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"Your next dude" Jake shouted as he and Mike pointed at you.

"Next.....for what?" You ask nervously as your usual biology club friends were all dressed in camo and fake animal skin costumes, drinking the same beer you had just taken a drink from. You and your bio club members had just passed a big test and decided to unwind with a little party, just some music, movies, and beer. You just got back from the bathroom to find your friends bigger and in these strange outfits and had just taken your first sip of beer. The guys were ooking and grunting as they scratched themselves "next to join tribe" Jake said in a simplifying language and deeper voice.

Suddenly you felt strange as your muscles ached and grew out. Your skinny frame swelling into big almost jock like proportions. You felt intense itching as thicker, darker hair began to grow all over your body. You looked down to see your pants morph into a pair of leopard print shorts, your shirt reduced to a leopard print strap across your chest, exposing...no showing off...your strong, thick, hairy chest. You suddenly felt the urge to drink more of the beer as you started to feel the war paint haphazardly smear itself across your chest. You were becoming the war chief of a new band of jungle men warriors. All thoughts of math and science fading and giving way to survival and hunting instincts. Soon the jungle beer will warp reality around you and your dorm will become your new jungle home. You were next to join the tribe and with you it will be unstoppable!