt an odd sensation move up and down his spine. The sensation spread throughout his body, going to the tips of his finger and toes. The feeling died out quickly, but afterwards, muscle grew from every part of his body. His triceps and Biceps gently inflated. Jimmy could feel his stomach suck in softly to; he didn’t, however, feel it fall back out. Instead, a set of six well-carved abs now glistened off his stomach. His pecs grew out and rounded suitably, hardening into mighty rocks.  Jimmy was unaware of the growth that had just taken place. He thought Brad was just having a joke with him.

    “Well that’s gonna change bro, your gonna be coming with me to the gym from now on, and wearing the proper clothes for it. I mean you and me aren’t just roommates, Jakey, we’re best bros,” And with that Brad blew more smoke into Jimmy’s face.

    Jimmy’s already dazed mind started thinking about how he and Brad were bros, creating false memories of the two playing and working out together.

    ‘Yeah, why would I ditch my best bro’ he thought to himself. He forgot his rules and irritations caused by Brad and instead accepted his new bro. As his mind was altered, Jimmy felt his clothes lighten as well. His shirt lost its sleeves and turned into a light blue tank top; his jeans retreated into red basketball shorts and a backward white cap formed on his head.

    “Yeah dude, we’re on the football team and in acing the course. Coach thinks your the best, and so does the team. You aren’t very smart at all, only passing High school,”

    Jimmy felt his mind lighten with thoughts as Brad blew more smoke in his face. He tried to remember what he was doing at college, he could swear it was something in Bio-chemistry, but all he could think about was football, Coach and the team who were his other bros. Yeah now that he thought about it, he was always meant for football. Jimmy hated all classes other than sports, mainly cos he wasn’t any good at them, which is obviously why he did sports at college and not bi… chemi… whatever he thought of before.

    “Yeah bro that’s good, cos you’re my best bro. Keep sucking bro; we’re almost there. You know, your also the maddest party-goer, always going to the max,”

    Jimmy again tried to remember any kind of partying that he did, as his head and body was now filled with smoke. At first, he remembered he wasn’t that into the scene, and if he did go, he usually stood at the side and drank water. It took him a little while, but the memories all came to. Now he remembered getting wasted at parties, dancing like a mad lad, doing weed and sometimes getting into trouble, but he loved it. The party was his weekend.

    “… but your also a very flirty guy, when you’re at the party, you know what you want. You want that dirty blonde bimbo sucking on your thick cock, or you want to be smashing her from behind,”

    Jimmy was confused; he couldn’t be straight he swore he was gay… wait, no he couldn’t be gay, that wasn’t his thing. He sucked off his bro’s cos; it was his bros, and that isn’t gay. Honestly, gay people kinda disgusted him, why go screw another dude when you could have a different dumb slutty bimbo every week, the ones with big bouncy boobs and thin bods. Yeah, that’s what he wanted to smash. Jimmy’s cock softened but had grown considerably, as he realised that he was only helping out his bro from a tiring workout sesh and it being… whatever day it was, Brad needed some relief.

    “Yeah that’s good bro, you’re a good bro, now keep sucking cos I’m ready Jakey bro, that is your name, Jakey,” The name Jimmy faded from his mind and Jakey or Jake, sprung up taking its place in all his memories.

    Jakey kept sucking harder and harder for his bro, hoping to give him the relief he needed. Brad kept his hand on his head, making sure he sucked him thoroughly. Brad’s moaning got louder as he neared his climax, his cock was at full size now, his mind focused on big tiddies and pussy. Jake kept going further down on his cock each time, up and down, almost in rhythm to the moaning.

    “UGH… YES… BRO… GET READY COS ITS GONNA BE A BIG LOAD?” Brad screamed at his new bro. There was a slight lull before Brad felt his balls explode inside Jake. Jake caught the cum and made sure it didn’t go down the back of his throat because then it would be gay.  Jake took his mouth off Brad’s cock and spat out the cum he looked at Brad with dazed eyes and they both said.

    “No homo bro.”


    Look I know you're powerful in dealings of jocks and such. I'm willing to give two deceased big dumb jocks that stupidly died for any reasons a chance at life again. Can you make them possess me and my twin and live life for like 3 months without our conscious control? I'd like it if both of us wake up merged with them with bulging muscles and height and dumbness. I just want to sleep this weak body away...

    But now I'm not pretty sure whether you and your twin have the power to overcome the two meatheads. They settled in you and your brother's body quite long enough to actually held the ownership of the body firmly under their control, they even forgot that they have died previously! Maybe this can be a lesson learned for everyone that you gotta think twice before wishing for something you don't know the effect about.


    I didn’t mean to turn my roommate into a mindless muscle drone. I just forgot to wash my hands after working on the nanobot project at the lab, and when I came home, I saw his workout pants on the ground and picked them up. I guess I transferred some of the nanobots to the fabric.

    The next day, I saw him wearing the green shorts with a blank look on his face. “You okay?” I asked.

    “All systems normal,” he said robotically.

    “Were you going to the gym?” I asked.

    He turned to look at me. “Unnecessary,” he said. “Initiate football team installation.”

    As I watched, his body suddenly bulked and swelled with muscle, his arms and chest inflating like balloons before my eyes. He grew several inches as his body bulked, becoming a towering hunk.

    “Oh shit,” I gasped, realizing the nanobots were in his system.

    “Program complete,” he said. “Begin user review.”

    He lifted his shirt so I could see his perfectly lean, sculpted body.

    “Uh, looks good,” I said, trying to remember any of the verbal commands the nanobots had been programmed with.

    “Initiating propagation,” he said, stepping toward me.

    “Oh shit no!” I said, backing up. But I was too late. In two strides, he had me backed up against the wall, his arms pinning me as he leaned in for a kiss. I struggled, but he held my head in place as his tongue entered my mouth. It felt warm, tingly, and I could feel his saliva in my throat. I was infected.

    “Fuck, I gotta disable these things,” I said, feeling the prickle of the nanobots entering my blood stream.

    “Access denied,” said my roommate. “Initiate mascot installation.”

    Mascot? Oh fuck. Instead of becoming a jock, I was about to be transformed into the school mascot. Just my luck that our mascot was a donkey.

    “Dude, snap out of it!” I said, as I felt my body tingle with the tiny nanobots. “You gotta let meeeeeHAW go!”

    “Access denied,” he said, pulling off my shirt. My chest was already darkening with brown fur.

    “HAW!” I brayed. Fuck, I couldn’t stop. “HEE AWW! Fuck, man, you gotta get meeeeHAW to the lab!”

    “Access denied,” he said, ripping off my pants. A tail swished over my ass – MY tail.

    “HAWWW!” I brayed. “HAWWW!” I was in a panic. But why? What was going on? Didn’t we have a game coming up? I just needed to get out there and entertain the crowd. And also spread these nanobots. Yeah, that’s my job. Hawwwww.

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