(Request for outkast1728, who also provided the pic) Dean had finally gotten some great news in his email, he had won the kingdom hearts fan contest he enrolled in, there were several winners but all the winners would get a cosplay of a character of their choice and get to take a green screen picture in a world from the game. My out had to send in pictures and bar codes and such to prove you had every game (not counting remakes) along with the systems to play each, then out of the qualified fans some would be chosen. Dean told them his size and picked Roxas as his character in a reply email he sent and then got told the time and place. He went and was excited when he saw the costume. It was Roxas' standard outfit (not his organization cloak) he got dressed and was ready for the pictures. He started to feel weird though like a shiver going through his whole body once he finished putting everything on. He felt his skin start to get slightly tanner as his body formed some lean muscle. He felt himself get slightly taller as his feet grew a little bit, but he himself was getting younger. Maybe about 15 or 16. He looked around and the green screen changes to twilight town, which he recognized as his home town where he grew up. He shook his head and he felt a sharp pain in both his head and his heart, his heart vanished as he was a nobody and didn't have one, and his mind was reshaping itself. His mind changed so that he wouldn't even notice not having a heart as abnormal, he remembered his childhood friends who he's still been with. He hears a strange (to him) sound as the camera flashes and he is transported to the actual twilight town, out of instinct he put his hands out a summoned his key blades looking around. His head felt very itchy as his black hair shifted and changed into the blond spiked hair of his new persona, his voice shifted to be a little hirer and despite being a teen he felt a wave of innocence cloud his mind, there were only so many things in this town he could think about. His mind was confused by 4 sets of conflicting memories, one from dean, one from sora, one from the original life Roxas had and the other his current one. He hated this headache and voluntarily began letting his mind throw away everything from Dean's life, most things from Sora's and everything from Roxas' original. He was Roxas, he lived in twilight town, he just lived life carefree and relaxed. The key blades vanished as his new life settled in, then he remembered a sad truth... there was only one week left of summer vacation!

    Deane loved kingdom hearts a lot and his favorite character was Sora. He looked everywhere for a cosplay outfit for Megacon and Halloween. Soon he found this website that states “Outfits built so well you might think you’re the actual character” Deane laughs to himself cause he’s had a dream to be sora. So he orders the outfit for a big price but he knows it’s worth it, he waits like 2 weeks for it to arrive. “Yes finally I have it!” He yells out happily and opens the package in less than a minute. He strips to underwear and socks to put the pants on. “Man these are really comfortable.” Deane smiles but then frowns as he feels a tingling in his legs and crotch. “This feels…weird.” Deane can’t see but his legs are actually getting some toned muscle. His feet are the things changing the most as his toes crack and stretch from a size 9 to a big size 13 in men’s. Deane looks down as he gears his socks rip. “What the hell just happened to me feet!” He starts to panic but doesn’t have time to really cause his body involuntarily starts to put on the big shoes and put the shirt and everything else on. His chest loses lots of fat and he starts to form some abs and pecs. “W-why am I changing and doing this?” After his hair, hands, feet, and everything is changed he hears a voice. “Don’t worry just needed someone to give me a body in this world.” Deane shakes his head. “hehe here I come…oh and my name is Sora haha.” Deane’s face changes to that of Sora’s and his last thought is this. “I know this is bad but this is so hot to become you Sora…” He’s no longer Deane. Now he’s Sora and he wants to have some wild fun. Hehe. (posted for a friend)