Nate was helping tutor some of us Psi Alpha Alphas. He was a good dude and smart ass tutor too, but he was all stressed out all the time about making enough to meet the next tuition bill. So awesome guy that I am I decided to help him out. One quick pic in my new app was all I needed.

    I’m still getting the hang of the settings but it helps if you turn on the “naked filer” first. Makes it easier to check the progress, and damn did this scrawny ass dude need my help. I switched on auto correct to make things faster and started typing away. F-R-A-T-B-O-Y. With each letter his body stared to morph appropriately, putting on height and pounds that looked like they came from both pumping weights and chugging beers. In seconds a beefy new frat brother stood where the scrawny as Nate used to be. He was perfect but I couldn’t forget- he wanted some extra income and I knew just the thing. 

    As I typed he morphed again. While before he gained masculine mass, now he got both bigger and leaner. Pizza and kegstand body fat melted away into a fitness model physique perfect for his new gigs gyrating and thrusting at sorority girl houses, bachelorette parties, and local clubs. His ass also got noticeably rounder and cock massive enough to split out of any costume or thong. To finish things off I maxed out the “sex drive saturation” and watched as his already impressive cock became even thicker and permanently semi-hard. Finally for extra fun I dulled down the already low “cognitive brightness” to an extra low and grinned as his frozen features melted into a dull grin. Hit save and a backwards cap appeared on his head. The new Nate, fratboy stripper stud was good to go.

    I’m still craving to try out all the app settings so let me know if you want to apply.


    SEXY, LARGE and IN CHARGE. Alpha Muscle Hunks.


    He opened the jock app that appeared on his computer. He didn’t remembering installing it, after it was his computer? No way his dumbass jock room mate would have installed it right? He probably didn’t even know how the keyboard worked.

    But there he was just staring into the swirly spiral on his screen, completely locked out of his mind. Drooling even a little as his brain slowed down. All that power needed to think things through going to his muscles.

    Then it started flashing and telling him. He was DUMB JOCK MEAT.

    When it closed he tried to think, but all his mind responded to was FLEX DUMB JOCK MEAT. He NEEDED to lift now. The closest thing was some box. He was sure it did something other than be a weight, but he could lift with it.

    After getting ready for the gym and working out intensely he managed to get back and flopped onto his bed. His body not quite used to what his brain was telling him to do. It was almost ready.

    That’s when his bro came back with a big grin on his face. He knew he made his boring ass room mate into a bro thanks to the nerd in his class.


    The one on the right has been a JOCKBOY for a while and recruited his lil bro on the left to the team just a month ago. He put the cap on him without asking and he instantly got hard and dumber. Started caring about lifting and fucking, and being a total JOCKBOY. 

    He’s made good progress, getting big and the cap hasn’t left his head since. It’s made him a total slutty dumb JOCKBOY, just like his big bro. And now that’s all he wants to be.


    Too cocky to realize what that audio file is doing to him.


    At first you deep down just wished you could be like the other guys in the gym. That’s why I spoke to you. I just asked you, “Wonna be like those guys?”

    You slightly nodded, not really realising what was going to happen. In went the earphones and I gave you the little player. You had the best workout of your life, almost floating, feeling like you were fitter than you were.

    You were still in a state of lightheaded-ness so you idly wondered into the sports shop next door and bought some better clothes to work out in. You didn’t really know what you were doing, just dumbly following along.

    You were back in the gym the next day, and the next. Wow, breaking all of the records. And it was already starting to show. Very quickly.

    Soon you saw in the mirror, you looked like one of the gym rats. You went to the gym often… every day even. Damn you were even pretty fit now. Of course you were, this is what you are and you’re proud of it.

    I don’t know what the fuck happened. All I know is this guy who called himself coach walked up to me and gave me some injection, said something about stages, I don’t remember. But then I started jacking off more and now I got these fucking hot muscles even though I don’t remember workin’ out or nothin’. My talking is getting dumber sounding and I just wanna take more pics of my hot bod. Each time with less clothes on. I ain’t gonna take one naked, fuck no that’d be weird. But maybe showing off my abs and pecs is fine…


    The jockification process

    Here’s sum thin my coach gave me, dunno wut it means but sounds kinda hot lolol. I read sum thin about takin nude selfies. Dude, you gotta try it. It made me a man. FUCK YEAH!

    An extract from the Top Secret File of GS
    Serum 1279 was originally created as a way of training the military for men deemed incompetent by their superiors. The injection was a way of retraining mind and body to make more effeminate men fitter and bond easily within the troops. However, tests were abandoned after men showed no interest in the army. The subject typically went through the following phas

    STAGE 1 The man has an increased sexual libido. His penis becomes erect more frequently and penis length is gained. The man will masturbate more frequently. STAGE 2 Each time the man ejaculates, it increases the release of endorphins in the body which activates the serum further. The man will become penis obsessed, and can be found absentmindedly scratching himself. As testosterone levels increase he starts to gain muscle mass. STAGE 3 Muscle mass begins to grow further. The man’s body will begin to ache and he will only feel comfortable wearing sports clothes. This stage is considered a medical phenomena. Up until this point, the changes may be reversed with the stopping of the serum. However, as the man becomes even more penis obsessed he will most likely begin taking photos of himself naked. Should he see these photos himself, it will activate the temporal lobe of the brain to reinforce the process. Any changes after this will be irreversible, as his subconscious mind now aligns with the process. This stage is commonly known as ‘point of no return’ by those effected.

    STAGE 4 Muscle mass continues to grow and more body hair is produced. The man becomes less interested in grooming as it is difficult to maintain. The continued muscle mass begins to divert blood away from the brain. Brain cells begin to die and IQ drops significantly. The man will become more forgetful and not able to grasp simple concepts. He will begin to laugh off anything he doesn’t understand. Typically, the man will only be able to understand concepts that relate to physicality…most likely sports, gym and sex. STAGE 5 Muscle mass continues to grow to the point where the man’s body is unrecognisable. He will be actively exercising at this point to remain what he refers to as ‘swole.’ Due to the death of cells, the body will start sending hunger messages to recoup lost protein. As more food is eaten, the man will begin to express excessive gas in the form of ‘burping’ and ‘farting’. As the man goes through this stage he will eventually become less embarrassed of this gas. Bizarrely will become very proud and will try to compete with other men going through the same process. IQ continues to drop. Reading and writing become more difficult whilst vocabulary and spelling become poor. A man in this stage is often defined by their inability to spell, almost creating a common language The man in this stage will become so penis obsessed he will actively seek out the penis’s of other men. If the man is not homosexual before, he will be by the end of this stage. Any man the man ejaculates into will become effected by the serum in the ejaculate and will begin at Stage 1. 

    STAGE 6 - End of process
    Due to his extremely low IQ and obsession with exercising, the man will need to be taken care of by another man. The man in this stage will seek out other men who have been through this process, and will actively try to change men into being like them. At the end of this process, the man is a shell of his former self, with barely any recognition of who he was before. The most this man could hope for is to be sexually satisfied with his partner and be instructed by an authoratarian man.

    This serum was destroyed during the failed test sequence, and all men in Stage 6 were put into a secure unit. A common myth is that a man known only as ‘The Coach’ has stolen the serum, but that has not yet been confirmed as true. As a precaution, please be aware of any men behaving in this manner. 


    Fuck yeah brah! This is just what guys need!